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New chance to win PCM10
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

As promised, we have a bunch of digital versions, sponsored by Focus Home Interactive, that we want to hand out to our members. A_Schleck won the 1st competition, and it's now time to the 2nd one.

This time, you will have to use some common sense and a bit of luck. You simply have to guess the amount of posts that have been posted in the forum since PCM.daily was opened in 2006. There are several ways to count, but the right answer is the one that I've noted down (counted by an internal / system post counter) in this very moment (23:06).

The one who comes closest wins a digital version of PCM10.

Send your guess (and username!) to:

The deadline for doing so is 20:00 CET tomorow (15th of June). PMs and guesses in the comments section will be ignored.

#1 | Waghlon on 14. June 2010 22:12
203596 obviously. Common knowledge.
#2 | fenian_1234 on 14. June 2010 22:35
I guess this comp is not open to admins? Pfft
#3 | issoisso on 14. June 2010 22:36
Wait, we had this same question or similar a couple of years ago. There was a way to check the exact number with google or something.

I can't remember how, though.
#4 | CrueTrue on 14. June 2010 22:39
No competitions are open to admins, Fen Wink
#5 | Rui_Costa on 14. June 2010 22:39
Crue, 14th is today Wink
#6 | CrueTrue on 14. June 2010 22:40
Isso: Aren't you thinking about the amount of visits? We had our old statistics system lying around unprotected, meaning that you could find it using Google.
#7 | CrueTrue on 14. June 2010 22:40
Rui: Thanks, corrected Smile
#8 | issoisso on 14. June 2010 22:42
Fenian tell me the answer and I'll share half my donut with you Pfft

You get the inside
#9 | fenian_1234 on 14. June 2010 22:44
If I get the inside of the donut, then the answer is 63.

Honest. Wink
#10 | issoisso on 14. June 2010 22:51
Gee thanks Mister! You're like real swell!!
#11 | VincentBlaak on 14. June 2010 23:01
deleted posts included?
#12 | untal on 14. June 2010 23:07
Crue, that portuguese-looking surname and the name equal to a character of "The Simpsons" is my e-mail.
#13 | CrueTrue on 14. June 2010 23:10
#11: I'm pretty sure that our internal counter counts deleted posts too, yes.
#14 | MarcoPRT on 15. June 2010 00:32
Holy crap. Pfft
#15 | DJP19 on 15. June 2010 03:04
im guesstimating around 200,000
#16 | goga2159 on 15. June 2010 11:19
#17 | MarcoPRT on 15. June 2010 14:27
I see your point. Somebody with permissions to some hidden sub-forums will win. Well, you can win as well if you estimate very well the number of messages from those sections. Remember also that there's some sections that even those members don't have access to.
#18 | AaB-ern on 15. June 2010 14:32
Hidden forums won't be a lot of help. The number of posts in these are very low compared to the overall number of posts.
#19 | MarcoPRT on 15. June 2010 14:58
True, but an estimate of those posts plus the other ones is better than just the public posts.
#20 | coureurkeg on 15. June 2010 15:35
when does the game end?
#21 | coureurkeg on 15. June 2010 15:35
lol soz didn't see it Pfft
#22 | CrueTrue on 15. June 2010 16:21
We have c. 27 hidden forums. Having access to 1 won't exactly help you.

Besides, you guys are taking this way too seriously. It's a small competition for a game that can be bought for ~40 USD. If you win, fine, if you don't, it's not exactly the end of the world.
#23 | Fazaam on 15. June 2010 16:52
Shit, I didn't count on hidden fora -_-
#24 | MarcoPRT on 15. June 2010 16:53
Technically, we can buy it for c. 26USD, so you're absolutely right. Pfft
#25 | pavellegstaev on 15. June 2010 17:15
i too didn't count on hidden forum
#26 | BouBBox on 15. June 2010 17:59
You didn't say one guess per account did you?:lol:
#27 | CrueTrue on 15. June 2010 18:02
Pfft I'd say that that was implied Wink

However, if people would like to correct their guesses, they are free to do so. I'll only be taking the last guess into account.
#28 | Mresuperstar on 15. June 2010 18:49
Sweet I was worried about that, my first guess was way off. Thanks CrueTrue.
#29 | jph27 on 15. June 2010 19:36
Mine was sent 13 minutes too late, so I won't be allowed to enter. Sad
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