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Cyanide releases new .dem-pack
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

With the new stage editor for PCM2010, the stage makers need .dem-files to create the terrain that their stage takes place in. Unfortunately, this was only provided for Europe (and very small parts of the rest of the world), and since the release, Cyanide has worked on new terrain data.

... and now, it's available. It's still not the entire world, but with new terrain data for USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Oman, Qatar and Australia (among others), most of the important countries are now covered.

Due to the large size (1.6 GB), it's being shared through P2P for now, although we may relocate it to our file server later on (at the beginning of the next month). If that's not a problem, get working on those American races right now ;)

Once you have finished downloading the file, please seed it to allow others to download the file as well.  Torrent files rely on other people "seeding" (sending the file to downloaders) to survive. Without any seeders the download will die. So enjoy the files, but remember to keep the zip file and help others enjoy it too.

#1 | Timmeh on 28. July 2010 12:17
Haha that's awesome!
I don't know anything about stagemaking but i'll give it a try when i'm home from work Grin
#2 | Crommy on 28. July 2010 12:44
My hamster's going to have a heart attack downloading and seeding this Pfft
#3 | andybandy on 28. July 2010 12:45
Norway is not covered, and will most likely not be covered after what I hear. Sad
#4 | Johan92 on 28. July 2010 12:53
Too close to the pole. Wink
#5 | ruben on 28. July 2010 14:23
Still not the Netherlands and Northern Europe??

Very dissapointing
#6 | Crommy on 28. July 2010 16:01
@ruben - the Netherlands was already released initially...
#7 | denberre on 28. July 2010 16:14
#8 | ruben on 28. July 2010 16:36
@crommy parts of N51 data is missing. (netherlands/south limburg is on n50/n51
n50 is present, n51 isnt
#9 | Crommy on 28. July 2010 16:42


Cyanide are stupid.
#10 | superider2010 on 28. July 2010 19:14
you writted so many words for
don't make hit and run
and what's with this dem pack?what i can make with these files?
new variants for the big tours????
#11 | doddy13 on 28. July 2010 19:26
@superider2010 - Not everyone understands torrents, so "hit and run" might not be understood.

These are simple so stage makers can make stages in places outside of Europe.
#12 | FreireCyanide on 28. July 2010 22:17
where did you see n51 is missing plz ? 51 is part of N50's.
maybe i'm wrong but i don't see any problems with the whole Netherlands...

what are you calling northern europe ? we already have in Europe 98% (if not more) of all the races.
For the north : UK, Denmark, the whole Netherlands, Germany, Poland...

I'm very sorry for the Norway and the Norvegian community but it's not possible :-(
#13 | Waghlon on 28. July 2010 22:52
Hey Freire. Will there be another set of DEM files releasedd eventually? Do you maybe have a thread on the official forums where we can ask for special countries to be included?
#14 | Crommy on 28. July 2010 23:59

I must retract my last statement if what Freire says is true Pfft
#15 | ruben on 29. July 2010 00:04
@Freire: ok, weird. I must have somehow managed to delete a file. I'll reinstall.
#16 | Ozzy on 29. July 2010 01:34
Hey Freire! I hope you won't stop on those .dem files and will add some more in future!

We would love to make races like Tour de San Luis (Argentina), Tour de Quinghai Lake (China) or Tour de Langkawi (Malaysia), which are fun to ride, but impossible to create yet...

I guess Japan, Gabon, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand and Brazil could be interesting for many ppl as well Wink
#17 | FreireCyanide on 29. July 2010 07:00
Yep we'll prepare a new DEM set.
If you have special wishes for new DEM you can complete Ozzy's list.

#18 | dwayo on 29. July 2010 08:37
Hello Friere, nice to see the guys from Cyanide on the forum and helping us out. I'd like to add to Ozzy's list, if you could look at adding more parts of Australia, especially the top right hand corner, and perhaps even South Africa and parts of Northern Africa, that would be great Smile
#19 | jph27 on 30. July 2010 12:45
Hi Freire,

I'm not sure if they're already in, but if they aren't, please can we have the .dem files for Russia?


jph27 Smile
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