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P&A DB - Update 2007 & 2011!!
After a long time we decided to make 2010 edition for the latest PCM.


- Patch compatible (from
- 2 editions (with and without dopers)
- Revolutionary, innovative value matrix *
- 78 Teams
- Races and profiles, which were made until 12th October
- 2010 jerseys (team, champion, leader) & minishirts
- Accessoires & logos of every team
- 15 new scouting zones (e.g. Slovakia, Japan, Mexico, ...)
- new equipment (BMC, Trek, Colnago, Shimano, ...)
- new and real sponsors
- Comment sounds of the returnees (e.g. Sinkewitz, Kashechkin)
- 3 customteams (T-Mobile, Discovery Channel, Specialized)

Features Update 2011:

- based on P&A DB'10
- Revolutionary, innovative value matrix *
- 77 teams
- Transfers & Teams 2011
- new races & profiles of 2011 (Tour de France, Giro, Paris-Nice, ...)
- Palmares 2010 (WM, GTs, PT, 2.HC, 1.HC)
- new equipment
- 2011er jerseys & minishirts, as far as available
- more free agents added
- Startlists (Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico, Giro)

* Each driver has individual character-based values, based on a compilation of statistics and personal experience and in close cooperation with the real events.

Features Update 2007:

- based on P&A DB'07 for PCM 07
- 2007 jerseys & minishirts, as far as available
- Stages of Tour de France and Giro d'Italia 2007

Downloads: (together ~4 GB)

1. CM_Stages: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
2. Graphics, textures, database (p&a10_pcm10.exe)
3. Graphics, textures, database for Update 2011 (p&a11_pcm10.exe)
4. Graphics, textures, database for Update 2007 (p&a07_pcm10.exe)

What do I need for ...

... P&A DB'10: 1,2
... P&A DB'11: 1,2,3
... P&A DB'07: 1,2,4


1. Download all CM_Stages parts and p&a10_pcm10.exe.
2. Open p&a10_CM_Stages.zip.001 (with e.g. 7-zip) and unpack the folder CM_Stages to the game directory (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager - Saison 2010).
3. Run p&a10_pcm10.exe, installer will choose game directory automatically.
4. Choose DB and play!

Installation Update 2011:

1. Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in section Installation!
2. Download and run p&a11_pcm10.exe, installer will choose game directory automatically.
3. Choose DB and play!

Installation Update 2007:

1. Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in section Installation!
2. Download and run p&a07_pcm10.exe, installer will choose game directory automatically.
3. Choose DB and play!


A big thanks to all graphic artists, hobbyists and communities that have made their work available!

Questions, suggestions or bug reports? Just tell us!

Have fun
Petacchi & altehacke
Edited by altehacke on 08-06-2020 22:51
I have two announcements for you:

Number one:
I've been working on a 2011 edition of the P&A for a little while now, that means you'll get all current transfers and teams for 2011. The remaining content (races, equipment) remains the same. The stats are based on the current P&A and new riders were also evaluated according to the proven system.
I will upload a first version next week.

Number two:
I've ported our P&A from 2007 to the RSM10. So it is possible again in 2007 to go back and play with teams like Gerolsteiner or old stars such as Erik Zabel. There are unfortunately missing a lot of jerseys, so I took appropriate from 2008, others I have created on my own.
However, I could use some help with the shirts, simply write me a PM, if you want to help.

may be a sill question, but why do all tht CM Stage parts contain the same files?
I haven`t downloaded it yet, but obviously it`s a splitted rar file.
So you need all parts to extract all files.
If you just open part 1, then you can see all files, same with the other parts, but if you start to extract, there will be a question to open part 2,3,4 after a while if these aren`t in the same folder.

@ altehacke. Sounds very nice. Good luck with it, especially without Max.
Edited by roturn on 05-12-2010 08:28
Thanks for the info Roturn. And the DB is pretty awesome so far altehacke great job.
thanks for the db! perfect job!.Banana
Edited by euskalteleuskadi on 09-12-2010 17:38
Installation Update 2011:

1. Unpack PA10_Update2011.rar in addition to the game directory.
2. Unpack PA10_11_DB.rar to the folder "Pro Cycling Manager 2010\Database" in MyDocuments bzw. Documents (XP or Vista/7).
3. Choose DB and play!

You find the links in the first post!

Note: This is not a final version, there still things to add. I'll try to update this version once a week, if there's happening something.
I downloaded the file and on megaupload and rapidshare but there is not only db2011 db 2010 with and without riders suspended for doping.
Thanks for the advice, link is now correct!
Can you pack and upload all the files to one ??
Etc. a Torrentfile or else ?Embarassed
My upload is not that fast, I'm sorry.
But I hope the Daily guys will update their download section and put it there as one package.

Otherwise you can use a download manager.
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Posted on 06-05-2021 22:26
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No Prob. Thank for reply and for the database...
Update 2011:

- Palmares completed (WM, GT, PT)
- new team (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly)
- Transfers updated
- updated jerseys & Minis (HTC, Quick Step, ...)
- Fixed minor bugs

Links, as always, on page 1.
Moreover, I once made a list of features for the update in 2011, so you know what's inside.
Update 2007 is now available, still some shirts missing, but I hope to get them in the new year.
Thanks to vlek and Daniano, who helped me by doing some missing shirts.

Have fun and a happy new year!
what exactly should i download for the 2007 db?
CM_Stages 1-4, Graphics & textures 2007, DBs (2010, 2011 & 2007 (PA10_11_07_DB.rar) .
All the jerseys I see are of QuickStep.

PD: Playing the 2007 DB. Why?
Ok, it´s fixed. I installed it bad. My fault Wink
When I get to 5/3 in 2007 with Astana - then the game crashes. I am playing with 07 database in career.

I tried to reinstall but still the same problem at the same date.

What to do ?
you can try to skip the day in the editor. https://www.pcmdai...ad_id=8262
Edited by sam1196 on 01-01-2011 21:40
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