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Patch withdrawn
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

Apparently, Cyanide has decided to withdraw the patch due to a bug in the Giro d'Italia (20th stage was held on the 29th of May, the 21st stage on the 30th of June - not really optimal ... ;)). A new patch is said to be released later today.

In better news, the Stage Package, adding new stages to the game, is rumoured to be released in c. two weeks from now. I haven't seen the exact quote, but race route changes / variants may be included with the package.

#1 | Andro on 21. July 2010 11:20
El oh el. Typical Cyanide.
#2 | Nilleer on 21. July 2010 11:32
okay the last patch is here now ( or later today ) but we can still not start a career because we have to wait for the Stage Package now?
#3 | CrueTrue on 21. July 2010 11:34
That's up to you to decide. No one are forcing you to wait for a stage package.
#4 | hellboy on 21. July 2010 11:38
That is true but it is still a big shame.It seems like they don't know what they wantRolling Eyes
#5 | Blasius on 21. July 2010 11:44
if a start a career today and the stage package is released in two weks, i have to start a new career if i want to play with the new stages in my career ?
#6 | Rammandos on 21. July 2010 11:45
Big Bunch of FOOLS.. Don't they ever check before they release something? Is this the Clown show or what? Unbelievable that this stupid fucks earn money with this. Mike, if the patch is later on today, can we expect your BEAUTIFUL db for tonight or may we delay our hope to the next coming day?
Thanks Mate !
#7 | joostie on 21. July 2010 12:00
Cant take long to change this right?
#8 | McI on 21. July 2010 14:19
What if you start a career now, and install the stage packed when it's released? Will you be able to continue your career with the new stage, or do you have to start over, once again, to get the new stages?
#9 | gdm shadow on 21. July 2010 14:28
OMG, when will the GOOD patch then be released?
#10 | superider2010 on 21. July 2010 15:24
if they withdraw this patch
the next patch it will be
#11 | Guido Mukk on 21. July 2010 17:32
I just wait..when Cyanide will cool down and will release stabile patch
#12 | neve57 on 21. July 2010 17:52
maybe my head is working a little bit slow now,
sorry but just to be on the safe side so i get this right...
the tour will change routes from year to year, and wi will get stages in the variants folder?
#13 | ricotero_uy on 21. July 2010 18:47
i'm a software developer... and if all my "production's uploads" had the bugs that this game and its patches has... i should be looking for a new job long time ago.

I've bought pcm2009 and 2010... cause i decided it was time to support cyanide... but they are showing to me that they cant do anything seroius... running against time schedules (begin of TdF each year).

I probably reconsider next year buying pcm2011.
#14 | jacknic on 21. July 2010 21:31
Just don't buy the game until the final patch is out. Or even better: Wait till pcmdaily database is out. It will save you a lot of anger and frustration.
#15 | qazaqa on 21. July 2010 21:43
I wouldn't mind them not producing a PCM 2011 and actually focussing on PCM 2012. It seems every year it's released in time for the TDF, and then the patches and fixes drag on well into August, so by the time I've got the fully-functioning game my interest in the game has waned. Better they skip 2011 and get a fully-functioning PCM out in July 2012.
#16 | gdm shadow on 21. July 2010 22:08
They said today...they have only 1 hour left...Rolling Eyes
#17 | qazaqa on 21. July 2010 22:17
Depends what time zone they're in. Probably Alaska.
#18 | gdm shadow on 21. July 2010 22:19
:lol: What's time it is there?
#19 | MCSPantani on 21. July 2010 22:58
guys...come on... do you really think they are working on it now?!? i mean...they insist in making a bugfull game year after year after year...and now you think they'll fix this in a couple of hours?!? why dont they hire Crue and some of us here in the community... Crue and his team sure do a lot more in a lot less time... sorry, i know this is not very polite of me, but i'm just sick o cy releasing crap after crap. after fixing this, PLEASE, release another PCM in 2012...bugfree :-) thank you Crue and all the guys at Daily
#20 | Kaufmann94 on 21. July 2010 23:31
Cyanide: Just don't make an PCM 2011 and then make a WHOLE new (working out of the box) game for 2012 - Then i would be happy Smile
#21 | qazaqa on 21. July 2010 23:40
2.40pm right now, so they're 10 hours behind French time.
#22 | whoda on 22. July 2010 00:08
We really dont need a "NEW" PCM every year, we just want a better game. Come on Cyanide! Stop making PCM2011, start working on PCM2012 now! (well, release the final patch for PCM10 first:lolSmile
#23 | superider2010 on 22. July 2010 01:16
man if you write "cyanide stop 2011 and make 2012"
you think they listen you?
if they don't came with 2011,they will loose a lot of moneys
so in life the money are important,the profit,not an opinion of a fan
#24 | hellboy on 22. July 2010 07:52
I think they will loose some money,because i am sure i am not buying 2011
#25 | Waghlon on 22. July 2010 09:30
Yes, dont release PCM2011, work on PCM2012 and go bankrupt while making it so we dont get the game! Great idea guys! That'll show them!
#26 | gwynvyd on 22. July 2010 10:44
#27 | BouBBox on 22. July 2010 10:46
#26 so this is the final one right?
#28 | OGrady on 25. July 2010 04:53
The patch is good as a girl. Gone, gone but when I play 3-4 hour that will crash.

And the patch is okay to game but my stage editor not working normally. Why???
#29 | geisterhome on 25. July 2010 14:07
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