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28. June 2010 15:28 from CrueTrue
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 3120
Copyright: Cyanide
The 2nd official patch for PCM10. This one takes care of the crash that happened in the end of October in career mode. It should be possible to continue careers which were started with patch installed.

List of fixes:

- Changed route "Pau-Tourmalet" of the Tour de France.

- Goals changed: sponsor’s contentment for Classics is not counted twice anymore; goals are displayed, the race date is now displayed.
- Magazine improved: fixed some riders pictures and the choice of the rider of the month.
- Improved the career loading time
- Fixed the custom team ranking at the career start and update it when the year changes.
- National and Global champions are now saved.
- Training camps: Fixed booking dates for training camps and deletion of characteristic bonus at the end of the training camps.
- Fix the October, 24th crash ( only)

Season Mode:
- Fixed a crash in Season mode.
- Removed incapacitating injuries for this mode.

- Improved stability of long period of gaming.
- Tunnels : Fixed a rare crash on stages with tunnels and fixed a camera angle when getting out of a tunnel.
- Removed all zebra crossings on bridges and cobblestone roads.
- Fixed the temporary ranking in race.
- Fixed commentaries in race: maximum amount of displayed commentaries is now 5.
- Fixe a gap between the displayed finish line and the real finish line on a few stages (Catalogne stage 3, Mallorca stage 2).
- Fixed the Start list in Stage Race mode.
- Improved low walls texture.
- Changed road tags.
- Added handling of withdrawals in detailed simulation.

- Improved results display with the addition of the player’s name in the results and fixed the selected stages list in Stage Race mode.
- LAN: Fixed GameCenter settings in Season mode and the display of riders’ age.
- Improved stability in Track mode ladder.

- Navigation: Escape can now be used to close popups during the race and to perform a return in manager pages.
- Improved the information page before race: bonus points are now displayed with top priority.
- Added the automatic pause function when the player browses options during a solo 3D Race.
- New shortcut: CTRL + U hides (or displays) the interface during a 3D race.
- Improved the display of stage events.
- Changed colour to display distances between rider groups in race (Green -> White).
- Fixed several elements in the interface ('Search' menu; shape planning in career; "next" icons during replays and podiums; riders command board in race; popup in replay mode; font of bottom icons in the management screen; Pause icon in Track mode).
- Added some mini-logos for custom teams.

- Improved stability and performances of the stage (Fixed "Pelt" tool and shadow management).
- Added the prologue characteristic in the database Editor.

- Updated some localizations.
- Screenshots are now saved in PNG instead of BMP.

- Improved the detection of 512 Mo graphical cards.
- Added new screen resolutions and removed non standard resolutions.

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sanderpostema on 28-06-2010

and the sprint bug is hy way ?

jaspertjerje on 28-06-2010

happy that they fixed the season bug but there is still VERY much to inprove!!! Like the "fast simulation settings"(OMG annoying) and the scouting. These are imo 2 MAJOR bugs....Angry

pertomet on 28-06-2010

what is the scouting bug?

justinwkirk on 29-06-2010

I try to run the patch and every time the program sez all the source filez are corrupted. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know what is going on here? Anyone know why Cyanide doez not have this patch up on their website?

samdiatmh on 29-06-2010

do i need the patch as well?

CrueTrue on 29-06-2010

Justin: Use a download manager.

Sam: It seems as though that this patch is shipped with the v1 database, not the v1.0.1.6 DB. So if I were you, I'd download and install both.

Frankiej on 29-06-2010

Good enough for a career mode??

justinwkirk on 29-06-2010

Hey Crue - I used flashget to download the file 5 different times to different folders on my computer and all 5 copies say - Source file is corrupted -.....Embarassed

Frankiej on 29-06-2010

Anyone got the real names for this patch?

Valverde-Fan on 29-06-2010

I still cant start a season mode

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