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First trailer of PCM11 released
Pro Cycling Manager 2011

With (probably...) less than one month to the release of PCM11 (for PC), Focus has released the first trailer of the game.

As always, the focus is on the racing part of the game, so the most surprising thing is actually the fact that they changed the music (which is still horrible, really). You also see a short clip of a rider covered in mud.

Other than that, no surprises - but the game does look quite amazing.

The trailer can be seen here.

#1 | EintrachtFan on 03. June 2011 11:36
Any music change is highly welcomed, even if it's not a great song to follow Wink
It sure does look amazing, but one critic: I still don't like how they're riding the curves. They could've animated these extra.

That aside, i think these are the best animations and graphics we have in a sports management game nowadays. You gotta give them credit for that. Even though the most people won't be able to enjoy these graphics.

Let's just hope they fixed the gameplay to an enjoyable level.
#2 | Matt97 on 03. June 2011 12:17
Looks very good. Is there also a PS3 ingame trailer upcoming?
#3 | vangerner on 03. June 2011 13:11
Looks very nice! But also you see again CBM and the colors of Leopard are yellow...:S
#4 | Mresuperstar on 03. June 2011 13:26
Looks great ... Too bad I can run those kind of graphics. Frown
#5 | lil-dc on 03. June 2011 14:26
#6 | GD on 03. June 2011 14:44
According the amazon.co.uk the release date is 24th june


already pre-ordered my copy! (only £15 Grin)
#7 | kumazan on 03. June 2011 16:24
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I want the old music back.

Now. Angry
#8 | Thomas on 03. June 2011 17:21
They really fancy drum and bass music don't they.
#9 | lluuiiggii on 03. June 2011 18:34
Lol, a music change to worse... who could have ever guessed that?

The trailer looks really good. Of course that speaks about graphics, and I'm more interested in gameplay. But also I saw a lot of bright skies, hope that has changed (imo PCM 10 is way too 'dark'Wink
#10 | Rin on 03. June 2011 19:00
Seems I am the only one liking the trailer music.. Grin
Remembers a bit of minimalistic bands like Kraftwerk but a bit more "loud, aggressive"
Actually I hope that track is in the game as I think the 4 ones at the PCM09 game were new but just 4..
#11 | valverde321 on 03. June 2011 19:22
Am I the only one that thinks that music came from an old NBA Live or NBA 2K game before? It sounds very close.
#12 | Aquarius on 03. June 2011 20:51
So many comments about PCM music...
I thought one of the first thing any serious player would do would be to turn it off once and for good, even before setting graphical details.
Do people really listen to the original music whilst playing ? Shock
#13 | Alakagom on 03. June 2011 21:15
I' always do same as Aquarious. Open VLC Player and put some 'motivating' songs and play Pfft
#14 | pbenoit4 on 03. June 2011 21:36
I kind of liked the old music, because it drives the wife crazy. I've become more or less numb to it.
#15 | iambennyboy on 04. June 2011 09:18
PCM 2010 Music sounds like it's been looped over Pfft

need to save up money and stop contentrating on PCM 2010Grin
#16 | nielsinho1997 on 04. June 2011 11:32
they have to make nice music on the game, this time i hate it that it is still CBM
and why they have to make Leopard yellow?
#17 | CrueTrue on 04. June 2011 12:28
Why is that so bad? A realname DB and correct shirts are released on the release day anyway.
#18 | mimic1337 on 04. June 2011 13:33
Woot. it will be ingame Multiplayer. Is that a online feature this time? Imagine how smooth that would be to get tons of online challenges.
#19 | Wielerfan on 04. June 2011 15:16
Who now why PCM in the benelux come out because i have examens and i doesn't want that it come out us i have examens and (sorry for my english)
#20 | TankNL on 04. June 2011 23:14
Hope you don't have to do an examn in english. The release date isn't announced yet.
#21 | Ellingsrud on 06. June 2011 17:09
When is release date for the download version?
#22 | CrueTrue on 06. June 2011 17:15
There's no official release date yet.
#23 | Concuze on 06. June 2011 21:11
You might hope that they are actually planning on securing a properly working product by not choosing a date.
If they have announced a date, they will often have to realease the game even if it is still filled with bugs.
You might hope Pfft
#24 | Bromers on 06. June 2011 22:26
Yes £15 off amazon! (which seems funny as they're selling pcm 2010 for £20)Smile
#25 | 0buKKaKe on 07. June 2011 18:44
any news? one trailer and thats it? only weeks to release, common give us the media massage, try to sell your hard work, try to catch your customers Angry
#26 | CrueTrue on 07. June 2011 22:24
What do you want? You have a feature list, a trailer and plenty of screenshots. What's missing?
#27 | hugo07 on 08. June 2011 00:03
i would like to see a gameplay video for example...Smile
#28 | EintrachtFan on 08. June 2011 02:40
Official releasedates would be cool too. Especially the download version, of course only if there will be one.
#29 | fvanlaere on 08. June 2011 11:43
An official release date, info about the download options, an ingame race gameplay screenshot/video, and most important: a screenshot from the management part of the game, the most important aspect of the game imo (otherwise they could just drop "manager" and call it Pro Cycling Racer 2011). They've used the same UI for years now, surely they'll come up with something new? Otherwise they've surely spent way too much time on the console versions.
#30 | Chriskp10 on 10. June 2011 14:01
lol it's just the teaser!
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