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Cyanide responds to criticism over gameplay issues
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

For quite a while, there has been complaints about parts of the AI of PCM10 - especially after t became known that patch was said to be 'final' and that the problems therefore wouldn't be fixed. On this forum, the problems have been summarized in 'Contador wins the mass sprint!'.

The discussions heated up last week when Cyanide (or what seems to be the moderators) started deleting critical threads and members from the official forum.

However, today, Cyanide published an official statement on the matter, saying that they are now working on a new patch. The problem with non-sprinters winning flat stages have been identified and will be fixed. They are still having problems with identifying problems with gaps in hills/mountain, but they are working on it.

You can help out by uploading replays of the problems. Use the official DB, make sure to enable replays in the options menu, and play the 'bugged' stages. Upload your replay (My Docs/PCM/Replay) somewhere and post the link here. It will then be forwarded to Talleyrand who forwards it to Cyanide.

#1 | BouBBox on 19. August 2010 11:45
"The problem with sprinters winning flat stages have been identified and will be fixed"

This sounds like pretty normal actually Wink
Do you mean non-sprinters.
#2 | CrueTrue on 19. August 2010 11:52
:lol: Right, I'll fix it.
#3 | Kira900 on 19. August 2010 16:01
What about the stages in the grand tour i carrer mode. Will it be possible soon to have diffrent stages in every year in the grand tours every year in carrer mode?
#4 | fenian_1234 on 19. August 2010 16:16
If you mean 'variants' kira - it's already been done in the latest patch.
#5 | fenian_1234 on 19. August 2010 16:44
Is there a link to the official statement?
#6 | Johan92 on 19. August 2010 16:50
#7 | Kira900 on 19. August 2010 17:20
I mean varients in Stages from year to year in carrer mode. Is that includede in patch If it is it dosent work on my computer.
#8 | Kira900 on 19. August 2010 17:22
The stage patch is expected to be released around the 20th of August. Does this mean the varients i stages from year to year will change than i carrer mode?
#9 | fenian_1234 on 19. August 2010 17:23
it's possible, kira. it will depend on the .db you use though and how many new variant stages have been made.

the statement doesn't mention hills, does it?
#10 | CrueTrue on 19. August 2010 18:59
Kira: No, variants are not added in the stage patch. You will have to use community packs. For example, the PCM.daily DB contains variants.
#11 | Kira900 on 19. August 2010 18:59
The cynaide said that tha varients in the grand tours will come in the stage pack. So then you can fiannily play carrer mode.
#12 | andybandy on 19. August 2010 19:01
#13 | Deadpool on 19. August 2010 20:54
What do you mean?

The AI problems are being addressed as we speak, but the pack is probably a few weeks away.
#14 | CrueTrue on 19. August 2010 20:55
You're mixing things up.

There's a stage pack coming soonish. This will not contain variants, but stages for this season.

In addition to that, Cyanide is now working on a patch to address the gameplay / AI issues.
#15 | Kira900 on 19. August 2010 21:12
but which patch includes varients than from year too year?
#16 | andybandy on 19. August 2010 21:13
I meant to ask where Cyanide said that variants would come, because they have not said such a thing.

Kira900: The patches don't provide us with variants, you have to download a database or for example the Roturn's 2008 variant. Cyanide will not create variant stages.
#17 | Kira900 on 19. August 2010 22:10
What kind of database do i have to download than too get varients in stages in carrer mode?
#18 | MarcoPRT on 19. August 2010 22:15
Expansion Pack's latest version, for example.
#19 | hillis91 on 20. August 2010 03:10
I just read the official statement. Will the fix so the climbers/non-sprinters will not sprint, or will the AI actully make sprint trains now?

Just curious, and i understand if none knows yet.
#20 | hellboy on 20. August 2010 07:53
My opinion is that we can forget bugless 2010 and pray for bugless 2011.The problems are so obvious for anybody who has ever seen just one cycling race,but developers probably have another version of the game if they cant reproduce it
#21 | lasol on 21. August 2010 05:16
Too bad I bought the game via internet. If I would've bought it here in Finland, the ombudsman would protect me and I may get my money back. Here u can't sell shit and call it gold.
#22 | Waghlon on 21. August 2010 09:06
Except you know Lasol, no scandinavian ombudsman would ever give the money back on a product which cant be looked at objectively. You didn't buy a refrigerator which caught on fire or an oven which wouldn't turn on. You bought a game whose quality can be discussed subjectively. You have absolutely no case to present the man.
#23 | ringo182 on 22. August 2010 23:34
why aren't glaringly obvious problems like this picked up during testing? it's not even a small excusable mistake. it's one where any semi serious cycling fan would know is wrong straight away.
#24 | crazyman2008 on 24. August 2010 08:48
does it matter if they are gonna fix it now? as long as it's fixed as soon as possible
#25 | ringo182 on 24. August 2010 10:58
yes it does matter seeing as lots of people buy the game without access to websites like this one.

also they had no intention of trying to fix the problem until so many people kicked up such a fuss. they were basically trying to steal our money by releasing a game that is so below par that they have obviously spent very little money on it's production.

would it be ok if the new fifa came out and Blackpool won the premier league every year? no, so why should cyanide feel that they can release such a shoddy game.

the answer = no competition

instead of thinking that they are the only people who really make a game like this so they should have a responsibility to produce the best game possible for the loyal fans who buy it year after year despite the ability to simply make new DB's for the old games.

they instead try to rip everyone off because they know that if we don't buy PCM then we don't have anything.

others have said they will illegally download future installments as repayment for this blatent kick in the balls.
i have to say i may contemplate doing the same.
#26 | scandal on 24. August 2010 14:32
well said, ringo.
#27 | Nanny on 07. September 2010 10:58
@ringo fifa w/Blackpool winning Premiership? Whatever. Best management game is such one, where real-life knowledge does not put you ahead (Random created stats at the beginning). I ve been playing PCM 2010 for some time now and without reading this thread, I would not notice non-sprinters being too good. Thus far, I like the game and appreciate it getting better each year.
#28 | mderhuo on 05. June 2012 08:05
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