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[PCM08] Tinkoff Credit Systems Road/Track
OlegTinkov's Projects:
Management Game
*Tinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSC

*A Community Story: The Tale of T.CS Bank - OJSC Rosneft

*Story: T.CS Bank - OJSC Rosneft


*Story: Tinkoff Credit Systems

*A.S.O.DB2008+Community DB
*Story: Tinkoff Credit Systems

*Story: Tinkoff Credit Systems


General Settings
Pro Cycling Manager 2008

Difficulty level
Road: Hard
Track: Professional

v1.0.0.0 (download version)

RealName Package (PCM.daily & PCM-Spain)
-> https://www.pcmdai...hp?did=481

Sign and header
Made by Kevin-vedder

2008 Road
Tinkoff Credit Systems (UCI Team Code: TCS) is a professional continental cycling team based in Italy that has UCI Professional Continental status, racing in UCI Continental Circuits races and when selected as a wildcard to UCI ProTour events. The team is financed by Russian businessman Oleg Tinkoff.
Tinkoff Credit Systems emerged from the 2006 Continental team Tinkoff Restaurants, which was based in Russia and employed Russian cyclists. Of the eleven cyclists employed by the team, eight now ride for Tinkoff Credit Systems: Pavel Brutt, Ilya Chernetskiy, Mikhail Ignatiev, Serguei Klimov, Anton Mindlin, Ivan Rovny, Alexander Serov and Nikolai Trusov.
Stefano Feltrin is the general manager of Tinkoff, while Omar Piscina is team manager, assisted by Orlando Manini, Dmitri Konychev and Claudio Cozzi. Owner Oleg Tinkoff has worked hard to build links with the Italian cycling community, which garnered wildcard invites to the major RCS races, including the 2007 Giro d'Italia. Tinkoff use Colnago bikes with Campagnolo accessories.
For the scouting we will mainly focus us on Italia. Our pre-season trainingcamps will also take place in Italia: Lucca. The season goals for this year are as follows: Stage victories during GP Méditerranéen and Giro d’Italia, finishing top 3 in Giro del Lazio, winning Trofeo Laigueglia and gaining a wildcard for Vuelta a España. Other important races for our sponsors (Vespeed, Bianalgo and Struttura diVince) are Settimana Coppi e Bartoli, Giro del Trentino, Giro di Lombardia and Tre Valli Varesine. Futhermore we hope to promote to the Pro Tour at the end of the season.

Race program for 2008
Tour of Qatar (Qatar) 2008-01-26 » 2008-01-31
Le Tour de Langkawi (Malaysia) 2008-02-09 » 2008-02-17
GP Tour Méditerranéen (France) 2008-02-13 » 2008-02-17
Trofeo Laigueglia (Italy) 2008-02-23 » 2008-02-23
GP Lugano (Switzerland) 2008-03-02 » 2008-03-02
Gran Premio della Costa Etruschi (Italy) 2008-03-08 » 2008-03-08
Almeria (Spain) 2008-03-02 » 2008-03-02
Vuelta a Murcia (Spain) 2008-03-04 » 2008-03-08
Eroica (Italy) 2008-03-08 » 2008-03-08
Tirreno Adriatico (Italy) 2008-03-12 » 2008-03-18
Milan San Remo (Italy) 2008-03-22 » 2008-03-22
Settimana Internazionale (Italy) 2008-03-25 » 2008-03-29
Settimana Coppi e Bartoli (Italy) 2008 03-27 » 2008 03-27
Freccia del Brabante (Belgium) 2008-03-30 » 2008-03-30
Settimana Ciclistica Lombarda (Italy) 2008-04-01 » 2008-04-06
Drie Daagse Panne (Belgium) 2008-04-01 » 2008-04-03
Paris- Roubaix (France) 2008-04-13 » 2008-04-13
Giro d'Oro (Italy) 2008-04-20 » 2008-04-20
Giro Del Trentino (Italy) 2008-04-22 » 2008-04-25
Fleche Wallone (Belgium) 2008-04-23 » 2008-04-23
Liege - Bastogne - Liege (Belgium) 2008-04-27 » 2008-04-27
Vuealta Ciclistica Asturie (Spain) 2008-05-03 » 2008-05-07
Ronde van Italë (Italy) 2008-05-10 » 2008-06-01
Clasica Alcobendas (Spain) 2008-05-10 » 2008-05-11
Giro del Lazio (Italy) 2008-08-09 » 2008-08-09
Tre Valli Varesine (Italy) 2008-08-19 » 2008-08-19
Vuelta a España (Spain) 2008-09-01 » 2008-09-23
Giro di Lombardia (Italy) 2008-10-12 » 2008-10-12

Oleg Tinkov







Training Camp

Italia; Trentino, Veneto and Frioul

Italia; Toscane and Emilia Romagna

2008 Track
Today Tinkoff Credit Systems announced that they are going to participate in the UCI Track Cycling World! Tinkoff has come to an agreement with Roberto Chiappa (formerly riding for Gruppo Sportivo Forestale) for 2 years. During the season he will take part in 3 different disciplines: Sprint, Keirin and Elimination Race (every month one). Roberto Chiappa (born 11 September 1973) is an Italian track cyclist born in Terni. He lives near Bergamo and is an 41 time Italian Champion and became World Junior Sprint Champion in 1991 as well as World Champion in 1993 at the Tandem. He holds the Italian 200 meter Record in 10".18.

Race program for 2008
2008 Track Cycling Demonstration
Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux (France) 2008-02-01 » 2008-02-03 Elimination Race

2008 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
ADT Event Center Velodrome, Los Angeles (United States) 2008-03-01 » 2008-03-03 Keirin Semi-Final
Dunc Gray Velodrome, Syndney (Australia) 2008-04-01 » 2008-04-03 Keirin Final
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart (Germany) 2008-05-01 » 2008-05-03 Sprint First Round
Antwerps Sportpaleis, Antwerp (Belgium) 2008-06-01 » 2008-06-03 Sprint Quarte-Final
Green Dome, Maebashi (Japan) 2008-07-01 » 2008-07-03 Sprint Semi-Final
Velodrome Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2008-08-01 » 2008-08-03 Sprint Final

2008 Olympics
Laoshan Velodrome (China) 2008-08-15 » 2008-08-19 Sprint/Keirin

Roberto Chiappa



Roberto Chiappa and Theo Bos
YouTube Video

Edited by OlegTinkov on 05-07-2019 03:32
Nice presentation Grin
Cool to see you'll do track racing on your storie Smile

Good Luck!Grin
if theres one thing he does well its presentation, you could have used the database editor to make chiappa a rider for tinkov, many riders do that, e.g wiggins Wink
good luck and i look forward to your races Smile

Race program
Tour of Qatar (Qatar) 2008-01-26 » 2008-01-31 (Simulated)

2x Stage Victory (Tour of Qatar)

Tour of Qatar
The Tour of Qatar (part of the Asia Tour) is a road bicycle race race over six stages held in Qatar and is organized by the ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation, they also organize the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix).

Race Report
The 2008 Tour of Qatar was held from 26 to 31 January 2008 in Qatar. It is a multiple stage road cycling race that took part over six stages with a total of 722.6 kilometres and is normally won by sprinters. Also this year’s edition was won by a sprinter, at the end Hunter became first in the general rankings. Hunter started the stage race very well, thanks to a good team timetrial (Stage 1) of Barloworld, they became 2nd eleven seconds behind Rabobank (Tinkoff did also quitte well finishing 6th on +46). During the other 5 stages, which all ended in mass sprints, there was a great sprint duel between Loddo and Hunter. Loddo celebrated twice, but Hunter was able the grap three stage victories and more important; collected more bonusseconds then Loddo, and therefore became overall winner of the Tour of Qatar 2008.
Besides the leader's jersey, Hunter also took the sprinter’s jersey back home. Marc de Maar, rider of Rabobank (who became first in the overall team ranking), won the jersey of best young rider. Our sponsors reacted very positive about the great start of the cycling season: Tinkoff played a significant role during the mass sprints, with Loddo winning twice (Stage 2 and 4) and finishing top 10 in every stage. It also should be mentioned that during the Tour of Qatar Riccio and Trussov, both lead-out men for Loddo, did a remarkable job in setting him up for the final sprints.

Sprinter: Loddo
Team mate: Trussov, Riccio, Gottfried, Khatuntsev, Serov, Eskov and Klimov

08/01/27 - Stage 2 - Victory Loddo

08/01/29 - Stage 4 - Victory Loddo

Up next is Februari ->

Race program for Februari
Le Tour de Langkawi (Malaysia) 2008-02-09 » 2008-02-17 (Simulated)
GP Méditerranéen (France) 2008-02-13 » 2008-02-17 (3d race)
Trofeo Laigueglia (Italy) 2008-02-23 » 2008-02-23 (3d race)

Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux (France) 2008-02-01 » 2008-02-03 Elimination Race (3d race)
Good job by Loddo. I want to see what you do on track cycling! Grin
Good results and great organizedPfft A real good beginning, hope you can follow it upSmile
Nice start Grin
Good start, would have liked to have seen screens of Loddo winning Wink
It couldn't be screens, because he simulatedWink

Elimination Race
Elimination race is a massed start track cycling distance event. It is not a world championship or Olympic discipline but a popular event for spectators and riders. Sixteen riders compete against each other, with the last rider being eliminated every 2 laps. The last rider left wins the elimination race. Tactically, the real racing happens at the back of the field. With riders at the front riding steadily and those behind moving up on the elimination laps to find a safe spot, the race favours riders with nerve and track-craft. The telescoping of the field means crashes are more common than in other races.

Roberto Chiappa

08/02/01 – 7th place Chiappa
The first Elimination race of 2008 was held on 1 February, during a track cycling demonstration weekend at the Velodrome du Lac in Bordeaux (France). Roberto Chiappa doesn’t like the Elimination races much, but he will give it his best shot no doubt. At the beginning of the race Chiappa did well, finishing second to last a lot of times. Just enough to stay in the race without spending a lot of energy. Bourgain (FRA), Tournant (FRA), Bayley (AUS) and Edgar (GBR) were the first 4 riders to be eliminated from the race.


Roberto Chiappa was still riding very smart and often choose to follow Pervis (FRA), who is known for its tactical racing during elimination races. The Dutch cyclists Bos, Mulder and Veldt disappointed by being dropped out one by one. When half of the race was done also Baugé couldn’t keep up with the fast pace and therefore lost connection with the group. So now we had only 8 riders left and Chiappa was still riding! But with only 2700 meters left to ride, Chiappa (by mistake) drove away from the group, which cost him a lot of energy. The following lap, when the group was back together again, everybody drove away from Chiappa and so Chiappa finished 7th. The final sprint was between Perkins (AUS) and Pervis(FRA), at the end the Frenchman won with only a inch in front of the Aussie.


Up next is Februari Road ->
Le Tour de Langkawi (Malaysia) 2008-02-09 » 2008-02-17 (Simulated)
GP Méditerranéen (France) 2008-02-13 » 2008-02-17 (3d race)
Trofeo Laigueglia (Italy) 2008-02-23 » 2008-02-23 (3d race)

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Nice, il like the track stories more than the normal stories. So KUTGW
Nice stuff, you make me want to get PCM more and more Grin
Hi to all,

Today I decided to temporary stop this career until the guys at PCM BeNeLux are gonna fix PCM08 like they did with all the other PCM's until now. While I was making screen's (for example of Bettini), I came to the conclusion that it looks really ugly :lol: And also when I look at the other PCM08 careers, the screens look miserable due to the fact that for example frame/helmets/etc just look bad Sad


So I will continue with my PCM07 career B) and hope that their will be a follow-up of Savoluca/Stanosbase/Stanoscase/CR for PCM08! (Ruben already impoving the track cycling)
Edited by OlegTinkov on 25-06-2008 14:47
OK...Rolling Eyes
jesus oleg, you could at least carry on with chiappa in the track events, i mean you always do this, even on pcm 07 you started one after the other wasnt right Rolling Eyes
Pavel Brutt FTWGrin
Karl Rab act normal please,

Oleg its very pity because you have the only track cycling story and that's just awsume
What do you mean by Act normal? That is acting normal. I know that karl likes reading stories and its not just him that gets annoyed when you just give up because someone doesnt like something. Spontaneous Story Making Frown
I like big boobies too Pfft

it is annoying and I know that i've done it myself and I kind of regret starting them - i will stick to one know
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