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Riders at a lake
Riders at a lake

Date: 13-02-2009
Added by: CrueTrue
Dimensions: 1280 x 960 pixels
Filesize: 326.91kB
Comments: 27
Rating: *****
Number of views: 9774
#1 | rasm on 13. February 2009 15:08
looks good
#2 | alexkr00 on 13. February 2009 16:00
the riders I think that are like in 08 but the landscape is... wow just wow
#3 | 0buKKaKe on 13. February 2009 17:13
lanscape is also same
#4 | baden_cookie on 13. February 2009 21:55
then youre blind... the water and trees are much better here. but i cant see no difference on the riders

im just hoping that the career mode will improve alot
#5 | viking90 on 14. February 2009 14:24
looks really good i think !
#6 | Wiggo on 14. February 2009 18:19
Remeber, these are early pics, the rider model might still change, it's just they didn' want to do a lot of work in not a long time.
#7 | icecreamtester on 16. February 2009 01:18
No one has commented on the new interface!!! It looks nice and compact, and leaves more room for these wonderful new graphics.
#8 | ringo182 on 16. February 2009 11:10
i think the new interface looks complcated and time consuming. If you want to see the riders full info you have to click on the arrow by his name and the info bar for that rider opens up. I'd prefere to keep all the info visable at all times to save having to click about on riders names all the time. Imagine if it was an important climb or sprint and you lost out because you were messing around clicking on the info bar at the side.
#9 | Smitho on 16. February 2009 17:59
Stop maoning ringo as you will get used to it just like people were moaning about the new energy system on this years pcm
#10 | CrueTrue on 16. February 2009 21:02
I'm pretty sure that you can just click the "expand" button once, and that's it - they'll then stay expanded for the rest of the stage.

That's just my guess, though.
#11 | ringo182 on 17. February 2009 14:23
i'll do as much maoning as i please thank you very much:lol:
#12 | Smitho on 17. February 2009 17:38
HAHAHAHAHAHA nooooooooooooooooooo

You should do stand up
#13 | alexkr00 on 17. February 2009 22:41
I think it has a new interface just not to look too much like 08Wink
#14 | Halvor on 19. February 2009 10:30
Where is the profile ?
#15 | pk123 on 22. February 2009 16:23
the mountains don`t look to good
#16 | LUCK on 23. February 2009 17:58
Sorry for my bad English ...Embarassed but I think that the 2009´s game needs more changes that textures or stetic. I hope they change bar system, and 3D run mode (I like more 2006 version ...) ... I hope a really revolution for this year, cause 2008 results a real disaster ... Thanks and good luck all (Includes Cyanide programmers ...). LUCK
#17 | alexkr00 on 23. February 2009 18:59
2008 a disaster? no way
#18 | LUCK on 24. February 2009 20:57
When I say that 2008 results a disaster, I´m talking about the really mecanical ways to win in 3D mode (and O´-Line mode is really unreal) ... 2006 version was more real, more interesting and playable ... but I think 2009 (I hope) will be really revolutionary (respect to 2008) if Cyanide want to cautive again many players that are angry with PCM 2008 ... Thanks and enjoy PCM 2008 (or 2007, 2006 ...) ... LUCK
#19 | SotD on 04. March 2009 11:25
The trees looks like crap imo. They don't even have roots into the ground, they are just hoovering over the surface, not very good imo, and the riders still have the same stile of riding, that's just too bad imo, as it wouldn't be all that difficult to implement 5 or 6 different rider styles.
#20 | pk123 on 12. March 2009 15:24
I agree SotD about the riders styleWink
#21 | Silence on 12. March 2009 21:49
I'm still not very impressed by those flat textures they use on the mountain's sides Sad
#22 | mattgonzo on 05. April 2009 04:38
better lightening effects but the graphic still isn't that goodFrown
#23 | trueblue3044 on 09. April 2009 16:24
The Astana rider on the left has an all-black helmet. Hopefully thats not a sign of another astana bug...Rolling Eyes
#24 | alexkr00 on 11. April 2009 15:40
the equipment isn't new so that could be a reason...
#25 | CrueTrue on 21. April 2009 09:07
It's not a bug, it's intentional due to lack of licenses.
#26 | luckyman1 on 18. May 2009 18:30
I know they probably will, but do you think that the minimum system requirements will go up with this release?

PCM07 wouldn't even play on my laptop and I had more than enough - 2ghz processor etc..

Still, looks good Sad
#27 | Polkadott on 29. May 2009 15:30
Nice shot!
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