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I'm with stupid 2021 - Game 8 (Fin)
Current Game 8 starts here!

It's been a while since this game has been done, and I thought it might be nice to get it back up and running. Hopefully, many of you feel like joining Smile

For those who don't know the game or have forgotten the rules, here's how it works:

A game master (me in the first iteration) will posit 5 questions on any given topic that follow the formula of "Name a ..." (for instance, "Name a Tour de France winner" - it doesn't have to be cycling-related, though). Every participant then sends a PM to the game master with his five answers.

The goal for the participants is to try and choose the answers they think most other people will go with, too. The more people give the same answer as you do, the more points you get. So for instance, if the answer for the Tour de France winner question are distributed as the following:

10x Tadej Pogacar
7x Chris Froome
4x Egan Bernal
2x Eddy Merckx
1x Cadel Evans
1x Simon Pellaud

Then everyone who sent in the answer Tadej Pogacar gets 10 points, everyone who answered Chris Froome gets 7 points and so on.

Now, you will notice that Simon Pellaud has yet to win the Tour de France. It is entirely permitted to submit wrong answers if you think you actually are with stupid - or if you're simply not sure if something technically "counts" as the thing that is being asked for, but you think many others might go with it anyway (Lance Armstrong might be such a case for the question above).

Each game consists of five rounds, so we will crown the winner after 25 questions,
who will then go on to host the next round (unless they really don't want to, of course). I hope the rules are clear. If not, don't hesitate to ask. Of course, the more people participate, the more fun it is (so feel free to let everyone else know you're in by replying here Wink ).

Let's jump right in with the first round. We start with something most of us should be comfortable with: Cycling. The new year is still somewhat fresh, so we'll have a brief review of 2020 and then turn our attention towards 2021:

I'm with stupid 2021: cunego59's Round 1


1. Name a cyclist that has been successful in 2020.

2. Name a cyclist that has been underwhelming in 2020.

3. Name a cyclist that could have a breakout year in 2021.

4. Name a cyclist that has switched teams from 2020 to 2021.

5. Name a team that has a different name in 2021 than in 2020.

PM me your answers until noon daily time on Saturday, January 30th.

Edited by cunego59 on 19-10-2021 13:16
Pm sent Smile
Pm sent Smile
Hell yeah! This was always my favorite easy forum game on here. Hope we can get enough activity for a successful return. I'll send my answers after classes tonight. Smile
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Great initiative! I remember playing this back in the day, very simple and entertaining and hopefully it can bring a decent number of participants. Will send my answers shortly.
PM sent
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PM sent.
looks funny I'm doing it in 5 minutes
Great to have this again! PM sent Smile
PM sent. Would love to get back to attempting minimal-google perfectly correct 5s again but will take it seriously for now to boost up the numbers for the first couple of rounds at least Smile

Cue hilarity when I get a 5 despite trying Pfft

And also thanks cunego for starting this up again, always enjoyed it (and reading the classic editions from before my time) and I really hope this can be a strong new beginning Grin
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Awesome to see this back, PM sent. Smile
Credits to the_hoyle for my avatar.
PM sent. I should do well because I know very little about cycling. Smile

We're at 14 players so far which is a decent start, but it would be nice to have a few more submissions Smile
PM sent - One of my favourite community games here. Hopefully we can keep a high player number going for quite some time. This makes a lot more fun if its played with 20 players than with 8.

I expect to suck in this round though. Immediately starting with a topic where im clueless is bad Pfft
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

PM sent. I agree with knockout except I think he is being sarcastic and I am not :lol:


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PM sent, sound nice, I am looking forward to participating.
Gonna give this another bump, you still have a bit more than 10 hours to participate. We've got 19 entries so far, would be cool to get into the 20s Smile
I'm with stupid 2021 - Game 1, Round 1

The results are in, so let's see where everyone stands. A few words first: Ideally, each question generates at least two or three answers that all give a decent amount of points, so that not getting the top answer in one question doesn't immediately eliminate all chances at a round win. While three of the questions were pretty balanced, the last two had a clear top answer each, and you had to get both to have a shot at the victory in this round. Then again, 9 people did just that, so the other questions were still useful to differentiate. I hope to avoid those kinds of questions in the future, but that's not very likely Grin

1. Name a cyclist that has been successful in 2020.

Three answers all got you a lot of points here: 6 people names Wout Van Aert, another 6 went for Primoz Roglic and 5 for Tadej Pogacar. Only two people struck out here: jandal7 named World Champion Julian Alaphilippe, while TheManxMissile decided to rep women's cycling with Lizzie Deignan (you'll notice a theme throughout the rest of the round Wink).
Wout Van Aert6
Primoz Roglic6
Tadej Pogacar5
Julian Alaphilippe1
Lizzie Deignan1

2. Name a cyclist that has been underwhelming in 2020.
A few more one-pointers here and fewer points for the top answer as well: Chris Froome was named by 4 people, Tom Dumoulin and Egan Bernal by 3 each, and Geraint Thomas and Peter Sagan got at least two mentions.
Chris Froome4
Tom Dumoulin3
Egan Bernal3
Geraint Thomas2
Peter Sagan2
Alejandro Valverde1
Mark Cavendish1
Elia Viviani1
Fabio Aru1
Katarina Newiadoma1

3. Name a cyclist that could have a breakout year in 2021.
With so many young talents on the verge of stardom, I knew that this might be too broad. But at least 5 riders were mentioned multiple times to give their participants a little edge. Remco Evenepoel and Brandon McNulty led the way with 3 points, Pavel Sivakov, Marc Hirschi and Joao Almeida got you 2. Ripley's honesty ("No idea" ) turned out to be equally as valuable as quite a lot of other answers Grin
Remco Evenepoel3
Brandon McNulty3
Pavel Sivakov2
Marc Hirschi2
Joao Almeida2
Thomas Pidcock1
Alexandr Vlasov1
David Gaudu1
Primoz Roglic1
Ivan Sosa1
Elynor Backstedt1
No idea1

4. Name a cyclist that has switched teams from 2020 to 2021.
Here's where we're getting to the big points. Maybe due to the recency and the unusual circumstances, Marc Hirschi was by far the most common answer for 12 points. Chris Froome at least got you 4, no other rider was mentioned more than once.
Marc Hirschi12
Chris Froome4
Romain Bardet1
Miguel Angel Lopez1
Chloe Dygert1

5. Name a team that has a different name in 2021 than in 2020.
I was really hoping for more diversity here, with three WT teams alone changing main sponsors, plus a few more who changed at least part of their names. Alas, and maybe because of the Hirschi primer from the previous question, the overwhelming top answer was Team DSM, former Sunweb. Just like their recently departed star, this was worth 12 points. Team BikeExchange and Bahrain Victorious were worth 2, while the third WT team with a complete overhaul, Qhubeka ASSOS, wasn't mentioned at all.
Team DSM12
Team BikeExchange2
Bahrain Victorious2
AG2R Citroen Team1
B&B Hotels p/b KTM1
Team Hitec Products1


The first submission was the best: With the only perfect score, Nemolito takes the round win and the first overall lead, a mere point ahead of knockout and alexkr00. Marcovdw as well as Ripley and FreitasPCM are close, another one and two points behind, respectively.

As I've mentioned before, the 9 people who got both Q4 and Q5 correct lead the rankings, but there are still 10 points between them. The 4 people that got neither (Croatia14, jseadog1, jandal7 and TMM) are somewhat distanced at the bottom of the table, but a lot can still happen over the next four rounds.


I'm with stupid 2021: cunego59's Round 2


1. Name a genre of music.

2. Name an artist that is popular right now.

3. Name an artist that has been popular for at least the last 10 years.

4. Name a band that is considered an all time great that is not The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

5. Name a classical composer that is not Mozart, Beethoven or Bach.

PM me your answers until 8 PM daily time on Monday, February 1st.

(I tried to cover diverse ground here so that most people may have some knowledge for at least two or three of the questions to make it somewhat fair. Not sure if I succeeded though Grin)

Also, if you have not participated yet, feel free to join in at any time. There are still lots of points to collect.
Edited by cunego59 on 30-01-2021 12:15
PM sent Smile

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Of course, my actual answer was "whatever Sunweb is called now". Smile

Oh boy, the new questions are much tougher...

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