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[2022] Rider Renewals
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Posted on 30-09-2022 11:26
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Renewals as usual will decide over the team to start with into the transfer season. No changes in comparison to last year, so older managers know what to expect, for newer managers it`s something new to learn.

The Pre Renewals DB can be downloaded here: https://pcmdaily....ls_v2.xlsm
Post Renewal DB Update V4: https://pcmdaily....ls_v4.xlsm

It has all the stat gains, decreases, age +1, 2022 teams etc.

Still missing:
- 2022 team names are yet to be added
- Disbanding Teams yet to delete
- Additional Information such as training eligible/Avenir, NCs/WCs, division
- New Rider Additions
- Rider Race Days likely still go down a bit as calendar race days also goes down the same amount.

If you think there is a mistake with one of your riders or someone elses regarding age, stat increase/decrease, OVL just give me a PM. Obviously this also goes in case a rider got too much increase or no decrease, please be fair and mention it as it might be noticed at some point anyway.

General Renewals Information

For each of your riders you will receive a wage request, and you have three opportunities to offer them a wage which they are happy with. Riders can usually be negotiated with on their requested wage, although the difference between their minimum acceptable wage and their request does vary quite a lot from rider to rider.

As soon as you offer a rider an amount they are happy with, they will accept - this is committed to being their wage for the 2022 season, you cannot attempt to offer them a lower wage once they have accepted. There are 3 Rounds for renewals, and if a rider has not accepted your offers after 3 rounds then he will became a free agent.

If you want to release a rider, give them an offer of 0 in the first round.
The minimum wage is 50,000. If you are initially unsure whether you want to release or renew a rider, you should offer them a value above 0 and less than 50,000 in the first round to keep your options open for the following round.

If a rider feels your initial offer is far too low, they will be insulted by your offer and will no longer be willing to negotiate. There are two options at this stage: either pay them exactly what they have requested, or release them to the free agency.

It is possible to go over your salary cap at the end of Renewals, but doing so will lead to a fine of double that amount. For example, if you go over your salary cap by 100k then you will receive a fine of 200k.

There is no limit on the amount of riders you renew - it does not have to meet the same minimum/maximum requirements that are needed for the end of the Transfer season itself.

Getting started

If you want to wait with renewals, until you have received your team budget from deciding goals, then this is fine. Also, if you want to see the full calendar, then waiting is fine. But keep in mind that there will be a strict deadline this season and the longer you wait, the less time you have then.

But we do want to get started on the renewals for as many teams as possible. So if the information in this thread is enough for you, and you are happy to do renewals without a budget or full calendar knowledge, please post in this thread to request your Round 1 file to your dropbox folder, which you then should get within the next 2-3 days.

And if you've not done so already, please clean up your Dropbox folder.

Whenever you have finished a round of renewals, upload the file to Dropbox again, only changing the R1 to R2 or R2 to R3 or R3 to DONE and send a PM to NEMOLITO. Please don`t change the name of the file different to this as it makes it harder for me.


Renewals MUSTN`T be discussed anywhere, until after all teams has finished. We will let you know when it is okay to post information in Team HQs or elsewhere, about who you have renewed, what their new wage is or their original request, even if you are shocked, and who you haven't renewed.

Edited by roturn on 13-08-2022 10:43
Zwift Pro Cycling is ready for renewals. Smile
Wow, awesome! Thanks for the work getting this out roturn and the rest of the gang Smile

Guess new OVLs haven't been put in either? I know it's my fault for not being able to run the macro but I might wait for them Smile
And also it will take a while to mentally prepare myself for this :lol:

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I'm ready for the renewals file.

It seems like Herregodts (6290) only got stats for one level added. He went from lvl 1 to 3.
I've re-organized my Dropbox for my 7th time of failed expectations Pfft

This time I'd rather wait until everything is sorted (e.g. budget, calendar, divisions etc.)
Crabbe is ready for renewals Smile
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The Macro should work...I actually have not run it yet but it`s run for all that download the file from now on.

Herregodts indeed only got one as I only had one stat gain option in the file. Wink
Guess you wanted it to be added for both levels? Best is to PM me the exact choices for 1-2 and 2-3, then I will fix.
Indosat ready for (and terrified about) renewals Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

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HelloFresh is ready, dropbox cleaned up!
Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team is ready, and Dropbox will be cleaned out tonight! Grin

hillis91 wrote:
Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team is ready, and Dropbox will be cleaned out tonight! Grin


Dropbox cleaned out - we are 100% ready!
Dropbox of Jura GIANTS is cleaned, you can upload the file.

However, I'll currently just take a look at the file and figure out different scenarios; I'll wait with submitting my offers until the division changes (and hence the wage cap) are definitely confirmed.
I mean, we're still waiting for the answers of 13 managers in the continuation thread, not counting the already known disbands. Not even promoting the entire CT would be sufficient to fill the two higher divisions, so the situation is too unsecure for me to commit to any wage offers right now. And the strategy might be quite different depending on which division we'll finally ride in...

EDIT: Couple of questions concerning the DB... I see that currently there are no OVL changes. Will the calculation remain the same for next year? Or will it be changed later on? I hope so... I mean, I'd find it a bit surprising if e.g. Reinhardt should keep a higher OVL than AKA, after what we've seen this year ^^ Looks like Acc isn't that much of a main stat anymore - at least not for PCM20. High Spr/Fl/Res combo however seems to be more valuable nowadays (c.f. Bonifazio as well iirc).
And the other question: will the RD calculation remain the same? I see that the OVL recalculation doesn't affect the RDs, so can I just assume it's the same as for other riders with the same OVL then?
Edited by Fabianski on 11-07-2022 18:56
dropbox clean and ready
Tafjord Kraft redy for renewals Smile
Can someone sort the DB by team? I don’t have PC access for quite some time.
Minions are ready to go!
Team UBS is ready!
Binance is ready
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roturn wrote:
The Macro should work...I actually have not run it yet but it`s run for all that download the file from now on.

Herregodts indeed only got one as I only had one stat gain option in the file. Wink
Guess you wanted it to be added for both levels? Best is to PM me the exact choices for 1-2 and 2-3, then I will fix.

My bad. I should have seen it was 1>3 and realized it was meant to be for both.
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