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[PCT] Kraftwerk Man Machine 2020 - Mid Season
Kraftwerk Man Machine

Welcome to the Head Quarters of Kraftwerk Man Machine Cycling Team riding in PCM Daily's Management Game 2020 Season.

The management are looking to rebuild after our 13th place in PCT in 2019 due to our sprint and hills leaders being in their second year of decline.

This season will be dedicated to the memory of Kraftwerk founder member Florian Schneider who sadly passed away in May this year.

Kraftwerk and Trivago are continuing their sponsorship and we will be riding in the same iconic shirt.

Main Sponsors


Kraftwerk https://www.kraftw...
The Dusseldorf based Pioneers of Electronic Music and big cycling fans are stepping up from their cycling club Radsportgruppe Schneider, to sponsor a professional team. Here is a great article by Jack Thurston from 2005 that describes Kraftwerk's history and love of cycling following the release of Tour de France Soundtracks in 2003 (eagle eyed members will have spotted my avatar is from the cover of this album Smile).


Trivago https://www.trivag...
The travel tech company also based in Dusseldorf.

Equipment Sponsors




Dusseldorf base with international mix

Kraftwerk Man Machine are based in Dusseldorf riding on a German licence. The team is comprised of an international squad to reflect the international appeal of Kraftwerk's music, although Germany will always be the best represented nation. The management will look to recruit riders from Germany, France, Japan, Russia and Great Britain. This reflects the fan base and mix of languages sung on various Kraftwerk songs as you can hear on the track Numbers from their 1981 album Computer World.
Here is a live version from the Minimum-Maximum tour (its playback restricted if embedded).


As Kraftwerk were pioneers in developing new sounds and instruments, the Kraftwerk Man Machine will look to develop new talent. We are open to developing riders on loan from other teams if they fit our nationality profile.

Concept and Icon

The Kraftwerk Man Machine team name is taken from Kraftwerk's 1978 album The Man Machine. The concept of the Man Machine is of humans, technology and nature combined in harmony with the Rider, Bicycle and Parcours being a prime example. The youtube link below is the live version of The Man Machine from the Minimum-Maximum tour (its playback restricted if embedded).

Kraftwerk are as much about image as music and the shirt design was inspired by the iconic cover of the same album.



A BIG thankyou to the_hoyle for the shirt design and for his guidance in keeping the design pure and elegant.


Pre Renewals Squad

Our Squad before Renewals looks like this.
Edited by DaveTwoBob on 17-03-2021 09:53
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Final Squad


Kraftwerk Man Machine Man Game 2020 Goals

Tour of AmericaTop 5Achievable
Chrono d'ArenbergTop 5Outside chance
Barbados Cycling FestivalWinImpossible
Int. Osterreich RundfahrtTop 10Achievable
Team StandingsTop 15Outside chance
Total 14 points

Edited by DaveTwoBob on 22-10-2020 13:43
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

RaceClassMonthRace DaysLeader 1Leader 2
Omloop Het NieuwsbladHCFeb2Eugert Zhupa
Volta a CatalunyaC1Feb6David De la CruzWilli Willwohl
Pro Hallstatt ClassicPTHCFeb2Dominik NerzDavid De la Cruz
Geraardsbergen-BosbergHCMar2Eugert Zhupa
Barbados Cycling FestivalHCMar4Mark Cavendish
Circulo de JuarezC1Mar5Mark Cavendish
Vuelta a ColombiaPTHCMar6Dominik NerzMarco Haller
Strade BiancheHCMar2Pello BilbaoArvin Moazemi
Tour of UppsalaC1Mar5Mark CavendishLucas Schädlich
Tour of CaliforniaHCApr7David De la CruzDominik Nerz
Baltic Chain TourC1Apr5Mark CavendishEugert Zhupa
Tour de PologneHCApr7David De la CruzPello Bilbao
Corsica InternationalHCApr3Dominik NerzMarco Haller
Tour of CyprusHCApr4David De la CruzMarco Haller
GP WalloniePTHCApr2Pello BilbaoArvin Moazemi
Tour of UkraineHCApr3Pello BilbaoArvin Moazemi
Veenendaal - VeenendaalHCApr2Mark CavendishEugert Zhupa
Windhoek ITTC1May2Lucas Schädlich
Chrono d'ArenbergPTHCMay2Lucas Schädlich
Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHCMay7Dominik NerzDavid De la Cruz
Giro del TrentinoC2May3Robert KiserlovskiDomenik Klemme
Olympia's TourC1May6Mark CavendishLucas Schädlich
Tour of NorwayPTHCMay5Marco HallerPello Bilbao
Hanko ClassicC1Jun2Mark Cavendish
Grands Prix CyclistesHCJun2Pello BilbaoArvin Moazemi
Franceville ClassiquePTHCJun2Eugert Zhupa
Berlin ProRaceHCJun2Mark CavendishMarco Haller
Torshavn GPC1Jul2Mark CavendishMarco Haller
Tour of the Middle EastHCJul4David De la CruzMarco Haller
Celtic ChronoC1Jul2Lucas Schädlich
Kenya Mountain ClassicC1Jul2Dominik NerzDavid De la Cruz
Tour of ChileC2Jul3Robert KiserlovskiDomenik Klemme
Nakhon Ratchasima TrophyPTHCAug2Mark Cavendish
Tour d'AndorraC1Aug5Dominik NerzDavid De la Cruz
SAA Tour d'AfriquePTHCAug4Mark CavendishMarco Haller
Arab TourHCAug5Lucas SchädlichWilli Willwohl
Ronde van Het IjsselmeerC1Aug2Marco Haller
Paris ToursPTHCSep2Marco HallerGianni Vermeersch
Tour of AmericaC1Sep21Dominik NerzMarco Haller
Deutschland TourPTHCSep5Mark CavendishLucas Schädlich
Rheden GPPTHCSep2Eugert Zhupa
Tour of LithuaniaHCSep4Pello BilbaoArvin Moazemi
Tour du MarocPTHCOct8David De la CruzMark Cavendish
Giro dell'EmeliaHCOct2Pello BilbaoArvin Moazemi

Edited by DaveTwoBob on 26-10-2020 21:07
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

Kraftwerk Man Machine Renewals and Transfer Availability


RiderWage 2019Wage 2020DifferenceAvailability
Mark Cavendish€ 475,000€ 280,000-€ 195,000No
Marco Haller€ 140,000€ 130,000-€ 10,000No
Dominik Nerz€ 160,000€ 130,000-€ 30,000No
Wesley Kreder€ 122,000€ 100,000-€ 22,000Possible
Daniel Teklehaimanot€ 180,000€ 120,000-€ 60,000Possible
Aberlardo Ablenado€ 80,000€ 90,000€ 10,000No
Willi Willwohl€ 80,000€ 85,000€ 5,000No
Nico Denz€ 70,000€ 70,000€ 0No
Lucas Schädlich€ 115,000€ 90,000-€ 25,000No
Alexandre Geniez€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0Yes
Josue Gonzalez Cortes€ 55,000€ 50,000-€ 5,000Possible
Jocelin Maillet€ 65,000€ 50,000-€ 15,000Yes
Westley Gough€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0No
Florian Scheit€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0No
Gennadiy Tatarinov€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0No
Laurens De Vreese€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0No
Johann van Zyl€ 55,000€ 50,000-€ 5,000Possible
Aleksandar Flügel€ 390,0000-€ 390,000Released
Aiman Cahyadi€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0Yes
Sang Hong Park€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0Yes
Alexandre Shushemoin€ 50,0000-€ 50,000Released
Max Walsleben€ 50,000€ 55,000€ 5,000Yes
Fabien Grellier€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0Yes
-€ 787,000

With our Hills and Sprints leaders in their second year of decline Manager DaveTwoBob needed to be create some cap space for a rebuild so offers were less than generous. Faithful servants Aleksandar Flügel and Alexandre Shushemoin were released with thanks for their great service to the team.

Sprinter Mark Cavendish was given a tight offer barely more than half his demand and it was quite a surprise that he agreed to the final offer. Nine riders agreed to pay cuts and only 3 needed small increases which has resulted in a decent cap space to try and recruit much needed hills and cobbles leaders.


Hill sprinter Wesley Kreder and stage racers Daniel Teklehaimanot, Josue Gonzalez Cortes and Johann van Zyl may be available for swaps or sale if we need funds to seal a deal.

For Sale
Sprinter Sang Hong Park, domestique Alexandre Geniez, climbers Jocelin Maillet and Aiman Cahyadi, cobbles domestiques Max Walsleben and Fabien Grellier.
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
I'll just wait patiently for the day that my boy Dominik starts to regress and you don't want him anymore so I can give him a nice home for the final stages of his career Grin Or maybe we'll talk about other people earlier than that, who knows. I wish you the best either way of course, as a fellow German team (well, partly at least on my end) Wink
@cunego59 Your interest is noted but Nerz only joined us last year so not quite ready to let him go just yet. Good luck to you too, always happy to talk Smile
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Oh I wouldn't want to drag him into CT right now anyway, he's too good for that of course. Maybe in two, three years, when his legs get a little heavier ... Wink

Kraftwerk watch as their team manager’s transfer plans fly out of the window.


Main Targets Missed

Kraftwerk needed a puncheur to replace Aleksandar Flügel and wanted to fill the ever present vacancy for a cobbles leader. With an aging team it was important to target younger riders.

We targeted Festina’s top cobbler Maxine Daniel and free agent puncheur Petr Vakoc . After narrowly being beaten to Daniel by Valio - Viking Genetics we switched targets to Aussie puncheur Jay McCarthy who was leaving Farfetch. After some bidding up the deal was posted and we didn’t need to bid on Vakoc anymore.

However our old friends at newly promoted cycleYorkshire were looking for riders to keep them up in a very difficult market and we were overbid late at night with about 8 hours to go. We decided a bidding war with a PT team was only going to go 1 way so switched to panic buying mode.


Kraftwerk Management set modest goals for the season so needed to sell some riders to get sufficient cash in. Wesley Kreder, Daniel Teklehaimanot and Johann van Zyl were sold early in the transfer window. Kraftwerk thank them for their service and hope they do well for their new managers.

Free Agents

In a very tight market Kraftwerk were lucky to get a couple of targets for only slightly stupid money and a 50k bargain.

Eugert Zhupa | | 4.100 | € 175,000 | Age 30 | Cobbler/Rouleur

Originally planned to be a lieutenant for Maxine Daniel the Albanian is Kraftwerk’s best ever cobbler and will be trying to improve our few cobbles races from the usual zero point affairs. His good flat speed and sprinting ability will be put to use supporting our sprinters.
2020 stats 75566765787467777468675965

Gianni Vermeersch | | 4.50 | € 150,000 | Age 28 | Cobbler/Rouleur

Gianni is another versatile cobbler and rouleur who can be maxed out this season while on the team. His 77 Flat and 78 Res will be a powerful combination we hope.
2020 stats 75637061727765737272607863
2021 stats 77637061747866757472607863

Burr Ho | | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 28 | Stage Racer

Burr Ho is a useful support rider on minimum wage.
2020 stats 68737373687371616571656671

More to follow ...

Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
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Posted on 06-05-2021 10:13
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Gianni Vermeersch looks so damn cool. He looks like the kind of guy that i will try to get every single year and fail with that every single year Pfft
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Will very much follow how Swisslion hero Eugert Zhupa does as a leader in PCT Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Oh Versmeesch - that resistance <3
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
4/10/20 - jph27 said "Just need to make sure I don't accidentally promote again."
24/2/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don’t drink famous people.”

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[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
Vermeersch is a great signing; if he had a bit more hill, he could wreck the plans of many top cobblers but even so, he looks like a powerhouse for many years.
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
@knockout Cheers, landing Vermeersch was the highlight of my transfers Smile

@redordead Top 20s would be an improvement for Kraftwerk, anything more will be fantastic from Zhupa

@jandal Yeah he should have loads of energy left for the last few km

@Shonak Thanks and you raise a dilemma I have - train him for classics (+1 Hill) or cobbles (+ 2 sprint +1 stamina). Its the cobbles version I have shown.
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

When the Free Agent market started to go crazy Kraftwerk abandoned the youth policy and went for cheap experience. We are delighted to welcome back Robert Kiserlovski and Domenik Klemme. Klemme was sold to fund us buying Aleksandar Flügel but he has the last laugh as Flügel doesn’t have a contract for 2020 so far. Both these riders are C2 eligible so might be able to grab us some minor points in those races.

Robert "Jake" Kiserlovski | | 4.100 | € 100,000 | Age 34 | Stage Racer

Robert scored 233 points for Kraftwerk in 2017. He will be supporting Nerz and De la Cruz in the mountains and leading the team in our C2 races.
2020 stats 68787370697269505563696469

Domenik "Elwood" Klemme | | 4.100 | € 70,000 | Age 34 | Puncheur

Domenik was part of our CT promotion winning team and returns to help in the hills and support Kiserlovski in the C2 races.
2020 stats 69727865716768526463576065

Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

After being overbid on McCarthy and it being late in transfers Kraftwerk went into panic mode. Thanks to all the managers who offered riders, it was tricky to make the right choices for the team in a short space of time.

Given the age profile of the current squad we didn’t want another rider who would decline as next years transfers would be very challenging so we agreed € 300,000 for 30 year old puncheur Arvin Moazemi from Evonik and € 1,000,000 for 31 year old stage racer David De la Cruz with useful hilly rouleur Jetse Bol included in the deal with Isostar.

Can these three riders score the same points as McCarthy and keep Kraftwerk in the PCT?

Arvin Moazemi | | 4.100 | € 110,000 | Age 30 | Puncheur

Moazemi joins from Evonik and possesses a decent mountain stat that is so important for puncheurs these days.
2020 stats 67737869727275626573656367

David De la Cruz | | 4.100 | € 225,000 | Age 31 | Stage Racer
David joins the team as part of a deal with Isostar after riding with relegated team Europcar last season. He will be supporting Nerz and leading some stage races himself.
2020 stats 69787574727675566073657374

Jetse Bol | | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 31 | Hilly Rouleur
Jetse joins the team as part of a deal with Isostar. His good flat and hill stats are quite unusual and as well as supporting our puncheurs we hope he can grab a few points from breakaways.
2020 stats 75687668717074626267736468

Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Ulrich Ulriksen
Wow a Dad's Army reference, kind of a throwback. Not something they know about in the US so as I transplant I can't use tha heret. Hope the signings mean you aren't doomed.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Some solid pickups right at the end should ensure great depth scoring for the team. Nerz has very good support on the mountains with Kiserlovski.
Yes, depth will be crucial, but all the riders you signed are good riders Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
@Ulrich Showing my age and nationality with that reference, for those who don't know the show the character Corporal Jones would frequently run around panicking while shouting "Don't Panic" which is a little bit how I felt at the time. Here is a short montage on youtube,

@Abhi Kiserlovski was a bit of a sentimental choice but should be a good helper and minor scorer

@redordead I am hoping for lots of top 20s from the squad to keep points ticking along
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

Or Are We?

Kraftwerk stepped back from the FA madness and tried to make something of the resulting cap space but with very little cash nothing was happening. Then out of the blue Carlsberg suggested a cobbler swap, Laurens De Vreese for Remco Broers. Broers had scored more points than De Vreese last year and expecting to be in a relegation fight we needed every point so agreed. BBL added € 100,000 which would prove essential in getting 79 Hill puncheur Pello Bilbao to join from Swisslion in a swap with fellow Spaniard 78 Mo Aberlardo Ablenado. The deal included support stage racer Gabor Kasa. Could these deals save Kraftwerk from relegation? Only time will tell.

Remco Broers | | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 30 | Cobbler

Remco will be a great support to Eugert helping him bring in those rare points from cobbles races that Kraftwerk have been missing in previous seasons.
2020 stats 76546063767169756569667663

Pello Bilbao | | 4.100 | € 120,000 | Age 30 | Puncheur

Pello is our rider with the best Hill stat but he is a bit challenged in the Mountains so we are not expecting more than top 20s from him. Kraftwerk have minimised the number of hilly races they have requested meaning there is not a lot of pressure on Pello to deliver big points.
2020 stats 71677965777171517175676661

Gabor Kasa | | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 31 | Stage Racer

Gabor joined on the same deal as Bilbao and we think he will be a valuable minor point scorer, for example he beat Bilbao in Milano Torino last year grabbing a top 20 finish.

2020 stats 70717274747071586366676574

Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
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