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[PCT] Netia - Vónin
Netia - Vónin

*Early Access HQ, Glitter and Banners will be added ASAP

Supporter of Polish cycling since 2015, Telecommunications company Netia will once again sponsor a Pro Continental teams, this year however, with the abandon of Norkse Skog. Faroe based fishing enterprise Vónin will join them with aims to develop cycling in the Faroe Islands and to increase their prominence both globally and in Northern Europe. We look forward to the upcoming 2017 in partnership with Netia and Vónin!

Netia - Vónin, Polski Rowerowy na Światowej scenie!

2017 Jersey


Thanks to the excellent Krisa of Rapha, we will race in this stunning jersey for the 2017 season. He inverted our colour scheme this season and went for a retro style, producing an excellent piece of work!



Name: Netia
Industry: Telecommunications
Sponsor Status: Main Sponsor (Title Sponsor)
Focus Nations: Poland, Rest of Eastern Europe, Germany*
Conditions: Michal Kwiatkowski, Minimum 40% Polish and 50% Eastern European Squad

Netia has been with our team from the start and shows no signs of giving up their sponsorship, content with our teams results every season, with last seasons Bayern Rundfahrt win by Luis Leon Sanchez and Prezemyslaw Kasperkiewicz's U23 World Championships victory on Polish soil being particularly important to them. This season however they wish for us to put Polish star Michal Kwiatkowski on our roster at all costs and to continue developing the future of Polish cycling, which we will gladly try to achieve.


Name: Vónin
Industry: Fishing and Aquaculture
Sponsor Status: Co-Sponsor (Title Sponsor)
Focus Nations: Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Russia*, Lithuania* and Canada*
Conditions: Minimum 4 Faroe Riders and 2 Danish Riders

Vónin's main goal is to improve their image in Northern Europe and their countries of operation but they also want to see Faroe cyclists have a representation on the world stage, especially with talented riders such as Torkil Veyhe beginning to come through. They don't require too much of us this season aside from placing a few more Faroes on our roster and achieving some quality results. Which we are happy to endeavour to achieve.

Minor Sponsors:

Guerciotti (Cycling Equipment)
Przewozy Regionalne (Rail Transport)
Rapha (Sportswear)
Tarkett (Flooring)
Sandvik (Engineering)
Shimano (Cycling Equipment)
Gaerne (Cycling Equipment)
ProAction (Cycling Nutrition
Elite (Bottles and Trainers)
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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

This is our current squad before the 2017 transfer season, it will be updated as transfers progress.

Karol Andrzej Domagalski Pawel Bernas
Pawel Franczak Adrian Honkisz
Mortern Reckweg Adam Stachowiak
Luis Leon Sanchez Matteo Rabottini
Michael Mørkøv Torkil Veyhe
Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz Gunnar Dahl-Olsen
Jóanis Albert Nielsen Iliyan Kolev
Michał Kwiatkowski Maximme Vantomme
Kristian Sobota Mads Pedersen
Deins Kanepejs Mark Padun*
Filip Bengtsson** Szymon Rekita**

*Loan In


Loaned In

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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

Edited by trekbmc on 14-07-2018 09:40

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen



Season2016NameNetia - Norske Skog
Best RiderLuis Leon SanchezBest RaceBayern Rundfahrt

Karol Andrzej Domagalski Pawel Bernas
Tomasz Marczynski Pawel Franczak
Jaroslaw Dabrowski Mariusz Gil
Andrea Palini Krister Hagen
Zsolt Der Maxime Vantomme
Adrian Honkisz Kristian Sobota
Markus Fahnert Morten Reckweg
Adam Stachowiak Adam Pierzga
Luis Leon Sanchez Petar Panayotov
Michael Mørkøv Torkil Veyhe*
Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz** Christos Loizou**
Matteo Rabottini

**Loaned Out


Major Results:

1stStrade Bianche1stBayern Rundfahrt
1stInterlagos Grand Prix1stU23 Road World Championships
2ndGiro dell'Emilia2ndTour of Ukraine
2ndCourse Du SolidarnoscStage WinCourse Du Solidarnosc
3rdFBD Eire Tour2x Stage WinFBD Eire Tour
3rdClasica San Sebastian4thTour de San Luis
5thTour of Qatar (PT)KOMTour of South Africa
Stage WinTour of the Czech Republic20thTour de France (PT)
Stage Win Tour de L'Avenir





Season:2015Name:Netia - Norske Skog
Best Rider:Zsolt DerBest Race:Tour de Polonge

Andrey Zeits Karol Andrej Domagalski
Zsolt Der Adam Stachowiak
Michael Mørkøv Patrik Sinkewitz
Kristin Sobota Markus Fahnert
Maruisz Gil Tomasz Marczynski
Pawel Franczak Jaroslaw Dabrowski
Adam Pierzga Piotr Mazur
Krister Hagan Christos Loizou*
Lukas Varhanik*


1stTatranska Klasika1stGiro del Capo
1stTour de PolongeTeams Clas.Tour de Polonge
2ndGP SallanchesStage WinTour de Langwaki















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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Renewals 2017

We have a bad reputation with renewals and after overpaying our riders massively last season, we decided to focus on doing the opposite this season, unfortunately, we put several riders off with low offers, while there were many that we could not continue to support as they entered their older years but rather than dwell on our stupidity in the past, we prefer to tell about the present, as our remaining riders were quite willing to accept a fair wage:

Petar Panayotov75.14134,000Yes
Luis Leon Sanchez74.86200,000Yes
Matteo Rabottini73.9250,000Maybe
Karol Andrzej Domagalski73.7650,000Unlikely
Adrian Honkisz73.2750,000Unlikely
Adam Stachowiak72.9260,000No
Michael Morkov72.9050,000Likely
Pawel Franczak72.1750,000Maybe
Pawel Bernas71.8850,000No
Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz71.55140,000No
Morten Reckweg70.4350,000Unlikely
Torkil Veyhe65.6150,000No

Edited by trekbmc on 06-09-2017 21:36

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Very stylish new jersey and an interesting new direction with Vonin Grin You had a very solid debut PCT season and that base looks very nice despite letting quite a few riders go Shock Will be very interesting to follow you again during transfers and the main season Grin
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Some interestingly low wages for some guys here. Nice job. I guess they won't be needed on your team anymore then. Pfft
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Thanks guys Smile

@BBL - Yeah, their wages are way too low for our team's trademark standards, Pfft We'll likely need to sell a couple and replace them with some properly overpayed riders. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
What happens when you don't land Kwiatko? Grin
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@WhiteJersey - We sign Kwiatek, there are no other outcomes. If somebody wants to overbid us, they'll spend so much that they'll relegate. Pfft

Transfer Rumours

Sanchez and Panayotov may not stay on board!

As we near the beginning of the transfer season, the manager of Polish Pro Continental Team Netia - V�nin has hinted at a possible reshuffle of the team order, with none other than last season's headliner Luis Leon Sanchez being considered for a transfer as well as Bulgarian Climber Petar Panayotov. He stated "Both riders are coming from extremely different angles in terms of their history, but both have expressed wishes to compete in the Continental Division, while we want to keep these great riders on board, we will consider selling them during the upcoming transfer season."

Sanchez finished 5th in the Pro Continental Rider Standings last season, with victories in Strade Bianche and Bayern Rundfahrt, alongside podiums in the Giro dell'Emilia, Tour of Ukraine, Classica San Sebastian and a top 20 finish in none other than the Tour de France. The previous season, the spaniard assisted Latvian Evonik - ELKO in promoting by winning the Pro Continental Individual Standings. The Netia Manager was quoted saying "Leon, he's a great guy and he's got this great winning mentality about him but now that he is getting older, he perhaps isn't as suited to PCT racing, however he knows he can still contest the win in the Individual Rider Standings for the Continental Division next season and has taken a pay cut in the hope that he may be given the opportunity to participate in the lower division this season."

Petar on the other hand was lacklustre in the PCT but the Netia manager has positive thoughts about him too "Petar just lacks that top end stuff for the PCT, he's good but you've got guys who can finish on the podium in a Grand Tour to fight against, next season he has two options, continue in the PCT, likely as a superdomestique next season or move to the CT division, where he will be one of the strongest climbers in the division and be able to contest proper race victories, particularly his home race in the Tour of Bulgaria."

Edited by trekbmc on 07-09-2017 16:19

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Good luck, seems you a planning some drastic changes for the new season, I'm just wondering if Petra likes Campari
Sorry, but I may take a pass on both Sanchez and Panayotov - they're way over my budget

EDIT: Zeits was a transfer flop, I'm affraid
Edited by ivaneurope on 07-09-2017 17:28
trekbmc wrote:
Thanks guys Smile

@BBL - Yeah, their wages are way too low for our team's trademark standards, Pfft We'll likely need to sell a couple and replace them with some properly overpayed riders. Pfft

Indeed, it seems that you must in order to properly preserve the team identity. Pfft
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



@Tamijo - I'm sure he was already enjoying it based on the hectic stuff he was doing in the TDF. Pfft

@Ivan - Well there wages are pretty low really and for the riders they are likely lower than you'd get for either off the FA. Wink

Also, Zeits underperformed a bit but then he was a 76hl rider sold for 0k fee in the season where unfortunately some teams signed 80hl riders rather than the 78hl high the season before. Still no obligation to buy them. Wink

@BBL - Fortunately, we have a knack for overpaying riders. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Both will cost me 334k in wages alone if I decide to gamble on them. According to my calculations if I keep my current roster and add LL Sanchez and Panayotov it will leave me with just 36k left, which may be insufficient to sign normal player (3 stagieres however will be done). Which means that I may need to either sell or loan some of my current riders. I need riders that will help me gain PCT promotion.
You don't have to buy them both together, you can just buy 1 rider. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Well, Netia sounds like a picky sponsor, but I'm sure Kwiat will be adored by the Netia - Vónin fans Wink

We'll definitely be in touch about some other Poles. Bring on tomorrow!
There the only sponsor I've continuously met the self imposed demands of (poor Norske Skog, wanted 4 Norweigens and got 1 weak rider plus a bunch of Danes Pfft) So I'll take them. And who can really blame them for wanting the best Pole out there? Pfft

Hopefully we'll have some good talks once transfers get going then! Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
ivaneurope wrote:
After the transfer window begins I want information about Luis Leon Sanchez and Petar Panayotov as well as asking price or loan opportunities with buyout clause

Your other posts here already sort of gave away that intention and therefore I'm keeping this post up, but please, this is already crossing the line when it comes to the no pretransfers talk rule. Please have the decency to wait an additional 13 hours and 21 minutes before posting this kind of stuff Wink
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