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Official: PCM15 will feature 'Be a Pro' mode
Pro Cycling Manager 2015

Cycling Manager Italia have just released the first interview about PCM 15, conducted between emmea90 and Freire from Cyanide. The headline information is undoubtedly the addition of the new 'Pro Cyclist' game mode. This is the much-requested 'Be a Pro' style mode, and here is the first information on it:

"This a brand new mode that has been built from scratch with a totally new experience for players. Instead of managing a team, you'll play a young rider that you'll develop all over his career, that's a whole new story, something that has been ask for long time by the community. The first tests and feedbacks about this new gamemode are very positive.

You start with a young talent between 19 and 22 years old, choose your main speciality (sprinter, climber, etc...) and then sign for a continental team.

During the season, you manage closely your fitness parameters, training (with the possibility to make a pure specialist rider or to develop several domains if you want a more all round rider), race calendar and cyclist evolution."

We commented at the time that the 'Auto' mode added in PCM14 could effectively be used as a 'Be a Pro', and indeed it was after creating this mode that Cyanide realised it would be quite easy to extend that into this new 'Pro Cyclist' addition.

In career mode, Cyanide have been looking at improvements to rider development, scouting and development teams.

They are also making changes to the AI, on the 'easy' hills, cobbles and mountain stages. This includes improving the way that the stronger sprinters perform on hill stages where they might have a chance, allowing for sprint finishes on the cobbled races such as K-B-K, and the possiblity of favourites adopting a 'Sky train' on the final climb of a mountain stage.

You can read the full interview on Cycling Manager Italia, where there were also some questions on the Multiplayer mode.

#31 | Naxela on 25. March 2015 00:11

I do not think a "be a pro mode" is a bad idea i just find it really frustrating they cant seem to get their priorities straight. There is already too many "half done" functions in the game, the same functions will ruin the "be a pro" with useless AIs. The more functions they bring the more time it will take to fix problems, the only positive thing must be that they make more money adding functions like this which hopefully will get a bigger Cyanide team working on the game in the future.
#32 | Avin Wargunnson on 25. March 2015 06:46
You know what is even more present on the internet than complainers? People that tend to give an impression that you dont have the right to complain as the customer or as the citizen (depends on because of what you complain).

Every time when somebody called for Be a Pro, i was aganist it with argument that before adding new modes, Cyanide should fix the broken AI, which makes the game broken to me. You are talking about it like all the people who have ever played PCM are calling for the Be a Pro, while i remember clearly it was usually like 50-50 in Daily news comments, some were against it and some were for it.

I sense a pattern that people who like newer editions of PCM like 13 or 14 are also those calling for Be a Pro and those who are fed up with broken game for years just want playable cycling manager.

I am not surprised that two of our Daily admins are commenting about people complaining all the time, because both seems like running campaign about "PCM AI not being so bad like everybody says" for long now. Pfft

It is crazy to say that people like me dont want to see PCM moving forward. I do, but i have different opinion about what is a good way to move forward. For me adding new game modes instead fixing years long poblems is not a viable way. (no, i dont believe that they can both fix AI and add new big game mode, because i know Cyanide products for 10 years now).
#33 | Jesleyh on 25. March 2015 06:54
Don't worry Avin, it's no North-Korea here, we'll just let you complain Pfft
Obviously I see your points, but who says all they did was focus on the Be a Pro and not on career at all? Believe me, they didn't Wink
#34 | trekbmc on 25. March 2015 10:10
Not related to the current conversation, but it is to do with the article.

The only reason I want be-a-pro is that I can't find the motivation to go through all the season planning, all those rider shcedules, I wish you could just give a schedule to a whole group you have selected then edit individual riders yourself. But at least with be-a-pro, you don't have to go through all of it, just my opinion, as I personally don't mind the AI, even if they could use some work.
#35 | Dee-Jay on 25. March 2015 19:57
I basically agree with Avin's and Naxela's comments that the AI is poor and it can spoil the game. I've only been playing the game since PCM2012 and people say 2011 was the best version!Pfft
PCM2013 had the resistance stat deactivated (???) and PCM2014, although improved in some ways, has bad race AI, broken quick sim and has things removed which I liked - the little date ribbon thing. All whilst adding things which don't really enhance the game (Equipment etc). I've never even used the auto ride mode as I can't see it doing anything other than do something wrong!
So I'm naturally a bit worried. I'm all for adding new features, but once they crack the core singleplayer experience.
#36 | TheManxMissile on 25. March 2015 20:07
broken quick sim

Now that's one i hvn't heard before... Certainly not something i've come across and i almost exclusively use Quick-Sim if i'm playing a career...
#37 | Dee-Jay on 25. March 2015 21:01

Yeah, I've had some wacky results when quicksimming. I can't really trust it to protect a GC lead through flat stages. Unless of course it's smarter than I think and it's actually simming breaks in the peloton due to echelons and crashes (and I just can't tell)!Pfft Maybe due to the database?

Anyway, enough negativity from me, I'll no doubt end up buying PCM15 irrespective!!! Thanks to you guys with the amazing databases the game ends up way better than the standard released version.
#38 | TheManxMissile on 25. March 2015 21:22
Wacky Quick-Sim results have been part of the game for as long as that feature has existed. Nothing new there even if it would be nice to not have them....
#39 | Avin Wargunnson on 26. March 2015 06:34
So you only use quick sim function, which you know is broken somewhat. Oh gosh, that must be so enjoyable, i suppose we dont need to discuss it futher after this information. Pfft

#35: Yeah, PCM 11 is probably the best from the recent ones, but still far from PCM07 for me, which i probably enjoyed the most in terms of AI.

Since PCM11, the series went the Call of duty way and addition of Be a Pro mode is really a last drop for me. Cyanide rather listens to those screaming for gimmick modes , instead those valid critics since 2011. While it is pretty good business model since you still have loads of customers dedicated to your broken product, i dont think very highly about that company.
#40 | tsmoha on 26. March 2015 14:29
Agree with Avin. Be a Pro is something you can add when you have a working AI. I'm far from being a hater - Avin will know that - but unless Cya did fix some obvious and stupid useless issues with the AI, it's pretty needless to say that at least 60% of the users won't enjoy this gimmick.

Apart from that, I don't think it's too much fun to play a manager game with just one rider. Never been a fan of this. Even a great sportsgame like NBA 2K, I didn't enjoy the be a pro stuff.
#41 | TheManxMissile on 26. March 2015 16:28
#39 Over 100hours so year it's very enjoyable Wink I do agree i would rather they fixed the basic problems first before adding more new modes and ideas. But Be-a-Pro has been so widely asked for, for such a long time... Some good work has gone into it and hopefully the new players attracted means Cyanide gets more money which hopefully they put back into developing a better game
#42 | superider2010 on 27. March 2015 18:32
I don't think it's too much fun to play a manager game with just one rider

the thing is that people beside being a manager they want to be a professional rider too
you can be a manager in pcm every year,that's boring

it's pretty needless to say that at least 60% of the users won't enjoy this gimmick.

i bet that more then 60% will enjoy this new mode
the facts speak
if people didn't want to be a rider the console game wouldn't survived
console game is 1 rider mode without a career,just 1 race,only 22 teams,some big names missing because they ride other grand tour,because is just 1 race riders have set a fitness and you can't modify....too many inconveniences and still was bought every year

on pc it's a career where you can develop your rider as you want
beside that you will race more races,against more teams,face all the biggest names
fitness has a big role and you will try to shape it after your goals
be a pro mode on pcm it's 100 times better then console game
the console game being a serie clearly wasn't a failure
so i'll say console game had some success with his 1 rider mode
this new mode will have success probably 100 times more then console game:
1. because it's in pcm game so you don't need to spend money on 2 games
2.better experience as being a rider

if you don't create yourself in this mode,for sure you will try to re create a legendary rider
this is what will happen
Mresuperstar on 21. March 2015 01:19
Brace yourselves! More one-rider stories then you can possibly imagine are coming.

some will try to re create a season from a rider
for example p.gilbert season 2011 where gilbert won many big 1 day races
#43 | Christer on 28. March 2015 01:12
To those who complain about the AI: The AI in be a pro mode will most likely be the exact same one as the regular one. Having to make two different AIs for the same engine and the same mode would be pointless. If Cyanide have a dedicated AI designer, then there is no reason to fear that this new mode has taken anything away from the AI development.
#44 | sutty68 on 28. March 2015 02:56
Liking the sound of this Be a Pro mode Smile
#45 | Ton1Mart1n on 30. March 2015 10:26
Now if they do this I would be delighted to see different ryder types and FACES!
#46 | vismitananda on 17. June 2015 02:34
I only wish that in this version they fixed the AI now, I have been dealing w/ this poor AI performance since PCM10.

This be a pro mode is quite nice, I will definitely explore that gameplay.
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