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Pro Cycling Manager 2011 to be released on Playstation 3
Pro Cycling Manager 2011

French website PlayFrance.com has revealed that Cyanide is currently working on a Playstation 3 version of its upcoming Pro Cycling Manager 2011.

Very few details have been revealed so far, but according to PlayFrance the game will be released in mid-June for a price of c. 50 €.

For that price, it does seem likely that the game is more than just the PSP-like XBOX-version that was released in 2009. Cyanide refused to make any comments on the matter, though.

#1 | Mresuperstar on 22. March 2011 10:42
Awesome ... but there is no way they can make it easily customizable like the PC version. Let's hope Cyanide can come through ...
#2 | ricotero_uy on 22. March 2011 12:21
This could have good things and bad things.

Good thing: PS3 will give new incomes to the development of a better game.

Bad thing: lot of games after getting in the PS world, were taken out of the PC.

Hope the best!
#3 | Raben on 22. March 2011 13:14
Another failure in the history of Cyanide, is to be written.

I really can't imagine that it will be a good game (compared to other PS games) when they never succeeded 100% with the PC version.
#4 | eltoroloco on 22. March 2011 13:24
I hope there will be a nice multiplayer mode offline!
So i can challenge my brothers!
#5 | Alakagom on 22. March 2011 16:30
Not really happy about it, the studio is small enough and they all first should make the PC version best, so far it itsn't. Making PS3 game will take the time that can be used to fix the the game and the bugs, for the main audience of this game - PC Gamers.

Don't really see the point of it now, yeah in few years when the PC version becomes as much bug free, then PS3 version should come out. Not now, and certainly not after such a almost a disatrous launch of the game. The developers should spend as much time as possible amking 2011 the best one yet, or at least better than 2010.

Spilting their work now in half, with PS3 version, doesn't look very good in my eyes. So far I think 2011 might be the same as the 2010 at the start, hope it won't though. I hope developers might have learned something from last year.
#6 | Rin on 22. March 2011 17:08
I think some of you forget that the PCM isn't a game like COD or something like this, even if it would be good the sales wouldn't be good. I think the biggest group of PCM buyers are the ones who would like to play the TDF before/when it starts

[irony]The best sold CYM here in Germany is the 3rd one, I wonder why..[irony]

So it's a good step to look for more people who would like to buy the game, but I hope that they will change the gameplay for the PS3 version not the XBOX version like but more somewhere between the XBOX360 version and the Tour de France 2003 PS2 game although it was possibly bad I haven't played it but I would give it a try
#7 | DJP19 on 22. March 2011 19:08
I don't like this at all. Wonder if the stores in North America will carry it. Just spend more time perfecting the pc version instead of cracking into a very tough ps3 market.
#8 | valverde321 on 22. March 2011 19:26
Speculation: What if its the Be a pro mode everyone was asking for?

I think this is a good move by the company, however it is not good for those that want to see the game continue on the PC.
#9 | DJP19 on 22. March 2011 19:33
@ valverde321 If theres multiplayer we'll rock team planet energy Smile
#10 | EintrachtFan on 22. March 2011 21:07
@ valverde321: That's what i had in mind too as i first read about it...

I'm still sceptical about all these things they're doing.
#11 | superider2010 on 23. March 2011 01:24
ricotero your good thing it's just your opinion
factShockn xbox360 the game is le tour du france 2009
that version is not pro cycling,because has just le tour and in race you have 6 riders and the gameplay is diferent then pcm
i think on ps3 will be le tour 2011,no pro cycling manager
i played 6 times on xbox and i bored
so don't make hopes for a great game on ps3 or future improvements

valverde we hope to be a pro mode for pc version,but it's just a dream now,like i hope ea sports doing a cycling manager
#12 | Eyolfur on 23. March 2011 09:04
Making 2 cycling games doesnt mean Cyanide has split the PCM 2011 team between the two projects.. It is more like hire twice more people for these games. Why is there so much apocalyptic comments every time Cyanide announce something new ??

I won't give you the features of both games but you know that the gameplay will be different, a PCM console game can't be a manager game and there is no 'mouse gameplay'.
#13 | the max on 23. March 2011 09:23
Great news! Smile
#14 | CrueTrue on 23. March 2011 09:33
#11: A 50 € game will not be like Tour de France for XBOX. I don't remember the starting price for the XBOX game, but it was probably ~10 € or less -- so obviously, the two games aren't going to be alike. That would be crazy.

Cyanide could clear up some of the confusion by saying something, but all we have so far is PlayFrance's report and Eyolfur's comment in #12. Cyanide has refused to make any further comments so far, and Focus hasn't replied to my e-mail (yet).
#15 | depappie on 23. March 2011 11:21
this is great news, more funds to help make a PCM 2012! how can this be a bad thing!!
#16 | Lachi on 23. March 2011 15:04
If there are two versions of a game, I will always go for the PC version, not only is it cheaper but also it can be modded.
So I really do not care about the PS3 version.

#12: You see bad comments for all games in all forums because people like to think bad. It is a sign of times.

#15: Did you read what Eyolfur said? They hire twice as much people, so each product will have to finance itself (at least in the long run).
#17 | doddy13 on 23. March 2011 16:12
The Xbox arcade game was in the region of about £6. Not too expensive for what it was.

I'll wait for the game to judge though if this version will be good. Let's hope so though, potential is there.
#18 | Matt97 on 23. March 2011 16:14
Will there be a PSP game too? Or only a PS3 and a PC version?
#19 | EintrachtFan on 23. March 2011 17:15
#12 : There are always these comments because all we want is a (almost) bugfree, enjoyable PC-version, for example like PCM 06 was.
And only PCM09 was somewhat in the near of that.

I do think it's great that there will be a PS3 version. But if you don't want sceptical or critical comments, then don't release infos where there is so much room for speculation!
#20 | superider2010 on 23. March 2011 18:36
eyolfur after your comment indirectly you tell you are a member from cyanide team,i didn't know but i have to say other things if you are an official cyanide member
my comment it's not apocalyptic,it's based on what did the xbox crew/team in the past
i said fact because it happened,but i don't know what will happen in future,so i ask you:
for 50 euros,the ps3 version will have a whole competitional season?a career mode?a stage race mode?x slots riders per team in a tour like in real world?
and i put these questions from the direction of singleplayer mode
if you see i didn't said nothing about multiplayer/online mode,because that's a diferent problem
in which team are you eyolfur?ps3 team or pc team?
the questions aren't stupid because the price of game isn't so cheap
fifa 11 on ps3 it's 60 euros(when he appeared,now should be bellow) and have the licence for leagues/names.the version on ps3 will have the license?real names for riders?
and that are all my questions
if you will response on just few of them,i will be grateful
#21 | Tuco the Ugly on 24. March 2011 02:58
I'll definitely be sticking with PC version, but don't see this as a bad thing.

Interested too see what exactly what the PS3 version is.
#22 | hellboy on 24. March 2011 06:02
The reason why people think bad is obvious. There are few examples how console market f***s up the PC games (Dragon Age II...) or completly removes the series from PC (Nhl series...)
So f**king up with players is sign of times for me,not the pesimism
#23 | aroda on 24. March 2011 08:46
I do think it's great that there will be a PS3 version. But if you don't want sceptical or critical comments, then don't release infos where there is so much room for speculation!

Well, the point is that nothing has been announced officially, I don't know where the info from playfrance.com comes but it doesn't come from Cyanide for sure.

For me, until any official announcement has been made this is just a rumor and pure speculation, as you can understand we are not going to answer to every rumor or speculation in the internet or that would become a full-time job on itself.
#24 | CrueTrue on 24. March 2011 09:54
It's hardly "a rumour and pure speculation" considering the fact that Eyolfur has confirmed its existence on Cyanide's forum (and indirectly in his comment to this article).
#25 | EintrachtFan on 24. March 2011 17:14
#23: I understand that, but this rumour must come from somewhere. If it's someone from Focus or Cyanide who released this information - that doen't really matter to us. The only thing we see is the information itself. And thats why we have so much room for speculation.
And even more if Eyolfur indirectly confirms it.
What i'm missing here is a clear line in your, or better: Focus' marketing concept - either you make a official statement or you really keep it a secret.
And this doesn't only count for this specific information, almost every news gives us room for speculation.

Which is also ok, but then don't blame us for being sceptical!
#26 | jph27 on 24. March 2011 18:23
I like this. So much, that I might buy it. Pfft
#27 | xiaoniao on 13. May 2014 03:54
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