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PCM07_S02_HARD_Tinkoff Credit Systems
You're certainly very organizedShock

Good luckSmile

also, difficulty level?
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*Story: Tinkoff Credit Systems


Oleg Tinkov

To be posted
-Top-3 places in the Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España
-All mountain stages of the Tour de France

Tinkoff will start the new season with self-confidence, five new riders have arrived (Gottfried, Khatuntsev, Loddo, Mazzanti en Pedraza) to gain the goals of the season, with the primary goal "Promotion to the ProTour" . This year the selection contains 20 riders (10 Russian, 5 Italian, 2 German, 1 Spaniard, 1 Portuguese and 1 Colombian . During the season the team will focus on the following goals: Stage win Giro d'Italia, top 3 Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale, top 3 Giro di Laigueglia, top 3 GP del Lazio and gaining a wild-card for Gran Premio di Lombardia. Oleg Tinkov would like the following riders to join Tinkoff next season if the team managed to promote to the ProTour.



New Riders 2007
Gottfried, Khatuntsev, Loddo, Mazzanti, en Pedraza

Teamshirt 2007

Teamshirt 2008

Columbian Champion

Russian Champion




Pro Cycling Manager 2007

Difficulty level

Patch v1.0.3.1

SL 08 DB 4.0

2008 Shirtspack V3.0 made by the sim-eraser, JMURB, Brecht, Cunego111, Veloman06, Vinokourovfan and Messi

Andecal23's Wheels

EintrachtFan's new sky's

Sign and header
Made by Kevin-vedder

Place the file into C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager 2007\Gui\accueil

1x Stage win (Tour of Australia)
1x General (Tour of Australia)
1x Mountain (Tour of Australia)
1x Team (Tour of Australia)
1x Rider of the month (Marzoli)

Tour of Australia
Leader: Marzoli
Free: Petrov and Klimov
Sprinter: Trussov
Team mate: Khantuntsev and Serov

21-01-07, Stage 5, 1st place Marzoli
The race began with a breakaway of 6 attackers, who toke a lead of maximum 6 minutes. Then Milram toke control in the peleton and just before the foot of the only mountain of the tour, the peleton was back together again. Immediately Petrov and Marzoli placed a attack and together they reached the top of the mountain with two minutes ahead of the peleton. During the downhill to the finishline they lost some seconds to the peleton but together they managed to stay ahead. In the end Petrov gave the victory to his teammate Marzoli, cause if they both weren't driving for the same team, Marzoli definitely would have won the sprint anyway. With this stage victory Marzoli won the final standings, the mountain jersey and the "rider of the month" award. What a great way to start the season!
OlegTinkov attached the following file:
tdf19.rar [767Bytes / 405 Downloads]

Edited by OlegTinkov on 05-07-2019 03:37
Nice results
Maybe some race screens? But nice results anywayWink
Team Champion manager
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5x Stage win (2x Tour of Malaysia, 2x GP Méditerranéen, Giro di Laigueglia)
2x General (Tour of Malaysia, GP Méditerranéen)
2x Mountain (Tour of Malaysia, GP Méditerranéen)
1x Team (Tour of Malaysia)
1x Young (Tour of Malaysia)
1x Young riders of the month (Khantuntsev)

Tour of Malaysia
Leader: Pedraza
Free: Ignatiev and Kiryienka
Sprinter: Loddo
Team mate: Brutt and Khantuntsev

04-02-07, Stage 3, 1st place Pedraza
Today was the first mountainstage of the Tour of Malaysia, so the stage riders knew whoever will win this race also with seizes the leader’s jersey. Simoni was the top favorite, so the peleton won dominated by Sella Italia. And indeed on the last climb of the day (Brinchang) Simoni placed his final attack, unfortunately for him Pedraza and Halgand managed to keep up with him to the top. So the three climber started there “cat and mouse game” in the last 5 km, with at the end Pedraza as the smartest. In the sprint behind him (24" seconds) Halgand became 2nd and Simoni 3rd.

09-02-07, Stage 8, 1st place Pedraza
With his second win, Pedraza proved that he was the strongest and therefore the rightly winner of the Tour of Malaysia. After a solo of 10 km uphill he managed to get first at the top of the Genting Hihglands, a minute later Simoni came in 2nd and 5 minutes after Pedraza crossed the finish-line a big group with came in among other riders: Khatuntsev, Brutt and Kiryienka. After this race all jerseys were clear: Pedraza won the yellow and the mountain jersey of the Tour of Malaysia, the best young rider was Khantuntsev and best overall team became Tinkoff Credit System, so to conclude another great performance by the whole team!

GP Méditerranéen
Leader: Petrov
Free: Commesso
Sprinter: Trussov
Team mate: Brutt, Ignatiev, Kiryienka, Rovny and Contrini

13-02-07, Stage 1, 1st place Kiryienka
The first stage of GP Méditerranéen was a team trial of 26 km. With Petrov, Ignatiev and Kiryienka as time trial specialists we managed to win this race, Gerolsteiner and Cofidis toke 2nd and 3rd place with respectively 23” and 36” seconds behind Tinkoff. This win will be a great boosted for Petrov, who wants to win the overall standing of GP Méditerranéen, let’s hope he can make his goal come true.

16-02-07, Stage 4, 1st place Petrov
Right from the start there were numerous attacks, finally a big group of 14 riders (with Rovny) managed to get away. And on the first mountain of the day Rovny took the mountain points, for being the first to reach the top of the Col de l’Espigouliere. Before the foot of the final climb (Mont Faron) Ag2r and Landbouwkrediet brought the peleton altogether, because there leaders Valjavec and Gil - just like Petrov - set their minds on this race. Unfortunately for them, Petrov was just to strong today, one attack of Petrov was enough to break Valjavec and Gil. Thanks to this beautiful victory, Petrov became the overall winner of the GP Méditerranéen! And Commesso won the mountain jersey.

Giro di Laigueglia
Leader: Marzoli
Free: Serrano
Team mate: Klimov, Gottfried, Serov, Mindlin, Weigold and Chernetskiy

19-02-07, 1st place Marzoli
The (sponsor)goal of today was getting on the podium, but especially thanks to the great tactical teamwork by Serrano and Marzoli, we were able to win the race. With still 32km, on the top of the Passo Balestrino, a small group with all the favorites were still together. But in the downhill Riccò, Di Luca, Cunego, Serrano and Marzoli got away and it was clear that one of them would win the Giro di Laigueglia. Then 7 km before entering Laigueglia, an attack of Marzoli! Nobody seems to react and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. Also Serrano was blocking every attempt to clear the gap. When Di Luca and Cunego came to an agreement to ride together, it was already too late. With 30” seconds ahead of the group Marzoli finished solo in the streets of Laigueglia! Later that night Oleg Tinkov flew in from Moskow (probably with liters of Tinkoff beer) to congratulate Marzoli and the team personally.
Edited by OlegTinkov on 25-01-2008 15:40
You should try "extreme" you win everything on hardPfft
Sorry for my bad English grammar
Nice start - nice to see someone who's very organised Wink
How do you actually manage to get L.Mazanti in your team?? In the first season he's at Ceramanica Panaria....
Team Champion manager
Ooow, but the dates you're using are 2007,


''10-03-07, 1st place Mazzanti''
Team Champion manager
I don't think the SL dudes knew how to change the year. Odd really, since it's very easy to doRolling Eyes
Adding riders was a problem as well it seems, as there is no sign of Eskov, Sobal and Riccio Pfft

Good luck anyways Wink
Addy291 wrote:
I don't think the SL dudes knew how to change the year. Odd really, since it's very easy to doRolling Eyes

It's easy, bu what I ment was, the dates he adds himself, not the in-game dates, every race he also gives a date, but that date is in 2007Wink
Team Champion manager
Yes I know, I wassaying that because fixed an SL08 savame once and that was in 2007. So he is using the 2007 dates because in the db it says 2007 as wellWink

they didn't bother changing it
Lol, but they released a new version, does that include a time changing??
Team Champion manager
i haven't bothered trying itWink
Back on topic - very nice win
How do you know that, you haven't even seen a screen of his win except for the podiumPfft Just joking... Nice winWink
Team Champion manager

7x Stage win (Milano – Torino, Paris – Nice, 2x Tirreno – Adriatico,3x Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale)
1x General (Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale)
2x Mountain (Paris – Nice, Tirreno - Adriatico)
1x Team (Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale)
1x Young (Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale)
1x Young riders of the month (Khantuntsev)

Milano - Torino
Leader: Mazzanti
Free: Serrano
Team mate: Gottfried, Mindlin, Weigold and Chernetskiy

10-03-07, 1st place Mazzanti
As expected also this year’s edition of Milano - Torino was decided on the Colle di Superga, a tough climb, just 16 kilometres from the finish. After some attacks of semi climber’s, Di Luca and Mazzanti managed to get away from the peleton and with a good lead of 2 minutes, they reached the top of the Colle di Superga. From the top of the Superga it was a fast picturesque descent into Turin down the Strada Panoramica dei Colli through the Parco Naturale della Collina di Superga to finish in the Fausto Coppi velodrome on Corso Casale in Turin. But 5 km before entering the veledrome Di Luca got a flat tire, lucky for winner Mazzanti cause he probably would be beaten by Di Luca in the sprint. Although it was a lucky win, it still was a great preformence by Mazzanti.

Paris - Nice
Leader: Serrano
Free: Khantuntsev
Sprinter: Trussov
Team mate: Gottfried, Rovny, Mindlin, Weigold and Chernetskiy

16-03-07, Stage 6, 1st Serrano
Six men had gone 9 kilometres after the start, it was a strong group including Khatuntsev. Yesterday he already took some mountain points and after today, because he managed to be the first on the Col de Murs, Cote des Agnels and Cote de Montfuron, he would be the leader of the mountain jersey. Then when the finish line was only 20 km away, the peleton hoovered up the breakaway group. So a mass sprint looked inevitable, but then Serrano placed a surprise attack. Quickstep tried to make it right for Boonen, but they were just too late. Serrano won the stage with 25 metres ahead of Boonen and Zabel. When Weigold passed the finish line he was celebrating his teammate’s win, this shows that the teamspirit at Tinkoff is very high. In the general standings Chavanel still wears the yellow jersey, followed by Cobo and Dessel. Because of the bonus seconds Serrano is now 5th with 48” seconds behind Chavanel. Of course we won’t be able to win Paris - Nice, so our main goal now is to bring the mountain jersey home.

Tirreno - Adriatico
Leader: Mazzanti
Free: Marzoli, Commesso
Sprinter: Loddo
Team mate: Pedraza, Contrini, Serov, Klimov

16-03-07, Stage 3, 1st Mazzanti
The team strategy is quite similar of the other ProTour stage race in progess (Paris - Nice), trying to win a stage, winning the mountain jersey and maybe a top 10 ranking. Today Commesso did a great job collecting 16 mountain’s. The breakaway group, with Commesso and Cancellara as pace makers, was quite large with eleven riders. When they passed Macerata for the second last time, the group was joined by Mazzanti who jumped on the difficult climb from the peleton to the leading group. Commesso kept the group 1 minute ahead of the peleton, when the last climb to the finish line began. During the climb only Cancellara was strong enough to keep up with Mazzanti, but he couldn’t win the sprint anymore after a 100 kilometres breakaway. Bettini won the sprint of the peleton and became 3rd, only 27” seconds behind Mazzanti. After this day Flecha still holds the leader’s jersey, 2nd is Arvesen and 3rd is Mazzanti. Commesso is the new holder of the mountain jersey, let’s hope he can keep it until San Benedetto del Tronto.

19-03-07, Stage 6, 1st Mazzanti
Today’s race was one not to be forgotten quickly, the whole day CSC and Tinkoff controlled the race really firm, not one breakaway was aloud. Then during the descend of the Imposte things got hectic, Cancellara who was protecting Arvesen fell, then Flecha and Arvesen fell too cause they were too late to avoid Cancellara back wheel. Of course the peleton led both riders (1st and 2nd in the general standing) return in the peleton before the foot of the Monti della Laga, but both riders were badly injured. So now without CSC leading the peleton there were a lot of attacks, Mazzanti knew that he had to follow Schumacher when he placed a furious attack, only Mazzanti and Nocentini managed to get to his wheel. In the last kilometer Mazzanti got away from his two fellow escapers, who were really tired of there effort of getting away of the peleton. What a great win of Mazzanti in a really crazy race. Nocentini finished 2nd and Schumacher 3rd. After this day the whole general standings is turned upside down. Schumacher now wears the leader’s jersey, Bertognolli and Pozzato (both of Liquigas) are now 2nd and 3rd.

Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale
Leader: Petrov
Free: Ignatiev and Brutt
Sprinter: Trussov
Team mate: Rovny, Serov, Weigold and Chernetskiy

27-03-07, Stage 1, 1st Petrov
The first stage of the Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale, an Italian cycle road race in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, has one climb 20km before the finish line. On that climb, all favorites of winning this year edition, came together as a group: Di Luca, Visconti, Tonti, Bellotti and Petrov also Petrov’s teammates Brutt and Ignatiev where there. 4 km before the top Petrov sneaked away and managed to take a small lead over the group of 45” seconds when reaching the top. At the end Di Luca 92nd of today’s race) came just inches sort of winning this stage, because Petrov had an excellent downhill ride to Riccione (both start and finish city). Petrov probably also stayed away because all the Italian riders didn’t risk fallen, now that the Giro is only a month away. Tomorrow is a team time trial of 14km, Tinkoff is favorite with time trial experts like Brutt and Ignatiev.

28-03-07, Stage 2, 1st Brutt
Today Tinkoff won the team time trial, as expected - being favorite of winning this stage – Petrov still holds the leader’s jersey after today one stage 4 can change the general standings now. Being in this shape Petrov isn’t likely gonna give his position away.

30-03-07, Stage 4, 1st Petrov
With his second win in only four days of riding Petrov made clear he was the strongest and therefor the right winner of Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale 2007. Di Luca didn’t attack the yellow jersey cause he was using the last climb as a test. At the foot of the climb he was far back in the peleton, then during the climb he managed to get 2nd behind Petrov who earlier attacked and was riding solo to the top. By winning this stage race, Petrov is now leading the Continental Tour. Furthermore Ignatiev became best young rider of the Coppa Ciclistica Internazionale and Tinkoff also won the team price! Maybe because of this great cycling month, Tinkoff received a wild-card for the Giro! So next month (April) most of the riders will be undertake trainingscamp’s in preparation of the Giro. Young rider of the month March was again our own Khantuntsev.
Edited by OlegTinkov on 29-01-2008 12:53
Nice win Wink
I suppose Mr. Tinkov is happy now Wink
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