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PCM.daily's Download Section

2019 DB Update 2
The DB team would like to present the second official update to the RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB. We have further updated the DB, taking into account the real life racing, taking your suggestions into consideration as far as possible.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 03-04-2019
Downloads: 4533
Comments: 29
Rating: Awesome! (16 Votes)
2019 DB Update 1
First update for Daily and RSM's collaborative effort to bring you all a smooth 2019 season experience!
Owner: matt17br
Date: 11-02-2019
Downloads: 5707
Comments: 34
Rating: Awesome! (13 Votes)
RSM/PCMdaily 2019DB
The PCM.daily Database Team is incredibly proud of being able to present to you the 2019 database. To keep up the tradition of forum databases, we have decided to try and stop the trend of losing the quality of PCM databases to the ties of Steam workshop.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 31-01-2019
Downloads: 8616
Comments: 34
Rating: Awesome! (28 Votes)
PCM18 Lite Pack V2
Along with all features of the Lite Pack V1, this database contains new races, new graphics and PCM.daily's stats to enhance your gaming experience even more.
Owner: haasje33
Date: 07-07-2018
Downloads: 7100
Comments: 83
Rating: Very Good (47 Votes)
PCM 18 JD Sponsorkits CPE
Jacky Durands PCM Sponsorkits Complete Pack Edition 2018 Version 1.0. Race sponsor kits for a huge amount of races.
Owner: SportingNonsense
Date: 01-07-2018
Downloads: 3458
Comments: 11
Rating: Awesome! (13 Votes)
PCM18 Lite Pack
The most complete pack released for PCM2018 so far, PCM.daily's Lite Pack contains real names, graphics and, for the first time this close to PCM's release, real equipment.
Owner: haasje33
Date: 30-06-2018
Downloads: 4746
Comments: 20
Rating: Awesome! (32 Votes)
PCM Fast Editor
PCM Fast Editor, a very user-friendly editor which covers all your needs.
Owner: haasje33
Date: 28-06-2018
Downloads: 20677
Comments: 37
Rating: Very Good (29 Votes)
Excel Editor
The Excel Editor made by Lachi. A nice editor made in Excel. Ideal for people who like working with the possibilities of Excel while editing/writing a database.
Owner: haasje33
Date: 28-06-2018
Downloads: 6072
Comments: 4
Rating: Good (14 Votes)
DEM files from PCM16
A pack of .DEM terrain data for the PCM Stage Editor, covering areas such as Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Gabon, Cyprus, Azerbaijan and parts of Russia (Moscow, Sochi).
Owner: SportingNonsense
Date: 16-02-2018
Downloads: 177
Comments: 0
Rating: -
PCM17 EP Bugfix
The first update and bugfix for the PCM.daily 2017 Expansion Pack, containing fixes for more or less gamebreaking bugs.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 18-11-2017
Downloads: 6448
Comments: 4
Rating: Awesome! (10 Votes)
PCM17 Expansion Pack
The PCM.Daily 2017 Expansion Pack, the most complete database we've ever released. It contains lots of added teams, updated stats, jerseys, stages and oh, so much more.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 07-11-2017
Downloads: 13541
Comments: 36
Rating: Awesome! (50 Votes)
PCM17 Variants DLC
Several additional variants collected by the PCM.daily Database Team - 100% compatible with every database, but reccomended for the PCM.daily 2017 Expansion Pack.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 07-11-2017
Downloads: 4073
Comments: 7
Rating: Awesome! (26 Votes)
Lachi Season Planner
Lachi's Season Planner is back for PCM 17. It allows you to plan your season in an excel sheet, and to export the changes to your career, saving you tons of time you'd otherwise waste on the counter intuitive in-game PCM planning tables.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 20-08-2017
Downloads: 1384
Comments: 5
Rating: Very Good (3 Votes)
Lachi's Editor
The most popular Pro Cycling Manager editor is now fully compatible with PCM 17 databases and savegames! Still a test version for now, so always make a backup of your cdb files before saving them.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 06-08-2017
Downloads: 8630
Comments: 5
Rating: Awesome! (7 Votes)
PackITA 2017
The PackITA 2017 is a huge expansion pack for Pro Cycling Manager 2017 made by the community of Cycling Manager Italia (https://www.cycling-manager.eu/). It's the first complete db out for PCM 17.
Owner: matt17br
Date: 04-08-2017
Downloads: 1929
Comments: 18
Rating: Awesome! (9 Votes)


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