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[PT] Zwift Pro Cycling {2022}
Team Foundation


After escaping relegation in the program's Pro Tour debut last season, the distinct Zwift Pro Cycling team is back for another year in the top flight. The undisputed best indoor training platform for cyclists and runners alike is growing its reputation by become a stable force in the professional peloton.

At the helm as team manager is Mresuperstar. The American Man-Game veteran helped the team finish 16th in Pro Tour last season. He is entering a remarkable 11th season in the Man-Game, fifth in the Pro Tour.

Prior to Zwift Pro Cycling, Mre managed the following teams: Team CSC-Orbea (2012-14), Movistar-US Postal (2015-16), Newton Foundation (2017) and most recently Desigual (2018-20). More history can be found below.

Keeping Zwift Pro Cycling in the Pro Tour was achieved last season. Now, Mre has to push on and improve the team in hopes of cracking the Top 10, or maybe dream of doing even better. Shoot for the stars! Those that fall short of our expectations will find themselves grinding to the top of Alpe du Zwift instead.

While any cyclist can enjoy Zwift, only the elite can pedal our program forward.
Man-Game History

Mresuperstar's All-Time Program Win List

Justo Tenorio2018-20151110201
Simon Yates2019-2112740100
Tejay Van Garderen2015-1711440201
Omar Fraile2013-2011360101
Erick Herrera2018-206000600
Rui Costa2012-135040100
Ben Swift20214400000
David Abal2013-14,16,203030000
Marcos Altur2013-183010110
Jhonatan Narvaez2020-213000300
Jorge Abreu2015-173000300
Lawrence Warbasse2015-172200000
Egoitz Garcia2014-162110000
Xuban Errazkin2019-212100100
Francisco Ventoso20142020000
Federico Olei2019-212000200
Aviv Yechezkel2019,212000200
Mark Cavendish20211100000
Nicolay Cherkasov2020-211100000
Jernej Svab2018,201100000
Vincenzo Nibali20181100000
David de la Cruz20151100000
Roman Maksimov2012,15-181100000
Eric Young2015,20-211010000
E. Parra Bustamante2012,151010000
Julian Rodas20121010000
Mauricio Soler20121010000
Koldo Gil20131010000
Olivier Kaisen20131010000
Eloy Teruel2012-131010000
F. Anton Martin20141010000
Roman Domene2013-14,16-171010000
Rick Zabel2018-191010000
Team Time Trials2012-211010000
Daniel Hoelgaard20141000010
Mattia Cattaneo20211000100
Carlos Verona2012-13,15-211000100
Pedro Miguel Paulinho20151000100
Serafin Jose Blanco2012-13,151000100

The Unsung Heroes

Most Race Days

1. Carlos Verona2012-13,15-21689
2. Omar Fraile2013-20520
3. Daniel Eaton2017-21393
4. Taylor Newton2014-19383
5. Carter Jones2017-21380
6. Marcos Altur2013-18372
7. Roman Maksimov2012,15-18301
8. Alexey Tsatevich2015-19287
9. Ramon Domene2013-14,16-17226
10. Eric Young2015,20-21220

Most in a Single Season: Jernej Svab, 97 (2018).
Longest Tenured Rider: Carlos Verona, 9 Seasons.

Most Breakaways

1. Omar Fraile2013-2026
2. Carter Jones2017-2122
3. Daniel Eaton2017-2120
4. Carlos Verona2012-13,15-2118
5. Marcos Altur2013-1817
6. Jorge Abreu2015-1716
7. Constantino Zaballa2012-1316
8. Jack Burke2019-2115
9. Nicolay Cherkasov2020-2113
10. Xuban Errazkin2019-2111

Most in a Single Season: Jorge Abreu, 11 (2016).


YearTeam NameDiv.Standings
2012Team CSC-Orbea(P)CT22nd
2013Team CSC-OrbeaPCT27th
2014Team CSC-OrbeaPCT6th
2015Movistar-US PostalPT17th
2016Movistar-US PostalPT18th
2017Newton FoundationPCT5th
2021Zwift Pro CyclingPT16th

2012: Team CSC-Orbea


CT 22th Overall : 0/5 Goals : 5 Wins
Team [22 riders]:
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Igor Anton Ivan Basso
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Carlos Sastrepcmdaily.com/images/flags/MX.png Julio Alberto Perez Cuapio
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Moises Duenaspcmdaily.com/images/flags/MX.png Serafin Jose Blanco
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Eloy Teruelpcmdaily.com/images/flags/PT.png Rui Costa
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Juan Gelabertpcmdaily.com/images/flags/PT.png Bruno Lima
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Constantino Zaballapcmdaily.com/images/flags/RU.png Abilphez Ajewole
pcmdaily.com/images/flags/ES.png Carlos Veronapcmdaily.com/images/flags/RU.png Roman Maksimov
Julian Rodaspcmdaily.com/images/flags/RU.png Ivan Kovalev [Loan-In]
Mauricio Soler Craig Lewis
Edwin Parra Bustamante Brad Armstrong
Francisco Colorado Andrew Talansky [Loan-In]

Most Valuable Cyclist: Rui Costa
Most Memorable Victory: Julian Rodas (Vuelta al Tachira)
Biggest Disappointment: Roman Maksimov
Manager's Favourite: Brad Armstrong
Wish We Still Had: Andrew Talansky

2013: Team CSC-Orbea


PCT 27th Overall : 2/5 Goals : 6 Wins
Team [21 riders]:
David Abal Igor Anton
Sergio Barrio Omar Fraile
Marcos Altur Koldo Gil
Eloy Teruel Carlos Verona
Juan Gelabert Rui Costa
Constantino Zaballa Rafael Silva
Daniel Ruiz Roman Maksimov [Loan-Out]
Teodorico Usandizaga Ivan Basso
Eduardo Ardaiz Serafin Jose Blanco
Jesus Merino Criado Oliver Kaisen
Ramon Domene

Most Valuable Cyclist: David Abal
Most Memorable Victory: Rui Costa (Volta a Portugal)
Biggest Disappointment: Sergio Barrio
Manager's Favourite: Marcos Altur
Wish We Still Had: Igor Anton

2014: Team CSC-Orbea


PCT 6th Overall : 1/5 Goals : 6 Wins
Team [23 riders]:
David Abal Marcos Altur
Francisco Ventoso Egoitz Garcia
Juan Jose Cobo Ramon Domene
Ruben Plaza Carlos Verona [Loan-Out]
Manuel Lloret Jesus Merino Criado
David De la Fuente Daniel Ruiz
Sergio Barrio David Livramento
Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver Rafael Silva [Loan-Out]
Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil Taylor Newton
Omar Fraile Jose Serpa
Hector Duenas Nevado Daniel Hoelgaard [Loan-In]
Francisco Anton Martin

Most Valuable Cyclist: Francisco Ventoso
Most Memorable Victory: David Abal (Tour d'Andorra)
Biggest Disappointment: Jose Serpa
Manager's Favourite: Taylor Newton
Wish We Still Had: David Abal

2015: Movistar - US Postal


PT 17th Overall : 1/5 Goals : 9 Wins
Team [28 riders]:
Tejay Van Garderen Jordi Simon [Loan-In]
Lawrence Warbasse Ramon Domene [Loan-Out]
Eric Young Daniel Ruiz [Loan-Out]
Taylor Newton Bruno Borges [Loan-In]
Lawson Craddock [Loan-In] Pedro Miguel Paulinho [Loan-In]
Marcos Altur Rafael Silva [Loan-Out]
Sergio Barrio Roman Maksimov
Omar Fraile Alexey Tsatevich
Ruben Plaza Markus Fothen
Carlos Verona Vadim Ratiy
Jon Ander Insausti Marc Christian Garby [Loan-In]
Egoitz Garcia Edwin Parra Bustamante
Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil Jorge Abreu
David De la Cruz [Loan-In] Serafin Jose Blanco [Stagiare]

Most Valuable Cyclist: Tejay Van Garderen
Most Memorable Victory: Roman Maksimov (Vuelta a Colombia)
Biggest Disappointment: Markus Fothen
Manager's Favourite: David De la Cruz
Wish We Still Had: Bruno Borges

2016: Movistar - US Postal


PT 18th Overall : 3/5 Goals : 6 Wins
Team [25 riders]:
Tejay Van Garderen Marcos Altur
Lawrence Warbasse David Abal
Brent Bookwalter Omar Fraile
Taylor Newton Jordi Simon
Tyler Farrar Carlos Verona
Tyler Brandt Ramon Domene
Bjorn Selander [Loan-In] Egoitz Garcia
Chad Haga [Loan-In] Daniel Ruiz
Christian Meier Fabio Silvestre [Loan-In]
Serafin Jose Blanco Roman Maksimov
Jorge Abreu Alexey Tsatevich
Xavier Quevedo [Loan-In] William Chiarello [Loan-In]
Richard Antonio Carapaz [Loan-In]

Most Valuable Cyclist: Tejay Van Garderen & Egoitz Garcia
Most Memorable Victory: TVG (Vuelta a Espana: S8, S10 & S15)
Biggest Disappointment: David Abal
Manager's Favourite: Tejay Van Garderen
Wish We Still Had: Egoitz Garcia

2017: Newton Foundation


PCT 5th Overall : 3/5 Goals : 8 Wins
Team [20 riders]:
Tejay Van Garderen Marcos Altur
Lawrence Warbasse Omar Fraile
Taylor Newton Jordi Simon
Tyler Brandt Carlos Verona
Robert Sweeting Ramon Domene
Jake Keough Roman Maksimov
Carter Jones Alexey Tsatevich
Aggrey Sebright Jorge Abreu
Daniel Eaton Sebastian Henao
Christian Meier Janier Alexis Acevedo

Most Valuable Cyclist: Tejay Van Garderen
Most Memorable Victory: Omar Fraile (Tour of California)
Biggest Disappointment: Lawrence Warbasse
Manager's Favourite: Tejay Van Garderen
Wish We Still Had: Tejay Van Garderen

2018: Desigual


PT 19th Overall : 0/5 Goals : 2 Wins
Team [22 riders]:
Justo Tenorio Daniel Teklehaimanot
Marcos Altur Amanuel Gebrezgabihier [Loan-In]
Omar Fraile Vincenzo Nibali
Carlos Verona Nelson Oliveira
Xuban Errazkin [Loan-Out] Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev
Daniel Eaton Clement Venturini [Loan-In]
Carter Jones Emiliano Contrereas [Loan-In]
Taylor NewtonManuel Stocker [Loan-In]
Roman Maksimovpcmdaily.com/images//flags/LK.png Kashyapa Siriwardena [Loan-In]
Alexey Tsatevich Jernej Svab [Loan-In]
Rick Zabel Erick Herrera [Stagiare]

Most Valuable Cyclist: Rick Zabel
Most Memorable Victory: Vincenzo Nibali (Giro d'Italia)
Biggest Disappointment: Roman Maksimov
Manager's Favourite: Taylor Newton
Wish We Still Had: Marcos Altur

2019: Desigual


PCT 11th Overall : 2/5 Goals : 11 Wins
Team [21 riders]:
Justo Tenorio Simon Yates
Omar Fraile Rick Zabel
Carlos Verona Alexey Tsatevich
Xuban Errazkin Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev
Mikel Landa Magno Nazaret
Miguel Minguez Ayala Jack Burke
Daniel Eaton Aviv Yechezkel [Loan-In]
Carter Jones Federico Olei [Loan-In]
Taylor Newton Leo Vincent [Loan-In]
William Barta [Loan-In] Hugo Hofstetter [Loan-In]
Erick Herrera [Stagiare]

Most Valuable Cyclist: Justo Tenorio
Most Memorable Victory: Omar Fraile (Tour of Norway)
Biggest Disappointment: Simon Yates
Manager's Favourite: Omar Fraile
Wish We Still Had: Rick Zabel

2020: Desigual


PCT 4th Overall : 3/5 Goals : 18 Wins
Team [24 riders]:
Justo Tenorio Eric Young
Omar Fraile Daniel Eaton
David Abal Carter Jones
Carlos Verona Brendan Rhim [Loan-In]
Xuban Errazkin Jack Burke
Jaume Sureda Harold Tejada [Loan-Out]
Juan Pedro Lopez [Loan-Out] Jhonatan Narvaez
Simon Yates Magno Nazaret
Simon Carr [Loan-Out] Erick Herrera
Conor Dunne Jernej Svab
Luca Wackermann Nicolay Cherkasov
Federico Olei Louis Visser [Stagiare]

Most Valuable Cyclist: Justo Tenorio
Most Memorable Victory: Simon Yates (Vuelta a Espana)
Biggest Disappointment: Eric Young
Manager's Favourite: Simon Yates
Wish We Still Had: Justo Tenorio

2021: Zwift Pro Cycling


PT 16th Overall : 0/5 Goals : 11 Wins
Team [29 riders]:
Ryan Eastman Simon Yates
Eric Young Ben Swift
Daniel Eaton Mark Cavendish
Carter Jones Simon Carr [Loan-Out]
Brendan Rhim [Loan-In] Jake Stewart [Loan-Out]
Matteo Jorgenson [Loan-Out] Xuban Errazkin
Jack Burke Carlos Verona
Lewis Stroll Benat Intxausti
Nickolas Zukowsky [Loan-Out] Jaume Sureda [Loan-Out]
Mattia Cattaneo Juan Pedro Lopez [Loan-Out]
Luca Wackermann Clement Russo
Nicolay Cherkasov Jhonatan Narvaez
Stepan Kurianov [Loan-In] Harold Tejada
Federico Olei Louis Visser [Loan-Out]
Aviv Yechezkel

Most Valuable Cyclist: Simon Yates
Most Memorable Victory: Mark Cavendish (Suisse)
Biggest Disappointment: Eric Young
Manager's Favourite: Ben Swift
Wish We Still Had: TBD

The Team
+ = Loaned in. * = Loaned out. ^ = Stagiare.

NameAgeWageOVLTop Stats
Simon Yates30€ 655,00080HL:81/SP:77
Neilson Powless26€ 190,00077MO:77/TT:78
Pascal Ackermann28€ 150,00077HL:77/SP:77
Jack Burke27€ 135,00076MO:77/REC:80
Jhonatan Narvaez25€ 110,00075HL:77/SP:73
Alexandr Ovsyannikov +25€ 55,00074SP:77/COB:74
Bram Welten25€ 165,00074SP:77/REC:81
Aviv Yechezkel28€ 50,00074COB:76
Harold Tejada25€ 50,00074MO:75/POT:6
Eric Young33€ 60,00073SP:77/CO:74
Juan Pedro Lopez25€ 60,00073MO:76/POT:6
Jaume Sureda26€ 50,00073SP:75/POT:4
Matteo Jorgenson23€ 150,00073MO:74/POT:6
Carter Jones33€ 50,00072MO:74/HL:72
Simon Carr24€ 50,00072HL:75/POT:4
Akil Campbell +26€ 50,00072TT:75/CO:72
Biniam Girmay *22€ 855,00072CO:73/POT:4
Stan Dewulf25€ 50,00072CO:70/POT:6
Carlos Verona30€ 50,00072TT:77
Lewis Stroll24€ 50,00072MO:72/DH:75
David Dekker24€ 80,00071SP:73/POT:6
Jake Stewart *22€ 30,00071SP:70/POT:6
Nickolas Zukowsky *24€ 25,00070SP:70/POT:5
Sean Quinn *22€ 50,00070MO:69/POT:4
Kevin Vermaerke *22€ 20,00069HL:68/POT:4
Ethan Vernon *22€ 225,00068TT:70/POT:5

Edited by Mresuperstar on 29-08-2022 00:31
Season Goals

***Team Standings***Top 10TBD
Giro d'ItaliaPoints JerseyTBD
Milano San RemoWinTBD
Giro di LombardiaWinTBD
Amstel Gold RaceWinTBD


Jan. 9-11Tour of Tasmania (S3)PTMedia:Results
Jan. 17-22Tour of Qatar (S6)PTMedia:Results
Jan. 30Franceville ClassiquePTHCMedia:Results
Feb. 1-8Volta a Portugal (S8)PTHCMedia:Results
Feb. 2Copenhagen-Malmo TTTPTMedia:Results
Feb. 12-18Tirreno - Adriatico (S7)PTMedia:Results
Feb. 13-20Paris - Nice (S8)PTMedia:Results
Feb. 13Classique du Grand-DuchéPTMedia:Results
Feb. 22-24Tour of Ukraine (S3)PTHCMedia:Results
Feb. 28Milano San RemoPTMMedia:Results
Mar. 4Strada Appia AnticaPTMedia:Results
Mar. 8Great Ocean Road ClassicPTHCMedia:Results
Mar. 13-16Praha - Karlovy Vary - Praha (S4)PTMedia:Results
Mar. 19-21Ronde van Nederland (S3)PTMedia:Results
Mar. 24Macskako KerekparversenyPTMedia:Results
Mar. 26Ronde van VlaanderenPTMMedia:Results
Mar. 28E3 PrijsPTMedia:Results
Apr. 1Paris - RoubaixPTMMedia:Results
Apr. 3-23Giro d'Italia (S21)GTMedia:Results
Apr. 20GP LiechtensteinPTMedia:Results
Apr. 30Amstel Gold RacePTMedia:Results
May 3Fleche WallonePTMedia:Results
May 7Liege - Bastogne - LiegePTMMedia:Results
May 9-10Chrono d'Arenberg (S2)PTHCMedia:Results
May 9Rund um KolnPTMedia:Results
May 11-31Vuelta a Espana (S21)GTMedia:Results
June 8-14Tour de Suisse (S7)PTMedia:Results
June 27-29Scandinavia Open RR (S3)PTMedia:Results
July 3-23Tour de France (S21)GTMedia:Results
July 16-19Tour of Lithuania (S4)PTHCMedia:Results
Aug. 6Clasica San SebastianPTHCMedia:Results
Aug. 8-9Chrono des Herbiers (S2)PTMedia:Results
Aug. 18Riga - Jurmala GPPTHCMedia:Results
Aug. 21East Midlands Cicle ClassicPTMedia:Results
Sept. 4-9VariousBalkans International (S6)PTHCMedia:Results
Sept. 12GP MoscowPTMedia:Results
Sept. 16-22VariousTour of Northern Europe (S7)PTMedia:Results
Sept. 26Rheden GPPTHCMedia:Results
Oct. 14Grand Prix CyclistePTMedia:Results
Oct. 18Giro di LombardiaPTMMedia:Results

Edited by Mresuperstar on 06-10-2022 14:49
Race Results








All Results

Tour of Tasmania
Stage 1: 12 Pascal Ackermann
Stage 2: 32 Jhonatan Narvaez [BOTD - Jhonatan Narvaez]
Stage 3: 45 Carlos Verona

Tour of Qatar
Stage 1: 101 Carlos Verona
Stage 2: 24 Lewis Stroll
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:

Franceville Classique

Volta a Portugal
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:

Copenhagen-Malmo TTT

Tirreno - Adriatico
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:

Paris - Nice
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:

Classique du Grand-Duché

Tour of Ukraine
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:

Milano San Remo

Strada Appia Antica

Great Ocean Road Classic

Praha - Karlovy Vary - Praha
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:

Ronde van Nederland
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:

Macskako Kerekparverseny

Ronde van Vlaanderen

E3 Prijs

Paris - Roubaix

Giro d'Italia
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:
Stage 9:
Stage 10:
Stage 11:
Stage 12:
Stage 13:
Stage 14:
Stage 15:
Stage 16:
Stage 17:
Stage 18:
Stage 19:
Stage 20:
Stage 21:

GP Liechtenstein

Amstel Gold Race

Fleche Wallone

Liege - Bastogne - Liege

Chrono d'Arenberg
Stage 1:
Stage 2:

Rund um Koln

Vuelta a Espana
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:
Stage 9:
Stage 10:
Stage 11:
Stage 12:
Stage 13:
Stage 14:
Stage 15:
Stage 16:
Stage 17:
Stage 18:
Stage 19:
Stage 20:
Stage 21:

Tour de Suisse
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:

Scandinavia Open Road Race
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:

Tour de France
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:
Stage 9:
Stage 10:
Stage 11:
Stage 12:
Stage 13:
Stage 14:
Stage 15:
Stage 16:
Stage 17:
Stage 18:
Stage 19:
Stage 20:
Stage 21:

Tour of Lithuania
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:

Clasica San Sebastian

Chrono des Herbiers
Stage 1:
Stage 2:

Riga - Jurmala GP

East Midlands Cicle Classic

Balkans International
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:

GP Moscow

Tour of Northern Europe
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Stage 7:

Rheden GP

Grand Prix Cycliste

Giro di Lombardia

Edited by Mresuperstar on 06-10-2022 14:53

Jersey: Designed by hillis91.


Frames: SpecializedWheels: LightweightHelmet: Specialized

Mre's Zwift Training Challenge
Basic Information


Not only will Mresuperstar be managing the team this season, but he has also agreed to train alongside his riders using Zwift for a second season. Instead of pedaling aimless, Zwift has challenged Mre to a friendly season-long competition to see if he can earn more points than his cyclists will earn in the Pro Tour.

Zwift Training Challenge Rules
- Every one mile recorded on Zwift or outside equals 1 point.
- Every 50 feet of elevation gained on Zwift or outside equals 1 point.
- Man-Game cyclists will have their Pro Tour points given a x4 multiplier.
- Competition starts: Once the Man-Game transfer window closes.
- Point standings updated each Rankings update with proof of Zwift rides.
- Competition ends: 2022 Man-Game WC Elite RR race is posted.

Current Point Standings

(Coming Soon! | Feel Free To Post)

Ad Bot
Posted on 10-12-2022 09:21
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Transfer Window - Part 1

The first phase of the transfer window is negotiating contracts with our current squad and releasing riders we no longer want to keep around. Here is how those discussions played out over the last few weeks:

Riders Released

The following 4 cyclists were let go before the start of the transfer season:

Ben Swift: Swift at Zwift was always going to be a one-year experiment and the legendary sprinter didn't disappoint by winning four PT stages last season at 34 years old. We hope he can continue his ways with a new team next season.

Mark Cavendish: From one legend to the next, we thank the Manx Missile for his one-year of service and remember his triumph stage win at the Tour du Suisse this past season. The world-class pro hits the free agency market again in hopes of another contract before retirement.

Benat Intxausti: I'm sensing a theme as we also say goodbye to now 36-year-old climber Intxausti. The Spaniard didn't do much for us last season as his legs are well past his prime. We wish him the best climbing forward.

Clement Russo: A surprise. Upon seeing the influx of new French teams joining the CT division, Russo drove a hard bargain and demanded wages we couldn't agree to. Talks broke down and now the 27-year-old Frenchman will look to cash in on a large pay day in free agency.

Riders Renewed

The following 23 cyclists signed new contracts heading into the transfer season:

2021 Wage2022 WageDifference
Ryan Eastman750,000720,000-30,000
Simon Yates585,000665,000+80,000
Mattia Cattaneo500,000550,000+50,000
Xuban Errazkin175,000165,000-10,000
Matteo Jorgenson200,000150,000-50,000
Jack Burke150,000135,000-15,000
Jhonatan Narvaez65,000110,000+45,000
Luca Wackermann65,00065,0000
Nicolay Cherkasov60,00065,000+5,000
Eric Young95,00060,000-35,000
Juan Pedro Lopez75,00060,000-15,000
Jake Stewart50,00060,000+10,000
Federico Olei60,00055,000-5,000
Louis Visser50,00055,000+5,000
Daniel Eaton50,00050,0000
Aviv Yechezkel50,00050,0000
Harold Tejada50,00050,0000
Jaume Sureda50,00050,0000
Carter Jones50,00050,0000
Simon Carr50,00050,0000
Carlos Verona50,00050,0000
Lewis Stroll50,00050,0000
Nickolas Zukowsky50,00050,0000

Looking to Sell/Swap/Loan

The highly anticipated rider availability post can be found below:

Ryan EastmanYES
Simon YatesNo
Mattia CattaneoYES
Xuban ErrazkinYES
Matteo JorgensonNo
Jack BurkeNo
Jhonatan NarvaezYES
Luca WackermannYES
Nicolay CherkasovMaybe
Eric YoungMaybe
Juan Pedro LopezNo
Jake StewartLoan Out
Federico OleiYES
Louis VisserLoan Out
Daniel EatonNo
Aviv YechezkelNo
Harold TejadaNo
Jaume SuredaMaybe
Carter JonesMaybe
Simon CarrNo
Carlos VeronaNo
Lewis StrollNo
Nickolas ZukowskyLoan Out

Cash is king but trade offers will also be considered when the time comes.
Looks like you're planning quite a bit of change when seeing those availabilities! Wonder what you have in mind, so will be paying close attention to Zwift.

Russo joins Alaphilippe and Boudat - clearly all saw the new teams coming before we did, and are all set for good FA Wages Pfft
Winds of change blowing over your team this season it seems. Very interesting availability with my focus in mind, even on the loan front we might try to work something out and as TMM states it seems like the French riders smelled the blood in the water.
Adding another few to the increasing bunch of interesting riders on the trade block, I see. None of the top guys necessarily fit our profile, but we enjoyed having Lopez and Carr around two years ago, so maybe we do get to talk a bit if someone else wants to follow in their footsteps Wink
Luis Leon Sanchez
An interesting list of riders indeed! Naturally, I'll be in contact with you earlier rather than later Wink
Could Narvaez be coming home?
Looks like a busy transferperiod. Will be very interesting to follow Smile

I wonder what all that money might be for. Last chance to make Yates a top top rider? Or investing heavily?
Happy to see Yechezkel has become a stable part of your core. Smile
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
A lot of the best riders are available. Hopefully you can make some good deals Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Wow, some MG legends gone from the team and also Intxausti Sad Looks like it could be a very interesting transfers for you with those and the rider availability list - excited to see where you go with it Grin
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Transfer Window - Part 2

Hello friends (and probably a couple of enemies), I don't think Manager Mresuperstar has seen any sunlight in the last week after a exhausting transfer window that feature a lot of everything. To break everything done, we start our multiple-part breakdown with our former riders who have departed to new teams.

Riders Sold

Ryan Eastman: The American climber will always be remembered as the man that couldn't quite get it done. Eastman failed to win a race in his lone season at Zwift and missed out a Tour de France podium finish by a single place. We wish him more success at Duolingo, where he departs for a 1.9 million fee.

Mattia Cattaneo: Another one-year GC rental like Eastman. The aging climber was shown the door to start a new youth movement. Looking for a new home, the Minions-Subwoolfer kidnapped him to compete on the PCT circuit. We later received an mystery check for 1.3 million to "Keep Quiet." Whoops.

Federico Olei: With a new startup cycling team in San Marino being founded, Olei - the reigning NC RR champion - wanted out. We obliged, shipping him to Colombini-Adler AP for 65,000. We thank him for his 3 years of service with Mre.

Louis Visser: We weren't planning on selling youngster Visser, and actually had a loan agreement ready with Bralirwa - Stevens Bikes before his continental rival Project: Africa swooped in with 400,000 cash. It was too good to pass up and we will say goodbye to our once stagiare project. I'd say we did our job in helping him reach his full potential.

Daniel Eaton: Flash 400,000 cash our way and we will bite. We didn't plan to loose Eaton this offseason but Aker-MOT broke us down eventually after multiple deals fell through. We eventually settled on Eaton. The long-time TT specialist leaves with the sixth-most RDs in program history (310).

Nicolay Cherkasov: Nicholay, Nik-o-lie, Nico, Cherka, Cherk-sey, Cherp Cherp... Whatever his name is... leaves to powerhouse Isostar - Specialized because we need more wage cap and Mre could never remember how to spell his name. Manager Croatia14 gets a bargain of a deal at 150,000 for the flat beast.

Luca Wackermann: As the transfer season wore on, it became clear that Wackermann was no longer needed. We brought in multiple replacements to fill his role and gave him the freedom to be a veteran presence on the new Bordeaux Métropole - Euskotren cycling team. He was sold for the minimum 65,000.

Xuban Errazkin: Errazkin survived the initial transition from Desigual to Zwift last year, but not a second stint. The Spanish talent grew up under Mre's wing, but the higher-ups wanted more U.S. stars on the team. Out with Errazkin, in with a budding American stage racer named below.

Jose Fernandes: Lasted about four hours on the team...

Riders Bought

Neilson Powless: Here he is. Welcome home Powless in what turned out to be like a three-team trade with Binance (getting 1.7 million) and Red Bull Žalgiris (getting Fernandes and Errazkin) after Red Bull originally acquired Powless + 350,000 from Gazelle for Andreas Leknessund. So, yeah, it was a long journey for Neilson to get here, but we are happy to have him!


Pascal Ackermann: The younger Simon Yates prototype gives us two dangerous fast finisher for the hilly stages. We thought we were getting a steal when had a leading bid of 500,000 and we right. Another team tried to swoop in so we ended up needing 900,000 to secure his signature from Team Popo4Ever p/b Morshynska. We can't wait to see what the Yates/Ackermann duo can achieve.


Free agent signings and loan deals coming in the next update!

Ulrich Ulriksen
Congrats on bringing Powless home to a US based team. I regret I didn't push harder for him my first year when he was an FA.

Quite the turnover on the roster, but Powless/Jorgenson/Quinn will be a nice set up in a few years.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Transfer Window - Part 3

Our transfer season is over! We welcome the following riders to Zwift Pro Cycling.

Free Agents Signed

Bram Welten: Before the start of the transfer season we were prepared to offer the Lvl 4.40 Welten a loan from Podium Ambition. But we were pleasantly surprised when the team decided to release him to save wage space. It was quite the battle to secure his signature, but we finally did for 165,000.


David Dekker: Another Dutch causality who raced for Podium Ambition last season. Dekker is 24yo with 3.66 EXP and POT 6. We plan to train him more as a cobble sprinter than a pure sprinter. Not sure how we got him for 80,000.


Stan Dewulf: "Stan The Man" went under the radar and we happily scooped him up for the minimum of 50,000. The 25yo comes in at Lvl 4.00 and will get maxed out riding the Pro Tour cobbles this season. The Belgian should be a key member of our cobble team for years to come.


Free Agents Signed & Loaned Out

Sean Quinn: The youth movement continues by signing homegrown talents. The Pot. 4/Lvl 1.00/22yo American won't reach the status of say Jorgenson, but will be a valuable climbing helper in a few years. He was signed for 100,000 and will be loaned out to HelloFresh - Lampre next season. We will pay half his wage and provided a 250,000 fee for the 1>3 loan clause.


Kevin Vermaerke: We are excited that our other Pot. 4/Lvl 1.00/22yo American signing will also be joining HelloFresh - Lampre next season. Vermaerke was signed for 55,000. We will pay 20,000 of that and provide a 190,000 fee for the 1>3 upgrade. Another climber helper in the making.


Ethan Vernon: It took 225,000 but we signed our future TT machine from Bedford, England. The Pot. 5/Lvl 1.00/22yo has the potential to be a future ITT National Champion and will spend this season with Kraftwerk Man Machine (deal will officially be confirmed later today). We will pay all of his 225,000 wage and provide a 325,000 fee to get Vernon from Level 1>3.


Biniam Girmay: Saving the best for last, the man you have all been waiting for. It's the next African superstar, Biniam Girmay! After a tense battle with Bralirwa-Stevens, Girmay decided to stray from home and take a bigger paycheck of 940,000. We are grateful to develop him into our future classics leader. After much deliberation, we eventually decided to loan Girmay out to Carlsberg-Danske Bank where we anticipate him having a great debut season.


Other Talents Loaned Out

Cyclist2022 TeamFeesEXPWage Paying
Jake StewartZARA - Irizar02.5030,000
Nickolas ZukowskyZARA - Irizar+50,0003.4650,000

Both prospects will level up.

Talents Loaned In For This Season

Just like last season, we are tasked with maxing out two cyclists. One from Podium Ambition and the other from Zara - Irizar.

CyclistTeamKey StatEXPWage Paying
Akil CampbellPodium AmbitionTT: 754.1150,000
A. OvsyannikovZARA - IrizarSP: 77/COB:744.1155,000

Zwift Pro Cycling 2022 (Without Training)

We finish with 26 cyclists — 20 on the roster and six loaned out. Once we landed Girmay, a full rebuild commenced. We don't expect to survive relegation this season, we certainly would be happy if we do. If we do go down, we hope this is last time we will ever have to do so. We believe we are now setup to challenge for the Pro Tour crown in 3-5 seasons. We are playing the long game. Thoughts?


Next update will include training!

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