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Tour of Northern Europe - Stage 2

After yesterday’s TTT, today we have a flat stage to ease the transition into the GC battle. We may not see a change of leader today, but who will strike first amongst the sprinters?


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Gaudu, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Jans and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Monk form our early breakaway and cross the Cat 4 KoM sprint in that order, though there remain a number of riders trying to bridge.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/akm.png Videika join the break shortly afterwards, before pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Jans takes the Cat 3 KoM.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro then wins the first intermediate sprint.


Before pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Monk narrowly beats him to win the following Cat 4.


The second intermediate sprint is won by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/akm.png Videika. The break leads by only 2 minutes with 35km left, so the peloton should fancy their chances of making the catch.


As we enter the final part of the stage, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Jans beats pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro to crest the Cat 3 with 20km left first and strengthen his hold on the provisional KoM lead.


The peloton crosses the summit 1'24 back but disintegrates going over the climb. It merges back into one cohesive group with 13km to go, but will it make a difference to the chase?


The answer is yes, as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro goes it alone and quickly builds a gap. With 10km to go he has 15 seconds advantage over pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Gaudu and 35 seconds over pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Jans, with the peloton dropping to 2'48 back - and likely out of contention.


So it seems as we reach 5km to go. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro has grown his lead to 41 seconds over pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/afk.png Gaudu, with pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/iso.png Jans at 1'01, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/akm.png Videika at 1'21, and the peloton at 2'47.


Unsurprisingly those gaps prove insurmountable and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro takes the win! But will he take the GC lead? The peloton has really ramped up the pace and caught the other members of the break, so it will be a tight finish.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Moser, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Nizzolo, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Bewley, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Degenkolb lead the pack into the finishing straight, although it is a chaotic and disorganised sprint as would be expected in the circumstances.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/isa.png Degenkolb manages to grab 2nd with pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/lpu.png Gaviria, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tti.png Moser and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/mos.png Bewley completing the top five today. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/vlv.png Stallaert, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Hsu, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/xr0.png Houle, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/fes.png Nizzolo and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Pedersen complete the top ten today, coming home 30 seconds after pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro.


A slight gap forms to pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Hofstetter and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Laporte in 11th and 12th, as well as the pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/grm.png Wisniowski led remainder of the peloton, but the race jury decides to give the whole group the same time. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Arashiro doesn’t manage to take the GC lead despite his bonus seconds but will move up to 6th and take over the lead of the U25 classification.

Stage Results

1Yudai ArashiroRakuten Pro Cycling4h05'14
2John DegenkolbISA - Hexacta+ 30
3Fernando GaviriaLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
4Moreno MoserTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
5Sam BewleyMoser - Sygics.t.
6Joeri StallaertVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
7Hsuan Ping HsuKing Powers.t.
8Hugo HouleXero Racings.t.
9Giacomo NizzoloFestina - OAKAs.t.
10Mads PedersenGrieg-Maersks.t.
11Hugo HofstetterGrieg-Maersks.t.
12Christophe LaporteGeneralis.t.
13Lukasz WisniowskiGrieg-Maersks.t.
14Adrian MaloriTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
15David PerIsostar - Specializeds.t.
16Viktor ManakovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
17Remi CavagnaTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
18Lukas SpenglerTeam UBSs.t.
19Nelson OliveiraGeneralis.t.
20Olivier Lecourt De BillotGeneralis.t.
21Benoit CosnefroyGrieg-Maersks.t.
22Michael HepburnMoser - Sygics.t.
23Patrick BevinTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
24Dylan Van BaarlecycleYorkshires.t.
25Stefan KungGeneralis.t.
26Atsushi OkaTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
27Mike TeunissenGazelles.t.
28Andrew TennantcycleYorkshires.t.
29Tom WirtgenEA Vesuvios.t.
30Luke DurbridgecycleYorkshires.t.
31Sean De BieAegon - Peronis.t.
32Aime De GendtGeneralis.t.
33Steven LammertinkeBuddys.t.
34Domenic WeinsteinTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
35Cameron MeyerBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
36Silvan DillierTeam UBSs.t.
37Stanislau BazhkouXero Racings.t.
38Kiril YatsevichTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
39Tom BohliTeam UBSs.t.
40Ignacio Jesus PradoMoser - Sygics.t.
41Filippo GannaTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
42Ian BibbyGazelles.t.
43Jose GoncalvesTeam UBSs.t.
44David GauduAir France - KLMs.t.
45Michal KukrleMoser - Sygics.t.
46Morne Van NiekerkXero Racings.t.
47Taco van der HoornAegon - Peronis.t.
48Tim DeclerqTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
49Nick Van der LijkeEA Vesuvios.t.
50Karel HnikMoser - Sygics.t.
51Kenneth VanbilsenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
52Floris GertseBuddys.t.
53Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
54Roy JansIsostar - Specializeds.t.
55Tejay Van GarderenEA Vesuvios.t.
56Kamil MaleckiGazelles.t.
57Steven KruijswijkGazelles.t.
58Blaz FurdiGazelles.t.
59Daniel TurekMoser - Sygics.t.
60Max KanterEA Vesuvios.t.
61Yuan Tan PengGrieg-Maersks.t.
62Moreno HoflandGazelles.t.
63Jiri PolnickyMoser - Sygics.t.
64Adrien PetitISA - Hexactas.t.
65Sam HarrisonISA - Hexactas.t.
66Xandro MeurisseXero Racings.t.
67Wout Van AertLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
68Yves LampaerteBuddys.t.
69Salah Eddine MraouniISA - Hexactas.t.
70Ben GastauerEA Vesuvios.t.
71Matthew HolmescycleYorkshires.t.
72Krists NeilandsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
73Benjamin ThomasTeam UBSs.t.
74Jasper De BuystGeneralis.t.
75Armands BecisEvonik - ELKOs.t.
76Maurits LammertinkeBuddys.t.
77Mathieu van der PoelAegon - Peronis.t.
78Julio PadillaControl Teams.t.
79Florian SenechalTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
80Lucas Manuel GadayGeneralis.t.
81Marc PottsGazelles.t.
82Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
83Shaun Nick BesterXero Racings.t.
84Clement KoretzkyFestina - OAKAs.t.
85Ivan CentroneEA Vesuvios.t.
86Jo Kogstad RingheimGrieg-Maersks.t.
87Kirill SveshnikovControl Teams.t.
88Karlo AiaControl Teams.t.
89King Lok CheungRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
90Simone PonziTeam UBSs.t.
91Tao Geoghegan HartGazelles.t.
92Martin SchäppiTeam UBSs.t.
93Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshires.t.
94Kamil GradekIsostar - Specializeds.t.
95Lars BoomAegon - Peronis.t.
96Ian StannardcycleYorkshires.t.
97Ahmad ArissolISA - Hexactas.t.
98Bakhtiyar KozhatayevIsostar - Specializeds.t.
99Chun Kai FengISA - Hexactas.t.
100Jakub KaczmarekeBuddys.t.
101Kai ReusRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
102Frederik FrisonAegon - Peronis.t.
103Hampus AnderbergAker - MOTs.t.
104Jaime CastrilloAker - MOTs.t.
105Patrick NaudEvonik - ELKOs.t.
106Tim ArieseneBuddys.t.
107Michael BorosMoser - Sygics.t.
108Davide BalleriniAegon - Peronis.t.
109Philipp WalslebenAker - MOTs.t.
110Amund Grondahl JansenGrieg-Maersks.t.
111Ilnur ZakarinISA - Hexactas.t.
112Andrew FenncycleYorkshires.t.
113Fabio JakobsenKing Powers.t.
114Jan PolancIsostar - Specializeds.t.
115Tom DavidBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
116Loic VliegenAegon - Peronis.t.
117Alexander SulimovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
118Mekseb DebesayXero Racings.t.
119Timo RooseneBuddys.t.
120Nans PetersIsostar - Specializeds.t.
121Callum ScotsonBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
122Harry TanfieldVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
123Edward TheunsGeneralis.t.
124Airidas VideikaAker - MOTs.t.
125Oscar RiesebeekEvonik - ELKOs.t.
126Tobias FossAker - MOTs.t.
127Julien VermoteGrieg-Maersks.t.
128Rasmus TillerVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
129Dylan KennettBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
130Nathan Van HooydonckAegon - Peronis.t.
131Dan HollowayEA Vesuvios.t.
132Ivan SosaAker - MOTs.t.
133Kristaps BudenieksEvonik - ELKOs.t.
134Michael VanthourenhoutKing Powers.t.
135Daniel HabtemichaelXero Racings.t.
136Abou SanogoISA - Hexactas.t.
137Ryan ChristensenBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
138Marcel AreggerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
139Laurens SweeckVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
140Dealton Nur Arif PrayogoIndosat Ooredoos.t.
141Hayden McCormickBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
142Nur Amirul MarzukiEvonik - ELKOs.t.
143Andreas Odie Purnama SetiawaIndosat Ooredoos.t.
144Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
145Miltiadis GiannoutsosFestina - OAKAs.t.
146Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczKing Powers.t.
147Michael SchärTeam UBSs.t.
148Vegard Robinson BuggeIsostar - Specializeds.t.
149Trond Hakon TrondsenAker - MOTs.t.
150Arman KamyshevTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
151Varsham DarbinyanKing Powers.t.
152Adam BlytheEvonik - ELKOs.t.
153Joanis Albert NielsenKing Powers.t.
154Jacob HennessycycleYorkshires.t.
155Cyrus MonkBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
156Pieter SerryRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
157Dion BeukeboomVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
158Martin ReimerEA Vesuvios.t.
159Phan Age HaugardVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
160Romain Le RouxIndosat Ooredoos.t.
161Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
162Saya KuroedaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
163Nihal SilvaAker - MOTs.t.
164Emmanuel MorinFestina - OAKAs.t.
165Mamyr StashKing Powers.t.
166Isaac BolivarLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
167Peeter TarvisIsostar - Specializeds.t.
168Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
169Thomas RevardKing Powers.t.
170Jelle VanendertAir France - KLMs.t.
171Ioannis SpanopoulosFestina - OAKAs.t.
172Nejc KosicVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
173Nils SchomberXero Racings.t.
174Andreas MiltiadisFestina - OAKAs.t.
175Sven Erik BystromAir France - KLMs.t.
176Szymon SajnokLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
177Alessandro FedeliLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
178Roman SeigleAir France - KLMs.t.
179Anatoliy BudyakFestina - OAKAs.t.
180Jay MajorAir France - KLMs.t.
181Isaac SpeirsIndosat Ooredoos.t.
182Patrick GamperLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
183Nicolas EdetAir France - KLMs.t.
184Guillaume MartinAir France - KLMs.t.
185Nurbolat KulimbetovIndosat Ooredoos.t.
186Justin WolfIndosat Ooredoos.t.
187Barry MarkusIndosat Ooredoos.t.
188Shiki KuroedaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
189Matvey ZubovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
190Salvatore PuccioAir France - KLMs.t.
191Michel SibillaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
192Jan XandriIndosat Ooredoos.t.
193Juan OsorioFestina - OAKAs.t.
194Stan DewulfLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 3'51
195Omer GoldsteineBuddy+ 12'58

General Classification

1Nelson OliveiraGenerali4h54'41
2Olivier Lecourt De BillotGeneralis.t.
3Stefan KungGeneralis.t.
4Aime De GendtGeneralis.t.
5Edward TheunsGeneralis.t.
6Yudai ArashiroRakuten Pro Cycling+ 4
7Dylan Van BaarlecycleYorkshire+ 5
8Luke DurbridgecycleYorkshires.t.
9Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshires.t.
10Ian StannardcycleYorkshires.t.
11Andrew FenncycleYorkshires.t.
12Tom BohliTeam UBS+ 8
13Benjamin ThomasTeam UBSs.t.
14Simone PonziTeam UBSs.t.
15Martin SchäppiTeam UBSs.t.
16Michael SchärTeam UBSs.t.
17Silvan DillierTeam UBS+ 10
18Jasper De BuystGeneralis.t.
19Mads PedersenGrieg-Maersk+ 11
20Remi CavagnaTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
21Lukasz WisniowskiGrieg-Maersks.t.
22Patrick BevinTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
23Benoit CosnefroyGrieg-Maersks.t.
24Domenic WeinsteinTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
25Filippo GannaTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
26Yuan Tan PengGrieg-Maersks.t.
27Julien VermoteGrieg-Maersks.t.
28Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
29Andrew TennantcycleYorkshire+ 12
30Lucas Manuel GadayGeneralis.t.
31Lukas SpenglerTeam UBS+ 13
32Amund Grondahl JansenGrieg-Maersks.t.
33Tim DeclerqTeam Puma - SAP+ 14
34Atsushi OkaTeam Puma - SAP+ 17
35Hugo HofstetterGrieg-Maersk+ 21
36Christophe LaporteGeneralis.t.
37Jo Kogstad RingheimGrieg-Maersk+ 23
38Moreno MoserTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 28
39Adrian MaloriTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
40Kiril YatsevichTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
41Florian SenechalTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
42Matvey ZubovTeam Tinkoff - La Datchas.t.
43Viktor ManakovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 31
44Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 32
45Sam BewleyMoser - Sygic+ 36
46Michael HepburnMoser - Sygics.t.
47Ignacio Jesus PradoMoser - Sygics.t.
48Daniel TurekMoser - Sygics.t.
49Jiri PolnickyMoser - Sygics.t.
50Arman KamyshevTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 37
51Jose GoncalvesTeam UBS+ 38
52Marcel AreggerTeam Puma - SAP+ 40
53Michal KukrleMoser - Sygic+ 41
54Michael BorosMoser - Sygic+ 44
55Alexander SulimovTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 45
56John DegenkolbISA - Hexacta+ 47
57Airidas VideikaAker - MOT+ 50
58Kamil GradekIsostar - Specialized+ 51
59Bakhtiyar KozhatayevIsostar - Specializeds.t.
60Jan PolancIsostar - Specializeds.t.
61Nans PetersIsostar - Specializeds.t.
62Vegard Robinson BuggeIsostar - Specializeds.t.
63David PerIsostar - Specialized+ 53
64Mike TeunissenGazelle+ 58
65Ian BibbyGazelles.t.
66Blaz FurdiGazelles.t.
67Matthew HolmescycleYorkshires.t.
68Marc PottsGazelles.t.
69Tao Geoghegan HartGazelles.t.
70Jaime CastrilloAker - MOTs.t.
71Hampus AnderbergAker - MOTs.t.
72Philipp WalslebenAker - MOTs.t.
73Ivan SosaAker - MOTs.t.
74Salah Eddine MraouniISA - Hexacta+ 59
75Chun Kai FengISA - Hexactas.t.
76Ilnur ZakarinISA - Hexactas.t.
77Abou SanogoISA - Hexactas.t.
78Morne Van NiekerkXero Racing+ 1'00
79Xandro MeurisseXero Racings.t.
80Mathieu van der PoelAegon - Peronis.t.
81Shaun Nick BesterXero Racings.t.
82Lars BoomAegon - Peronis.t.
83Frederik FrisonAegon - Peronis.t.
84Mekseb DebesayXero Racings.t.
85Loic VliegenAegon - Peronis.t.
86Daniel HabtemichaelXero Racings.t.
87Nathan Van HooydonckAegon - Peronis.t.
88Fernando GaviriaLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'01
89Kamil MaleckiGazelles.t.
90Sam HarrisonISA - Hexactas.t.
91Tobias FossAker - MOTs.t.
92Hugo HouleXero Racing+ 1'03
93Steven KruijswijkGazelle+ 1'04
94Sean De BieAegon - Peroni+ 1'05
95Stanislau BazhkouXero Racing+ 1'06
96Ahmad ArissolISA - Hexacta+ 1'08
97Davide BalleriniAegon - Peronis.t.
98Kenneth VanbilsenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'09
99Wout Van AertLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
100Isaac BolivarLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
101Szymon SajnokLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
102Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1'10
103Kai ReusRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
104Pieter SerryRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
105Saya KuroedaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
106Nihal SilvaAker - MOTs.t.
107Patrick GamperLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'11
108Trond Hakon TrondsenAker - MOT+ 1'12
109Tom WirtgenEA Vesuvio+ 1'16
110Tejay Van GarderenEA Vesuvios.t.
111Max KanterEA Vesuvios.t.
112Ben GastauerEA Vesuvios.t.
113Dan HollowayEA Vesuvios.t.
114Moreno HoflandGazelle+ 1'17
115Nick Van der LijkeEA Vesuvio+ 1'18
116King Lok CheungRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1'19
117Cameron MeyerBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'21
118Tom DavidBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
119Callum ScotsonBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
120Dylan KennettBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
121Cyrus MonkBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
122Steven LammertinkeBuddy+ 1'30
123Floris GertseBuddys.t.
124Jakub KaczmarekeBuddys.t.
125Tim ArieseneBuddys.t.
126Alessandro FedeliLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
127Nils SchomberXero Racing+ 1'32
128Ivan CentroneEA Vesuvio+ 1'36
129Harry TanfieldVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 1'37
130Rasmus TillerVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
131Laurens SweeckVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
132Dion BeukeboomVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
133Phan Age HaugardVolvo acc. by Spotifys.t.
134Maurits LammertinkeBuddy+ 1'39
135Krists NeilandsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
136Patrick NaudEvonik - ELKOs.t.
137Oscar RiesebeekEvonik - ELKOs.t.
138Kristaps BudenieksEvonik - ELKOs.t.
139Nur Amirul MarzukiEvonik - ELKOs.t.
140Peeter TarvisIsostar - Specializeds.t.
141Michel SibillaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1'41
142Armands BecisEvonik - ELKO+ 1'42
143Timo RooseneBuddys.t.
144Adrien PetitISA - Hexacta+ 1'47
145Ryan ChristensenBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'48
146Adam BlytheEvonik - ELKOs.t.
147Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 1'49
148Yves LampaerteBuddy+ 1'51
149Taco van der HoornAegon - Peroni+ 1'54
150Hsuan Ping HsuKing Power+ 1'55
151Michael VanthourenhoutKing Powers.t.
152Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczKing Powers.t.
153Hayden McCormickBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
154Joanis Albert NielsenKing Powers.t.
155Varsham DarbinyanKing Powers.t.
156Dealton Nur Arif PrayogoIndosat Ooredoo+ 2'04
157Andreas Odie Purnama SetiawaIndosat Ooredoos.t.
158Romain Le RouxIndosat Ooredoos.t.
159Justin WolfIndosat Ooredoos.t.
160Jan XandriIndosat Ooredoos.t.
161Thomas RevardKing Power+ 2'06
162Mamyr StashKing Power+ 2'08
163Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitchelton+ 2'09
164Fabio JakobsenKing Power+ 2'10
165Nejc KosicVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2'12
166Clement KoretzkyFestina - OAKA+ 2'16
167Miltiadis GiannoutsosFestina - OAKAs.t.
168Andreas MiltiadisFestina - OAKAs.t.
169Anatoliy BudyakFestina - OAKAs.t.
170Juan OsorioFestina - OAKAs.t.
171Emmanuel MorinFestina - OAKA+ 2'26
172Nurbolat KulimbetovIndosat Ooredoo+ 2'35
173Roy JansIsostar - Specialized+ 2'46
174Martin ReimerEA Vesuvio+ 2'47
175Joeri StallaertVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2'58
176Giacomo NizzoloFestina - OAKA+ 3'12
177Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO+ 3'22
178Ioannis SpanopoulosFestina - OAKA+ 3'23
179David GauduAir France - KLM+ 3'30
180Jelle VanendertAir France - KLM+ 3'34
181Sven Erik BystromAir France - KLMs.t.
182Guillaume MartinAir France - KLMs.t.
183Salvatore PuccioAir France - KLMs.t.
184Jay MajorAir France - KLM+ 3'37
185Roman SeigleAir France - KLM+ 3'45
186Isaac SpeirsIndosat Ooredoo+ 3'46
187Barry MarkusIndosat Ooredoo+ 3'48
188Shiki KuroedaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 4'02
189Karel HnikMoser - Sygic+ 4'03
190Nicolas EdetAir France - KLM+ 4'22
191Stan DewulfLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 5'19
192Omer GoldsteineBuddy+ 13'58
193Julio PadillaControl Team+ 18'35
194Kirill SveshnikovControl Teams.t.
195Karlo AiaControl Teams.t.

Points Classification

1Yudai ArashiroRakuten Pro Cycling41
2John DegenkolbISA - Hexacta20
3Fernando GaviriaLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam16
4Moreno MoserTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha14
5Sam BewleyMoser - Sygic12
6Joeri StallaertVolvo acc. by Spotify10
7Hsuan Ping HsuKing Power9
8Airidas VideikaAker - MOT8
9Hugo HouleXero Racing8
10Roy JansIsostar - Specialized8
11Giacomo NizzoloFestina - OAKA7
12Mads PedersenGrieg-Maersk6
13Hugo HofstetterGrieg-Maersk5
14Christophe LaporteGenerali4
15David GauduAir France - KLM4
16Lukasz WisniowskiGrieg-Maersk3
17Adrian MaloriTeam Tinkoff - La Datcha2
18David PerIsostar - Specialized1

KoM Classification

1Roy JansIsostar - Specialized15
2Yudai ArashiroRakuten Pro Cycling11
3David GauduAir France - KLM8
4Cyrus MonkBennelong - Mitchelton6
5Airidas VideikaAker - MOT2

Youth Classification

1Yudai ArashiroRakuten Pro Cycling4h54'45 (1)
2Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshire+ 1 (2)
3Benjamin ThomasTeam UBS+ 4 (3)
4Martin SchäppiTeam UBS+ 4 (4)
5Mads PedersenGrieg-Maersk+ 7 (5)
6Remi CavagnaTeam Puma - SAP+ 7 (6)
7Benoit CosnefroyGrieg-Maersk+ 7 (7)
8Filippo GannaTeam Puma - SAP+ 7 (8)
9Lukas MeilerTeam Puma - SAP+ 7 (9)
10Atsushi OkaTeam Puma - SAP+ 13 (10)
11Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 28 (11)
12David PerIsostar - Specialized+ 49 (12)
13Tao Geoghegan HartGazelle+ 54 (13)
14Jaime CastrilloAker - MOT+ 54 (14)
15Hampus AnderbergAker - MOT+ 54 (15)
16Ivan SosaAker - MOT+ 54 (16)
17Morne Van NiekerkXero Racing+ 56 (17)
18Mathieu van der PoelAegon - Peroni+ 56 (18)
19Daniel HabtemichaelXero Racing+ 56 (19)
20Nathan Van HooydonckAegon - Peroni+ 56 (20)
21Kamil MaleckiGazelle+ 57 (21)
22Tobias FossAker - MOT+ 57 (22)
23Szymon SajnokLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'05 (23)
24Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1'06 (24)
25Saya KuroedaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1'06 (25)
26Patrick GamperLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'07 (26)
27Tom WirtgenEA Vesuvio+ 1'12 (27)
28Max KanterEA Vesuvio+ 1'12 (28)
29Callum ScotsonBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'17 (29)
30Cyrus MonkBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'17 (30)
31Alessandro FedeliLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'26 (31)
32Ivan CentroneEA Vesuvio+ 1'32 (32)
33Rasmus TillerVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 1'33 (33)
34Kristaps BudenieksEvonik - ELKO+ 1'35 (34)
35Ryan ChristensenBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'44 (35)
36Hsuan Ping HsuKing Power+ 1'51 (36)
37Andreas Odie Purnama SetiawaIndosat Ooredoo+ 2'00 (37)
38Thomas RevardKing Power+ 2'02 (38)
39Fabio JakobsenKing Power+ 2'06 (39)
40Miltiadis GiannoutsosFestina - OAKA+ 2'12 (40)
41Andreas MiltiadisFestina - OAKA+ 2'12 (41)
42Anatoliy BudyakFestina - OAKA+ 2'12 (42)
43Juan OsorioFestina - OAKA+ 2'12 (43)
44Emmanuel MorinFestina - OAKA+ 2'22 (44)
45David GauduAir France - KLM+ 3'26 (45)
46Jay MajorAir France - KLM+ 3'33 (46)
47Stan DewulfLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 5'15 (47)
48Omer GoldsteineBuddy+ 13'54 (48)

Team Classification

1Generali13h06'09 (1)
2cycleYorkshire+ 5 (2)
3Team UBS+ 8 (3)
4Grieg-Maersk+ 11 (4)
5Team Puma - SAP+ 11 (5)
6Team Tinkoff - La Datcha+ 28 (6)
7Moser - Sygic+ 36 (7)
8Rakuten Pro Cycling+ 40 (8)
9Isostar - Specialized+ 51 (9)
10Gazelle+ 58 (10)
11Aker - MOT+ 58 (11)
12ISA - Hexacta+ 59 (12)
13Aegon - Peroni+ 1'00 (13)
14Xero Racing+ 1'00 (14)
15Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam+ 1'10 (15)
16EA Vesuvio+ 1'16 (16)
17Bennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'22 (17)
18eBuddy+ 1'30 (18)
19Volvo acc. by Spotify+ 1'37 (19)
20Evonik - ELKO+ 1'39 (20)
21King Power+ 1'55 (21)
22Indosat Ooredoo+ 2'05 (22)
23Festina - OAKA+ 2'16 (23)
24Air France - KLM+ 3'35 (24)
25Control Team+ 18'35 (25)

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