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PCM.daily's 2010 DB V2 (.exe)
The complete (self-installation) version of PCM.daily's 2010 DB V2.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 15-06-2010
Downloads: 19859
Comments: 124
Rating: Awesome! (99 Votes)
PCM.daily's 2010 DB V2 Beta to Final Updater
The final DB for PCM09 by PCM.daily, following up on the rather popular 2010 DB V1. This package contains the files that were altered from the Beta Version of the V2 to the Final Version.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 14-06-2010
Downloads: 2252
Comments: 0
Rating: Awesome! (13 Votes)
Norwegian DB
A database which includes a whole lot of Norwegian stuff: Pretty much all existing amateur / pro Norwegian teams and the two Norwegian UCI races and the races from NorgesCup. The track mode is filled with Norwegian ex-pros.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 02-06-2010
Downloads: 342
Comments: 9
Rating: Very Good (22 Votes)
2010 Equal DB
An Equal DB based on the PCM.daily 2010 DB. Primarily for people interested in playing equal online games.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 28-05-2010
Downloads: 518
Comments: 0
Rating: Awesome! (3 Votes)
Gamecenter DB 2009
A community DB with 11 road teams and 100 GC players entered as track riders.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 25-05-2010
Downloads: 242
Comments: 0
Rating: -
Another unofficial add-on by Gautran to PCM.daily's 2010 DB, updating the stats and changing the track DB, so it now includes road teams and riders.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 16-05-2010
Downloads: 654
Comments: 0
Rating: Average (9 Votes)
El Piti's May Update to PCM.daily's 2010 DB
A non-official update to PCM.daily's 2010 DB by El Piti, updating the stats and removing the dopers.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 04-05-2010
Downloads: 703
Comments: 0
Rating: -
Pack Planet 2010 V2
A 2010 DB by PCMPlanet, providing 85 teams, several races updated to 2010, new race logos, flags, and more graphical stuff.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 02-05-2010
Downloads: 2373
Comments: 0
Rating: Very Good (22 Votes)
Nation Ladder DB V2
A nation-based ladder DB, similar to the one that's used when playing official ladder games - just with national teams instead of trade teams.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 10-04-2010
Downloads: 638
Comments: 7
Rating: -
RSM News DB 2010 Fix
A bug in the DB (only experienced by some users, not all) resulted in this fix.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 10-04-2010
Downloads: 1053
Comments: 0
Rating: -
RSM-News DB 2010
A 2010 DB by the German website RSM-News. Contains 70 teams, 214 races, 15 new scouting zones, and plenty of new graphical stuff.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 01-04-2010
Downloads: 3738
Comments: 0
Rating: Awesome! (28 Votes)
PCM Benelux Cyclocross Database 2009 V1
A cyclocross DB made by the Benelux community. Comes with an all-new cyclocross-calendar, 26 trade teams, several national teams, and much more. Unfortunately, career playing is not possible in V1.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 11-03-2010
Downloads: 1009
Comments: 9
Rating: Very Good (9 Votes)
PCM.daily's 2010 DB
PCM.daily's first version of its 2010 DB, including 94 fully updated teams, 2010 shirts for 53 of them, 2010 races routes for The World Championships, the Tour, the Giro and much more other features.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 25-01-2010
Downloads: 24908
Comments: 291
Rating: Awesome! (250 Votes)
National DB 2.0
A nations based DB, replacing the trade teams with nations. Also contains the needed shirts.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 07-12-2009
Downloads: 764
Comments: 4
Rating: -
Cyclo Cross Arcade 2010
Track on the Road - now with cyclo cross textures, riders and races.
Owner: CrueTrue
Date: 30-11-2009
Downloads: 1788
Comments: 28
Rating: Awesome! (17 Votes)


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