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2014 Season/ TDU/ Stage 4
Hello my name is MrTeamSky and in this thread i am going to do the 2014 season. The main objective is to win the Season Ranking, I will go all types of different teams but mainly my favourite team, Team Sky. The Races that i will do will be: World Tour Races, World Championships and National Championships. I Have done all of the transfers and i have most of the jerseys. I will create the start-lists to the race and i wil do the races roughly when they are on. The only Problem is that i don't have the 2014 stages i only have 2013 stages but that wont stop me.

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Edited by MrTeamSky on 25-01-2014 21:38

1. Jesse Sergent (Trek) 70pts
2. Rohan Dennis (Garmin) 65pts
3. Michael Cuppit (Budget Forklifts) 60pts
4. Luke Durbridge (Orica) 60pts
5. James Oram (Bissel) 60pts
6. Cameron Meyer (Orica) 40pts
7. Joseph Copper (Avanti) 40pts
8. Sam Horgan (Budget Forklifts) 40pts
9. Sam Bewley (Orica) 30pts
10. Simon Clarke (Orica) 30pts
11. Jack Bauer (Garmin) 25pts
12. Giovanni Visconti (Movistar) 21pts
13. Hayden Roulston (Trek) 20pts
14. Mark O'Brien (Avanti) 20pts
15. Geraint Thomas (Sky) 15pts
16. Andre Greipel (Lotto) 15pts
17. Richie Porte (Sky) 15pts
18. Myron Simpson (Differdange) 15pts
19. Matt Goss (Orica) 15pts
20. Darren Lapthorne (Drapac) 12pts
21. Rory Sutherland (Tinkoff) 10pts
22. Jose Joaquin Rojas (Movistar) 10pts
23. Campbell Flakemore (Avanti) 10pts
24. Frank Schleck (Trek) 10pts
25. Diego Ulissi (Lampre) 10pts
26. Elia Viviani (Cannondale) 10pts
27. Michael Matthews (Orica) 6pts
28. Marcel Kittel (Giant) 6pts
29. Simon Gerrans (Orica) 6pts
Edited by MrTeamSky on 27-01-2014 07:48
Rankings points Scale:

Stage or One Day:General Classification:Mountain Classification:Points Classification:Young Riders Classification:
Tour de France1: 25pts1: 275pts1: 175pts1: 150pts1: 125pts
2: 18pts2: 225pts2: 145pts2: 125pts2: 90pts
3: 15pts3: 180pts3: 125pts3: 110pts3: 70pts
4: 12pts4: 160pts4: 115pts4: 100pts4: 60pts
5: 10pts5: 140pts5: 100pts5: 90pts5: 50pts
6: 120pts6: 80pts6: 70pts
7: 100pts7: 70pts
8: 80pts8: 60pts
9: 60pts
10: 50pts
Giro & Vuelta1: 20pts1: 200pts1: 145pts1: 125pts1: 100pts
2: 15pts2: 160pts2: 115pts2: 95pts2: 75pts
3: 12pts3: 140pts3: 90pts3: 80pts3: 60pts
4: 10pts4: 120pts4: 75pts4: 65pts4: 50pts
5: 8pts5: 100pts5: 60pts5: 50pts5: 40pts
6: 90pts
7: 80pts
8: 70pts
Road World Championships (Race)1: 175pts
2: 150pts
3: 130pts
4: 120pts
5: 100pts
6: 80pts
7: 70pts
8: 60pts
9: 50pts
10: 45pts
Road World Championships (ITT)1: 125pts
2: 100pts
3: 80pts
4: 70pts
5: 60pts
6: 50pts
7: 45pts
8: 40pts
World Tour (Major)1: 125pts
2: 100pts
3: 80pts
4: 70pts
5: 60pts
6: 50pts
7: 45pts
8: 40pts
World Tour (Tours)1: 15pts1: 125pts1: 80pts1: 70pts1: 60pts
2: 10pts2: 100pts2: 65pts2: 55pts2: 40pts
3: 6pts3: 80pts3: 50pts3: 40pts3: 30pts
4: 60pts
5: 50pts
World Tour (Classics)1: 100pts
2: 80pts
4: 60pts
5: 50pts
6: 45pts
7: 40pts
8: 35pts
National Championships (Race)1: 60pts
2: 40pts
3: 30pts
4: 25pts
5: 20pts
6: 15pts
7: 12pts
8: 10pts
National Championships (ITT)1: 40pts
2: 25pts
3: 20pts
4: 15pts
5: 10pts

Edited by MrTeamSky on 14-01-2014 17:39


8/1/14 - Australian National Championships (ITT)
10/1/14 - New Zealand National Championships (ITT)
12/1/14 - Australian National Championships
12/1/14 - New Zealand National Championships
21/1/14-26/1/14 - Tour Down Under
Edited by MrTeamSky on 14-01-2014 19:53
Australian National Championships (ITT):


Previous winners:

2004 - Nathan O'Neill
2005 - Nathan O'Neill
2006 - Nathan O'Neill
2007 - Nathan O'Neill
2008 - Adam Hansen
2009 - Michael Rogers
2010 - Cameron Meyer
2011 - Cameron Meyer
2012 - Luke Durbridge
2013 - Luke Durbridge


1. Rohann Dennis
2. Cameron Meyer
3. Richie Porte
4. Luke Durbridge
5. Campbell Flakemore



My Prediction is that Cameron Meyer will win this.

How it Unfolded:


Richie Porte starting the race.


Rohann Dennis with the best time at the check point.


Richie Porte came in 4th. He slowed down after being 2nd at the check point.


Luke Durbridge just got in on a podium place.

Cameron Meyer came in 2nd (Forgot to take picture)


Rohann Dennis came in last, but set the best time by winning the Australian National Championships (ITT)


Rohann Dennis celebrating on the podium he will have the national jersey for the TT's all season.


1. Rohan Dennis (Garmin)
2. Cameron Meyer (Orica) +25
3. Luke Durbridge (Orica) +31
4. Richie Porte (Sky) +54
5. Campbell Flakemore (Avanti) +1:15
6. Rory Sutherland (Tinkoff) +1:16
7. Michael Hepburn (Orica) +1:24
8. Jack Bobridge (Belkin) +1:30
9. Damien Howson (Orica) +1:31
10. Luke Roberts (Stolting) +1:45
Nice to see Rohan Dennis become the Champion Smile
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DENNIS!!!!!!!!!!! Nice report by the way Smile
Sutty68 - It was a good win no one was anywhere near him

Jakstar22 - Thanks

The ITT New Zealand Championships is coming up soon.
New Zealand National Championships(ITT):


Previous Winners:

2004 - Heath Blackgrove
2005 - Robin Reid
2006 - Marc Ryan
2007 - Glen Alan Chadwick
2008 - Logan Hutchings
2009 - Jeremy Vennell
2010 - Gordon McCauley
2011 - Westley Gough
2012 - Joseph Cooper
2013 - Joseph Cooper


1. Jesse Sergent
2. Jack Bauer
3. Hayden Roulston
4. Sam Bewley
5. Joseph Cooper



My Prediction is that Jesse Sergent will win this TT

How it unfolded:


Hayden had the best time at the only time check could he hold on with Jesse Sergent six seconds behind him.


Hayden was the early leader but fell down to 3rd at the end.


Jack Bauer came in 1st knocking off hayden Roulston of 1st place to 2nd but there was still a certain coming in after him.


He's done it Jesse Sergent of Trek has come in last and has won it, well done.


Jesse Sergent celebrating on the podium after winning his ITT National jersey.


1. Jesse Sergent (Trek)
2. Jack Bauer (Garmin) +34
3. Hayden Roulston (Trek) +36
4. Joseph Cooper (Avanti) +48
5. Sam Bewley (Orica) +58
6. Tom Sculley (Raleigh) +1:07
7. James Oram (Bissel) +1:18
8. Aaron Perry (Novo Nordisik) +1:25
9. Jason Christie (OCBC) +1:29
10. Sam Horgan (Budget Forklifts) +1:32
Australian National Championships:



Previous winners

2009 - Peter McDonald
2010 - Travis Meyer
2011 - Jack Bobridge
2012 - Simon Gerrans
2013 - Luke Durbridge


1. Richie Porte
2. Simon Clarke
3. Rohan Dennis
4. Cameron Meyer
5. Nathan Haas



My Prediction is that Cameron Meyer will win.

How it unfolded:


There was a two man breakaway which contained S.Witmitz(Raleigh) and M.Cuppit(Budget Forklifts). They managed to get a 20 minute gap but Sky where working hard to get it back.


There was an attack from the peloton which contained Luke Durbridge(Orica), Mark O'Brien(Avanti) and Darren Lapthorne(Drapac) and they managed to get over to the breakaway.


There was an attack from the breakaway with 10km to go and it came from Michael Cuppit would it last with the peloton closing in on the breakaway.


Richie Porte attacked with several following like Simon Clarke, Rohan Dennis, Cameron Meyer and Rory Sutherland. But could they catch the breakaway.


They could bridge the gap but they couldnt stop Michael Cuppit winning it. 13 seconds later Luke Durbridge came in 2nd just ahead of team mate simon clarke.


Michael Cuppit celebrating after win his home jersey he will be well proud to wear it all season


1. Michael Cuppit (Budget Forklifts)
2. Luke Durbridge (Orica) +13
3. Simon Clarke (Orica) +13
4. Rohan Dennis (Garmin) +13
5. Mark O'Brien (Avanti) +13
6. Cameron Meyer (Orica) +13
7. Darren Lapthorne (Drapac) +13
8. Rory Sutherland (Tinkoff-Saxo) +13
9. Sam Witmitz (Raleigh) +13
10. Richie Porte (Sky) +13
Very interesting result. Remember to press CTRL+U and " to clean up the screen.

Cycleman123 - Thanks i forgot what to press, cheers for that.
No problem Wink

Nice to see a Budget rider become the Australian Champion Grin
New Zealand National Championships:



Previous Winners:

2010 - Jack Bauer
2011 - Hayden Roulston
2012 - James Williamson
2013 - Hayden Roulston


1. Greg Henderson
2. Hayden Roulston
3. Jack Bauer
4. Shane Archbold
5. Myron Simpson



My Prediction is that Hayden Roulston will win this

How it unfolded:


The breakaway contained 2 riders James Oram(Bissel) and Sam Horgan(Budget Forklifts) and they got a 28 minute gap on the peloton with no one taking charge.


With no one bringing in the breakway 4 riders(Jesse Sergent, Joseph Cooper, Sam Bewley and Myron Simpson) decided to go and join but it would be hard to catch 28 minutes with only 90km left


There has been a split in the chasing pack with Jesse Sergent and Joseph Cooper both going on there own.


With 5km to go and looking like it would be a breakaway win with no one in site James Oram decided to go it all alone leaving Sam Horgan all alone.


A great attack by James Oram meant that he had won the race with Sam Horgan coming in just after him, he will be devistated.


James Oram celebrating on the podium after winning his home jersey.


1. James Oram (Bissel)
2. Sam Horgan (Budget Forlifts) +0
3. Jesse Sergent (Trek Factory) +7:08
4. Joseph Cooper (Avanti) +9:42
5. Sam Bewley (Orica) +10:35
6. Myron Simpson (Differdange) +11:06
The rest were force to retire after they were 40 minute down when Myron Simpson.
Edited by MrTeamSky on 18-01-2014 22:31
Not sure your prediction quite came true Grin
Good result for Oram though Smile
Edited by Matthew21rp on 17-01-2014 17:48
Tour Down Under / Preview:


Previous Winners:

1999 - Stuart O'Grady
2000 - Gilles Maignan
2001 - Stuart O'Grady
2002 - Michael Rogers
2003 - Mikel Astarloza
2004 - Patrick Jonker
2005 - Luis Leon Sanchez
2006 - Simon Gerrans
2007 - Martin Elmiger
2008 - Andre Greipel
2009 - Allan Davis
2010 - Andre Greipel
2011 - Cameron Meyer
2012 - Simon Gerrans
2013 - Tom Jelte Slagter




Simon Gerrans
Richie Porte
Cadel Evans
Diego Ulissi
Frank Schleck

My prediction is that Simon Gerrans will win this.
Good Luck with the Tour Down Under Smile
Matthew21rp - Yes none have them have come true yet.
Sutty68 - Cheers I'm hoping to go one better with Geraint Thomas and win the GC
Lets hope Geraint can shine Wink
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