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PCM.daily Stage Database: Olympic Games Road Race Variant for PCM15
Olympic Games Road Race Variant
Musashinonomori Park - Fuji International Speedway
Season: Variant Created by: napoli
Stage type: Road race Length: 234.00 km
Terrain: Mountains Classification: Olympic Games
Game: PCM15 Download
Stage image

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#1 | fjat on 26. March 2020 13:19
#2 | espana7 on 20. April 2020 20:33
WOw, I have no words. I've tried to make OG RR for the last two days and then I found this masterpiece. It looks absolutely amazing in the editor. Thanks for all the work put into this napoliBanana
But I am having one problem. When I put into game it says Inproperly modded database: any idea how to solve this problem?
#3 | temociq on 09. August 2022 12:31
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#8 | temociq on 13. August 2022 12:34
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