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PCM13 forums are now officially open
Pro Cycling Manager 2013

It's almost been a full year since the last release of Pro Cycling Manager, meaning that we're very, very close to the release of the next edition - 15 days, to be exact.

For the very same reason, we have now decided to open the Pro Cycling Manager 2013 forums, so you can begin to announce your stories, databases and release shirts, equipment etc. for the upcoming game.

In other news, I'd also like to mention that PCM.daily will launch the usual "Buy PCM13 through PCM.daily and support the site at the same time"-offer on Friday the 7th of June - so hang in there if you're a PCM.daily supporter ;-)

Lastly, some of you may remember that we mentioned a PCM Fan Day where PCM13 would be showcased - well, good news if you missed it. The full one and a half hour presentation can be seen at Twitch.tv, and it's certainly much more enjoyable than the usual trailers, screenshots etc. You really get to see what the game's like in action.

Not up for more than an hour of PCM? Have a look at Ian Butler's summary of the presentation right here.

#1 | SSJ2Luigi on 06. June 2013 07:44
so it begins
#2 | TheManxMissile on 06. June 2013 09:35
way too early to start posting story ideas, as any set up this early are 95% likely to never start...
Also no Story Games section Sad As long as ones added eventually i'll be happy
#3 | anderspcm on 06. June 2013 16:43
Is it possible to get a graphics thread, moved from PCM12 to PCM13?
#4 | SSJ2Luigi on 06. June 2013 17:17
I think the story games folder should be a PCM12 folder, more a universal folder but I don't know where it is suppose to be put
#5 | TheManxMissile on 06. June 2013 17:43
Well the next season of the UCPCL will be on PCM 13 (and there will be a next season), so i hope a new Story Games folder appears eventually (probably after we get to that point and ask) or else the Story section is going to be spammed Pfft
#6 | cio93 on 06. June 2013 18:53
Great to see Ian's work being appreciated.
#7 | NTTHRASH on 06. June 2013 18:59
#6: Ian's work is always loved by the people. Wink
#8 | Selwink on 06. June 2013 19:05

Not his spamWink
#9 | admirschleck on 06. June 2013 19:25
#8 : Even his spam. We're only joking about it, Ian's is spammer,but 99% of his posts are useful.
#10 | Ian Butler on 06. June 2013 20:07
Cool to see a reference to my summary. It has also appeared on PCM Focus Pfft Hope I can get people excited for PCM13 that way Wink
#11 | TheManxMissile on 06. June 2013 20:33
90% are story posts and thus don't count. 9% is spam and 1% is useful... so 90% is spam Smile

Slightly unrelated, will there ever be a new Weekly News... lots happening now/soon with the release of PCM13
#12 | NTTHRASH on 06. June 2013 20:35
Like my spam?Pfft Or am I not there yet?
#13 | Ian Butler on 06. June 2013 20:39
#11 Really, it's getting too old. I think I've proven already that I'm not a spammer of any sorts. I'm a PCM freak, sure, but I do my best to contribute to this site. The spammer-jokes stopped being funny months ago Wink

And like you said: 90% is in the story section. And I do think that matters/counts, because for people writing stories it's always nice to have people commenting Wink
#14 | TheManxMissile on 06. June 2013 20:49
You're my nemesis, so if anyone has to it's me Smile
#15 | Abelbaba on 06. June 2013 21:00
just saw the streaming, i only found the planning part a huge inprovement.... Frown
#16 | Ian Butler on 06. June 2013 21:01
#14 I'm afraid I'll have to hear this from you for the rest of my days? Pfft
#17 | TheManxMissile on 06. June 2013 21:09
#16 - quite possibly, or until i win the Best New Memeber Award, whichever comes first Wink

#15 - Nothing about the new Elysees or improved Mountain AI?
#18 | Abelbaba on 07. June 2013 06:54
#17- the new Elysee is nice but a waste of time i think, and for the mountain AI, it already worked for me, and i thought it did not looked very diffrent of what they already do.
#19 | Avin Wargunnson on 07. June 2013 07:20
#10 Ian You will and we will hate you if it will be bad and bugged. Ready for it? :lol:
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