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First PCM10 Trailer!
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

It's been some time since we last saw the first screenshots of PCM10. In a new press release, Cyanide say that they've now improved the new graphic engine even more, mentioning the stages' realism level, high resolution textures, more diverse and realistic environment - and a lot more details:

"Many improvements reinforce the race stages' realism. The game features very high resolution textures and a new handling of the flora which is now luxuriant, more diverse and environmentally accurate to where the race is taking place. The lighting ambiance of each one of the hundreds of stages has been reworked according to various weather conditions in order to offer more believable and vivid sets. Finally, many advanced visual effects complete the ultimate rendering of the game: the "bloom" effect simulates image exposure to light, more depth of field enhances the focus of the TV cameras that follow cyclists during each race, while "motion blur" simulates speed."

And now for the fun part: Watch the trailer here!

#1 | CrueTrue on 12. February 2010 13:42
I got to admit that the environment does look amazing.

But it's a shame that the cyclist texture hasn't changed, and that they're still able to ride right through each other. I had hoped that they would fix it with the new engine.

(That said, I guess it's a matter of the AI, not the engine)
#2 | sciby on 12. February 2010 13:49
landscape is amazing- the rest isnt changed. Riders look same and behaviour same. Why are they first slow down before they crash? It loos nice but if there is no improvement in KI it is no step in front. Looking for the Manager Part that MUST be improved.
#3 | kirosha on 12. February 2010 14:08
It looks beautiful. Now I want to see Paris-Roubaix when it's raining Smile
#4 | EintrachtFan on 12. February 2010 15:33
@ CrueTrue: 100% agree! The thing with riding through each other is one of the things, that i want to see changed in the new versions of pcm. But it seems, that they still don't fixed it. It's a shame, because i think, this would give the game a huge step towards realism.

On the other hand, it's still work in progress, so let's wait for the final game. And the graphics look amazing. Maybe the best i've ever seen in a manager game.
#5 | roger_94 on 13. February 2010 19:40
@ sciby, i don't really think they slow down before they crash, just that they slowed down to help their leader up, and suddenly one of them hit another rider who crashed.

Agree with CrueTrue though
#6 | valverde321 on 14. February 2010 03:59
I wish they had better crashes or atleast more ways to crash if that makes sense. And yeah agree with Cruetrue. And they slow down to help a leader that has fallen in getting back to the pack
#7 | stuartmcstuart on 14. February 2010 14:43
Sure...it looks nice. What are the system requirements to get it looking like that, though?

History tells us it'll be a small percentage of users with uber-machines who get a game that looks like the trailers. Sad
#8 | kalkuta123 on 15. February 2010 20:07
What about price?
#9 | Deadpool on 15. February 2010 23:34
Same as always most likely, 40 of whatever your currency is. That said, they could bump it to fifty.
#10 | BESTinATL on 16. February 2010 02:56
Any possibility of an upgrade to 2010 for a lower price?
#11 | CrueTrue on 16. February 2010 12:45
No chance.
#12 | kalkuta123 on 16. February 2010 15:40
Same as always most likely, 40 of whatever your currency is. That said, they could bump it to fifty.

So if i live in Polish I'll pay 40 Polish money?
#13 | sciby on 16. February 2010 17:39
in poland you dont buy anything Pfft
#14 | kalkuta123 on 16. February 2010 20:14
shut up... If you don't have anything to say...
#15 | sciby on 16. February 2010 20:57
it was just a joke
I think it will be 40-50 €. Dont know how much this is in Poland
#16 | CrueTrue on 17. February 2010 07:26
What Deadpool meant was that the DL-version version usually costs 40 £, € or $, depending on where you live.
#17 | issoisso on 17. February 2010 11:12
For those of you in eastern europe: Cyanide now accept human kidneys as payment
#18 | juve333 on 18. February 2010 00:13
Haha, priceless.
However i don't really care about the enviroment. They should care a little bit less on the graphics and a lot more on the AI and how the riders get tired.
#19 | BESTinATL on 21. February 2010 03:38
Agree w/ juve333
#20 | Bavarian on 21. February 2010 20:59
Only saw this now. Reminds me of the trailers from the previous versions: Wow the environment looks great!!! And that's the only thing we can say. The riders still look like in PCM05 or PCM06.

Honestly I don't give a shit about the environment. I want to o play a cycling-game. If I want to see a beautiful countryside or want to experience the great ambience of weather conditions I go outside and take s stroll. As said before you'll need a really good computer to get the game to look like that, which most of us just don't have.
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