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[CT22] Tryg - Gobik | Transfer Updates
Tryg - Gobik
Returning for a third year as a member of the MGUCI is Tryg - Gobik, formerly Tryg - Ritter Sports. Following a torrid third season, with a talismanic Tim Wellens the only bright point the squad has found themselves returning to the Continental Tour as relegated freshmen. Despite regulations requiring them to cut more than €1,000,000 in annual payroll, the team will be looking to bounce right back up.


Despite the demotion to a lower level, and the reduction in funding that accompanies it, nothing has changed from Tryg - Ritter Sports's previously established multiannual dedication to the development of a new generation of Danish cycling talents. The 2021 season showed that there are no shortcuts to success, banking on imported talents at the expense of our development focii did not pay off. Relegation is a nasty business, and certainly a hit to our reputation; some of our partners were not satisfied with our performance of their goals. Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co have elected not to renew their sponsorship, but stepping into their place is Gobik.

History: 2019 Season
Establishing a new team from the ground up, rather than merely taking over a pre-existing one, meant signing an entire squad in a single transfer season. Weeks of meticulous scouting meant that many of the incoming cohorts greatest talents had been identified. Tryg was quick to pounce on their targets, quickly bringing future greats such as Jonas Vingegaard, Max Kanter, and Niklas Larsen into the fold. Although the likes of Marc Hirschi and Tadej Pogacar went elsewhere, the majority of Danish and German talents joined the Tryg family.


That wasn't all however; as talented as they may be, the neo-pros weren't ready to lead the team, and instead more regional talent was brought in from free agency. Local stage racer Magnus Cort Nielsen, Norwegian puncheur Daniel Hoelgaard, and Belgian Nikolas Maes formed the core of the team's leadership. Genki Yamamoto and 2019 Chilean RR Champ Wolfgang Burmann also joined to support Cort Nielsen. Together, they formed a squad which saw great success in the hills and cobbles; Cort Nielsen also did well to pick up points in stage races, despite the lacklustre performances of his supporting cast.

History: 2020 Season
Although discussion between management and the sponsors did not see Tryg - Ritter Sports' remit expanded beyond development, there were promising signs heading into the 2020 season. Genki Yamamoto and Wolfgang Burmann were out, and coming in to replace them were Sindre Skjostad Lunke, Alexander Krieger, and Andris Smirnovs. These signing were, however, somewhat dwarfed by the announcement that the extremely talented Andreas Kron had reached a deal with the team. Management seemed rather pleased with themselves at the post-window press conferences.


That pleasure proved well-founded come the seasons end. Although there had been period of quite some concernation, it all came together in the closing rounds. Although all of our riders mustered good efforts throughout the season, it looked as though Project: Africa were to take the final automatic promotion spot thanks to an inspired performance by Thibaut Pinot. However, Alexander Kriger's victory at Course de Solidarnosc and Mathias Norsgaard's shock podium at the Herald Sun Tour were more than enough to leap frog the hapless African team. The scenes as Tryg - Ritter Sports's promotion were ecstatic.

History: 2021 Season
A move to the ProContinental Tour meant that there was going to be a significant amount of expansion required for the team. Legendary flandrienne Nikolas Maes made the decision to retire, whilst Alexander Krieger failed to reach an agreement with the team. Cort Nielsen and Lunke were also out, as part of the deal which saw Scandinavia Open RR winner Toms Skujins join the squad. The other big name joining the squad was Belgian stageracer Tim Wellens; whilst Tobias Halland Johannessen was brought in as one for the future.


It was always going to be an interesting season for Tryg, with their fortunes wholly dependent on the duo of Skujins and Wellens. If the pair were on form then the upper reaches of the division were a possibility, if either of them fell flat then relegation was a certainty. Wellens struggled early on, but gradually found his feet well enough to produce a handful of stellar results: capped off with an overall victory in the Tour d'Andorra. Skujins followed a similar early pattern, but where Wellens was eventually able to meet expectations the Latvian just continued to disappoint. Two excellent stageracers and €2,000,000 down the drain.

Primary Title Sponsor: TryghedsGruppen
TryghedsGruppen are the primary shareholder of Tryg Forsikring, the largest Danish insurance company. They also own interests in Falck Healthcare and SATS, a Nordic fitness chain. The membership of TryghedsGruppen is formed primarily from policyholders with Tryg Forsikring or alternative Danish insurance broker Alka. The acquisition of RSA Insurance Group means that Codan A/S is now owned by Tryg as well.


TryghedsGruppen have just signed on to a three-year sponsorship deal, in which time their dedication to the development of Danish cycling ought to start bearing fruit. As an insurance broker, it is only natural that TryghedsGruppen would ensure the sport's continued growth in the country. There is some hope that the stability granted by confirmation of another three years will provide a platform for the growth of the programme.

Secondary Title Sponsor: Gobik
Founded in 2010, Gobik are a Murcian cyclingwear company which will appear on, and manufacture, the Tryg - Gobik jerseys through the 2022 season. They have grown into an internationally recognised brand, sold across a variety of nations. With the absence of Spanish sponsors in the previous season, a deal was struck in order to foster talent development in the nation.


Gobik manufactures sportswear for cyclists, so it only stands to reason that they would look to be involved at the professional level. Unlike TryghedsGruppen, they lack the loyal customerbase established by decades of service, and will be looking to use this as an opportunity to forge relationships with their core customerbase. That isn't to say that they will be entirely inward-looking, instead Tryg - Gobik will form a key part of their expansion into new markets.

Focus Regions
The presence of TryghedsGruppen and Gobik mean Tryg - Ritter Sports will be looking to build upon their already established squad of young riders. Primarily this will involve Danish and Spanish riders, although both sponsors now have concerns outside of merely the domestic market.


TryghedsGruppen primary concern has shifted to Danish and Norwegian riders. With the likes of Andreas Kron, Frederik Rodenberg, and Tobias Halland Johannessen onboard the team is already well stocked with riders from the home countries. There are, however, a number of other talented youth from the region which might pique the team's interest if they are able to free up enough funds for it.


Xabier Mikel Azparren and Oier Lazkano were brought in on stagiaire contracts as part of the effort to bring Gobik onboard. Although both are decent riders, and probably have a place as solid domestiques somewhere in their future, neither of them are world beaters. Gobik mightn't be the more talent-focused of the title sponsors, but if the team fails to acquire an already established name then they might need to seek out one for the future as an alternative.


Outside of the primary areas of interest are Germany, where TryghedsGruppen operates some subsidiaries, as well as Mexico, Korea, and Belgium: which are emerging markets for Gobik's operations. Max Kanter and Georg Zimmermann (of Germany) have reached their full potential, and will now be looking to pay back the investment that has been put into them.

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Tryg Insurance Cycling Team
11th in CT

Squad [20 riders]
Nikolas Maes Jannik Steimle [Loan]
Wolfgang Burmann Georg Zimmermann
Magnus Cort Nielsen Muhammad Abdurrahman [Loan]
Mikkel Honore Genki Yamamoto
Magnus Bak Klaris [Stagiare] El Mehdi Chokri
Niklas Larsen Daniel Hoelgaard
Mathias Norsgaard Kristian Aasvold
Casper Pedersen Torjus Sleen
Jonas Vingegaard Didier Munyaneza [Stagiare]
Max Kanter Hannes Bergstrom Frisk [Loan]

Overall Victories
Rio Vista ChinesaC2 Daniel Hoelgaard
Grand Prix CyclistesC2HC Daniel Hoelgaard
Top 3s
Tour de San LuisC2 Daniel Hoelgaard
Great Ocean Road ClassicC2HC Nikolas Maes
Tour du FasoC2HC Nikolas Maes
Top 5s
Gisborne GPC2 Daniel Hoelgaard
Malopolski WyscigC1 Nikolas Maes
Tour of EritreaC2HC Magnus Cort Nielsen
Stage Wins
Grands Prix Cyclistes St. 1C2HC Daniel Hoelgaard
Tour de San Luis St. 3C2 Daniel Hoelgaard
Vuelta al TachiraC2 Magnus Cort Nielsen
Tour of EritreaC2HC Magnus Cort Nielsen
Grands Prix CyclistesC2HC Daniel Hoelgaard
Tour du FasoC2HC Nikolas Maes
King of Mountain
Course de SolidarnoscC2HC Daniel Hoelgaard


Tryg - Ritter Sports
5th in CT

Squad [21 riders]
Magnus Cort Nielsen Nikolas Maes
Mikkel Honore Sindre Skjostad Lunke
Mathias Norsgaard Daniel Hoelgaard
Magnus Bak Klaris Bjorn Tore Hoem
Andreas Kron Torjus Sleen
Frederik Rodenberg Andris Smirnovs
Rasmus Iversen [Stagiaire] Steven Kalf
Anthon Charmig [Stagiaire] Aksel Nommela
Alexander Krieger Kristjan Johanson [Stagiaire]
Georg Zimmermann Michel Ries [Loan]
Frank Awuku [Stagiaire]

Overall Victories
Tour of Chile2.2 Magnus Cort Nielsen
Clasico San Cristobal1.2 Daniel Hoelgaard
Course de Solidarnosc2.2HC Alexander Krieger
Top 3s
Giro del Trentino2.2 Magnus Cort Nielsen
Clasique Pico Basile1.2 Sindre Skjostad Lunke
Tour du Faso2.2HC Nikolas Maes
Herald Sun Tour2.2HC Mathias Norsgaard
Top 5s
Sakartvelo Trophy1.2 Magnus Cort Nielsen
Tour de Vineyards2.2 Sindre Skjostad Lunke
Coppa Placci1.2 Daniel Hoelgaard
Frankfurt Eschborn1.2 Alexander Krieger
Ras Tailteann2.2 Alexander Krieger
Stage Wins
Tour of Chile St. 12.2 Magnis Cort Nielsen
Tour of Eritrea St. 62.2HC Daniel Hoelgaard
Course de Solidarnosc St. 12.2HC Alexander Krieger
Course de Solidarnosc St. 32.2HC Alexander Krieger
Tour de San Luis St. 42.2 Andris Smirnovs
Tour du Faso St. 12.2HC Nikolas Maes
Tour of Chile2.2 Magnus Cort Nielsen
Course de Solidranosc2.2HC Alexander Krieger
Tour du Faso2.2HC Nikolas Maes
Tour du Faso2.2HC Steven Kalf
Herald Sun Tour2.2HC Mathias Norsgaard


Tryg - Ritter Sports
25th in PCT

Squad [22 riders]
Tim Wellens Daniel Hoelgaard
Casper Pedersen Tobias Halland Johannessen
Mikkel Honore Bjorn Tore Hoem
Mathias Norsgaard Torjus Sleen
Andreas Kron Toms Skujins
Frederik Rodenberg Andris Smirnovs
Magnus Bak Klaris Max Kanter
Rasmus Iversen Felix Groß [Loanee]
Joris Nieuwenhuis [Loanee] Juri Hollmann [Stagiaire]
Yesid Albeiro Pira [Stagiaire] Xabier Mikel Azparren[Stagiaire]
Nur Aiman Zariff Oier Lazkano [Stagiaire]

Overall Victories
Tour d'Andorra
2.1 Tim Wellens
Top 3s
Volta a Portugal2.PTHC Tim Wellens
Kenya Mountain Classic1.1 Tim Wellens
Top 5s
Vuelta a Colombia2.PTHC Tim Wellens
GP Wallonie1.PTHC Toms Skujins
Apex Mountain Classic1.1 Tim Wellens
Giro dell'Emilia1.HC Toms Skujins
Stage Wins
Volta a PortugalSt. 22.PTHC Tim Wellens
Vuelta al Pais VascoSt. 42.HC Daniel Hoelgaard
Tour de PologneSt. 42.HC Andris Smirnovs
Tour of AmericaSt. 6GT3 T. Halland Johannessen
Tour of AmericaSt.16GT3 T. Halland Johannessen
Tour of South AfricaSt. 12.1 Toms Skujins
Tour d'AndorraSt. 12.1 Tim Wellens
Tour d'AndorraSt. 52.1 Tim Wellens
Tour of South Africa
2.1 Toms Skujins
Tour d'Andorra
2.1 Tim Wellens
King of Mountains
Vuelta al Pais Vasco
2.HC Daniel Hoelgaard
Tour de Pologne
2.HC Andris Smirnovs
Tour of East Java
2.PTHC Georg Zimmermann*
Vuelta a Colombia
2.PTHC Georg Zimmermann*
*riding with other team

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Primary Title Sponsor:TryghedsGruppen
Secondary Title Sponsor:Gobik
Bicycle Supplier:Canyon
Wheels Supplier:DTSwiss
Clothing Supplier:Gobik



Sponsor Focus

Provide a pathway to the ProTour for Danish TalentsSucceeded
Expand the development programme's Iberian reachFailed
Continue developing Nordic cyclistsSucceeded

A host of future stars currently ply their trade with Tryg - Gobik. This was the greatest desire of the title sponsor in the previous seasons, and they now look forward to the continued growth of these riders within the Tryg programme. It is the mission of TryghedsGruppen to ensure a pathway for young Danish cyclists from the local amateur scene into fully professional outfits in the ProTour. Gobik expands this focus to include granting the opportunity for promising riders from Spain.

Produce a leader from DenmarkOngoing
Sign a leader from SpainFailed
Secure an immediate return to the PCTOngoing

Although Tryg's twin leadership in 2021 was certainly backed by a significant investment, only half it boomed while the other was a complete bust. The abysmal failure of the team's top heavy approach might have put management off it, but the sponsors still have their demands. TryghedsGruppen want to see their youth investments starting to pay off, while Gobik want a big name Spanish rider to immediately establish themselves on the scene.

Provide employment to riders from DenmarkSucceeded
Finance continued development of talentsFailed
Limit wages for riders outside target regionsFailed

Returning to the Continental Tour will undoubtedly be accompanied by a reduction in budget, and the fact the team is on a downturn might see the financing be less than it was two years ago. Despite this, financial policy remains largely the same as previous seasons, although garnering money in excess of the salary cap is necessary for the continued development of the team's upcoming stars.

Sponsor Targets
USA Pro Cycling ChallengeTop 52.2Ongoing
Ras TailteannTop 52.2Ongoing
Clasico San JoseTop 51.2Ongoing
Tour of AmericaWinGT3Ongoing
Team ClassificationTop 5CTOngoing

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Michal Schlegel | 27 years old | €130,000 | Climber-Hybrid
12th Giro di LombardiaPTM2020
27th Fleche Wallonne1.PT2021
30th Balkans International2.PTHC2020
13th Euskal Bizikleta2.22018

Max Kanter | 25 years old | €165,000 | Sprinter
29th Benelux Challenge2.HC2019

Daniel Hoelgaard | 29 years old | €118,000 | Puncheur
firstcycling.com/img/mini/yellow.gif Win Grand Prix Cyclistes2.2HC2019
Win Rio Vista Chinesa1.22019
Win Clasico San Cristobal1.22020
firstcycling.com/img/mini/polka.gif KoM Paris-Nice2.PT2017
Stage Win Tour of California2.PTHC2016
firstcycling.com/img/mini/red.png Youth Benelux Challenge2.HC2018
Stage Win Benelux Challenge ∣ Stage 52.HC2018
firstcycling.com/img/mini/red.png KoM Vuelta al Pais Vasco2.12021
Stage Win Vuelta al Pais Vasco ∣ Stage 52.12021
firstcycling.com/img/mini/white.gif Youth Tour de Romandie2.12018
firstcycling.com/img/mini/green.gif Points Grand Prix Cyclistes2.2HC2019
firstcycling.com/img/mini/green.gif KoM Course de Solidarnosc2.2HC2019
firstcycling.com/img/mini/white.gif Youth Tour of Slovenia2.2HC2018
Stage Win Grand Prix Cyclistes ∣ Stage 12.2HC2019
Stage Win Tour of Eritrea ∣ Stage 62.2HC2020
Stage Win Tour de San Luis ∣ Stage 32.22019


Georg Zimmermann | 25 years old | €125,000 | Climber
firstcycling.com/img/mini/white.gif Youth Vuelta a Colombia2.PTHC2021
firstcycling.com/img/mini/white.gif Youth Tour of East Java2.PTHC2021
21st GP Liechtenstein1.PT2021
28th Fleche Wallonne1.PT2021

Alexander Krieger | 31 years old | €75,000 | Sprinter
firstcycling.com/img/mini/yellow.gif Win Course de Solidarnosc2.2HC2020
firstcycling.com/img/mini/green.gif Points Baltic Chain Tour2.12021
firstcycling.com/img/mini/white.gif Youth Circula de Juarez2.12016
Stage Win Baltic Chain Tour ∣ Stage 32.12021
Stage Win Tour of Southland ∣ Stage 22.12019
firstcycling.com/img/mini/white.gif Points Course de Solidarnosc2.2HC2020
Stage Win Course de Solidarnosc ∣ Stage 12.2HC2020
Stage Win Course de Solidarnosc ∣ Stage 32.2HC2020
Stage Win Vuelta al Tachira ∣ Stage 22.22015
Stage Win Vuelta al Tachira ∣ Stage 32.22021


Frederik Frison | 30 years old | €50,000 | Timetriallist

Ingvar Omarsson | 33 years old | €50,000 | Stage Racer


T. Halland Johannessen | 23 years old | €158,000 | Climber

Torjus Sleen | 25 years old | €55,000 | Stage Racer

Roger Adria | 24 years old | €50,000 | Climber

Juraj Bellan | 26 years old | Drafted | Stage Racer

Georgios Kaloniatis | 23 years old | €50,000 | Timetriallist

Rasmus Iversen | 25 years old | €50,000 | Timetriallist

Similo Nyoni | 27 years old | $50,000 | Timetriallist

Fatiu Abolaji | 24 years old | Drafted | Timetriallist


Sarris Evangelos | 21 years old | $15,000 | Timetriallist

Erik Fetter | 22 years old | $10,000 | Stage Racer

Marcus Sander Hansen | 22 years old | $10,000 | Timetriallist

Oliver Wulff Frederiksen | 22 years old | $10,000 | Timetriallist

Out on Loan

Andreas Kron | 24 years old | $74,000 | Puncheur

Frederik Rodenberg | 24 years old | $50,000 | Sprinter

Mikkel Honore | 25 years old | $50,000 | Puncheur

Mathias Norsgaard | 25 years old | $50,000 | Timetriallist

Edited by liefwarrior on 28-09-2022 07:37

Rider2021 TeamCost
Sergey Chernetskiy Team Tinkoff - La Datcha(€100,000) + P/E
Michal Schlegel Aegon - Peroni(€130,000) + P/E
Frederik Frison Aegon - Peroni(€50,000) + P/E
Free Agents
Rider2021 TeamCost
Alexander Krieger Crabbe-CC Chevigny(€75,000)
Ingvar Omarsson Grieg-Maersk(€50,000)
Torjus Sleen Tryg - Ritter Sport(€55,000)
Rasmus Iversen Tryg - Ritter Sport(€50,000)
Similo NyoniFree Agent(€50,000)
Juraj BellanFree AgentDraft
Roger AdriaNeo-Pro(€50,000)
Georgios KaloniatisNeo-Pro(€50,000)
Fatiu AbolajiNeo-ProDraft
Sarris EvangelosStagiaire(€15,000)
Erik FetterStagiaire(€10,000)
Oliver Wulff FrederiksenStagiaire(€10,000)
Marcus Sander HansenStagiaire(€10,000)
Rider2022 TeamCost
Toms Skujins Team Tinkoff - La Datcha€1,600,000 + P/E
Tim Wellens Aegon - Peroni€1,200,000 + P/E
Sergey Chernetskiy Crabbe-CC Chevigny€400,000
Loaned Out
Rider2022 TeamCost
Andreas Kron Grieg-Maersk€0
Mathias Norsgaard Grieg-Maersk€0
Frederik Rodenberg cycleYorkshire€0
Mikkel Honore Polar(€50,000)
Rider2022 TeamCost
Andris Smirnovs Red Bull - Zalgiris€55,000
Bjorn Tore Hoem Tafjord Kraft€50,000
Nur Aiman Zariff Cedevita€55,000
Casper Pedersen Gjensidige€50,000
Magnus Bak KlarisFree Agent€50,000
Yesid Albeiro Pira Los Pollos Hermanos€10,000
Oier Lazkano Bourdeaux - Euskotren€10,000
Juri Hollmann Staffbase - BHP€10,000
Xabier Mikel Azparren Caja Rural€10,000

Edited by liefwarrior on 13-09-2022 05:32

9th Jan Gisborne GP1.2
21st-30th Jan Vuelta al Tachira2.2
30th Jan Clasico San Jose**1.2
15th-20th Feb Volta a Catalunya2.2
1st-4th Mar Tour of Guadeloupe2.1
2nd-5th Mar Jelajah SKL2.2
21st Mar Coppa Placci1.2
30th Mar GP Izola1.2
6th-10th Apr Baltic Chain Tour2.1
15th Apr Berlin ProRace1.1
27th-30th Apr USA Pro Cycling Challenge**2.2
1st May Nakhon Ratchasima Trophy1.2
3rd-8th May Tour de Romandie2.1
23rd-28th May Olympia's Tour2.2
1st Jun Hanko Classic1.1
1st-3rd Jun Ras Tailteann**2.2
9th-13th Jun La Tropicale Amissa Bongo2.1
16th-22nd Jun Tour of Vancouver2.2
17th-22nd Jun Tour of South Africa2.1
23rd Jun Paris Tours Espoirs1.U23
1st Jul Torshavn GP1.1
1st Jul Uppsala Classic1.2
3rd-6th Jul Arab Tour1.1
23rd Jul Betonexpressz GP1.2
25th-29th Jul Tour d'Andorra2.1
31st Jul Liege - Bastogne - Liege U231.U23
11th-13th Aug Giro del Trentino2.2
15th Aug Frankfurt Eschborn1.1
23rd-31st Aug Tour de l'Avenir2.U23
3rd-23rd Sept Tour of America*GT3
11th-14th Sept Tour of the Middle East2.2
28th Sept Milano-Torino1.1
30th Sept Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften1.U23
1st-6th October Tour du Maroc2.HC
6th-10th October Herald Sun Tour2.2
18th October Zuri Metzgete1.2
*sponsor expects a win
**sponsor expects a top 5

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Ulrich Ulriksen
The CT is holding the 4th anniversary reunion of the class of 2019. Hopefully the 5th anniversary can be in the PCT.

Sure you will be a strong contender for promotion this year and like the options the Spanish secondary sponsor opens up.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
The CT is holding the 4th anniversary reunion of the class of 2019. Hopefully the 5th anniversary can be in the PCT.

+1 Smile

Agree it's good to see another team having Spain as their secondary focus - the void Desigual left is starting to get filled Smile

I doubt that you could talk Wellens down to a wage that actually makes him viable in CT, but maybe you managed to do so for Skuijns after his horrible year? Otherwise, I think a good transfer here and there would make you bounce back up immediately Smile
Good luck!
[ Tryg's 2022 Jersey Released! ]
A new year, a new jersey manufacturer, it must mean a new kit for the Tryg - Gobik boys. Gobik decided to really devote their creative energies to this one. Gone are the tradition halves, with the colouration division perpendicular to its previous position. Once something of a reverse Malta, the riders will now look like they are wearing the flag of Poland (or reverse Indonesia if you prefer).

The wooden slats of the inaugural jersey were abstracted in the team's sophomore year, then given a gradient, and are now confined to only the lower back in this year's edition. Instead, a wash of red has flooded across the front of the kit, whilst a solid white occupies the chest, shoulders, and upper back.

The red colouration is obviously borrowed from TryghedGruppen's colour scheme, while the white has crept in across the years. Initially confined to the sleeves, the addition of Ritter Sports as title co-sponsor saw it spread to the shoulders and flanks. Given that Gobik tends towards a minimalist monochrome branding, the further extension of white might be seen as a moment of self-aggrandisement.

In line with that minimalism, quite a lot has been cut from the design. Gone are the flurry of sponsorship logos (although the team's demotion might have something to do with that); and in their absence a much cleaner look has been assembled. Dedicated fans will be disappointed by the quasi-disappearance of the iconic lifepreserver, with a large "Tryg" now emblazoned in its place. Perhaps they will be placated by the introduction of an image-like pattern on the jersey's front?

Tryg - Gobik's 2022 maillot stands as a significant departure from the team's previous colours. Given how the red-brown of yesteryear somewhat disappeared in the peloton, it might well be a change for the better. To quickly spot a Tryg cyclist this year one need only look for red from the front, white from the top, and brown from the rear.
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
The CT is holding the 4th anniversary reunion of the class of 2019. Hopefully the 5th anniversary can be in the PCT.

Sure you will be a strong contender for promotion this year and like the options the Spanish secondary sponsor opens up.

Getting the band back together for sure! It's about time that McCormick's national investment starts paying dividends, although only as long as it isn't at our expense Pfft.

Fabianski wrote:
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
The CT is holding the 4th anniversary reunion of the class of 2019. Hopefully the 5th anniversary can be in the PCT.

+1 Smile

Agree it's good to see another team having Spain as their secondary focus - the void Desigual left is starting to get filled Smile

I doubt that you could talk Wellens down to a wage that actually makes him viable in CT, but maybe you managed to do so for Skuijns after his horrible year? Otherwise, I think a good transfer here and there would make you bounce back up immediately Smile
Good luck!

Wellens or Skujins in the Continental Tour would be monstrous, no doubt Moscon would be keen to avoid the latter. I can't imagine Quintana will make it down, but maybe Reinhardt will repeat his performances, after accepting a siginifcant wage drop of course.
I hated to see how Skujins did not do well enough to save you last year. Hope you'll be able to bounce back quickly from that!
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Beautiful HQ, will dig in at some point to the text but graphically and layout looks amazing Grin Love the sponsor focuses/future goals, may very well steal that at some point Pfft Good luck in the CT this year, really hope you can bounce straight back into the best division and we can race together at last!
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Agree that you have a real knack for making a great looking HQ. Adding the Spanish focus to your Danish team should be a really interesting combo.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
knockout wrote:
I hated to see how Skujins did not do well enough to save you last year. Hope you'll be able to bounce back quickly from that!

I almost certainly placed too much pressure on the poor lad, and as far as I can tell it came down to luck as much as anything; at least when one looks at how similar riders performed. Here's hoping we do indeed bounce back up; and that you have another excellent season in the PT.

jandal7 wrote:
Beautiful HQ, will dig in at some point to the text but graphically and layout looks amazing Grin Love the sponsor focuses/future goals, may very well steal that at some point Pfft Good luck in the CT this year, really hope you can bounce straight back into the best division and we can race together at last!

I can't claim all the credit for it, as various parts are inspired by the work of various other members. I certainly hope that I'll be in the PCT next season, but it would be a bit rude if I didn't wish for your own promotion just so I can anticipate direct competition.

baseballlover312 wrote:
Agree that you have a real knack for making a great looking HQ. Adding the Spanish focus to your Danish team should be a really interesting combo.

Danes in Spain, who'd've thought.

How it Happened
For the first time in our history we have suffered through the ignominy of struggling through the renewals process with a contracted budget. Last season we looked to scrape every last cent out of the €2.5M available to us, and there was never much hope that our cyclists would accept wage cuts significant enough to see us under the new €1.2M limit. Thus it became a question of who stays, who goes, and how much are we willing to pay in fines.


Having sacked the intern who made egregious mistakes in our first series of renewals, things proceeded in much better form this time round. Everyone was well aware of the precarious financial position that the team was in, and although they remained in contact throughout the entire process, many of the team's domestiques and lesser talents were not offered contract extensions. Others were given a definitive take-it-or-leave-it offer, and the remainder went through an extensive negotiation process the produced quite reasonable results.

The Departures
The biggest name leaving the squad was Andris Smirnovs. In two seasons with us - first as co-leader with Hoelgaard and then as a domestique for Skujins - the Latvian put in some rather solid shifts. Chasing breakaways and sheltering one's leader are pieces of important work themselves worthy of praise, but Smirnovs went above and beyond to secure a trio of additions to his palmarés. In his first season he won a stage of the Tour de San Luis, and last year he put in an excellent performance at the Tour de Pologne: winning a stage from the break and securing the King of Mountains jersey in the process. Unfortunately, after several years earning a domestique's wages Smirnovs decided that these results were sufficient evidence that he deserved better. Management decided that he would have better luck finding the wages he sought on the open market.


Of the remainder, both Bjorn Tore Hoem and Casper Pedersen were offered new contracts, but neither were willing to come to an agreement with the team. The rest were not offered a new contract, not necessarily because they were seen as surplus to requirements, but rather because management didn't think they were worth €50,000 in salary cap space as well as €100,000 in fines. If any of those who have been released happen to find themselves back through the free agency process then all the better.

Post-Renewals Squad
Retained [10]:
Rider2022 WageDifference
Tim Wellens€585,000-€245,000
Toms Skujins€495,000±€0
Max Kanter€165,000+€100,000
Georg Zimmerman€125,000+€75,000
Daniel Hoelgaard€118,000-€12,000
Tobias Halland Johannessen€158,000-€102,000
Andreas Kron€74,000+€24,000
Mikkel Honore€50,000±€0
Mathias Norsgaard€50,000-€10,000
Frederik Rodenberg€50,000±€0
Formerly Loaned In [2]:
Rider2022 WageDifferenceAvailability
Joris Nieuwenhuis€0-€25,000
Felix Gross€0±€0
Released [11]:
Rider2022 WageDifferenceAvailability
Andris Smirnovs€0-€55,000
Nur Aiman Zariff€0-€55,000
Casper Pedersen€0-€50,000
Magnus Bak Klaris€0-€50,000
Rasmus Iversen€0-€50,000
Torjus Sleen€0-€50,000
Bjorn Tore Hoem€0-€50,000
Yesid Albeiro Pira€0-€15,000
Xabier Mikel Azparren€0-€10,000
Oier Lazkano€0-€10,000
Juri Hollmann€0-€10,000
23 riders€1,870,000-€595,000(€670,000)

Where to From Here?
Going into the transfer window it is clear that Tryg - Gobik have several contracts which they are going to need to offload. Although retaining both Toms Skujins and Tim Wellens means that we have great bargaining chips it comes at the cost of €1,340,000 in fees. There are several talents that are going to be in need of expensive loans to the ProTour (⬤⬤⬤⬤), and Tobias HJ's development might be bettered by a spell at the ProContinental level. Daniel Hoelgaard has shown several times that he is a solid leader at the lower levels, and with Zimmermann and Kanter in their first peak year the team has a solid basis with which to challenge for the promotion.


Aside from the two big names, almost every rider still on Tryg's books is available should the right offer come in for them. With the team transitioning away from a German focus both Max Kanter and Georg Zimmermann might be better suited in greener pastures, although either would need a rather great offer if they were to depart without delay. Andreas Kron and Frederik Rodenberg, who we have pegged as the future of Danish cycling, will stay barring any surprises. Daniel Hoelgaard and Mikkel Honore might move on if swaps can be arranged for anything other than a sprinter. The team is looking for, in this order: (a) cash, (b) talents, (c) riders who will retain value; so no old-fogeys if you please. Cash + rider deals will be looked on favourably as well.
It's going to be some big changes at Tryg this season. Looking forward to see how you handle it Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Ouch, that's a pretty massive renewals fee Shock Looks like I was the most conservative out of the three continuing relegating teams then Pfft

You should still be able to end up with a good amount of money - or great CT leaders - and the core of Kanter, Zimmermann and Hoelgaard definitely is very nice for CT. And mostly very young!
With at least 4 talents going out on loan, and just 10 riders under contract, you'll have quite a busy transfer season upcoming - but what a team that will be next year! You really should promote, and then I don't see any difficulties of you staying up next time around Smile
Shame that the bet on Wellens and Skuijns didn't quite work out, but it was worth a try I guess. A lot of turnover in the squad was somewhat expected I guess. All the best for this season and I think there's a good chance of you bouncing back immediately with a couple of moves in the window.

Expecting to be in touch this transfers also Wink
Yeesh, hefty fee indeed. Should still be worth it I assume. I'll probably reach out about a rider or two at some point, too Smile
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