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Third Patch Released
Pro Cycling Manager 2012

The third patch has been released by Cyanide focusing on multiplayer. Surprisingly, no changes were made to any other mode except Armada, so it will not affect your career in any way. The patch is released as an update for the patch, meaning that you will have to update to before installing the patch.


- Major fix: Having been connected to a race (stage/race name, distance and profile displayed at the top of the page) with the countdown active, it is possible that the clock freezes at 00'00; the race never loads and you are never brought to the starting line.

- Fix : fix a possible crash which could happen when launching a 2nd race as a host.

- Fix: deactivate the “Escape” button during a multiplayer race.

- Adjustment : change inrace chat text color

Download it directly here.

#1 | thelittlebomber on 29. June 2012 23:19
What a retard game. Can't even play normal multiplayer game. Fucking waste of my money. Never gonna buy this retarted game again. You can take the game and put it in your fucking hairy asshole with dried shit on it.

We have 3 activations. 1 on my laptop, 1 on desktop and 1 on another laptop. Everytime if one user is connected the STUPID game says THIS PROFILE IS ALREADY IN USE!. I FUCKING PAID FOR 3 ACTIVATIONS SO LET ME PLAY WITH THREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

U FUCKING HERE ME NOW PRETTY BOY. These programmers that designed the game are the most retarted person on the whole fucking planet! Before you release a game FUCKING TEST IT! FUCKING NEWBY MISTAKES IN THIS RETARTED GAME!!!!

#2 | thelittlebomber on 29. June 2012 23:24
#3 | ruben on 29. June 2012 23:46
Meltdown above
#4 | Teddy The Creator on 30. June 2012 00:55
I think he's mad.
#5 | valverde321 on 30. June 2012 01:49
He's right to be mad, in all fairness.
#6 | trueatfirstlight on 30. June 2012 04:36
I suppose those of us that have been playing PCM for years now are well accustomed to these kind of things, and we have become jaded and apathetic. Whether the product is flawed or not is really not up for debate. We all keep coming back for more every time. Smile
#7 | jseadog1 on 30. June 2012 05:05
Me & my brother want to play the game online together but when I connect online then he tries to it says only 1 online at a time.. GAY
#8 | duckman on 30. June 2012 05:07
I dont understand the issue... this would be the same with any other multi player game on the market.. go buy diablo 3, install it on 3 pc's and see what happens when u try to connect all at the same time.
#9 | R_Funk on 30. June 2012 06:19
ehmm.. people are not obliged to buy the game. I reckon there are many people out there whom actually enjoy the game.

If you want to play online together, than you need another game. It's the same with every other game on the market. that they give you the opportunity to install a game on 3 computers the same time is called service. Perhaps Microsoft/Adobe etc.. can learn from this.
#10 | goga2159 on 30. June 2012 09:29
hmmmm... Again Armada... When there will be news about multiplayer game normally
#11 | giddy69 on 30. June 2012 10:03
Surprisingly, no changes were made to any other mode except Armada

Hmm Cyanide focusing on the bits where they can make money - where's the sarcasm smiley.
#12 | wielerliefhebbert on 30. June 2012 17:40
This was thelast PCM-game I'll ever bought. PCM 11 was good, with the startlist etc., but now it's a mess...
#13 | wielerliefhebbert on 30. June 2012 17:41
I really want to play the TdF stage by stage, but if Contador competes, and Evans doesn't, the fun is far away!
#14 | 54NGR3 on 30. June 2012 20:27
omg, why should i keep on downloading patches, that armada mode is simply stupid. is is so dificult to put players together according to their riders level? where is the fun of trying to win a mountain stage with vogondy or slagter against 1 guy with nieve, froome, gesink, rujano and brajkovic? How much money has that guy spent? when cyanide will think they earned enough money to open normal online games? i bet in june 2013

pcm12 really disgusting game, they forgot all players loving this game for years

see u in pcm11 online

#15 | Vittus on 02. July 2012 11:58
last pcm game i have bought
#16 | andymc34 on 03. July 2012 19:59
does anyone know where i can get a copy of tour de france 2012 for ps3 or xbox? in ireland,had same problem last year!
#17 | andymc34 on 03. July 2012 20:02
have never played any of the pro cycling manager games,lookin to buy a sufficient system,any tips anyone? feel sorry for all u guys though,those new changes seem riduculous,if its not broke dont fix it!! just improve it!
#18 | la_triestina on 03. July 2012 20:24
Installed the game and it was working fine. Decided to install the new patches and now it just does't start. I get the autorun but when i click on play nothing happens. What the hell am I meant to do?
#19 | NorDiavolo on 04. July 2012 15:27
Does anyone know when one can expect the next patch to be released? Really want to be able to see the U23 results!
#20 | voeten on 05. July 2012 19:36
Next patch will be released this monday 9th.
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