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Claudio Rusconi | S2 Highlights
DatabaseWorldDB 2019 - Version

Claudio Rusconi
19 years 183 cm - 63 kg

Main AxisClimber
Secondary AxisNorthern Classics
PotentialWorld Class
Starting team - CT Zalf Euromobil Desiree Flor

Starting stats:
Lvl 165686654566357686760575757

Edited by dominox on 16-02-2020 15:55
Stats progress:
Lvl 165686654566357686760575757
Lvl 2-4*65686654566357686760575757
Lvl 566706754586557696760595959
Lvl 669716854596758696760616060
Lvl 870726954606858706763656162
Lvl 1070736956627058706963696264
Lvl 1272747057627159706963696365
Lvl 1472767157627160716964696566
Lvl 1673777257637160736965696567
Lvl 1973777358647360747069696669
Lvl 2274777359647760747169696770

* Lvl 2 was scheduled to have first of two potential upgrades, but due to massive points gain, I skipped 2nd lvl and was already on 3rd. Didn't get a response from devs, so played further. Upgrades happened from lvl 5. Initially - lvl 4.


11.2U23 Trofeo Edil C13/04/2019
22.2 Tour of Albania - Stage 120/05/2019
32.2 Tour of Albania - GC22/05/2019
41.2 Trofeo Alcide Degasperi02/06/2019
52.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - Stage 416/06/2019
62.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - Stage 518/06/2019
72.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - Stage 619/06/2019
82.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - Stage 721/06/2019
92.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - Stage 822/06/2019
102.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - Stage 923/06/2019
112.2U23 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia - GC24/06/2019
121.2 Trofeo Citta di Brescia02/07/2019
132.2U23 Giro della Valle d'Aosta Mt Blanc - Stage 318/07/2019
142.2U23 Giro della Valle d'Aosta Mt Blanc - GC20/07/2019
151.2U23 GP Capodarco16/08/2019
161.2U23 Ruota d'Oro - GP Festa del Perdono24/09/2019
171.2U23 Piccolo Lombardia06/10/2019
182.2 Grand Prix Chantal Biya - Stage 419/10/2019
192.2 Grand Prix Chantal Biya - GC20/10/2019
201.HC GP de Denain Porte du Hainaut24/03/2020
211.1 Gran Premio Miguel Indurain06/04/2020
222.UWT Itzulia Basque Country - Stage 512/04/2020
232.1 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon - Stage 226/04/2020
242.1 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon - Stage 327/04/2020
252.1 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon - GC27/04/2020
262.1 Vuelta Aragon - Stage 117/05/2020
272.1 Vuelta Aragon - Stage 319/05/2020
282.1 Vuelta Aragon - GC19/05/2020
292.HC Tour of Norway - Stage 229/05/2020
302.HC Tour of Norway - Stage 501/06/2020
312.HC Tour of Norway - GC02/06/2020
322.HC Tour of Slovenia - Stage 321/06/2020
332.1 Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta - Stage 403/08/2020
342.1 Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta - Stage 605/08/2020
352.HC Vuelta a Burgos - Stage 113/08/2020
362.HC OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 309/09/2020
372.HC OVO Energy Tour of Britain - Stage 410/09/2020
382.1 Cro Race - Stage 202/10/2020
392.1 Cro Race - Stage 303/10/2020
402.1 Cro Race - Stage 505/10/2020
412.1 Cro Race - GC06/10/2020

Edited by dominox on 14-02-2020 15:26
Giro d'Italia:

2019 Egan Bernal Vincenzo Nibali Richard Carapaz
2020 Richard Carapaz Miguel Angel Lopez Egan Bernal

Tour de France:

2019 Thibaut Pinot Geraint Thomas Bauke Mollema
2020 Chris Froome Pavel Sivakov Pierre Latour

La Vuelta:

2019 Vincenzo Nibali Miguel Angel Lopez Thibaut Pinot
2020 Egan Bernal Richard Carapaz Thibaut Pinot

Milano - Sanremo:
2019 Elia Viviani
2020 Elia Viviani

Ronde van Vlaanderen:
2019 Oliver Naesen
2020 Matteo Trentin

Paris - Roubaix:
2019 Mathieu Van Der Poel
2020 Niki Terpstra

Liege - Bastogne - Liege:
2019 Tadej Pogacar
2020 Laurens De Plus

Il Lombardia:
2019 Adam Yates
2020 Kasper Asgreen

UCI World Championships:
2019 Dylan Groenewegen
2020 Peter Sagan

UCI World Championships ITT:
2019 Victor Campenaerts
2020 Victor Campenaerts

Edited by dominox on 16-02-2020 15:55
I'll make it short again

DatabaseWorldDB 2019 - Version

No respond at all, but I see that the amount of views is enough to at least try and continue it.
I did some sort of testing, rng'ing and something like that.

Option 1:
Moritz Aschenschwandt
Main AxisTime-Trial
Secondary AxisStage Races
PotentialVery Good
Team - CT Team Sauerland NRW p/b SKS Germany

Option 2:
Bonifacio Herrezuelo
Main AxisNorthern Classics
Secondary AxisBaroudeur
PotentialGrand Champion
Team - CT Fundacion Euskadi

Option 3:
Roland Carbonnier
Main AxisBaroudeur
Secondary AxisTime-Trial
Team - CT BetPlay Cycling Team

Option 4:
Claudio Rusconi
Main AxisClimber
Secondary AxisNorthern Classics
PotentialWorld Class
Team - CT Zalf Euromobil Desiree Flor

Which one do you want?

One last thing. Do you want to see stats progression, or leave it as a "mystery"? If I f****d something up, new DB will have everything the same as chosen character, except maybe team.
On first glance, a classics rider for Euskadi sounds very appealing, but maybe Grand Champion is a bit much in terms of potential. My vote goes to Claudio Rusconi, just to see what happens when you combine a climber with Northern Classics Smile Good luck with this!
Well, the only difference in potential... is xp/month. Between Grand Champion and Very Good... 20xp per month.
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As much as I like the idea of a Basque rider I'm too intrigued by the mix of Climber and Northern Classics so have to vote for Rusconi too.
I'd go for Rusconi as well. Good luck! Smile
Okay, I guess it's Italian rider then! In first season I'll ride a lot U23 races. Including Giro U23. Good for gaining experience. I'll spend first 2 lvls increasing potential of my rider so I can get higher cobblestones stat throughout my career.

Claudio Rusconi
19 years 183 cm - 63 kg

Main AxisClimber
Secondary AxisNorthern Classics
PotentialWorld Class
Team - CT Zalf Euromobil Desiree Flor

Starting stats:
Lvl 165686654566357686760575757

First races this season:


Goals for my first season:

I hope the quality of photos is good enough Grin

First year of my career! I'm so excited! That was my first race:


Detailed profile:


My job for today for working for my team-mates at the front. So I was doing what was expecting from me for the half of the race. On the seconds half I was saving energy for final kilometres trying to finish as high as possible. It's hard on flat terrain, but I did my best.

10 kms to go. Both Norwegian teams are trying their best to prepare the best possible positioning before final sprint.


5 kms left. I'm trying to follow someone wheel.


Me trying to take part in the sprint...


Able to finish on very good 12th place!


Top 15:
1Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Team3h20'54
2Neil Van der PloegTeam BridgeLanes.t.
3Maciej PaterskiWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
4Louis BendixenTeam Coops.t.
5Jacob TipperRibble Pro Cyclings.t.
6Ryan ThomasDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Teams.t.
7Blake QuickSt. George Continental Cycling Teams.t.
8Alois KankovskyElkov - Authors.t.
9Michael FreibergPro Racing Sunshine Coasts.t.
10Abdul GaniKFC Cycling Teams.t.
11Thibault FerasseNatura4ever - Roubaix Lille Metropoles.t.
12Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
13Julien AntomarchiNatura4ever - Roubaix Lille Metropoles.t.
14Olav HjemsaeterTeam Coops.t.
15Peter WilliamsSwiftCarbon Pro Cyclings.t.
First stage race for me, and my team is already expecting me to deliver. Top 20 is the goal. It will be hard, but I'll do my best.


Detailed profile of first stage:


I was saving energy for the whole stage. Top 20 is not an easy task. Again, flat stage isn't my best terrain to fight, but I'm doing what I can. One of our riders went into an early breakaway. He has been caught 22kms before the finish.
With 7.5 kms left we started to create a train for me to finish high enough.


Wow! It was the weirdest sprint I have ever seen, but! We won the stage! And a top 10 from me!*


Top 15:


*quick note; the sprint hasn't happened at all. I once played it and won, because no one else sprinted. But I had to re-play that stage because I missed one stat/potential increase due to that. I would have won that again, but the same thing would happen, so I had to use effort on 0 just before the finish to not jump over one lvl.


Another flat stage that should end with the mass sprint. The breakaway couldn't gain much time so first try ended quickly. Second try was better and the breakaway rode for around 40 kms up front. It still wasn't good enough.

6 kms to go. We try to win it again.


Last km!


A bit uphill sprint and another top 10!


Top 15:
1Dylan KennettSt. George Continental Cycling Team3h08'34
2Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholms.t.
3Neil Van der PloegTeam BridgeLanes.t.
4Hayato OkamotoAisan Racing Teams.t.
5Leigh HowardPro Racing Sunshine Coasts.t.
6Ryan ThomasDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Teams.t.
7Dylan NewberyFuturo - Maxxis Pro Cyclings.t.
8Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
9Rafael SilvaEfapels.t.
10Patrick SchellingTeam Vorarlberg Santics.t.
11Gregorio FerriZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
12Hayden McCormickTeam BridgeLanes.t.
13Enrico ZanoncelloZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
14Pablo TorresInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
15Fabricio FerrariEfapels.t.

Another flat stage. I'm currently 14th in GC. One of our riders went into an early breakaway. But the peloton wasn't giving them a lot of time. With less than 40 kms to go we had few riders trying to attack in few occasions. Nothing was successful.

I'm trying to catch the perfect wheel for final sprint with 7.5 kms to go.


4 kms left...


Riders going early!


Top 10 again!


Decent performance. Some riders went early. My team-mate was brilliant tho. I'm much slower than majority of them so this is really good place.

Top 15:
1Hayato OkamotoAisan Racing Team3h52'50
2Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholms.t.
3Ryan ThomasDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Teams.t.
4Rafael SilvaEfapels.t.
5Maris BogdanovicsInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
6Pablo TorresInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
7Neil Van der PloegTeam BridgeLanes.t.
8Patrick SchellingTeam Vorarlberg Santics.t.
9Tony HurelSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.
10Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
11Fabricio FerrariEfapels.t.
12Leigh HowardPro Racing Sunshine Coasts.t.
13Dylan KennettSt. George Continental Cycling Teams.t.
14Alo JakinSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.
15Romain FeilluSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.

Finally something interesting. Much harder finish. I don't think it's perfect for me, but I'm trying my best.


I had to work tho at the front of the peloton for our better placed rider in GC. When it comes to that - I'm currently 16th. Tried to save energy for final little climb. The breakaway wasn't dangerous. They couldn't gain more than 3 minutes.
This is what was left after first climb to the finish - 30 kms to go.


10 kms left - only 20 riders.


We are starting to climb. I'm trying to setup a pace perfect for me.


They are attacking!


Ouch! What a hard climb! I didn't have enough power for better finishing, but I'm satisfied.


Top 15:
1Matvey MamykinChina Continental Team of Gansu Bank3h42'32
2Patrick SchellingTeam Vorarlberg Santics.t.
3José Manuel DíazTeam Vorarlberg Santics.t.
4Hernan AguirreInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
5Brayan ChavesMitchelton - BikeExchanges.t.
6Pablo TorresInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
7Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
8Camille ThominetSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.
9Hayden McCormickTeam BridgeLanes.t.
10Henrique CasimiroEfapel+ 1'03
11Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholms.t.
12Fabricio FerrariEfapel+ 1'30
13Rory TownsendCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes+ 2'54
14Aldo CaiatiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
15Ryan ChristensenCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homess.t.

Last stage, completely flat. I'll try to save my very good 4th place in GC!


Last 5 kms! We are at the front.


Last one!


It was a very good setup from my team-mate... I finished 4th!


Top 15:
1Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholm3h18'31
2John ArchibaldRibble Pro Cyclings.t.
3Ryan ThomasDrapac-Cannondale Holistic Development Teams.t.
4Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
5Camille ThominetSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.
6Matteo BaseggioZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
7King Lok CheungHKSI Pro Cycling Teams.t.
8Hayato OkamotoAisan Racing Teams.t.
9Nikolai TrusovChina Continental Team of Gansu Banks.t.
10Tony HurelSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.
11Maris BogdanovicsInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
12Rafael SilvaEfapels.t.
13Brayan ChavesMitchelton - BikeExchanges.t.
14Zhen WangChina Continental Team of Gansu Banks.t.
15Pablo TorresInterpro Cycling Academys.t.

General classification:
1Matvey MamykinChina Continental Team of Gansu Bank17h06'43
2Patrick SchellingTeam Vorarlberg Santic+ 4
3José Manuel DíazTeam Vorarlberg Santic+ 6
4Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior+ 8
5Pablo TorresInterpro Cycling Academy+ 10
6Camille ThominetSt Michel - Auber 93s.t.
7Brayan ChavesMitchelton - BikeExchanges.t.
8Hernan AguirreInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
9Hayden McCormickTeam BridgeLanes.t.
10Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholm+ 51
11Henrique CasimiroEfapel+ 1'13
12Fabricio FerrariEfapel+ 1'40
13Ryan ChristensenCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes+ 3'04
14Rory TownsendCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homess.t.
15Aldo CaiatiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
Would have Cohen Italian too, if i had seen this at that point.

Good luck with your story Smile
Tamijo wrote:
Would have Cohen Italian too, if i had seen this at that point.

Good luck with your story Smile

Thanks! I made some differences to the previous one I was doing. I hope I can get that the point of that one, lol


Another one day classic. Not fully flat, but probably going to end with a mass sprint.

Detailed profile:


My job for today was working at the front of the peloton. As always I was trying to save energy for the 2nd half of the race hoping I can get decent result in final sprint. The breakaway couldn't gain more than 3 minutes. And with only 3 riders in it, it was hard to believe they are going to make it.

Tempo was really good. After first run through a circuit, the peloton was including only 69 riders, with no breakaway up front.

It is harder than expected! With 38 kms left, only 15 riders were in the front group!


15 km to go. This is what was left...


7.5 km - first attacks!


3 km - I'm going first, trying to start the sprint up front. Who is going to win it?


I started the sprint a bit to late, but I'm pretty happy with my result. Route was really hard, but it's more than I was hoping for.


Top 15:
1Orluis AularMatrix Powertag3h56'31
2Marco TizzaAmore & Vita - Prodirs.t.
3Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholms.t.
4Jakub KaczmarekTeam Huroms.t.
5Karol DomagalskiTeam Huroms.t.
6Frantisek SisrElkov - Authors.t.
7Michael KukrleElkov - Authors.t.
8Ă“scar SevillaMedellins.t.
9Nicola GaffuriniMonkey Town - Ă  Bloc CTs.t.
10Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
11Scott BowdenTeam BridgeLanes.t.
12Jan BartaElkov - Authors.t.
13Fabio DuarteMedellin+ 1'31
14Robinson ChalapudMedellin+ 1'52
15Muhammet AtalaySalcano Sakarya BB Teams.t.

We stay in Turkey for another stage race. Also with something really interesting - 33 kms long mountain stage, that isn't ITT! That is going to be wild from start!
The goal from my team is final top 15. Let's see if I can get this!


Nothing really exciting happened, so let's see the results!

Brlliant teamwork from my team-mates and I finish again in the top 10!


Top 15:
1Youcef ReguiguiTerengganu Cycling Team4h02'07
2Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
3Thomas JosephTarteletto - Isorexs.t.
4Stefan BisseggerSwiss Racing Academys.t.
5Nico SelenatiAKROS - Thömuss.t.
6Orluis AularMatrix Powertags.t.
7Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
8Onur BalkanSalcano Sakarya BB Teams.t.
9Branislau SamoilauMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
10Roman MaikinMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
11Marek RutkiewiczWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
12Tobias FossUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
13Michal PodlaskiWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
14Eder FrayreDCBank Pro Cycling Teams.t.
15Andrea BagioliTeam Colpacks.t.


Stage 2 had one big climb in the middle of it. Too far from finish to make big selection, but it might end with a sprint from smaller peloton.

We actually made an impact! 5 km to top of the climb.


No one was interested in working, so we had to put the tempo.


3 km to go!


I'm too slow!


There is one thing I'm happy! I won my first jersey in my career! I was first on the top of today's climb and it was enough to win mountain jersey. So proud!

Top 15:
1Youcef ReguiguiTerengganu Cycling Team3h09'05
2Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
3Jacob HennessyCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homess.t.
4Orluis AularMatrix Powertags.t.
5Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
6Gregory DanielDCBank Pro Cycling Teams.t.
7Stanislau BazhkouMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
8José Vicente ToribioMatrix Powertags.t.
9Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
10Branislau SamoilauMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
11Rory TownsendCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homess.t.
12Andrea BagioliTeam Colpacks.t.
13Marek RutkiewiczWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
14Andrea PietrobonZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
15Eder FrayreDCBank Pro Cycling Teams.t.

Mountain classification:
1Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior16
2Mauro SchmidSwiss Racing Academy16
3Eduard VorganovMinsk Cycling Club12
4Alejandro RoperoKometa U2312
5Johan Price-PejtersenTeam ColoQuick10

That stage is weird. 33 km long and it's NOT an ITT. This is going to be wild!

The roads are really narrow, so we decided to setup a pace having me riding at the front. At 14 km to go we started to climb!


Oh my! Here we go! Brilliant work by A. Caiati! 9 km!


With 8 kms I needed to go alone. That is going to be hard...
Where did that guy come from?


So close!


Top 15:
1Tobias FossUno-X Norwegian Development Team1h15'37
2Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior+ 39
3Eder FrayreDCBank Pro Cycling Team+ 1'03
4Daniel PearsonCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homess.t.
5Marek RutkiewiczWibatech Merx 7R+ 1'40
6Branislau SamoilauMinsk Cycling Club+ 1'47
7Alejandro MarqueSporting / Tavira+ 2'57
8José Vicente ToribioMatrix Powertag+ 3'13
9Metkel EyobTerengganu Cycling Team+ 3'36
10Ian BibbyMadison Genesis+ 4'05
11Andrea BagioliTeam Colpacks.t.
12Claudio ImhofAKROS - Thömus+ 4'21
13Francisco ManceboMatrix Powertag+ 4'50
14Aldo CaiatiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior+ 5'28
15Andreas LeknessundUno-X Norwegian Development Team+ 6'47


Last stage was flat, so our job was simple. Defending our 2nd place in GC and first in mountain classification too!

We did it! That was not an easy sprint tho. Brilliant 2nd place in GC and mountain classification victory. Very good race!


Top 15:
1Youcef ReguiguiTerengganu Cycling Team3h20'32
2Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
3Onur BalkanSalcano Sakarya BB Teams.t.
4Tobias FossUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
5Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
6Thomas JosephTarteletto - Isorexs.t.
7Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
8Alexander GrigoryevSporting / Taviras.t.
9Maral Erdene BatmunkhTerengganu Cycling Teams.t.
10José Vicente ToribioMatrix Powertags.t.
11Orluis AularMatrix Powertags.t.
12Marek RutkiewiczWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
13Eder FrayreDCBank Pro Cycling Teams.t.
14Enrico ZanoncelloZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
15Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg-Bornholms.t.

Final general classification:
1Tobias FossUno-X Norwegian Development Team11h47'11
2Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior+ 43
3Eder FrayreDCBank Pro Cycling Team+ 1'09
4Daniel PearsonCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes+ 1'13
5Marek RutkiewiczWibatech Merx 7R+ 1'50
6Branislau SamoilauMinsk Cycling Club+ 1'57
7Alejandro MarqueSporting / Tavira+ 3'07
8José Vicente ToribioMatrix Powertag+ 3'23
9Metkel EyobTerengganu Cycling Team+ 3'46
10Ian BibbyMadison Genesis+ 4'15
11Andrea BagioliTeam Colpacks.t.
12Claudio ImhofAKROS - Thömus+ 4'31
13Francisco ManceboMatrix Powertag+ 5'00
14Aldo CaiatiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior+ 5'38
15Youcef ReguiguiTerengganu Cycling Team+ 6'36

Final mountain classification:
1Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior36
2Tobias FossUno-X Norwegian Development Team20
3Mauro SchmidSwiss Racing Academy16
4Eder FrayreDCBank Pro Cycling Team14
5Daniel PearsonCanyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes14
This is my calendar for April/May part. We stay mostly in Italy for many U23 races. I can gain a lot of experience there.

Don't worry, another update will pop up later today.



Flat classic. So my work was as usual working at the front. And as always I did the number team wanted from me to produce and started saving energy for final sprint. The breakaway wasn't dangerous at all.

They were a bit too fast. Just a bit.


Top 16:
1Youcef ReguiguiTerengganu Cycling Team3h45'25
2Stanislaw AniolkowskiCCC Development Teams.t.
3Maciej PaterskiWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
4Raymond KrederTeam UKYOs.t.
5Julien AntomarchiNatura4ever - Roubaix Lille Metropoles.t.
6Grzegorz StepniakWibatech Merx 7Rs.t.
7Gašper KatrašnikAdria Mobils.t.
8Andriy KulykShenzhen Xidesheng Cycling Teams.t.
9Robigzon Leandro OyolaMedellins.t.
10Sam CromeTeam UKYOs.t.
11Orluis AularMatrix Powertags.t.
12Aleksejs SaramotinsInterpro Cycling Academys.t.
13Mykhaylo KononenkoShenzhen Xidesheng Cycling Teams.t.
14Wim StroetingaVlasman CTs.t.
15Carlos Eduardo AlzateGW - Shimanos.t.
16Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.


Another one day classic. Another one flat. Another one that might end in mass sprint. I need to gain experience riding in races so every one counts, but later... I might start in races I would only like too!


This time we did it a bit different. Team decided I should try my strength in the breakaway. So I tried! An all Italian break:


We weren't able to gain more than 4 minutes, so the peloton really wanted to fight for the win. It was over for three of us at 22 km to go.



Top 16:
1Juan Jose LobatoNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè4h03'00
2Dušan RajovicAdria Mobils.t.
3Biniyam GhirmayUCI World Cycling Centre Mens Teams.t.
4Claudio ImhofAKROS - Thömuss.t.
5Andrea BagioliTeam Colpacks.t.
6Federico ZurloGiotti Victoria - Palomars.t.
7Marco CanolaNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
8Matteo RabottiniMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
9Fabian LienhardIAM Excelsiors.t.
10Jalel DurantiTeam Colpacks.t.
11Samuele BattistellaDimension Data for Qhubekas.t.
12Gašper KatrašnikAdria Mobils.t.
13Henok MulubrhanUCI World Cycling Centre Mens Teams.t.
14Imerio CimaNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
15Leonardo MarchioriZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
16Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.

Now a stage race in Italy! Really important for our sponsor so we have to deliver. Two time-trials (bad info), one mountain stage (good info).


I don't actually think I'm able to ride that race well. I'm out of form, so I might struggle in few races to will happen in near future. I tried to join an early breakaway, but it was too big, so we couldn't go away. I decided to stay in the peloton, not try again. For the first time also I was able to ride against WT teams as Dimension Data, UAE, Trek, Katusha, Bahrain, Astana and Mitchelton all did send their riders here. I followed a very good wheel, so I was surprised after I saw the results.


Top 15:
1Alex FrameTrek - Segafredo2h39'15
2Davide BalleriniAstana Pro Teams.t.
3Fabian LienhardIAM Excelsiors.t.
4Daryl ImpeyMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
5Dario CataldoAstana Pro Teams.t.
6Yevgeniy GidichAstana Pro Teams.t.
7Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
8Nick SchultzMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
9Heinrich HausslerBahrain - Meridas.t.
10Sven Erik BystrømUAE Team Emiratess.t.
11Marco CanolaNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
12Enrico BarbinBardiani CSFs.t.
13Nicola BagioliNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
14José GonçalvesTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
15Ivan SantaromitaNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.


A TTT. We are only a continental team, there was nothing to expect. At least we weren't last, right?

Top 10:
1Mitchelton - SCOTT12'42
2Trek - Segafredo+ 12
3Astana Pro Team+ 20
4UAE Team Emirates+ 34
5Swiss Racing Academy+ 36
6NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè+ 44
7Bardiani CSFs.t.
8AKROS - Thömus+ 46
9IAM Excelsior+ 48
10Team Colpack+ 53
22Zalf Euromobil Desirèe Fior+ 1'36

Third stage, some hills. I'm not the strongest here against all those WT teams, but I'm trying my best.


It was rainy and cold. I decided to stay in the peloton. I wanted to try myself against all those great WT riders. With 50 km to go I was still with all the favourites. And group was really small - only 30 riders in it.

20 km left - surprisingly, I'm still with the favourites


10 km to go - just look at that, I'm still there!


Jose Goncalves is completely out of reach.


What a finish!


Top 15:
1José GonçalvesTeam Katusha Alpecin4h27'21
2Daryl ImpeyMitchelton - SCOTT+ 1'31
3Claudio RusconiZalf Euromobil Desirèe Fiors.t.
4Dario CataldoAstana Pro Teams.t.
5Edward RavasiUAE Team Emiratess.t.
6Giovanni ViscontiNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTMs.t.
7Omar FraileAstana Pro Teams.t.
8Enrico BarbinBardiani CSFs.t.
9Nicola BagioliNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
10Hideto NakaneNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
11Jack HaigMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
12Davide BalleriniAstana Pro Team+ 2'59
13Marco MarcatoUAE Team Emirates+ 3'20
14Marco CanolaNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
15Tsgabu GrmayMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
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