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ICL20 - Race Discussion
Thread for race discussion
Surprising win to start of the season for me. Copa America is always a close one between the sprinters and finisseurs.

Palm classic will come later when the video is uploaded!
Shame to see our odd numbered years winning pattern in Copa end, especially since Ross is a bigger favourite now than he was in 2019. Looking forward to the season, sorry for holding it up!
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good 8th place at first race ever for a Johan Lammerts adept.
I'm also happy that the rudimentary kit after all looks good Smile
Palm Classic also up now. A big crash shortly from the finish took out many favorites and resulted in a chaotic sprint.
Nice result by Garau, snatching some easy points here in the Top 25

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Bouhanni smacked hard Frown

Luckily Vanmarcke stepped in to finish sixth Smile
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Wtf was that, Van Poppel was in the right wheel with 3K to go then he's just falling back for no reason.

Copa went about as expected.
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Great to see our man from Liechtenstein showing himself in the break in the U23 race, even though he didn't get any sort of result.

Palm Classic was expectedly terrible, I think I just saw Silvestre going down there but wouldn't have mattered much anyway with his bad positioning at that point.

Thanks for the first few results Bikex. Smile
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The crash seemed to disrupt things quite a bit obviously. Langlois was lucky enough to make it through, but seemed to get slowed up a bit by it. Still, given the competition, I'll definitely take 14th place in a WT classic to start off the history of Guinness Cycling! Feels good to be racing.

12th from Logan is also a victory in Copa. I expect nothing from these guys, so any sign of promise is nice to see.

Loved the video by the way, hope those continue. Happy that neither of awful my jerseys looked quite as bad as I expected in game. Pfft
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Komisarek was 14th last season, Ewan is 13th this time around. But last yeah there were few more my riders scoring points. Not good start, lol

Thanks for first results!
Exciting to see the season started. Only the U23 for us, and not a great result there, but I suppose I wasn't expecting much.
Sanz to blame for the crash and sadly he took Cav down with him. But 3rd for Sagan is excellent, a great start to his World Cup campaign. Nice to see our new jersey, very visible as I hoped. Also nice to see Dennis van Winden lead out Cav and score a few points, a really reliable rider, shame he retires at the end of the year. On the other hand, Arndt (132nd) and Wagner (73rd) were nowhere in sight, we should work on that.

10th for Cruz in our first ever (U23) race is a good start I guess!
Thanks for the results and the video; only realized when watching it that crashes still do exist in the PCM universe Pfft
Ulrich Ulriksen
Sanz did rather screw things up. But don't think it helped us either. Pretty convinced Kittel wins if it doesn't happen.

KBC was controlling the peleton, huge turn by Mullen to close down Degenkolb, Vallee ready inthe perfect position to hand it to Sanz and Kittel to finish. And Sanz instead falls over so Kittel does a crazy 2.5 km sprint and almost makes it work. If Sanz does the leadout can't see him losing.

But I probably can't complain about 2nd and 10th in a goal race where our rider fell off and took out a lot of the competition.

U23 went about as expected only surprise is it was Karpati and not Mudd in last.
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Always unfortunate to see a crash significantly affecting the result, but I can't help being happy that Howard made it to the top 10 I was hoping for Grin Great result for our first target race! Hopefully an omen of more good things to come.


Great 2nd place by Dimas, being the strongest out of the bunch sprint.

Degenkolb in 7th is probably where his sprint skills put him. Maybe if he didn't try that attack, he could've done better. But still a decent result.
I enjoyed the video quite a lot, thanks for that!
Congratulations to the winners! It's good to just scan the results and look at the highlights with the relaxed attitude guaranteed by not being involved in the races. Smile Now I am waiting with held breath the upcoming results since my team starts to ride its bikes from here on out.
@Abhishek: Without the crash that attack would have probably cost Degenkolb a top 10, on the other hand the attack made sure he wasn't involved in the crash, so it evened out nicely.

@DarkWolf: Videos get even more exciting when your team is racing, I find myself pausing the whole time, hoping to get a glimpse of my riders somewhere. When there's no video it's a deep breath and a short prayer before opening the spoiler and seeing the results Smile

@Ulrich: Agreed, very nice train, good work from Mullen, looked like a Kittel win. Though maybe Cav would have been on his wheel and depending on when the AI decides to start the sprint Kittel could still have lost, so unlike you I can see him losing even in that scenario. Smile

DarkWolf wrote:
I enjoyed the video quite a lot, thanks for that!
Congratulations to the winners! It's good to just scan the results and look at the highlights with the relaxed attitude guaranteed by not being involved in the races. Smile Now I am waiting with held breath the upcoming results since my team starts to ride its bikes from here on out.

Same here, looking forward to the first races of my team. Was nice to see the video/results indeed, congratulations to the winners! Was also surprised to see a crash, not used to that anymore Pfft
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