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PCM.daily 2024 DB
27. January 2024 10:59 from cunego59
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 1873
Copyright: Copyright (C) PCM.daily Database Team 2024

The PCM.daily Database Team is proud to present our 2024 Database for Pro Cycling Manager 2023. As always, we aim to give you the best mix of quality and quantity in content to improve your playing experience as much as possible.

Major Stat Update

Our stats team has been incredibly hard at work to deliver the biggest attribute overhaul we've had in years. The stamina and resistance stats have been altered the most, with a lower level overall and bigger differences between riders. A lot of thought also went into mountain, medium mountain and hill stats, with a specific eye on making sure stage racers don't overperform in hilly classics such as Liège - Bastogne - Liège, and vice versa. Different types of climbers have been fleshed out, and the hill stats of cobblestone specialists have been refined.
Through extensive testing and re-adjusting, we believe we have created the environment for the most realistic racing across different terrains that is possible within the PCM AI. You can see some of the outcomes in these screenshots.

With an eye on long-term stat progression, we have also reworked the distribution of rider potentials. Fewer riders now have the highest potential ceiling, which will prevent an overload of elite riders after a few years in career mode.

Full List of Features

- More than 520 WT, 400 PCT and 1600 CT riders with updated stats, potential, popularity etc.
- Over 960 cyclist photos, which includes 2023 photos for WT and most PCT teams
- Correct contract lengths for all riders (maxed up to 2026)
- Updated riders that retire at the end of 2024
- All correct former WC’s, EC’s and NC’s
- 2023 Palmares data for most important races (all .WT and most .Pro)
- Correct WT ranking per 1-1-2024, based on palmares
- More than 3700 free agents

- 90 added CT Teams and 5 added Development Teams
- Complete team history for all teams
- Real shirts for all WT/PCT and most of the CT teams (most CT teams still have 2023 shirts)
- A lot of accessories, NC shirts, transferts etc. are included for WT/PCT
- Realistic team calendars
- Realistic sponsor regions for WT/PCT and some CT
- Correct team sponsor contracts lengths
- Realistic national teams for WC and EC, based on country ranking
- Over 170 high-quality custom sponsors, including accessories and lots of NC’s

- All WT and ProSeries races
- Additional 3 .Pro races, 18 .1 races, 48 .2 races and 5 .U races
- Race logos for all major races and most of the minor races
- Race leader jerseys for all major races and most of the minor races
- Custom podiums and sprints for major races
- 2024 race calendar

- More than 90 frame, 45 wheel, and 35 helmet brands
- Real brands for glasses/gear
- Most helmets have an aero variant for flat stages and a light variant for mountain stages
- Realistic model names
- Correct brands and custom frames/helmets for WT/PCT and some CT

- Over 730 real-life coaches
- Over 280 real-life physicians
- Over 490 real-life scouts

- Local.cdb has many updates (Cya World Tour -> UCI WorldTour, new re-gen names etc.)
- More realistic NC shirts for all countries, including trims for former NC’s
- Real classification XML’s
- More realistic simulation files
- 2024 UCI Points system
- Realistic training structure/popularity for countries
- Real regions for the major countries
- More realistic default jerseys for race leaders
- Custom made symbols for the objective screen
- Over 20 real-life track cyclists
- Over 15 real-life journalists


PCM.daily Database Team:

slash, enfin presque
The community of Le Gruppetto

Hijo del Diablo
Il lince

For both graphics and stages, so many files have been amassed over the years that it's impossible to give a complete list of contributors. If we've used your work without naming you in the credits, please contact us and we will add your name immediately!

In general, this work would not have been possible without the community at large that is putting in so much time and work to improve all of our game experience. Thank you all!

Installation Guide

1. Download the Database files.

2. Extract the files you downloaded. Everything from the Program Files folder goes into your main PCM directory, which is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2023. When asked to overwrite files, say yes.

3. Type %AppData% into the address bar of your Explorer or while having the start menu open and you'll get to the Roaming folder. There, open the directory Pro Cycling Manager 2023 and paste the folder Mod, which you'll find in the AppData folder in the Zip file, in there.

4. In game, when starting a new race or career, select the PCM.daily 2024 DB. Don't worry if the dots for additional content are red, everything will still be in the game. And that's it! Enjoy the DB.

5. We will keep this download updated as minor fixes are made to the cdb file. If you want to check if you're database is still up-to-date, check the first post of the Support Thread. Please also use that thread for any questions and bug reports.

Steam Installation Guide

1. Look for the PCMdaily.com 2024 DB in the Workshop or open the Steam workshop page directly here:
Link to the Workshop

2. Click on „subscribe“ and wait for the files to download.

3. When the download has been completed, go to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\2063610\3110855076
(or whatever the equivalent on your PC is if you did not install in the default directory)
You'll find a folder called ADDITIONAL FILES.

Inside are the folders 3D and Database. Move them to the game's Steam directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2023) and overwrite any files necessary. This activates our regen names, the correct names for UCI World Tour etc. as well as additional equipment. Note that there are backup files for the local.cdb if you ever want to change it back to the original one.

4. In game, when starting a new race or career, select the PCMdaily.com 2024 DB and that's it!

Useful Threads

Support and FAQ
Stat Discussion
PCM.daily Projects Wishlist

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cunego59 on 27-01-2024

Hey everyone, as always we hope you'll enjoy the DB! Also as always, while we'll try to monitor these comments, you'll be more likely to receive assistance if you post your questions or issues in the support thread.

lvl21 on 27-01-2024

Lets Go, Thanks Cunego59

Mikaco on 27-01-2024

Great job! Thank you kindly. This is one of the best projects for a game. Real names, jerseys, and better stats are key for this game. I won't buy PCM if this update doesn't exist.

jesulo on 27-01-2024

Thanks so much! Congrats on the awesome work you people keep delivering year after year.

esteman3925 on 28-01-2024

genial, increible trabajo muchachos

cunego59 on 31-01-2024

If you have downloaded the database prior to January 31st, here is an updated cdb file with a small fix to an issue that prevented a handful of CT teams from being registered to races. If you've downloaded the database afterwards, no need to do anything.

FrantisekRabon on 01-02-2024

At first, i want tot thank for that great Database and the great work of you all. I think there is something wrong in the calender, because Lombardia is one week too early at the same day like Emilia. In Mallorca there are also two races at the same day.

cunego59 on 01-02-2024

@FrantisekRabon: Thank you for pointing that out. You can download an updated cdb here, which fixes that issue (and of course includes the previous fix).

hugo0712 on 06-02-2024

Thanks for your work guys!

Levi31 on 12-02-2024

Hello guys, thank you very much for DB 2024, it looked great, and I wanted to make a request if you could put the stages of the tour Colombia category 2.1 that ended today in real life, thank you for your great DB.



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