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31-07-2021 22:25
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Donate Game Patch Released!

Hey everyone,
We're pleased to announce a third update for Pro Cycling Manager 2016!
Don't forget to update your Steam client to access to the multiplayer mode.
Your feedback have been really helpful so far. Please keep them coming on this new version!
Please also notice that we plan another update in the coming days with the following features:

Stage Editor
Multiplayer players will be able to choose their stages (all stages available)

Here is today's patch log:


Fixed: When a host leaves a track game, the remaining players are no longer stuck in the race.
Fixed: Correction of mini-map for clients of a multiplayer game.
Fixed: In Ladder mode, it is no longer possible to vote before all players have arrived.

Career and Pro Cyclist

Added: Allow players to change the fitness schedules of team-mates in career mode and to adopt the schedule of team leaders.
Fixed: The point system in the Pro Cyclist calendar.
Fixed: Pro Cyclist salary was not displayed above a certain amount.
Fixed: Race performances displayed twice (Giro-Vuelta).
Fixed: Adjustment to the maximum salary of a Pro Cyclist.


Update: The current selection is more visible.
Fixed : A few crashes could appear during the race.
Fixed: A panel was hidden when selecting a certain rider (often A. Valverde).
Fixed: It is no longer possible to give orders to other team members in a Pro Cyclist team time-trial.
Fixed: Order displayed for AI riders in Pro Cyclist.
Fixed: The context-sensitive help sometimes remained on the podium and race highlights.
Fixed: Wrong next order displayed.
Fixed: Icons on profile too big in certain resolutions.
Fixed: The 5 and 8 keys did not change the rider's effort.
Fixed: Overall display of the pictograms on the rider control panel.
Fixed: The "Take position here" order did not work at the first request.
Fixed: Crash when launching a stage for a second time in succession.
Fixed: The result page no longer displays riders who have abandoned during the current stage.
Fixed: Contextual help in the Cooperation panel.
Fixed: Both 0 keys allow all riders to be selected.
Fixed: The Out of time timer is still displayed after the 1 hour mark.
Fixed: The time-trial camera, protection and the mini map in world championships.
Added: When you click on the name of a rider in the standings during a 3D race, the camera moves onto him.
Added: It is possible to change rider protections more easily.
Added: Possibility to request protection as a Next order for a rider in another group.


Workshop: The available Workshop packs are no longer displayed as "selected" by default.
Workshop: The files of a Workshop pack can now be looked at in the publication and choice interface.
Workshop: The publication of a Workshop pack adds a customisable preview image to the pack.
Workshop: The publication of a Workshop pack is accompanied by automatic tags reflecting the modded elements.
Race loading: Significant optimisation of loading times.
Added: A new "safemode" mode is available to help our support.
To activate it, go in Steam library > Pro Cycling Manager 2016 > Property > "Set Launch Options" > add the line "-safemode"

#1 | Lachi on 30. June 2016 19:05
The fitness planning bugs seem to be fixed. I started a new career with the official DB and changed the objectives of the leaders and switched all helpers. For example I have set the first goal for Pinot to be T-A. Then I simulated until that date and the helpers had the correct form.

There was one strange thing though: The 'registered riders' selection at the start of T-A was wrong. WTF Cyanide? I select a race as his season goal and assign some helpers and the game selects a totally different squad? Can you even be so stupid?
#2 | modare on 30. June 2016 20:43
Where can i download this patch?
#3 | matt17br on 30. June 2016 21:36
"In order for the changes to take place, just run Steam and wait for it to update the game."
#4 | Lachi on 01. July 2016 01:30
I have a strange problem I never experienced before.
I cannot control my rider in the TTT.
Somebody else got this problem?
#5 | bigggassi on 01. July 2016 11:13
I didn't experienced any improvements of loading times. Running with maximum settings, as recommended, still quite a long time. Maybe there is an improvement for lower settings.
#6 | jozi341 on 01. July 2016 17:46
what about to edit freshness system ? Leader has bad freshness few weeks before the race which is his objective. Or atleast to allow to make secondary objectives. It's unrealistic bullshit right nowSad. Also would be nice to allow us to choose leaders for season's objectives, and not to do it automatically. Wink
#7 | tobgunn123 on 04. July 2016 19:23
agree jozi
#8 | team-jannick on 05. July 2016 14:18
Is there a way to update to this patch without steam? or does it update if you added the game to steam aswell? Smile
#9 | matt17br on 05. July 2016 14:53
#8 If you have the game without steam it means you pirated it, so sorry, but won't provide assistance unless you prove you bought it.
#10 | team-jannick on 05. July 2016 16:49
So you basicly believe that all people you ever helped with any PCM game has bought it? and you still wont tell me if it will update through steam anyway? sorry to say so , but that seems a bit naive don't you think?
#11 | matt17br on 05. July 2016 19:50
#10 So far, I've sent much the same message to about 3-4 people already who definitely didn't buy the game. If you want to have an updated game, buy it, you can't activate a cracked game via Steam.

I don't care how many people I helped when they pirated the game, but I certainly didn't do the same for the ones whose questions let me understand they hadn't bought it.
#12 | team-jannick on 05. July 2016 21:59
I still doubt that , but whatever you say Wink
#13 | matt17br on 05. July 2016 22:27
#12 Try for yourself if you don't believe me then, if you can activate a cracked game on steam then the whole application would have a problem!
#14 | Oggmeista on 29. August 2016 18:33
Which piece shite of patch is responsible for totally fucking up the replays

and which jackass at Cyanide decided this was a clever idea??
Well here's how clever it is....I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANY MORE PCM GAMES, YOU THINK YOU CAN DO AS YOU LIKE??.......the replay feature should of been improved and enhanced but instead u lazy assholes have basically destroyed and removed it......THINK THIS IS OK,, WELL THINK AGAIN U DUMBFUCKS
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