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Vino vs. Bruyneel
Astana earthquake, installment number 28?

Alexander Vinokourov says he will return to competitive action when his two-year doping suspension ends this month and hopes to ride with his former Astana team.

"I want to announce that I will return to competitive cycling on July 24," said the Kazakh rider, who is in Monaco where the Tour de France starts on Saturday. "I do not see myself anywhere else than Astana. This team was created in 2006 with the Kazakh cycling federation; it is our baby."

Vinokourov, 35, who was banned for two years after testing positive for blood doping in the 2007 Tour de France but has denied any wrongdoing, said negotiations were underway with the Kazakh cycling federation and team manager, Johan Bruyneel.

"There are ongoing discussions," he said. "This team has been created for me, I do not see how an agreement could not be reached. If there is no deal, Johan will have to leave the team."

Vinokourov said he would probably take part in the Tour of Spain from 29 August and in the world championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland, in September. He is also hoping to ride the Tour de France in the future.

"I am back for one or two years and I would like to do one more Tour de France and wear the yellow jersey, although I am realistic: I know I cannot win it," he said. "I am doing this for my family, for the people of Kazakhstan and to regain the image I had before my ban.

Awesome news. Just keep blowing up the team from the inside kids Smile
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O rly?

ya rly

Bruyneel iz teh pwnzorz
Bruyneel sux.

But still, he's the only thing keeping the team from being crap. He's one of the best to manage the teams situation.
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I think bruyneel will happily go just think of the sponsorship he will get from armstrong being in the squad. He will easily be able to set up a new team and then get a wildcard for the vuelta
doddy13 wrote:
Bruyneel sux.

But still, he's the only thing keeping the team from being crap. He's one of the best to manage the teams situation.

Bruyneel sux???? Has any other director been able to win that many tours and have the tactics he has....nope.

He needs to leave, and take Armstrong, Leipheimer and everyone except for the Khazaks.
My guess is that if Bruyneel gets forced out, and goes to work with Axel and Lance at Trek-Livestrong next year. I can't see him getting management of a big european team next year, so I think thats the biggest possibility
I think that Bryneel, Armstrong, Leipheimer and Horner is going to create Team Washington DC after the tour.
Well, Livestrong - Nike starting from 2010 - problem solved Wink
I agree, this is almost the perfect chance for him to jump ship, they are unhappy with the situation with contracts etc. This would be the "final" straw, and would push them to form a "new" team. They seem to only really care about the Tour this season anyway, so it would make sense.
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Vino is too demanding, this team was created for me, yeh until he doped. What does he expect, he can't just walk straight back in. He shouldnt be allowed. Kazakhs now absolutely nothing.
Guido Mukk
Yes he can..this is he's money. Astana name with he's sponsors belongs-listen to Vino.
AWWWWWWWWWWWWH!! Fuck! Not him too! Get those old dopers out of there (Armstrong,Vino)
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Vino's back. Even more points in the credibility stakes for Astana. They should do all they can to keep JB too - no one has quite his expertise...:lol:
ReschNicolai wrote:
AWWWWWWWWWWWWH!! Fuck! Not him too! Get those old dopers out of there (Armstrong,Vino)

yeah make space for the new onesPfft
What did Vino smoked?
ReschNicolai wrote:
AWWWWWWWWWWWWH!! Fuck! Not him too! Get those old dopers out of there (Armstrong,Vino)

Since when has Armstrong been a doper?
EPO in 99'. Suspicions of him and other team-mates using them all throughout the years, although Bruynnel seems to be the master at hiding cycles really well. Popovich, leaves Discovery, goes to Lotto, does a horrible performance, then later comes back again to Astana. Azevedo, great lieutenant, 5th Tour de France even though he's helping, goes to Portugal can't even win the Volta a Portugal.

There is also a pretty interesting MSN conversation between a former US Postal/Discovery rider and some other rider from the peloton that I've read some time back. Really interesting, I don't remember who posted it.
Again, there's just as much circumstantial evidence against Armstrong as there is on Contador. So once again, I fail to see the logic of Nicolai.

Also, I don't see why people have a problem with Vino coming back to Astana. The team was made for him, based around him, and the team would probably not have existed without him. So of course he has a spot on the team, no matter if Bruyneel likes it or not.
Vino's comeback is something hilarious. This eastern-block way of solving things looks like a western movie :lol:

Didnt Bruynel had a clause in his contract in which it was stated he would be able to decide he could do what he wanted concerning Vino's comeback?

Anyway the probable outcome will be Vinokourov and Kashechkin coming back to Astana, Bruyneel and Lance creating a new team and Contador replacing Valverde at Caisse
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