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The first official screenshots of PCM11 - yes, they are finally here
Pro Cycling Manager 2011

So with about 1½ month to the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2011, Focus realised that they had still yet to release some screenshots. We have added the first three official screenshots of the game to our PCM11 Official Screenshots section.

The screenshots don't reveal much, but it does seem like that some work has been put into the equipment side of the game. It's also worth noting that Clément Pinget earlier today revealed that "accessories are coloured automatically".

Update: As spotted by Alexkr00, it appears that the national / world championship stripes on the shirt are back. You can see them on the Rabobank rider on this screenshot.

Focus' announcement

Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011, the latest edition of the popular sports game series, was revealed today by producer Focus Home Interactive. Below you’ll find the very first screenshots of the game, just in time for the 2011 cycling season!

These three exclusive screenshots show off some of the top features, like the improved 3D engine that powers these realistic races. New cyclist models of various shapes have been designed, reflecting the real-life stature and riding style of each competitor. The environments boast more varied scenery, landscapes, and tracks than ever before.

While looks are important, the real meat of the game is still the management aspect, which is now more detailed than ever. The user interface has been streamlined for easier reading, while still offering more precise interactions with the team’s cyclists and sponsors. Sponsorship management is richer and more in-depth, and each cyclist’s performance during a competition will directly impact their salaries and sponsors' offers. To keep things interesting, the updated AI presents fierce completion with plausible, unpredictable behavior in the pack, during breakaways, in sprints, and other highlights of the race.

The fan-favorite level-editor is back, letting creative players design their dream race! It has been updated with a broad range of new scenery objects and new effects to create new races with an even higher level of detail!

With a wide range of new features, tweaks and upgrades, the game still stays faithful to the spirit of the series. Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011 is sure to please cycling and sports management fans when it arrives on PC this summer!


#1 | lennybernstein on 04. May 2011 13:15
Looks great, but then PCM2010 already looks great. Let's hope the real improvements on this year's edition are with the gameplay rather than graphics.
#2 | EintrachtFan on 04. May 2011 13:15

It looks so great, but the question is: Will it have enjoyable gameplay?
Gets me excited all over again, hope i won't get disappointed again.
#3 | SportingNonsense on 04. May 2011 13:16
"Accessories are coloured automatically"

If that works, then thats an awesome feature - and a real time saver
#4 | CrueTrue on 04. May 2011 13:22
#2: The Danish publisher had some info that seemed a lot like the one found on the French back cover. I wanted to write an article about it later today, but when I returned to the info page, they had changed the text to the one from Focus' announcement.

The entire text was basically about the gameplay (improved fight for the mountain jersey, improved sprints). That's pretty much what I remember.

That said, text is not a guarantee of a good game, but at least it does sound like that they have worked on that part of the game.
#5 | lennybernstein on 04. May 2011 13:27
"While looks are important, the real meat of the game is still the management aspect, which is now more detailed than ever. The user interface has been streamlined for easier reading, while still offering more precise interactions with the team’s cyclists and sponsors."

I would actually say that until now that the real meat has been the graphics and races, rather than the management aspect. But I'm glad the management aspect is more detailed and I hope it's more than just a streamlining of the interface and performance-related salaries.
#6 | CrueTrue on 04. May 2011 13:31
Well, there's the aforementioned "main sponsor can withdraw"-feature: https://pcmdaily.c...admore=607
#7 | EintrachtFan on 04. May 2011 13:32
#4: Thanks, too bad they changed it back to Focus' one.
Of course they had to work on that part, otherwise the "not-riding-through-eachother" wouldn't have been possible. But with Cyanide "working" on something is sometimes not the same as making it "work right"... Wink
But you're right, let's give them credit. There is enough time for complaining after the game is released - if needed Pfft

It'll be interesting to see how many "individual riding styles" they've put in. In this case it's too bad that Mancebo isn't riding at the top anymore - his style is the most unique in my memory Pfft
#8 | lennybernstein on 04. May 2011 13:36
#6: Indeed, sounds like a good development imo. I can't wait to see the final product!
#9 | valverde321 on 04. May 2011 14:11
So do I get something for calling out that the accessories colour automatically when I spotted the back cover last week?
Maybe a discount? Pfft
#10 | hellboy on 04. May 2011 14:14
I like the veins and muscles on riders,the actually look like men nowSmile
#11 | CasperVg on 04. May 2011 15:44
So far it looks great! Smile
#12 | lluuiiggii on 04. May 2011 18:07
Very nice to hear about the mountain jersey (#4). Really hoping these improvements on gameplay, management side and 'no riding into each other' thing really work. If so, it's gonna be a great game.
#13 | jfuglsang on 04. May 2011 20:24
Do you think that we might get so lucky that we get to see screenshots of the PS3 game ? Or not Grin
#14 | superider2010 on 04. May 2011 21:28
don't be so selfish jfuglsang
on xbox360 will be a great game and on ps3 notAngry:lol:
#15 | Aquarius on 04. May 2011 21:52
They didn't activate anti-aliasing before taking the screenshots, right ? Those stairs shapes everywhere are, erm, well... And it seems to be even worse with the shadows (riders or people's shadows). Also, about shadows, though it's hard to say as the weather seems sunny), they don't seem smooth at all. Videogames are using smooth shadows, for, like what, 5 years now ?
Still it's improved a lot since last time I played a PCM game. Pfft
#16 | FreireCyanide on 05. May 2011 11:27
The day you'll now how shadows are managed in a video game, you'll be able to criticize it Aquarius (of course you would not have written that if you had only few knowledges on this topic).
First they are far more better than PCM10. and I find the techno not so bad for a game which
- is in an open environnment without big cameras restrictions (like most of the games)
- has so many different characters, objects in the landscape
- is not a 20M budget AAA game
#17 | Aquarius on 05. May 2011 19:03
I'm no pundit of the matter, that's your job (maybe not personally), not mine, isn't it ? yet I suppose I'm free to tell how I feel when I'm watching it.
I know it's probably difficult to code it, and I know you don't have a huge budget for that, and that it's probably much more blatant on a screenshot than when it's moving. I don't think I ever told the opposite.

Yet somehow, I have the feeling that all those reasons make the graphics look a little old-fashioned compared to nowadays standards, and that it could be guessed just by watching the screenshots.
#18 | issoisso on 05. May 2011 19:07
Those screens can't possibly have been taken with AA on, since PCM10 only looks like those screens when AA is off. Even just a little bit of AA would smoothen those ragged edges in previous PCMs, so clearly it wasn't on.

So, Mr. Freire, I don't get why you're attacking Aquarius. He didn't say anything that can be construed as an attack on Cyanide so, please, if you're a bit stressed, don't take it out on him Smile

Take it out on Focus, they deserve it Pfft
#19 | Crommy on 05. May 2011 19:24
Sometimes I wonder whether anyone at Cyanide has ever heard of public relations Rolling Eyes
#20 | superider2010 on 05. May 2011 22:06
i want that job on public relations.i sing,i tell jokes for audience and i will beat every guy who want to say anything bad about my hair
so i'm the perfect man to the perfect job.really,i can't screw up this more then guy before

i'm a doping rider,in a doping world
blood in a plastic,it's dopingfastic

#21 | Jeremy on 06. May 2011 14:32
I hope they get some season planing features into the career mode. I don't think you should need external, fan-made tools to plan your season (races and fitness schedules).
#22 | DaBobScotts on 11. May 2011 04:23
Maybe they won't add these feature as there is a strong fan base that will create these features for them?
#23 | Jeremy on 11. May 2011 10:17
I appreciate the effort of the community (great tools and for free!), but it should really be a part of the game. I don't think Cyanide would take that long to make something similar...
#24 | pcdobre on 08. April 2020 07:26
If you want to change the password of your wifi network but you don't know how, has the tutorials you need.
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