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Giro d'Italia - Stage 20

Last mountain stage in the Giro d'Italia 2015 and so also the last real chance to attack the GC as tomorrows finisher is for the sprinters.
The stage has some difficulties today. An easier Cat. 2 early and one of the toughest climbs midstage. A long and steep Cat. 1.
Then some smaller bumps, a descent and another short uphill finish.
Can Ricco defend his jersey and win the Giro? Less than half a minute to the next two though.


We almost reach the Cat.2 and 5 riders attacked but so far not being allowed to go really. This high pace is a huge disaster for several riders as a group of more than 20 is dropped already including lots of sprinters, who had hoped to survive until tomorrow. Those five attackers are:
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/tcs.png Ignatenko
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/gde.png Scarponi
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/pro.png Brambilla
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/pnd.png Rosch
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bac.png Pardilla

Quite surprising though that the teams responsible for the high pace are Ayubowan, Movistar and Chernobyl. Did they miss the breakaway today? Or what are their plans?


We jump to the longest climb of the day. 3 riders attacked early on this one:
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bec.png Kratochvila
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/vwa.png Brändle
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/pnd.png Siutsou
and already a bit earlier pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/btc.png Barguil.


This is awful news for Ricco. 60km left and he is isolated! The amount of work for him was too much for the helpers. Pichon, Koretzky and Campero were the last with him but all are further back in the peloton really struggling.
And while Vesuvio or Quickstep were the expected teams to put pressure on him, it`s UBS Swisscom instead. Surely they had higher hopes in Nibali and might try something on this stage.
The break has a 6min advantage. So a lot less than on previous stages.


4,5km before the top we see the long expected move. The Maglia Rosa in huge problems now as several riders attack including Andy Schleck:
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/akm.png Guldhammer
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/vsa.png Schleck
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/mei.png Cunego

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/tcs.png Kolesnikov
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/qst.png Madrazo
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/pok.png Faiers

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/ozc.png Pozzovivo
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/onc.png Brajkovic


The four strongest were clearly Schleck, Madrazo, Guldhammer and Cunego. Only Kolesnikov was able to stay ahead of the peloton.
And the gap is huge! Without any helper left, Ricco really has a problem now and must hope for other teams to help him.


No team helping them though. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th are only a danger for Ricco.
And Guldhammer as 8th could be a danger for ONCE and Becherovka and Pokerstars as well. But possibly their riders are too exhausted. The slower pace becomes obvious when seeing that Campero and Pichon are back with Ricco. The gap becomes bigger and bigger.


The Schleck group has reached the breakaway. So today there was no chance for them.
Denifl and Nibali attacked the Ricco group, but also the Italian himself is within another top10 rider group.

But with more than 7min down! He totally has a blackout today as the last 2 1/2 weeks were too exhausting. This way he would even lose a podium spot after having the race lead for a long time.


Ricco not giving up. He reduced the gap to 6min now leading a trio with Velits and Uran. Still a bit ahead the duo of Nibali and Denifl.


And the gap coneintues to become smaller. Brajkovic rejoined the Maglia Rosa group and also Pozzovivo trying to make it.
Faiers as one of the big winners in the last week, is struggling today and surely will lose a few spots again.


The leading 6 work together very well. Guldhammer and Cunego just want to improve as many spots as possible. Brambilla and Scarponi clearly just try to hang on.
But the most interesting is the Schleck/Madrazo fight. One of them will most likely take over the GC lead and win the Giro. But while Schleck can wait for the finish, Madrazo needs to attack him.


Well. This wasn`t really an attack!
Schleck/Cuengo/Guldhammer accelerated for a short moment and Madrazo drops. He now needs to fight his way back! Brambilla and Scarponi also dropped but still in between. This was really low concentration by the Spaniard and might cost him the Giro win.


1,4km left and Brambilla has almost reached them again with Madrazo still fighting.
Schleck though leading the group now trying to avoid his comeback.


500m and Schleck now also wants the stage win. Guldhammer and Cunego the only riders to challenge him. Madrazo to far behind and this was it. Here we see the new Maglia Rosa and most likely winner of the Giro!


Schleck also knows it by know. Tomorrow is a day to thank all team mates and let it for the sprinters...that said...they still fight more than 40min back to make it inside the time limit.

Guldhammer and Cunego coming in next. Surely they will improve. In especially 2nd must wait not to see if he jumped onto the podium today.


Madrazo must be disappointed today. He was closer than in last years Tour but yet again lost to Schleck. He though climbs one spot in GC to 2nd.


Nibali and Denifl lost a lot of time today. More than 5min today! GC wise almost no changes even though Nibali might climb one position.


And here is Ricco. Behind Velits, Brajkovic and Uran he lost a bit again on the final climb. 6'50 in total! This sees him dropping to 4th and Cunego can celebrate an unexpected podium.
The pressure of the Maglia Rosa did exhaust him too much surely.


+7'23 Pozzovivo
+10'51 Faiers
Kohl, Pinot etc.

So big gaps today. Guldhammer with his huge race today jumps into the top5 ahead of Brajkovic and Velits. Faiers still on a good 8th ahead of Denifl and Pozzovivo. Uran, Kolesnikov and Nibali just outside.


Last but not least lots of abandons. Unfortunately for several sprinter teams, who had hoped for their rider to fight for tomorrows stage. Also Tzortzakis in there as he surely had worked too much for Ricco on previous stages. But also Roelandts, Kennaugh, Guerao, Vesely...

1Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux4h49'43
2Rasmus GuldhammerAker - MOT+ 8
3Damiano CunegoMeiji - JR Easts.t.
4Gianluca BrambillaProject 1t4i+ 32
5Angel MadrazoQuickstep+ 44
6Paolo ScarponiGood Energy+ 1'31
7Petr IgnatenkoTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 2'31
8Jakub KratochvilaBecherovka - Petrof+ 4'54
9Vincenzo NibaliSwisscom - UBS+ 5'24
10Stefan DeniflVolksWagen - Andritz+ 5'36
11Sergei KolesnikovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 6'08
12Peter VelitsBecherovka - Petrofs.t.
13Matthias BrändleVolksWagen - Andritz+ 6'26
14Janez BrajkovicONCE-Eroskis.t.
15Rigoberto ĂšranBacardi Limiteds.t.
16Riccardo RiccoFestina-Canal++ 6'50
17Konstantin SiutsouPendleton'ss.t.
18Domenico PozzovivoOz Cycling Project+ 7'23
19Sergio PardillaBacardi Limited+ 7'46
20Thomas FaiersPokerstars.com+ 10'51
21Jaime SuazaVesuvio - Accumalux+ 11'07
22Bernhard KohlPendleton's+ 11'18
23Thibaut PinotAyubowan!+ 13'32
24Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 13'58
25Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumalux+ 14'12
26Mikayil KrasnoperovChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 14'50
27Rafel MajkaProject 1t4i+ 15'04
28Artem TopchanyukChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 15'57
29Igor AntĂłnONCE-Eroskis.t.
30Gregory BrenesQuickstep+ 16'33
31Sondre SørtveitAker - MOTs.t.
32Vegard Stake LaengenAker - MOTs.t.
33Tom Jelte SlagterVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
34Marc GoosQuicksteps.t.
35Warren BarguilBouygues Telecoms.t.
36SĂ©bastien IvarsSwisscom - UBSs.t.
37Lorents Ola AasvoldAker - MOTs.t.
38Yoshimitsu HiratsukaMeiji - JR East+ 16'54
39Ole HirschleinBacardi Limiteds.t.
40Thomas DegandQuicksteps.t.
41Johan Le BonAyubowan!+ 17'13
42Vadim RatiyMovistar - US Postal+ 17'38
43Christoph MaiVolksWagen - Andritz+ 17'48
44David RoschPendleton'ss.t.
45Leopold KönigBecherovka - Petrofs.t.
46Miguel Minguez AyalaONCE-Eroskis.t.
47Aberlardo AblenadoONCE-Eroskis.t.
48Michael KolarBecherovka - Petrofs.t.
49Louis MeintjesQuicksteps.t.
50Michel KochPokerstars.coms.t.
51Ilnur ZakarinTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 18'38
52Simone PonziGood Energy+ 19'37
53Teodoro CostagliGood Energys.t.
54Matteo RabottiniGood Energy+ 19'49
55Sergei PomoshnikovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurances.t.
56Adam YatesVenchi+ 20'32
57Antonio SantoroVenchis.t.
58Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOTs.t.
59Stefano PirazziVenchis.t.
60Oleksandr PrevarChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 21'05
61Alexis VuillermozAyubowan!+ 22'35
62Jose GoncalvesSwisscom - UBS+ 23'01
63Ruben FernandezVolksWagen - Andritz+ 23'40
64Jakub DanacikBecherovka - Petrof+ 23'59
65Bjørn Tore HoemAker - MOT+ 24'11
66Jakob FuglsangOrange - KLM Cycling+ 25'38
67Sigurd NessetAker - MOT+ 25'51
68Songezo JimRed Bull - Huawei+ 26'22
69Mykhaylo KononenkoChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroffs.t.
70Piter CamperoFestina-Canal+s.t.
71Andrei GrivkoOz Cycling Project+ 26'34
72Tomoyuki IinoMeiji - JR East+ 27'22
73Gökhan HastaRed Bull - Huaweis.t.
74Tom CopelandPendleton's+ 27'49
75Maxime La LavandierBouygues Telecom+ 28'23
76Asela SisiraAyubowan!+ 28'44
77Jordi SimonMovistar - US Postal+ 29'07
78Vitaliy PopkovMetinvest-Dacia+ 29'31
79Francesco GinanniPokerstars.coms.t.
80Edwin Parra BustamanteMovistar - US Postal+ 30'29
81Rubén PlazaMovistar - US Postals.t.
82Philip DeignanPendleton's+ 30'44
83Omar FraileMovistar - US Postals.t.
84Laurent PichonFestina-Canal+s.t.
85Richard Antonio CarapazONCE-Eroski+ 31'16
86Sergio BarrioMovistar - US Postal+ 31'49
87Klever CuasquerONCE-Eroski+ 32'56
88Mikel LandaONCE-Eroski+ 33'13
89Damiano CarusoGood Energy+ 34'02
90Pedro Miguel PaulinhoMovistar - US Postals.t.
91Matteo BonoPendleton'ss.t.
92Marcello PavarinGood Energys.t.
93Matthias FrankSwisscom - UBS+ 35'17
94Philippe GilbertPendleton's+ 36'02
95Sean De BieVenchis.t.
96Jo Kogstad RingheimAker - MOT+ 36'30
97Nikolai TrusovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 36'46
98Dimitri ClaeysVolksWagen - Andritz+ 37'20
99Ramon SinkeldamProject 1t4i+ 38'34
100Thomas De GendtQuickstep+ 38'42
101Maximillian SchachmannVenchi+ 39'20
102Toms SkujinsRed Bull - Huaweis.t.
103Diego UlissiBacardi Limiteds.t.
104Maurice SchreursOrange - KLM Cycling+ 39'55
105Thomas FreiSwisscom - UBS+ 40'06
106Clement KoretzkyFestina-Canal++ 40'44
107Guillaume Van KeirsbulckFestina-Canal+s.t.
108Mujtaba HusseinVesuvio - Accumalux+ 41'24
109Leris MoukagniControl Teams.t.
110Nicolas WinterControl Teams.t.
111Morgan KneiskyBouygues Telecom+ 41'45
112Eliot LietaerBouygues Telecom+ 42'08
113Anthony RouxAyubowan!+ 42'37
114Andrea PaliniGood Energys.t.
115Michael HepburnBecherovka - Petrof+ 47'16
116Adrian MaloriGood Energy+ 49'09
117Richie PorteVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
118Juan Abenhamar Gallego MartinPokerstars.com+ 49'31
119Marko KumpQuickstep+ 50'03
120Mikhail IgnatievMetinvest-Dacias.t.
121Rasmus SteroboVolksWagen - Andritz+ 50'49
122George Alexandru StancuProject 1t4is.t.
123Yves LampaertProject 1t4is.t.
124Alexis DulinAyubowan!s.t.
125Alexander PorsevTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurances.t.
126Maurits LammertinkProject 1t4i+ 51'27
127Elia VivianiBacardi Limited+ 51'39
128Mikel IturriaBacardi Limited+ 51'57
129Marcel AreggerVenchi+ 52'37
130Wesley KrederProject 1t4is.t.
131Matthew GossOz Cycling Projects.t.
132Michael RogersOz Cycling Projects.t.
133Libin ChenRed Bull - Huaweis.t.
134Nazir JaserPokerstars.coms.t.
DNFJan GhyselinckBecherovka - PetrofDNF
DNFBob JungelsVesuvio - AccumaluxDNF
DNFEnrico GasparottoFestina-Canal+DNF
DNFPeter KennaughOrange - KLM CyclingDNF
DNFGeorgos TzortzakisFestina-Canal+DNF
DNFVincent JĂ©rĂ´meOrange - KLM CyclingDNF
DNFThomas BonninONCE-EroskiDNF
DNFMike TeunissenVenchiDNF
DNFSaulo LayPokerstars.comDNF
DNFĂ“scar GueraoRed Bull - HuaweiDNF
DNFMarcio PortelaBouygues TelecomDNF
DNFAllan DangerControl TeamDNF
DNFDavid VeilleuxOrange - KLM CyclingDNF
DNFSonny ColbrelliVenchiDNF
DNFYannick MartinezAyubowan!DNF
DNFBryan CoquardFestina-Canal+DNF
DNFJan HopmanBouygues TelecomDNF
DNFJurgen RoelandtsBouygues TelecomDNF
DNFOleksandr PolivodaChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b NemiroffDNF
DNFMarlen ZmorkaMetinvest-DaciaDNF
DNFTomohiro HayakawaMeiji - JR EastDNF
DNFDaniel VeselyBecherovka - PetrofDNF
DNFSergiy LagkutiMetinvest-DaciaDNF

1Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux80h35'36
2Angel MadrazoQuickstep+ 46
3Damiano CunegoMeiji - JR East+ 4'10
4Riccardo RiccoFestina-Canal++ 6'43
5Rasmus GuldhammerAker - MOT+ 10'29
6Janez BrajkovicONCE-Eroski+ 12'06
7Peter VelitsBecherovka - Petrof+ 15'20
8Thomas FaiersPokerstars.com+ 17'03
9Stefan DeniflVolksWagen - Andritz+ 18'13
10Domenico PozzovivoOz Cycling Project+ 22'38
11Rigoberto ĂšranBacardi Limited+ 23'06
12Sergei KolesnikovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 23'11
13Vincenzo NibaliSwisscom - UBS+ 23'38
14Gianluca BrambillaProject 1t4i+ 25'13
15Bernhard KohlPendleton's+ 26'31
16Thibaut PinotAyubowan!+ 32'16
17Matthias BrändleVolksWagen - Andritz+ 33'49
18Vegard Stake LaengenAker - MOT+ 35'36
19Paolo ScarponiGood Energy+ 37'24
20Rafel MajkaProject 1t4i+ 38'48
21Igor AntĂłnONCE-Eroski+ 39'04
22Sergei PomoshnikovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 39'47
23Jakub KratochvilaBecherovka - Petrof+ 39'53
24Matteo RabottiniGood Energy+ 44'14
25Petr IgnatenkoTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 46'34
26Jaime SuazaVesuvio - Accumalux+ 46'37
27Konstantin SiutsouPendleton's+ 49'19
28Simone PonziGood Energy+ 49'40
29Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 51'13
30Artem TopchanyukChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 51'40
31Marc GoosQuickstep+ 51'52
32Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumalux+ 52'37
33Thomas DegandQuickstep+ 54'51
34Johan Le BonAyubowan!+ 54'58
35Lorents Ola AasvoldAker - MOT+ 55'21
36Vadim RatiyMovistar - US Postal+ 55'46
37Tom Jelte SlagterVesuvio - Accumalux+ 57'21
38Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT+ 58'17
39Teodoro CostagliGood Energy+ 58'30
40Gregory BrenesQuickstep+ 59'24
41Ilnur ZakarinTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 59'36
42Ole HirschleinBacardi Limited+ 59'50
43Adam YatesVenchi+ 1h02'38
44Andrei GrivkoOz Cycling Project+ 1h03'29
45Leopold KönigBecherovka - Petrof+ 1h05'37
46Francesco GinanniPokerstars.com+ 1h09'45
47Warren BarguilBouygues Telecom+ 1h10'12
48Louis MeintjesQuickstep+ 1h11'06
49David RoschPendleton's+ 1h12'18
50Mikayil KrasnoperovChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 1h13'10
51Sergio PardillaBacardi Limited+ 1h14'23
52Mykhaylo KononenkoChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 1h14'40
53SĂ©bastien IvarsSwisscom - UBS+ 1h16'00
54Sondre SørtveitAker - MOT+ 1h19'35
55Alexis VuillermozAyubowan!+ 1h20'40
56Aberlardo AblenadoONCE-Eroski+ 1h23'12
57Philip DeignanPendleton's+ 1h23'51
58Rubén PlazaMovistar - US Postal+ 1h25'29
59Miguel Minguez AyalaONCE-Eroski+ 1h26'23
60Jose GoncalvesSwisscom - UBS+ 1h26'51
61Bjørn Tore HoemAker - MOT+ 1h27'24
62Sigurd NessetAker - MOT+ 1h27'55
63Yoshimitsu HiratsukaMeiji - JR East+ 1h28'22
64Ruben FernandezVolksWagen - Andritz+ 1h33'17
65Edwin Parra BustamanteMovistar - US Postal+ 1h33'30
66Michel KochPokerstars.com+ 1h35'14
67Oleksandr PrevarChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 1h36'04
68Christoph MaiVolksWagen - Andritz+ 1h38'09
69Klever CuasquerONCE-Eroski+ 1h41'16
70Piter CamperoFestina-Canal++ 1h42'00
71Omar FraileMovistar - US Postal+ 1h42'18
72Tomoyuki IinoMeiji - JR East+ 1h44'50
73Matthias FrankSwisscom - UBS+ 1h45'40
74Philippe GilbertPendleton's+ 1h46'24
75Asela SisiraAyubowan!+ 1h47'00
76Stefano PirazziVenchi+ 1h47'03
77Jakub DanacikBecherovka - Petrof+ 1h49'53
78Vitaliy PopkovMetinvest-Dacia+ 1h50'55
79Pedro Miguel PaulinhoMovistar - US Postal+ 1h52'15
80Richard Antonio CarapazONCE-Eroski+ 1h54'56
81Jakob FuglsangOrange - KLM Cycling+ 1h56'11
82Clement KoretzkyFestina-Canal++ 1h59'04
83Sean De BieVenchi+ 1h59'46
84Jo Kogstad RingheimAker - MOT+ 2h02'50
85Toms SkujinsRed Bull - Huawei+ 2h04'04
86Andrea PaliniGood Energy+ 2h06'05
87Jordi SimonMovistar - US Postal+ 2h08'07
88George Alexandru StancuProject 1t4i+ 2h10'04
89Maxime La LavandierBouygues Telecom+ 2h10'27
90Tom CopelandPendleton's+ 2h10'40
91Damiano CarusoGood Energy+ 2h10'46
92Diego UlissiBacardi Limited+ 2h11'41
93Mikhail IgnatievMetinvest-Dacia+ 2h15'20
94Thomas FreiSwisscom - UBS+ 2h15'40
95Matteo BonoPendleton's+ 2h16'08
96Michael KolarBecherovka - Petrof+ 2h16'32
97Nikolai TrusovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 2h22'14
98Mikel LandaONCE-Eroski+ 2h23'59
99Maurice SchreursOrange - KLM Cycling+ 2h25'34
100Marcello PavarinGood Energy+ 2h25'43
101Songezo JimRed Bull - Huawei+ 2h32'19
102Dimitri ClaeysVolksWagen - Andritz+ 2h37'58
103Rasmus SteroboVolksWagen - Andritz+ 2h39'00
104Thomas De GendtQuickstep+ 2h43'51
105Marko KumpQuickstep+ 2h43'58
106Ramon SinkeldamProject 1t4i+ 2h49'47
107Antonio SantoroVenchi+ 2h51'46
108Maximillian SchachmannVenchi+ 2h52'02
109Anthony RouxAyubowan!+ 2h52'20
110Gökhan HastaRed Bull - Huawei+ 2h55'29
111Eliot LietaerBouygues Telecom+ 2h58'42
112Marcel AreggerVenchi+ 3h05'14
113Sergio BarrioMovistar - US Postal+ 3h06'42
114Morgan KneiskyBouygues Telecom+ 3h13'31
115Nicolas WinterControl Team+ 3h14'41
116Mikel IturriaBacardi Limited+ 3h14'49
117Maurits LammertinkProject 1t4i+ 3h22'05
118Richie PorteVesuvio - Accumalux+ 3h27'04
119Juan Abenhamar Gallego MartinPokerstars.com+ 3h31'28
120Laurent PichonFestina-Canal++ 3h33'58
121Michael RogersOz Cycling Project+ 3h39'39
122Alexander PorsevTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 3h40'01
123Guillaume Van KeirsbulckFestina-Canal++ 3h41'37
124Alexis DulinAyubowan!+ 3h41'44
125Adrian MaloriGood Energy+ 3h45'44
126Leris MoukagniControl Team+ 3h49'21
127Michael HepburnBecherovka - Petrof+ 3h50'43
128Elia VivianiBacardi Limited+ 4h09'44
129Mujtaba HusseinVesuvio - Accumalux+ 4h09'50
130Wesley KrederProject 1t4i+ 4h10'07
131Yves LampaertProject 1t4i+ 4h10'46
132Nazir JaserPokerstars.com+ 4h13'09
133Matthew GossOz Cycling Project+ 4h20'34
134Libin ChenRed Bull - Huawei+ 4h29'30
DNFJan GhyselinckBecherovka - PetrofDNF
DNFBob JungelsVesuvio - AccumaluxDNF
DNFEnrico GasparottoFestina-Canal+DNF
DNFPeter KennaughOrange - KLM CyclingDNF
DNFGeorgos TzortzakisFestina-Canal+DNF
DNFVincent JĂ©rĂ´meOrange - KLM CyclingDNF
DNFThomas BonninONCE-EroskiDNF
DNFMike TeunissenVenchiDNF
DNFSaulo LayPokerstars.comDNF
DNFĂ“scar GueraoRed Bull - HuaweiDNF
DNFMarcio PortelaBouygues TelecomDNF
DNFAllan DangerControl TeamDNF
DNFDavid VeilleuxOrange - KLM CyclingDNF
DNFSonny ColbrelliVenchiDNF
DNFYannick MartinezAyubowan!DNF
DNFBryan CoquardFestina-Canal+DNF
DNFJan HopmanBouygues TelecomDNF
DNFJurgen RoelandtsBouygues TelecomDNF
DNFOleksandr PolivodaChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b NemiroffDNF
DNFMarlen ZmorkaMetinvest-DaciaDNF
DNFTomohiro HayakawaMeiji - JR EastDNF
DNFDaniel VeselyBecherovka - PetrofDNF
DNFSergiy LagkutiMetinvest-DaciaDNF

1Angel MadrazoQuickstep140
2Damiano CunegoMeiji - JR East125
3Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux120
4Riccardo RiccoFestina-Canal+105
5Matthew GossOz Cycling Project85
6Janez BrajkovicONCE-Eroski83
7Francesco GinanniPokerstars.com70
8Sean De BieVenchi65
9Peter VelitsBecherovka - Petrof58
10Rasmus GuldhammerAker - MOT55

1Thomas FaiersPokerstars.com80
2Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux54
3Artem TopchanyukChildren of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff47
4Sergei PomoshnikovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance44
5Ilnur ZakarinTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance43
6Bernhard KohlPendleton's42
7Matteo RabottiniGood Energy42
8Warren BarguilBouygues Telecom42
9Angel MadrazoQuickstep40
10Stefano PirazziVenchi33

1Thibaut PinotAyubowan!81h07'52 (1)
2Sergei PomoshnikovTinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance+ 7'31 (2)
3Marc GoosQuickstep+ 19'36 (3)
4Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumalux+ 20'21 (4)
5Johan Le BonAyubowan!+ 22'42 (5)
6Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT+ 26'01 (6)
7Adam YatesVenchi+ 30'22 (7)
8Warren BarguilBouygues Telecom+ 37'56 (8)
9Louis MeintjesQuickstep+ 38'50 (9)
10Aberlardo AblenadoONCE-Eroski+ 50'56 (10)

1Tinkoff Bank - Tinkoff Insurance241h46'43 (1)
2Aker - MOT+ 11'31 (2)
3Vesuvio - Accumalux+ 23'10 (3)
4Good Energy+ 26'30 (4)
5Quickstep+ 34'23 (5)
6Pendleton's+ 40'11 (6)
7ONCE-Eroski+ 42'20 (7)
8Becherovka - Petrof+ 42'21 (8)
9VolksWagen - Andritz+ 56'58 (9)
10Bacardi Limited+ 59'34 (10)
11Ayubowan!+ 1h22'47 (11)
12Project 1t4i+ 1h29'23 (12)
13Children of Chernobyl Foundation p/b Nemiroff+ 1h34'37 (13)
14Swisscom - UBS+ 1h42'47 (14)
15Pokerstars.com+ 1h47'22 (15)
16Meiji - JR East+ 2h02'20 (16)
17Festina-Canal++ 2h21'23 (17)
18Movistar - US Postal+ 2h36'34 (18)
19Venchi+ 3h11'46 (19)
20Oz Cycling Project+ 3h21'39 (20)
21Bouygues Telecom+ 3h35'50 (21)
22Red Bull - Huawei+ 5h29'08 (22)
23Orange - KLM Cycling+ 6h17'56 (23)
24Metinvest-Dacia+ 6h41'09 (24)
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