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PCM.daily 2020DB: Update 1.5
Pro Cycling Manager 2020

Dear PCM.daily community,

we've just released an update for our PCM.daily DB for PCM20. While it's mostly a .cdb-update, it includes updated stats for all the protagonists of Le Tour. You can find the Update here.

On another note, we're very happy to announce that jph27 has joined our database team. He'll mainly focus on CT stats and Free Agents for now, and thus will considerably add to the quality of our db.

Thank you for all the support and positive discussions, have fun with the update.

Your PCM.daily DB Team (cunego59, jph27, Löfkvist, tafiolmo, Croatia14)

PCM.Daily High Jackpot hit
Fantasy Betting

While usually wins of 500 or 1.000 PCM $ are already seen as big ones in the PCM.Daily Betting Section, the actual Tour de France GC bet went over the clouds into barely reached spheres.

The incredible sum of 37,500.00 PCM $ were paid out with only 3 members taking those in the TdF GC bet on Pogacar`s 25.00 odds.

Big congrats to valverde321 for winning 25,000.00 PCM $. Not the highest but surely a top10 of the record books.

Next up Croatia14 with 10,000.00, still potentially one of the highest ever followed by jandal7 at 2,500.00, which moves all of them into the top5 of the annual ranking.

And expect there will be another of those big bets in the upcoming races, the top2 might be rather safe now. Well, always a chance to go all-in or nothing ;)

PCM.daily EP First Update
Pro Cycling Manager 2020

The DB team would like to present the first official update to the PCM.daily Expansion Pack. We have looked at some of the bugs, comments and suggestions posted in the discussion threads, and tried to rectify them as best as we could. We have also added some features which were missing so far. You will find the update right here. It is not necessary to have subscribed to anything in the steam workshop in order to make this use.

Important: 1. You need to have our PCM.daily Expansion Pack installed in order to make this work.
2. You need to start a new career if you want all new features and stats included. However, if you are just in for the graphical and stage improvements/bugfixes, you can continue with your older one.
3. You need to follow the download instructions that you can find right here.

Management Game 2020 Season: Spots available for new managers!
Other Games

The 2019 season has just finished the regular season. Around 60 managers in three divisions experienced an exciting season with their teams, which now ended with promotions and relegations and slowly finishes with Nationals and Worlds in the next couple days/weeks.

As every year this is the time where new managers are able to join the great fun.

If you are interested, you definitely should check out this thread for more information.

PCM.daily Expansion Pack for PCM20 out now!
Pro Cycling Manager 2020

We would like to proudly introduce to you the Pro Cycling Manager Expansion Pack of PCM.daily: The PCM.daily Expansion Pack for PCM20. As always, it aims to be the most complete mixture of quantity of teams and races as well as quality of work accumulated in this Expansion Pack.

The goal of this database is to experience the most realistic in-game experience possible. Hence we not only offer real shirts and equipment, but also a large amount of quality races, stages and variants in addition to the cyanide cycling calendar. Of course, there has been a lot of emphasis on stats, so that the db hopes to be able to claim one of the most accurate stat matrices on offer.

The PCM.daily Expansion Pack is a standalone database, which means that you don't need to have any previous database installed. In fact, we recommend doing a clean installation of PCM 2020 before installing the Expansion Pack, in order to save a few GBs in your hard drive and potentially avoid bugs created by other databases. 

As you may imagine we've been working really hard on this database, so we hope you'll enjoy it! A full features list can be found in the PCM.daily Expansion Pack: Features and installation thread, as well as an extensive installation guide. If you have any kind of problems, make sure you check the FAQ and the reported bugs in the PCM.daily Expansion Pack: Support/FAQ, and if you don't find a solution, well, any questions can be asked in the same place! If you wanna talk about stats, feel free to do that in the PCM.daily Stat Discussion.

Please click read more for further information

You can download the PCM.daily Expansion Pack here: PCM.daily Expansion Pack. Enjoy the game!



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Escapies in the Mountains of Italy
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