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2019 DB Update 2
03. April 2019 23:13 from matt17br
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 4374
Copyright: Copyright (C) RSM/PCM.daily
Homepage: Link
First Update for the 2019 Database for PCM18

The joint database team of RSM-news and PCM.daily proudly presents the second update for the RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB for Pro Cycling Manager 2018.

Update Features

- Completely new stats for the following teams:
Sporting - Tavira
Arapahoe Resources - BMC
Ludofoods Louletano
Wibatech Merx 7R
Radio Popular
Voster - ATS
Mitchelton - BikeExchange

- overhauled up-to-date stats (3.4.19)
- deleted duplicates and retired Free Agents
- Added new riders and teams
- Almost 1000 Current rider pictures
- Added new races and many current 2019 stages
- Fixed the Shortname bug
- Fixed the Vuelta wildcard bug
- Reworked important Sponsor regions
- Added lots of current 2019 shirts
- Added new helmets
- Added new Race Leader shirts
- Fixed some reported bugs
- All Transfers till 28.3.19
- overhauled race popularity
- Updated maillots and minimaillots to reflect real-life teams
- Added accessory kits for certain teams which didn't have them
- Colour changes to certain teams to reflect their 2019 jerseys
- Casquettes for every WT and PCT team, and many CT teams

Note for last point: Over 50 casquettes in total were added. Now when a rider from one one of those teams stands on the podium to accept congratulations for a hard-fought victory he wears a cap that clearly shows his team affiliation. To see the podium caps in-game your "Caps" directory must be replaced with the one provided in this update release.


RSM-news/PCM.daily Database Team:

Yellow Jersey

Further DB work



the community of Le Grupetto
Agent David
enfin presque


we would loose count on calling all names on we got the honor of using stages of, we took every opportunity that was available free for use in this amazing but narrow stage making community

We dearly apologize if we missed someone, please leave me a note via PM if you found such case. We'll surely add the respective creator into the credits immediately.


In order to make this update work, you must have installed the RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB and the First Update correctly.

1. Download the update from the Downloads section.

2. Open the archive you downloaded. Extract the folders "3D, Database, CM_Stages & GUI" inside the directory where you installed PCM 18. Generally, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2018, but if that's not the case, the folder is always the one where you can find PCM's executable, PCM.exe. The folders "3D, Database, CM_Stages & GUI" should now be copied into this folder. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

3. Go to your Documents folder. Generally, that's going to be C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents, but otherwise you should be able to find it yourself pretty easily. Replace the .cdb file named "OfficialRelease" in C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2018\Mod\Default with the .cdb file "OfficialRelease" that you downloaded. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.

4. Now it's time to start the game. When you create a new game (either Career/Pro Cyclist/One-off Race/etc.), select "Default".

5. You're set, enjoy! If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, ask your question in the General questions thread on pcmdaily.com.

Bugs & Support

If you face issues with the installation or figure out bugs, please do not post them here but in the bugs & support thread. Another fellow user may have had the question already so that you could find it there, otherwise we can answer your questions bundled in that thread to work most efficiently.

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Poor 14% 12% [2 Votes]
honzavolenec on 12-05-2019

The game always crashed in Pro Cyclist mode during stage Bologna-San Luca on 12th of May. Really dont know how to fix it

jscq1006 on 13-05-2019

Sunweb en los resultados aparece con la bandera de Netherlands

kiros on 17-05-2019

Game crashes at 3/05 while Azerbayijan tour

kiros on 17-05-2019

Game crashes at 3/05 while Azerbayijan tour

ijeurninck on 18-05-2019

Keeps crashing at season 1, May 11th

a_contador on 19-05-2019

Hi! Why i have no bikes? (except movistar team) (yes, i reinstall the db 3 times)

luis lopes on 19-05-2019

well I come here hereby make a complaint to pcm.daily, since lately no one says anything to the people etc ...
what happens and the next, I bought the game for almost a year and I have not even played it because it does not exist and a database has never been made as it should be (expansion pack) and this has been since pro cycling manager 17 , in this one RSM not bad this at all, but it has many defects, the RMS behind many more teams of cycling what is excellent but in the equipment of many teams are with the colors vivid and others with the colors very faded, (but finally many of the teams have a lot of national championship equipment that did not happen and the champion of my country (Portugal) rarely put in but now there are more in the more teams but there should be more in other teams since there are teams of national champions of other countries that are in all the teams) this also happens in the material for the bicycles with the colors of the wheels, already in the pictures of the bikes, then there is not talk, pictures with fixed colors, and they do not change the colors according to the teams but they are 80/95% of them are like that, then you do not even have to edit the cyclists with the database editor downloaded in steam, of the error and so the game is not fun, the 2019 procycling manager is out soon and still does not listen a database expansion pack as they did in the 2015 and 2016 games, but since the 2017 procycling manager the database has unfortunately been very weak, this is my opinion.
I am the sprit of an answer and what I wrote is not to offend anyone nor criticize the work of anyone but this is the reality ...
thank you

Smith90 on 29-05-2019

Very impressive at the same time, i'm going to be making - was stupendous! Thanks so much.

Xmaxim94 on 20-06-2019

I have problems with crashing at 24. august in season 1? any fix??



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