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[PT] Evonik - ELKO | 2021
Fabianski wrote:
Just waiting for MAL to be listed as well - complete rebuild upcoming Pfft

On a more serious note, any of our three leaders on the list would be really great in PCT - but no-one actually would fit our team as well as Gabby Pfft

Nah, this should be it in terms of PCT/PT leaders. 3 for 3 different terrains have to be enough for everyone Pfft

And regarding Gabby, i had to chase him so long that i'm very reluctant to sell him. While not technically unsellable, the clear intention is for him to stay for the foreseeable future. Any talks would have to start above the price I paid for him last season.

the_hoyle - Hello there...
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!


During the last weeks we have finalized the contract negotiations with the riders from our 2020 roster and we are excited that we have found an agreement with 18 of the 19 riders that were previously on permanent contract with our team. Emils Liepins is the exception as we mutually agreed to let him test the open market to see whether another team agrees with his own evaluation of his market price - a reunion in the future is not ruled out.

Pre-Transfer Roster

Miguel Angel Lopez70798271767474506678807172800000
Toms Skujins70708359807773676876666659495000
Michael Van Stayen75637859746978688376726259480000
Adam Blythe76546668767177827673727271420000
Ingus Eislers79686759777875598278646261400000
William Chiarello71797573737477536372736971225000
Martins Blums72777768717374636470737871125000
Andris Vosekalns66787562697372516771816862115000
Krists Neilands77566963747370787167637167110000
Mark Dzamastagic78667065767276667678786665110000
Kristaps Budenieks69757563707572706974757261105000
Oscar Riesebeek7470736773756973697276717190000
Andrei Sakalou6676756563727254607277626575000
Armands Becis7468736973757368747478657470000
Serghei Tvetcov7076747370697457717172637465000
Kaspars Sergis6875765869737358587076665855000
Yannick Stoltz7961676574777364617284727955000
Gabriel Chavanne7558646571767457767653678250000
Van Stayen on 480k, that's sus. Appears that you're hoping for a bidding war amogus
Blums asking for less than van Niekerk. Well, that's just...

Also the renewals system clearly flawed when not appreciating a rider with 79FL, 79PRL, great backup stats and 84FIG, not to mention a leadout rider with 76/76SPR/ACC, 75FL and a MASSIVE 82PRL. Congrats on those!

Thanks sotd but dont worry, Lopez made sure to ask for their raise to be added to his own wage threefold ... Pfft

Quadsas - i know his wage drop is huge. Seems like he is just grateful to have been part of this team for so long Wink
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Availability List

Miguel Angel Lopez82HI,79MO80,14 800.000 €
Toms Skujins83HI, 80STA79,17 495.000 € ● ● ● ● ●
Michael Van Stayen83SP, 78HI78,09 480.000 € ● ● ● ● ●
Adam Blythe82CB, 76SP78,07 420.000 € ● ● ● ●
Ingus Eislers82SP, 79FL78,66 400.000 € ● ●
William Chiarello79MO, 73TT76,99 225.000 € ● ●
Martins Blums77MO, 77HI75,96 125.000 € ●
Andris Vosekalns78MO, 75HI75,59 115.000 € ● ●
Krists Neilands78CB, 77FL75,42 110.000 € ●
Mark Dzamastagic76SP, 78FL75,27 110.000 €
Kristaps Budenieks75MO, 75MO75,06 105.000 € ● ●
Oscar Riesebeek73CB, 73HI74,15 90.000 € ● ● ● ●
Andrei Sakalou76MO, 75HI74,61 75.000 € ● ● ● ● ●
Armands Becis74SP, 73HI74,48 70.000 € ● ●
Serghei Tvetcov76MO, 73TT73,93 65.000 € ● ●
Kaspars Sergis76HI, 75MO73,94 55.000 € ● ●
Yannick Stoltz79FL, 79PL73,26 55.000 € ●
Gabriel Chavanne82PL, 76SP73,46 50.000 € ●
So many great riders on that team - and so many available ones... Checking budget - checking requirements - picking up phone? We'll see Wink
Dzama :lol:


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
And so the rivalry ends...it's been a blast to watch the momentum shift over and over again, and I think we need someone unbiased to figure out who ultimately came out on top after all this time (I would certainly vote for Demare! Pfft).
Thanks for the entertainment this duel brought!

I will admit it hurt a bit to see MVS receive his first decline, and while he's definitely less scary now, I wouldn't mind to see him tear up the PCT for another few years. Wink
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Will be strange seeing your team without MVS and Skujins for the first time in I don’t even know how long. Very curious to see who you target with the large amount of cap space they will both free up.
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Some big changes to be made it seems. In case you should change your mind regarding Chavanne and Stoltz you know where to find me Smile

fabianski - looking forward to it Smile

redordead - he needs to be protected from all those managers that only want him as a collection piece because of his nationality Pfft

cio - looks like that is where we are heading indeed. I enjoyed the rivalry a lot and as you said both of us had plenty of times where we had the upper hand with our hilly sprinter. Bias aside it is close enough to a tie so we might have to continue a nice sporting rivalry on other terrains. Its not like Demare and Van Stayen had endless 1vs1 battles since they seemed to race apart from another surprisingly often

eden - same. Had them since the 2016 season and it will feel super weird to race against them. But their successors are in the team already so it makes sense to entertain trade ideas.

Sotd - you love your training ideas too much to consider my asking prices for them Pfft
knockout wrote:
redordead - he needs to be protected from all those managers that only want him as a collection piece because of his nationality Pfft

I certainly hope you are not counting me in that group Sad


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
You know already that we will be talking Wink
.: Manager of :.
.: My Awards :.
redordead - i include everyone who would want to bait him away from me Pfft

hoyle - i have a bit of a feeling what you might want to discuss Pfft
End Of An Era


Toms Skujins has been the face of the team during the last five seasons. The best Latvian cyclist of all time in the best Latvian team, a classic specialist in a team focussed on the classics - it was the perfect fit between rider and team.

Following the rise of young superstar Miguel Angel Lopez, it would be unfair to keep Toms Skujins as a glorified second option so team and rider agreed to seperate if a team wants to make him a cornerstone of an exciting project. Such an offer came from Tryg - Ritter Sport where he will be the center piece of the new roster. His departure leaves a big hole that will have to be filled by a new star. We wish him and his new team all the best and hope they will be as happy with each other as we were ever since he joined us in 2016. Good luck Toms!


We are proud to announce our first new signing of the season. Rein TaaramΓ€e joins us from Aker - MOT for a fee of 3,000,000. While he is already 34 years old, we dont think he is past his prime yet. He won the Tour de France in 2018, the Vuelta d'Espana in 2019 and the Giro d'Italia and will be our new leader in several stage races this season. We are excited to have added this sort of quality in an area where we have never been as strong and are excited to follow him this season.

Rein Taaramae (34)
Loanee #1

We welcome our first loaned in rider of the season: Waersted is mainly a sprinter but will have to fill in on other terrains - where our roster isnt as deep. He is very resistant and can survive hilly parts of stages better than many comparable young sprinters. The 25-year old wasnt on our radar as a potential signing but his home team Gjensidige Pro Cycling Team had some pretty convincing arguments. We are sure that he will learn a lot during the year and look forward to see him in our jersey.

Syver Waersted (25)
Definitely looking forward to seeing TaaramΓ€e in your team, and what he can do for you. I think he could, and arguably should, score as many points as last season, despite his decline, due to his low reward for his Giro win, but also due to bad planning.

Fingers crossed he can do whatever you expect and hope to see him do!
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