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Patch released
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

Short update: Cyanide employee has stated that this is the very last patch for PCM unless other major problems come along. The stage patch is expected to be released around the 20th of August.

Today, another beta patch was released by Cyanide. Variants are now useable by the game, but no actual variants are added by the patch, so you will have to add some made by yourself or by the community.

Patch Change List:
- Improved memory usage with the public. The consumption is now decreased on the two higher detail levels (3 & 4)
- Fixed several minor issues with memory
- Increased maximum number of player in multi (20 from 8)
- Reactivated ladder sprints
- Fixed a multiplayer issue in track mode. Riders used to be stuck during chat between players.
- Fixed the « gameover » bug in season mode when a crash occured during a race
- Fixed an in race bug that could limit one rider's effort during a small period of time (slowdown effect)
- Added game saved from the menu when the game is launched with the Gamecenter
- Fixed a bug with the renewal priorities for the next season. Riders still under contract do not ask for a renewal for the next season
- Fixed a display bug on the Objectives page, some races (Oman, Qatar) did display winners for the mountain ranking whereas then do not have any.
- Introduced back the stage variation system in career mode. Data are not included, but the system now allows modification from community packs
- Added 5 new Ladder races (Dauphiné Libéré : Crolles – L’Alpe d’Huez, Tour d'Espagne : Murcia - Orihuela, GP al Pais Vasco : Eibar – Orio, Hamburg Turm et GP di Lombardia)

Update from version
Update from version

#1 | T-Photon on 04. August 2010 20:59
has the water bug in the stage editor been fixed? the bug preventing players from using the water tool after patch
#2 | valverde321 on 04. August 2010 22:11
I think Roturn reported that it does work now, yes.

(sorry if it was someone else)
#3 | jkbp on 04. August 2010 22:32
Niiiice NOW! we only need a DB with new stage variants Wink
#4 | winers on 05. August 2010 01:38
on career mode are the races still exactly the same year on year?
#5 | darktiger280694 on 05. August 2010 01:56
#6 | ruben on 05. August 2010 10:44
I can finally play..wooho
#7 | cogneto on 05. August 2010 11:43
think i will wait for offical
#8 | OlegTinkov on 05. August 2010 12:47
Best patch ever! Basically they spend two weeks deliberating whether they should give Cyril Dessel 4 or 5 potentiel... and they ended up giving him 4 _O_

Viva la Self-Reflection Pfft
#9 | brombeer on 05. August 2010 18:40
And still no stage-pack Sad.
#10 | scandal on 05. August 2010 20:32
I'm about to install the PCM DB.
Should I install this patch, the or wait for the final ?
(will the DB work with other versions than
#11 | LoStaffan on 06. August 2010 12:51
just to prevent confusion ... according to the cyanide forum this beta IS also the final V1.0.3.0 patch Wink

"Note : it's exactly the same patch as the beta version from August 4"
written by freire
#12 | CrueTrue on 06. August 2010 13:19
Thanks, hadn't noticed that myself Smile
#13 | LoStaffan on 06. August 2010 13:22
you're welcome Wink
#14 | Andreas93 on 06. August 2010 13:45
The PCM.daily DB, is it compatable?
#15 | CrueTrue on 06. August 2010 13:46
Not fully. Check the forum.
#16 | titleist82 on 06. August 2010 13:46
so they are going to leave mass sprints as awful as they currently are?

3rd year in a row a buy a new version of pcm and go back to play pcm07, quite annoying.
#17 | andybandy on 06. August 2010 15:25
I think you can manage to adjust some of the problems with a better stat matrix. For example to try to create more gaps -> create more differences between the riders. Will you look into improved gameplay in hill/sprint stages for the next version of the db, CrueTrue? And correct stage settings so you get a more realistic gameplay.
#18 | CrueTrue on 06. August 2010 17:01
We will not start changing the stat matrix for the update, but we'll start working on it after that release (for the 2011 DB).
#19 | fenian_1234 on 06. August 2010 18:50
So, the final patch just ignores the gameplay probs I've been reading about? Sprinting and hilly gameplay? Have the game - just been holding off playing it until it's worth putting away some of the Xbox games.
#20 | CrueTrue on 06. August 2010 20:48
Question is whether it's really a gameplay issue. After all, it can be improved by editing the stat matrix.
#21 | fenian_1234 on 06. August 2010 20:52
If there are groups of 100+ finishing races like Amstel together, then I'd guess it goes beyond the matrix. Don't know though, as I haven't really played the game yet.
#22 | lasol on 06. August 2010 23:25
"...unless other major problems come along."

I know Cyanide is a small company in this business. But if you want to keep your small number of customers in queue for next versions, make them happy. And I've always wondered why they have to launch new version every year, when they don't have the capacity to do it. I know it's the money, but if they make better products, the market is bigger.

I bought PCM 09 and 10, but not gonna buy next year, and prolly never again. They publish the game b4 TdF but you cannot play a career b4 august 20th cus that's when the game is final and done. Don't publish beta cyanide. Not good I say!
#23 | Phippsie on 07. August 2010 04:27
this patch it good but like on patch when I exit the game all my settings reset

eg. graphic options,
custom colours,
difficulty etc...
#24 | sportkona on 15. August 2010 08:05
Since i install the new patch and this pack the "Random fitness in Race" didnt work anymore?
#25 | Anonymer on 03. September 2010 13:08
Any news about the stage patch yet ?
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