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Patch released!
Pro Cycling Manager 2015

Cyanide just released a new patch,

According to what they have stated in the official forums and in the Steam Community Hub, the patch doesn't seem to affect anything that is not server/multiplayer related, however, a new general patch is in the works.

"Hey everyone,

We updated the game with a new build, which should fix the server issues.

We're sorry for the stability issues you may have encountered since the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2016.

Don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the update. We'll watch them closely!

We are already working on a new update to fix some of the remaining bugs. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have something solid on the next patch.

Focus Home Interactive & Cyanide Studio"

No changelog has been released, letting us understand that the server really is everything that has been touched.

#1 | usto on 02. July 2015 19:24
Tour de Burgos Pfft
#2 | baseballlover312 on 02. July 2015 19:30
No more NC Cups is just so shitty. What's the point of a young cyclist without U23 races? That was a lot of what was advertised with the mode!

Rest of the patch looks great though.
#3 | jandal7 on 02. July 2015 19:47
Agree with bbl. Other than that finally downhill training and the time trial icons sorted out is great!
#4 | florian96 on 02. July 2015 20:30
great patch!!!

Cyanide is going the right way! Just don't stop guys.

- Added the possibility to choose the frequency of falls in the game options
Great step for more personal adjustments!
#5 | Waghlon on 02. July 2015 20:58
- Optimized loading time of stages (up to -40%).

#6 | Miguel98 on 02. July 2015 21:03
No more U23 races?! Sad

Damn it Cyanide.
#7 | Jarofede on 02. July 2015 21:12
Cant even start the game anymore after downloading.
Its possible that the databases are not ok for
#8 | Jesleyh on 02. July 2015 21:15
You might want to re-install databases after you installed a patch.
#9 | Jarofede on 02. July 2015 21:20
installing the game again now.
So has to work also with the daily expansion pack? i have 0.5 and 0.6
#10 | Jesleyh on 02. July 2015 21:22
No need to re-install the game, you need to re-install a possible database.
If you use Daily, re-installing the V0.7 is enough, no need to re-install the V0.5.
That said compatibility still is only 99% considering a few strings(that display text) are missing.
#11 | Jarofede on 02. July 2015 21:26
ohh...the 0.7 is already there? i didnt know!
Thnx fot helping!
#12 | shadster on 02. July 2015 21:47
Is the patch compatible with the already created careers? CanĀ“t see that information on the release notes
#13 | Jesleyh on 02. July 2015 21:51
Some of it is, some of it isn't. Definitely not 100% compatible but I expect the main fixes to be, yes.
#14 | jandal7 on 02. July 2015 22:03
When setting potentials they are blank, also can't find many of the things mentioned
#15 | Jesleyh on 02. July 2015 22:05
Yes Daily DB compatibility ''issue'' considering Cya added new strings and those aren't in our local.cdb yet.

Which things can't you find?
#16 | jandal7 on 02. July 2015 22:36
Fall frequency, though I haven't looked for many and 3D race crashes are more realistic now methinks
#17 | Jesleyh on 02. July 2015 23:11
It's that slider.

Beside those 2 things I think the local.cdb seems compatible but if you find more please say, so that we can fix that too in the next release.
#18 | trekbmc on 02. July 2015 23:14
I was about to make a thread about how to increase fall frequency and the next day they add it. Grin (before I make the thread)
#19 | Kira900 on 02. July 2015 23:35
When will the compatibility ''issue'' considering Cya added new strings come in the daily DB like setting potensials?
#20 | Jesleyh on 02. July 2015 23:36
Of course, we'll provide a fix(with some more updates) soon, this weekend or earlier.
#21 | Kira900 on 02. July 2015 23:38
Nice look forward to it SmileSmileSmileSmile
#22 | jandal7 on 03. July 2015 00:27
#17 cheers, lowering it now because there is a mass crash every day of the giro atm and I put my foot down when my second placed Kelderman broke his arm Pfft
#23 | trekbmc on 03. July 2015 06:41
#22 you might want to test it out in single race mode. Wink
#24 | Avin Wargunnson on 03. July 2015 07:10
Cyanide Rolling Eyes
#25 | weirdskyfan64 on 03. July 2015 08:06
That crash frequency thing sounds good.
#26 | thechudude on 03. July 2015 08:40
Anyone else still have problem of not being able to turn off commentary???
#27 | fintas on 03. July 2015 09:53
In my case this patch did not improve the loading time of stages...
It continues to take forever and it just happened to happen after installing the first patch
#28 | Askic on 03. July 2015 16:03
I agree, it didn't improve loading times at all...

Any idea on the best % to use to have a realistic fall frequency ?
#29 | Asurya on 03. July 2015 19:53
Maybe its just for some specs, my loading times have definetely improved a lot.
Crash slider is really nice, playing on 150% atm to test it, works well for me.
#30 | LarsLunde90 on 05. July 2015 13:14
I cannot change the language to danish? I am 100% sure that I bought the Nordic Version, but in the preferences menu, the only language available is english. Hmm. Is there any solution to that problem?
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