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PCM.daily EP u1
30. August 2020 20:02 from Croatia14
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Downloads: 4313
Copyright: Copyright (C) PCM.daily Database Team 2020
PCM.daily Expansion Pack: Update 1


- Updated Stats for WorldTeams, ProTeams and Continental Teams
- Corrected rider names with specific letters (such as ň and č) that were no longer displayed ingame
- Added National Championships of Hungary and Kazakhstan (thanks to Tamijo)
- Tens of Thousands of new names for regens (newly generated riders). All countries currently in the game will now produce at least one regen per season with authentic names (thanks to fjhoekie and redordead)
- Sponsors now only have countries as focus regions and no longer individual regions within countries, since those are no longer displayed ingame

- The custom sponsor MEO is now Portuguese instead of Spanish
- The custom sponsor Sky now has the accurate kit
- Denmark now has a correct jersey for the World Championships
- GP Herning has the correct route (thanks to Tamijo, again. Note: We've added this as an additional route. If you want to have this route exclusively, delete the files called c2_den-thy_2014 from the CM_Stages folder in your PCM Steam directory)
- Minor changes to the leader jerseys of the Tour de Pologne (now with Sponsors)
- Minor changes to palmares/records detailed here
- Changes to rider nationalities detailed here
- Added a few riders

While not part of the DB itself, we would like to add our recommendation to download JD Sponsorkits. With their immersion-increasing graphics, they're a perfect complement to our DB and a great addition to your PCM experience.


PCM.daily Database Team


Specific work



the community of Le Grupetto
Agent David
enfin presque
...and many more...


We would lose count on calling all names on we got the honor of using stages of, we took every opportunity that was available free for use in this amazing but narrow stage making community

We dearly apologize if we missed someone, please leave me a note via PM if you found such case. We'll surely add the respective creator into the credits immediately.

How to install

You need to have the PCM.daily Expansion Pack installed. Click here for the download link and installation instructions.

1. Download the files for the Update 1 here.

2. Open the archive you downloaded. Extract the content of the folders 3D, CM_Stages and Database inside the directory where you installed PCM 20. Generally, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2020, but if that's not the case, the folder is always the one where you can find PCM's executable, PCM.exe. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

3. Go to your Documents folder. Generally, that's going to be C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents, but otherwise you should be able to find it yourself pretty easily. Replace the .cdb file named "OfficialRelease" in C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2020\Mod\Default with the .cdb file "OfficialRelease" that you just downloaded.

4. Now it's time to start the game. When you create a new game (either Career/Pro Cyclist/One-off Race/etc.), select "Default".

5. You're set, enjoy!

For any questions regarding the database in general, please continue to use the FAQ/Support Thread. For any problems that occur specifically because of this update or questions you have regarding it, you can use this one.

If you'd like to request additional features that haven't been added yet, please use the Wishlist Thread. Any input on rider stats is welcome in the Stats Discussion Thread.

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gluten on 31-08-2020

Just an amzing work to make this game WAY better than it really is .

allez9 on 31-08-2020

nice job but there isn't last tranfers like masnada from ccc to deceuninck and new ineos sponsor. btw very good job

tonyspen on 01-09-2020

HEy Guys
There is missing some race jerseys
Like there is no leader jersey for the Vuelta San Juan Sad

sonic-_ on 01-09-2020

why are there no cyclists pictures from team ineos in game?(froome,bernal etc.)?

King_Ric on 05-09-2020

I think João Rodrigues (from W52) stats should be reviewed tbh. He had a great season last year, much better than some of his teammates like José Mendes and Raul Alarcon who are rated higher. I dare to say João is the best rider in a portuguese team atm.

rincevent089 on 09-09-2020

I have run the TT stage of the Tour de Savoie - Mont Blanc twice with the PCM.daily Expansion Pack and once the U1 (three different pro cyclist careers) : the three times I could not finish the stage because the 58th rider was missing and had to simulate the stage...

montezo7 on 11-09-2020

Amazing job once again!! Thanks

tymothy on 24-09-2020

Hey guys,
Thanks for the update. It seems like the cdb update does not have the real rider names anymore (Deceuninck & Vorarlberg for instance) while the file in the DB2020 cdb file did. Do you know what happened? Did I install it wrong? Thanks!

cunego59 on 24-09-2020

@tymothy: At times, the game replaces our cdb file with its original one. If you copy the cdb file into the My Documents folder again while having the game open, everything should be good. If that doesn't work, or you have further questions, please use the support thread linked above.

Giggs on 29-10-2020

Fail in Volta ao Algarve, stage 3 (ITT Sagres - Sagres) - "t0_algarve_03_2013" Sad



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