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Adding Champions

By: roturn | Average Rating: 4.33 | Game version: PCM15
Open DYN_Cyclist and look for the champions_bit coloumn. Then a number is needed to add there if the rider is the reigning champion TT or RR and also if he was a former champion. This number also impacts if it`s NC or WC.

Below the actual individual numbers for each kind of title or former title.

1: Former TT NC
2: Former RR NC
4: Former TT WC
8: Former RR WC
16: TT NC
32: RR NC
64: TT WC
128: RR WC

If a rider is more than one of these just add the numbers: 48 would be RR+TT National Champion.
That number can't be higher than 128 though, so if it would be just deduct 256 iirc. In that case World RR Champion+National RR Champion would be 128+32-256 = -96
Though I'm not totally sure with the last one..
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#1 | espana7 on 31. March 2020 16:21
I've been wondering if that works in pro cyclist when you play with a real cyclist. I'm playing a pro cyclist with Philppe Gilbert, but his World and National championships wins don't appear in the achievements pannel (where the jerseys are displayed). Any ideas why? I've tried to edit it but his number is already at 11. Help please!?
#2 | Kade12 on 22. October 2022 13:03
I like the idea of adding champions. There are a lot of elements in the game that need to be expanded and I think adding more champions would be a good way to do it. There are already a lot of champions in the game and adding more would mean that some would be left out. Try this sinus surgery louisville ky for best tips. This could lead to some players not playing because they don't want to deal with having less champs available to them.
#3 | Kade12 on 14. November 2022 07:42
I think it's a bad idea. You don't want to add more champions to the game, because then it will be too overwhelming for new players to understand. Also, adding champions means that you have to make sure their abilities work in every situation, which isn't always possible. Go to deer park digital marketing company to contact best companies. I think that if we introduce new heroes into the game now, then the players won't enjoy playing because they don't know how to use the new characters' abilities and skills. They'll just get frustrated because they don't know how to play with them properly and get bored easily.
#4 | Kacey Stiedemann on 27. January 2023 09:16
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