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Weekly News #47

The name "Weekly News" might be quite misleading in this edition since we've not had any Weekly News-update for over a month. As some of you might know I was very busy during Christmas time (1st of December to the 26th) due to an important school project, and since then I've been working on my new apartment, which I in fact have had since the 1st of December - I just haven't had time to move in, and no, I've still not moved ;)
So, basically, it's about time to relax a little - but for some reason, I can't relax before I've written this, so here we go! Enjoy the Weekly News which are now back for good :)

Save Games are now a part of our DL-section
Our member, mrlol, initiated a new initiative - "post your save game". It's as simple as it sounds. You describe what you've managed to do throughout your career and upload the save game which is then added to our download database. At this point, we have 4 save games available for you: Rabobank Continental in 2008, Quick Step in 2009, CSC in 2009 and Skil Shimano in 2008. The most downloaded at this point is the Quick Step-one which is submitted by Panaflex. He has managed to keep the best cobble-riders and enhance the team with further stars such as Valverde and Gilbert. So, go ahead! :)

You are of course also very welcome to submit your save game. You can read more about how to do that by reading mrlol's thread right here.

Cyclocross Manager returns
Yes, it happens - or, actually it did already happen. The Cyclocross Manager Pack was released for Pro Cycling Manager 2006 back when this site opened one year ago, and now they have managed to port it to PCM 2007 and update it with new teams and riders, so they're up to date (2007-wise). For those who don't know what it is: It's a pack which basically transforms your Pro Cycling Manager into a Cyclocross Manager. The pack includes new road textures which make the road look (and "act") like cyclocrossing, a completely updated database with all the right cyclocross teams and riders, a whole new race calendar with no road races and lots of cyclocross races -- a revamped Pro Cycling Manager! :)
Unfortunately, there's a few known issues with this 1st version: The Rider Photos are not working properly, the World Championship is not playable, and the race logos are not working - but everything else than that seems to work to perfection, so career playing is definitely possible.
You can download the 1st version right here.

If you want to get a feel of the pack before downloading it you can take a look at our member's, t-baum, Cyclocross Manager-story, "I See Orange". It's available in our forum.

Speaking of "up to date"
As we reported one month ago, the 2008 databases are getting released one by one. We have already mentioned the SL DB a few times, and now they have decided to update it to version 4. The previous version had a bug which put an end to career playing at some point in 2008 (or 2009 - I don't remember). The new version also has bugs, but from what I know  they will not make your career crash ;) You can download the new version here. You won't need any of the previous versions.

A French guy, ELeCTr0CuTioNisT, released his 2008 DB a few days ago. He has only released a database, not a pack, meaning that it doesn't include any extra stuff such as jerseys. I haven't heard about any bugs, but the stats are - from what I've heard - quite questionable. Then again, it's made by a French guy, so that was somewhat expected. You can try it out here.

1996 DB - now in V2
The 1996 database has also been released in a 2nd version. The first version had some minor bugs which have been worked out in this 2nd version. It's still not finished, according to the maker, but it should be more than playable. It's been reported by several people that at least the 1st season is fully playable - so, if you want to get back to the success year of Danish cycling and the rising of a young German rider (Jan Ullrich), this is a must-have. Download it here. The previous version is not needed.

Doping problems "stay the same"
In our annual vote, "How many percent of the professional cyclists do you think are doped?" we got pretty much the same result as last year, except for the fact that we had a lot more voters this year than last year. This year, 24 % voted that they think that between 6 and 20 % of the pro cyclists are doped. Last year, the same option gave 33 % of the votes, but fewer people voted. 5 % voted that they think all pro cyclists are doped ;)
You can view the full results here.

PCM.daily is searching for database reviewers
Some may remember that we, as the first PCM-site, introduced Database Reviews. We'd like to continue that project, but this, of course, requires some people who have actually tried a lot of different databases. Earlier on, we had Panaflex who basically tried a new database every week - he's gone now and is enjoying the sun in Colombia. Therefore, we're searching for a guy like him - someone who loves to try out new databases and review them ;)

If you're interested, write me a Private Message :)

And lastly: Happy New Year to all of our members!

#1 | Addy291 on 31. December 2007 16:13
Happy New Year peepsB)
#2 | Waghlon on 01. January 2008 01:07
I can feel me fingres!
#3 | Levi4life on 01. January 2008 06:30
#4 | CrueTrue on 01. January 2008 11:55
Drunk Dane Pfft
#5 | Addy291 on 01. January 2008 12:00
reminds me of "les Cadbury's fingres" for anyone who's seen Peter Kay doing thatPfft
#6 | mrlol on 01. January 2008 17:34
about the 2008 dbs, how're things going with the one made by this forum???
#7 | issoisso on 01. January 2008 17:38
I haven't heard much on the DB either, except that Dankan is "dead"
#8 | mrlol on 01. January 2008 17:38
yea, I think he hasnt been here since ages...
#9 | CrueTrue on 01. January 2008 17:56
Dankan did actually return. He's posted several times at PPDB.

About our DB. If we had any news you would have known by now Wink
#10 | issoisso on 01. January 2008 18:01
really? strange that he didn't post here then.

then again there isn't much cycling talk to be had until february...
#11 | Addy291 on 01. January 2008 18:47
He did post once here actually it was info on PCMSpain to some guy who needed help a few days ago but nothing else.
#12 | CrueTrue on 01. January 2008 18:49
Can't be right.

He hasn't logged in since November: https://www.pcmdai...p?lookup=4
#13 | issoisso on 01. January 2008 19:01
maybe something about the site ticked him off
#14 | Addy291 on 01. January 2008 19:05
yeah sorry that was my bad


robert_psv recently poste in it and i presumed the thread was new, didn't look at the datesRolling Eyes
#15 | Waghlon on 01. January 2008 23:22
Yeeaaahh... About "me fingres". I WAS TOTALLY SOBER! Rolling Eyes
#16 | mrlol on 02. January 2008 07:32
CrueTrue wrote:
About our DB. If we had any news you would have known by now Wink

so it's going nowhere???
#17 | Addy291 on 02. January 2008 14:02
Don't worry it's underwayWink

We just had to start again due to the disappearance of Dankan
#18 | mrlol on 11. January 2008 17:08
Cruetrue wrote:
Enjoy the Weekly News which are now back for good Smile

well... it's been 12 days since this news... so it's not really weekly anymore.... Sad
#19 | CrueTrue on 18. January 2008 12:27
True, true -- but when the next Weekly News are posted, I really mean that they are back for good. I have holiday now - I finished my exams two days ago.
#20 | mrlol on 18. January 2008 15:10
oh, in that case. exams would be more important. hope you did well Wink
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