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Pro Cycling Manager 2017 Development
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

We have been contacted by Cyanide that asked, if possible, to send them PCM 2017 suggestions as development of the new game will start very soon.

In other words this is your opportunity to contribute directly in the new game by proposing new features, that will be directly sent to the developers to get more visibility. Suggestions can be of multiple kinds but main direction of new game development will be the multiplayer mode (all the rest will be improved, so if you have ideas, please write them down). 

Please make sure you categorize them in your post under this nomenclature:

Pro Cyclist

To do this, post your suggestions in this thread.

Thanks in advance!

#1 | TheManxMissile on 31. August 2016 12:46
Hooray, multiplayer! Just what we've been wanting for years. Forget the poor AI, almost non-existant realism, lack of depth to Career, endless bugs, frankly awful stage editor. We need another updated multiplayer right after a big update multiplayer that came after a big update multiplayer.

You know what Cyanide, i'm glad you get no money from me these days.
#2 | Avin Wargunnson on 01. September 2016 09:16
And you say i am grumpy. Pfft

Cyanide is laughable, i wont never ever buy a product from them in the future and all my relatives are banned from buying that instead of me too. Smile

There is brutal downward spiral from PCM11 and if the will not return to that and built on it, the whole series are doomed.
#3 | Ian Butler on 01. September 2016 11:59
#4 | NTTHRASH on 02. September 2016 08:24
#5 | jserna735 on 02. September 2016 11:02
First off, this post was made to improve the game, so instead of complaining about what problems it has now, help contribute to try and maybe make a better game going forward.
#6 | Oggmeista on 02. September 2016 23:13
They really want to know...the first feature that HAS to be included if they don't want to loose another regular customer FOREVER?

Put the damn FULL REPLAY feature bck in the game...it was there on initial release but now on patch 1.5xx they decide to basically destroy it...wtf???

Second an option to have a FULL SCALE race and not just a scaled down version which is less than 1/10th scale

Improvement's on the goddam commentary, i mean how much can these licenses really cost, there is no rival cycling game on the market!!! at least not yet... How about Phill Liggott? or some other decent commentator

The racing....Why is it nobody ever attacks mid race? just mornong and then again about 2/3 rds........real riders don';t ride like that they are not robots
As well why is it even non GC riders with no GC teammate, ever want to relay with you?, if you are in the GC....I mean why would it concern then, they are out to do the best for them not to help the race leader or best placed AI team/rider

Why does the game always try to make it that your water is low at the end of a stage even if you refilled virtually as late as you can?

1st persom View ...and make the actual riding more important to the race ie brakes...racing line etc

Another attribute.......Riders skill in wet conditions this could be applied cumultively with downhilling etc.....and change the chances of a fall...and ability on flat mountain etc

This one would be too much too ask but a multiplayer mode where you race 1 rider in a stage of a major race of up to a full quota of competitos made up of human and AI ...though potential for as many human riders as possible

Keep pro cyclist mode but Enhance it...it is a very good feature of the game with great potential

Capability to have a fukk relay..where all a teams riders would contribute
#7 | matt17br on 03. September 2016 12:18
#6 why don't you post all those suggestions where they belong then instead of complaining in the comments section?
#8 | Oggmeista on 03. September 2016 15:57
I have havn't I, still doesn't mean I am far from satisfied with the state of this years product though does it?
#9 | jserna735 on 04. September 2016 05:29
the word "this" posted above is link to the thread where you put your suggestions.
#10 | Dusen on 04. September 2016 11:24
I guess i won't be buying next years realease either.
#11 | alvaro_96 on 07. September 2016 09:26
Hi! I was wondering if they can put to choose a helmets sponsor in the career, like with the frames and the components
#12 | Oggmeista on 09. September 2016 03:24
@Jserna75....Ok i got it now thx for the tip...
#13 | colmenarcycling on 16. December 2016 01:25
This mode is the newest mode in PCM. Since two years ago Players have the option to create a career with a cyclist. This mode is very exciting.

I want to suggest some features for this mode in PCM 2017.


The Progression in my lowly opinion is too faster. Just in a year you can reach 77 points (maximum is 85) in a stronger stat. In the second year you can reach 80 in the stronger stat.

Due that, I dare to make arrive you some suggestions.

I think that the first year you should can just take part in few Amateur Races (track and road), you need to get the goal to pass to the following level U23. That would depends of the level choose for you (Easy, Medium, High, Extreme). In Example in extreme you need to win a race (Cyanide or track) or for example in easy you need to finish among ten first riders.

Second Year if you can overcame Amateur Category, you can ride U23 races, in beginning you need to stand out in national category to take part in international races, even U23 World Championship. You need to meet the goals to pass to professional category. (it depends of level difficulty of Procylist career). In example win a race, or finish in ten best U23 riders.

If you overcame the goals you can then be a professional. Then you can go to Continental Team and if you overcame goals, next year Continental Pro Team will want to sing you, and if you overcame goals of Continental Pro Team a World Tour Team will want sign you.

*Would be interesting the option that at in the ending season the teams can sign you as Trainee as in Carrer Mode.

I want to propose the following levels in order to unlock take part to races (more progressive than now) :

Level Amateur: Amateur Races
Level U23: U23 Races
Level 1:1.x Races
Level 2 : 2.x Races
Level 3: 1HC Races
Level 4: 2HC Races
Level 5: National Championship, Cadel Evans, Qatar.Abu Dhabi, Omloop, Frankfurt, Turkey, London Classic, EuroEyes, Tour of Guangxi
Level 6: Tour Down Under, Strade Bianche, Dwars door Vlaanderen,Tour of California, Tour de Suisse, Pologne, Eneco Tour, GP Québec, Montréal
Level 7: Paris–Nice, Tirreno–Adriatico, Volta Catalunya, E3 Harelbeke, Gent–Wevelgem, Amstel Gold Race,Paris-Tours
Level 8: Milan–San Remo, Flandes, Romandie, La Flèche Wallonne, Dauphiné, San Sebastian, Lombardia
Level 9: Giro, Tour, Vuelta, Paris–Roubaix, Liège–Bastogne–Liège, World Championship
Level 10: Tour France

Other Suggestions for Pro Cyclist Mode:

- Training:Raise to level should not just be able due training, you need to have good results. I mean to improve Time Trial stats, you need to take part in TT and have good results or for example to improve stamina and resistance you need to take part in Tours of three weeks,
- Track: Introduce challenges using track in order to improve Sprint, TT….
- Negotiate: Improve negotiate (rol in the team, goals,races where cyclist will take part)
- Goals at the beginning of the season.
- WorkTeam Points: Points for your WorkTeam.in the stages. If you do not follow the instructions of your leader or Director you could be punished, for example the team do not select you for best Races, do not renew your contract or fire you (in extreme situation)
- Chemistry with your Team, Director and Workmates.
- Include interview with Press
- Include levels of difficulty of ProCyclist
- Change initial type of rider: Sprint, Climber, Puncher, wheeler, Cobblestones. Then depends of races that cyclist ride it will defining type of rider in the future.
- The progression stop with 27. The best years are 27-30 can has the best stats, with 30-31 the stat start to low and you maybe need to adapt to new role.
- Another interesting option could be that riders beginning with all stats in 50 and you can distribute for example 20 pts (but you cannot up more than 5 in one stat)
- For more real stats should depends of others. I mean if you want to improve more than 70 in TT, you need to has at least 65 in flat.

Would be brilliant if will be possible export Pro Cyclsit career to the new PCM with the new features, real races and stages.

I hope this suggestion like you
#14 | colmenarcycling on 23. January 2017 13:13


The riders inscriptions is usually so strange for example top riders usually do not appears in WT, they usually go to “little races” to get fit. For example Contador used to go to Algarve, Froom to Herald Sun Tour (Australia) and other USA races, Quintana to Tour de San Luis and Vuelta Andalucia, Valverde to Mallorca….

Teams is the same, is not very realist. In my career just three teams applied for Vuelta's wildcards, however 8 teams applied for Pologne Tour Wildcards, that is very unrealistic. In fact Caja Rural, whose mainly objective in season is La Vuelta did not apply for Vuelta's Wildcard. That is very extrange. Usually Giro give three wild cards to italian teams and other one to foreign team (CCC and Gazprom last years). Tour is similar (Cofidis and Direct Energie use to be invited), and La Vuelta Cofidis and Caja Rural usually take part and other years Bora, Direct E.,Orica, Colombia… A solution could be based on real calendar 2017 and last year of teams and riders scheldure.

Also is important that riders has inscribed depends of Race profile. For example Giro is very important for italians, colombians, climbers, sprinters, one day riders (like Brambilla, Ulissi),young promess (Jungels, Chaves, Zakarin…) Tour the best riders in the world and Vuelta is for climbers, good in walls, hills, TT preparing World Championship and riders that can get a good fitness for World Championship.

Of course IA top riders should fix his goals at beginning of year. For example Sagan usually go full of fitness to cobblestone races and Tour, Quintana Tour and Vuelta Froome Tour and go to Vuelta as secondary goal, Tony Martin to TT World Championship etc Sometimes you see top riders take part in Tour in bad fitness. This race is the most important event in the year.


- Team should respect their identity, focus in rider type by country and if the team is focus on GC or win stages and classics. For example Movistar will try to sign on climbers, Tours riders, TT Spain and South America as priority, Quick Step try to sign on cobblestone, Ardennes, Sprinters, TT of Center Europe, Katusha East Europe…

- Wait to close the mainly trades, usually in the Vuelta a World Championship team close their teams to new year.

-Top cyclist can ask the new team to sign on his squires to move. For example Nibali (Agnoli,his brother), Contador (Jesus Hernandez), Quintana (Anacona), Cavendish (Renshaw), Sagan (Baška, Bodnar, Juraj Sagan) …

- Riders keep in mind the category of the team for next year. For example if you are Pro Cycling category but you are first in Standings, the cyclist think that you will be a World Tour Team next year.

-Cyclist be aware Will take into account the role that offers the team that makes the offer and how many brokers of his specialty are in the team. If a great runner will also take into account the quality of the domestiques.

- Be able to find a sponsor or ask more money to your currently sponsor to sign on a start.

- Sign on young riders for development team

- Interrupt simulation if you have news regarding trades and have at least a week to decide.


- Option to select your leaders (max 8) and assign to free some riders, they are not a leader, therefore they do not have servants but they have not fo the same calendar of leaders.

- Option to change fitness schedule of all riders

- Pre-assign riders to races easiest as now

- Indicate in screen to select riders, if for some rider this races is one of his favourites and if is an objective of some rider and team or sponsor objective.

- Up stats due to training and concentrations should be more progressive, not as quickly as now. IA Teams can use this.

- Up stats depends not just with training, it should be a mix with stages that you take part. For example to up stats in Time-Trial you need to training TT and take part in TT stages. If cyclist have good results in this stage you will be more options to improve rider stats.

- Select type of training can improve somes stats, but maybe you can lost some others stats.


Is necessary change sponsors and riders feelings and goals.
- Sponsors: Targets usually is unrealistic. Sponsors do not keep in mind category, Team Features, riders etc
- Riders feelings is not working properly. For example riders are feeling sad for their schedule even when they just took part in a Grand Tour (Tour, Giro, Vuelta).
- Riders do not keep in mind the category and team feature. For example a rider in a Continental Tour ask to take part in a World Tour Race or rider ask to take part of Tour when his Team is not invited to the race.


- Newspaper before stages or races is a very good idea. However usually interviews is very crazy. For example Kristoff said that he will try to win the Tour (very crazy).
- Newspapers after stage/race just inform who win the this day. But sometimes is more important another incidents for example if there is a new leader, or if a one of the favourite suffered a fall.


- Add Olympics and World Championship Team TT in PCM 2017

- Real dates and names of races (this year tour Pologne and Eneco Tour was wrongly).

- Real jerseys and rules (In example Tour France mountain points or Vuelta España do not
has best younger maillot).

- Pre-selection in Tour-Vuelta-Giro (usually Teams need enroll 12 riders and then select 9 for final list). like in World Cup.

Teams TT the winner of the stage if the Team not a rider.

- National and World Championships: - National and World Championships: There are some errors with National Championships.
- TT and Line Race should be in the same City.
- Remove Teams Classification
- Remove Bonus in the Races (it not make sense).


- The Possibility of sign on assistant to take over of for example finances, training, equipment, staff. In order Players can deal just to task that they want

- More options for scouts, in the past you can send them to regions to search young riders.

- In Result, be able to search for category and country of the races in order to do it fast, now is very cumbersome.

- Reduce time waiting charging 3D Gameplay.

- Filter emails, Now you receive a lot of unuseful notifications (it is annoying).In PCM 20017 will be wondeful, receive not news of all races in the world. I think with World Tour races, and races of the country of your team is enough (always you can go to search the information of a race in results). Another thing is news regarding when riders make his debut in the season or their position in World Tour Classification. I think with an resume email with this, once at month is enough. Or maybe, other option is that players will be able to filter which information they want to receive and in which period.

- Sponsors: Is not very clear, you receive an email with an offer but when you go to search it, is missing. Is necessary a screen to negotiate with sponsor easier.

- Bugs: Please check bugs, usually in Carrer mode there are a lot crashes. Please do double check before launch the game.

-Tips: when you are waiting for 3D race is a very good idea. If it could be in a bigger font, It would be brilliant.

- Make sure that once you unlocked a Objective, “Objective Unlocked” message shouldn’t show anymore. In PCM 2016 there wasa lot of errors with it. For example you can see “Yelow Jersey objective unlocked” when you do not lead GC in Tour (just you won a stage). Please check it.

- Include more classifications in Standings. For example: Sprints won by a cyclist, best cyclist in classics, best cyclist in Cobblestones, Stages victories in Races (Stage Races), Victories in Time-Trials (more of this standings will be include in UCI Classifications in 2017).


I miss more options in simulation, in example, the player be able to decide who go to bidons (water), be able to decide who will take part of sprint treno, in which order or which will in charge of protect the leader, who will relay in climbs or flat. If you want allow the breakaway or if you want to increase the pace in ports, if a rider need to save energies… Definitely more options (even play just last 10 km).


One of the options most used by PCM players is start a new Career with a Custom Team, they choice them prefered cyclists. I want to explain an idea that I have about how to go in depth and progress with this mode.

User will be three choices when they select Custom Team:
-Team Category: World Tour, Continental Pro, Continental, U23.
- Difficulty: High, Medium or Low. Depends of this selection the user should more or less budget and the riders would reject your offer.
- Team objectives: General Stages Races, North Classics, Ardennes, Sprints, TT, World Championship. Best Team in WT...

For example, in continental high level you do not be able to sign riders whose current Team is Continental Pro (in Continental Pro High, you do not be able to sign World Tour riders). Also riders reject your offer for the followings reasons:
Budget (if you do not have sufficient money to sign him)
Team Category: Continental, Continental Pro, WT, U23.
Roster. Top riders would be sure that they will have appropriate mates to achieve his goals.
Team objectives. A Top sprinter will reject offers of a Custom Teams whose goals are win stages races.
Is very important that you cannot take a lot of riders of the same teams or all the leaders of one team in order to not decompensate too much the team.

I hope this suggestion be useful for you.


A lot of users play a session with real Roster Teams and Profile Races in PCM 2016 but when a new PCM arrives they are not able to follow his Career in new PCM. Would be brilliant if will be possible export the career to the new PCM with the new features, real races and stages, and new stats.
#15 | jenner on 09. March 2017 09:40
All of the above, really good points!
Also I would love it if "Pro cyclist mode" wasnt just about creating a new cyclist, but playing as an rider who is active. Fx Jacob Fuglsang and so on.
#16 | gianka73 on 15. March 2017 15:04
We are in March and will not be a release date.
But will they?
#17 | Chromabreak on 24. April 2017 16:20
OTHER: you should make transfers so we can make prfect team for our self (like fifa or pes). And you should make that we can buff or nerf cycliersk as we want to.(again like fifa or pes).

That is last think to make your game prfect. Smile
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