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[PCT] Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team

2017 - Today

YearDivisionTeam NameRanking
2017CT Statoil Pro Cycling Team23
2018CT Equinor Pro Cycling Team18
2019CT Equinor Pro Cycling Team12
2020CT Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team11
2021CT Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team4
2022PCT Gjensidige Pro Cycling TeamTBD

Main Sponsor: Gjensidige Forsikring

The largest insurances company in Norway, has been our name sponsor for two years. They have agreed to continue to fund the team, as we take on the PCT division.

Co-Sponsor: Coop /

New sponsor for the 2022 season, Coop. They have a large position in Norway, aswell as in other European countries. We are very pleased to bring them onboard.

Co-Sponsor: Nordea ///

Another new sponsor gets added for the 2022 season, a large bank in Scandinavia, Nordea. They make a comeback in the MG marked after a shorter stint with Air France - KLM at the highest level. We are delighted to bring them back into the world of cycling

Co-Sponsor: Mercedes-Benz

Our new car sponsor for the season, is Mercedes-Benz. The team has been promised only AMG cars. A deal we could not turn down.

Co-Sponsor: Falck //

Another Scandinavian company with a storied history, joins our team for 2022. Falck like Gjensidige and Coop, has been around for a long time. Just like we hope to be aswell.

Co-Sponsor: Laks er viktig

A Norwegian coalition for production of salmon, and a large sponsor of Norwegian races. Is still onboard after their first season last year. Glad to still have them onboard.

Equipment Sponsors:
SMS Santini

2022 Kit



Edited by hillis91 on 02-08-2022 23:57

i.imgur.com/mz1gnqS.pngTimofey Kritskiy71807176727069546461645875
i.imgur.com/ClLsABf.pngSondre Holst Enger73636971717377588178626877
i.imgur.com/fai4wKj.pngOdd Christian Eiking71698065787471546876756967
i.imgur.com/hoj71Bu.pngJaime Roson67787661677077535474736658
i.imgur.com/8RGFbgH.pngVegard Stake Laengen69757275757473596166707476
i.imgur.com/xdDZFAd.pngDavid De la Cruz68777473707473555971647273
i.imgur.com/Yb1yA7F.pngMarcel Kittel73536279716763555870706279
i.imgur.com/8BLHVTI.pngSindre Skjostad Lunke69787273767478586064686976
i.imgur.com/LrpabpT.pngStepan Kurianov79656562767476717570727064
i.imgur.com/52APRSQ.pngGregory Daniel75677277757472555668736976
i.imgur.com/SDKvw7L.pngCasper Pedersen76616767737675637777716978
i.imgur.com/xvjo4Aj.pngJonas Iversby Hvideberg74646963707165716164776465
i.imgur.com/t1CrJ89.pngJohan Fredrik Ziesler69707662747067526965597164
i.imgur.com/iSeBcwK.pngIver Johan Knotten70626276706970585960666672
i.imgur.com/pv9iJxd.pngThymen Arensman71737070687369676366726970
i.imgur.com/DW8fwoo.pngDinmukhammed Ulysbayev68716968686868606264676367
i.imgur.com/XwsRH5A.pngKristoffer Skjerping67707762716768525865627362
i.imgur.com/wTPXZ7v.pngGuillaume Martin68757266747175525971636567
i.imgur.com/6Mu0Tlu.pngAdomaitis Rojus73596767657274577776606473
i.imgur.com/XnNs8xx.pngPhilip Lavery69717664757168636777776264
i.imgur.com/BG5DWNC.pngEirik Lunder70626558766666587075757063
i.imgur.com/1AeEDTU.pngDimitrios Christakos68736868677169586167717071

Out on Loan

i.imgur.com/JcBz0MQ.pngAaron Van Poucke68757564687167606773746766
i.imgur.com/jAKuEB5.pngSoren Waerenskjold68596569717163666764646069
i.imgur.com/5s0Pudd.pngBrent Van Moer74616977747668695865676877

Edited by hillis91 on 05-09-2022 15:34
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09.01Down Under ClassicHC
13.01 - 18.01Tour Down UnderHC
21.01 - 30.01Vuelta al TachiraC2
25.01 - 27.01Hong Kong ChallengeC1
30.01Clasico San JoseC2
10.02Le SamynHC
22.02 - 24.02Tour of UkrainePTHC
22.02 - 26.02Circulo de JuarezHC
08.03Great Ocean Road ClassicPTHC
06.04 - 10.04Baltic Chain TourC1
12.04 - 18.04Tour de PologneHC
20.04GP WallonieHC
28.04Lisbon ClassicHC
30.04Amstel Gold RaceM
01.05Cheshire Cycling TourPTHC
03.05Fleche WallonneM
07.05Liege - Bastogne - LiegeM
17.05 - 23.05Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHC
27.05 - 31.05Tour of NorwayHC
01.06Hanko ClassicC1
03.06Pro Hallstatt ClassicHC
08.06 - 14.06Tour de SuissePTHC
14.06 - 21.06Criterium du Dauphine LiberePTHC
27.06Apex Mountain ClassicC1
03.07 - 23.07Tour de FranceGT
03.07 - 06.07Arab TourC1
16.07 - 19.07Tour of LithuaniaPTHC
01.08 - 06.08Benelux ChallengeHC
06.08Clasica San SebastianPTHC
09.08 - 13.08Post Danmark RundtHC
17.08 - 21.08Tour of BritainC1
03.09 - 23.09Tour of AmericaC1
04.09 - 09.09Balkans InternationalPTHC
12.09GP MoscowPT
17.09 - 20.09Bayern RundfahrtHC
26.09Tour of the BattenkillPTHC
26.09Rheden GPPTHC
28.09Milano - TorinoC1
28.09GP LuganoC1
03.10Japan CupPTHC
12.10 - 15.10Euskal BizikletaC1
14.10Grands Prix CyclistePTHC
18.10Giro di LombardiaM
18.10Giro dell'EmiliaHC

Edited by hillis91 on 16-09-2022 22:18


i.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngClasica San SebastianPTHCWin
i.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngGreat Ocean Road ClassicPTHCTop 5
i.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngGiro dell'EmiliaHCTop 5
i.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngPost Danmark RundtHCTop 10
i.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngi.imgur.com/jbtj3gP.pngTeam StandingsPCTTop 5


i.imgur.com/mz1gnqS.png Timofey Kritskiy Hong Kong Challengei.imgur.com/RmpQvXK.png 1st

Edited by hillis91 on 30-10-2022 11:40

The Plan

i.imgur.com/Lu3ioo6.png i.imgur.com/5obDwQz.png

Odd Christian Eiking Timofey Kritskiy
77,28 - Hill75,76 - Stage Race
Tour Down Under Hong Kong Challenge
Hong Kong Challenge Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt
Tour of Ukraine Pro Hallstatt Classic
Tour de Pologne Criterium du Dauphine Libere
Badaling International Apex Mountain Classic
GP Wallonie Tour de France
Amstel Gold Race Tour of America
Fleche Wallonne Rheden GP
Liege - Bastogne - Liege Japan Cup
Tour of Lithuania Grands Prix Cycliste
Clasica San Sebastian Giro dell'Emilia
Tour of Britain
Milano - Torino
Japan Cup
Euskal Bizikleta
Giro di Lombardia


Sondre Holst Enger Marcel Kittel
76,78 - Sprinter72,86 - Time Trail
Down Under Classic Clasico San Jose
Tour Down Under Le Samyn
Circulo de Juarez Tour of Ukraine
Great Ocean Road Classic Great Ocean Road Classic
Baltic Chain Tour Baltic Chain Tour
Lisbon Classic Lisbon Classic
Tour of Norway Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt
Hanko Classic Tour of Norway
Arab Tour Hanko Classic
Tour of Lithuania Tour de Suisse
Post Danmark Rundt Arab Tour
GP Moscow Tour of Lithuania
Grands Prix Cycliste Benelux Challenge
Giro dell'Emilia Post Danmark Rundt
GP Moscow
Bayern Rundfahrt
Tour of the Battenkill
Euskal Bizikleta

Edited by hillis91 on 16-09-2022 22:45

Coming Soon...
Huge congratulations on the promotion, great to see you in the PCT - looking forward to racing against you again after so long Grin
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Thank you sir! Smile
We share the same emotion, and hope to claw ourself to the PCT division, and avoid a 1 and done..
Congratulations on your promotion! Very nice to see you get rewarded after several seasons knocking on the door, finding your feet in the CT.

Will definitely follow your project with great interest in the PCT, and I'm sure we'll have extended talks when the transfer season starts Smile

Fingers crossed you'll find a way to survive your first PCT season, and also that you can continue to build for the future.
Cheers ember! Im sure we will have extensive talks for sure Smile
Congrats on making it up to PCT Grin Looking forward to how you build your team for the coming season!
Cheers Abhi - We are aswell, trying to map out a route for us as we speak.
The Pre Transfer DB can't come quick enough! Smile
Congrats on finally getting up, your long-term plans seem to start working Smile
Guess you'll either be pretty aggressive on PT wildcards, or you'll have to do a couple of loan-outs, but I'm sure you'll make your way Smile Looking forward to see how your roster will look like after transfers!
Congrats on climbing up into the PCT Smile

Awesome to see you make the jump up - and cool to see that every season you’ve improved upon your previous result which means you must be Maile don for promotion surely Smile Best of luck with your planning for the coming season and hope you guys can stay up comfortably.
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
@Fabianski: Thank you sir! Im calculating that now, as it would be cool to have the lvl. 4 guys myself this season. Hmm hmm.

@Eden95: Thank you, thank you! I hope we can have a couple of season in the PCT and not be a yoyo and go straight down again. It would be nice to stay here.
Congratulations on the well deserved promotion! Loved having Knotten over last season and wouldn't say no to one or more Gjensidige riders heading towards Mexico this season either Smile Classy jersey as usual.
Thank you!
We will be talking this off-season for sure! Smile

The Aftermath

Nat.NameOVRAge Wage 21 Wage 22
Odd Christian Eiking77,2827150000290000 140 000
Davide Appollonio76,7321000000-100 000
Jaime Roson75,72890000125000 35 000
Jonathan Salinas75,0631900000-90 000
Oscar Avelino74,543400 -
Gregory Daniel74,35279000070000-20 000
Phil Bauhaus73,5627500000-50 000
Guillaume Martin73,53285000050000 -
Syver Waersted73,23255000090000 40 000
Johan Fredrik Ziesler72,9931055000 55 000
Wen Hao Li72,87326000055000-5 000
Daniele Ratto72,6432500000-50 000
Lorents Ola Aasvold72,5933500000-50 000
Kristoffer Skjerping72,3285000050000 -
Gabor Fejes71,8932500000-50 000
Aaron Van Poucke71,85235000050000 -
Adomaitis Rojus71,07235000050000 -
Stepan Kurianov70,98255000085000 35 000
Brent Van Moer70,14235500050000-5 000
Axel Zingle69,62235000050000 -
Thymen Arensman68,95226500050000-15 000
Leonardo Henrique Finkler68,1122500000-50 000
Iver Johan Knotten68,04235000050000 -
Dinmukhammed Ulysbayev67,17235000050000 -
Changes:-180 000


Guillaume Martin6875726674717552597163656773,534.1002950000
Wen Hao Li7452607771666949747363637771,584.1003355000
Axel Zingle7162676068736761747464656371,33.172450000

Solid round of renewals, wage increase on Eiking was more or less unavoidable with the training you put into him last year! Excited to see how you approach the challenge that is PCT!
The Eiking bump definitely stings on paper, but after his training it was an inevitable raise. Sadder to see Appo declining. Some good memories of him.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
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