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[PT] Evonik - ELKO | 2021
knockout wrote:
I have some bad news for you... Pfft

Unfortunately Lopez was the only leader we knew we would keep when picking PTHC bands so it was an obvious decision to focus heavily on his strenghts when picking bands...

Oh well. It's not gonna be my problem anymore when I'm in CT next year :lol:


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Comparing your setup with the one you had last season, I think it's less strong this season - but I think that goes for everyone in top 5. You however probably have the most significant changes with van Stayen, Skujins and Blythe all out. With training cash for MAL (I guess) you are still a top 5 contender, but I think Taaramäe needs a better season than last season for you to take on the podium. I still see atleast Puma and Isostar ahead of your setup, although from there it's very even, and probably much up to trainings.

It will be weird to see you without a top gunner for the cobbles. But also an interesting change of path Smile

redordead- I've got to admit that some of my decisions might not be benefitial to you ... and i dont like that side effect of them. But Beltran is welcome to ride in Lopez' sleepstream Wink

SotD - Thanks for the comment, definitely interesting to see an opinion that differs a bit more from my own. I agree that my team is a bit weaker than last season but I'm more optimistic about my own chances. The leaders fit better to each other so planning the leaders is easier. I don't see much of a risk of dropping out of the top 5 - mostly because i expect Eislers and Lopez to step up further due to being the planning focus now on their terrain and replace some of the scoring that i've lost from the other leaders.
You did an awesome job in transfers, and with the shitload of money you accumulated I'd make you the #1 favourite to win it all this year, ahead of a big bunch. Also I'm quite certain your team has improved, not only because of the depth and Lopez implications but also because your riders fit well. I think your riders will score a ton of depth points, as you'll have multiple leaders in every race and will be able to exploit calendar gaps this year. To me you're "the hunted" this year, so I hope I'll be able to stay on your heels for as long as possible and maybe reach out if you have a phase of weakness. But at the end of the day I think you're a Polanc ahead of me this time.
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Thanks Croatia - much appreciated! Not sure if we deserve "the hunted" status more than you with a super strong leader trio and being the reigning champion but i definitely tried to make moves that give me the chance to challenge you and the other contenders again.
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I think I may have worded the context wrong, or you misinterpreted my intent Smile

I absolutely still have you as a top 5 candidate (expect a top 5), but unlike last season I don't see you as the big favorite for the title. Croatia won last year due to clever planning and breakaways working in his favor - otherwise you would have taken the win. I don't see you as the no # 1 favorite this year, and as such I think your team has weakened. Not that it's a bad team. At all!

I fully understand that you now have a more streamlined setup for victory, but a lot of the reason you didn't win was the hilly combinationraces where Skujins and MAL kept interfering with eachother. With that knowledge you obviously would have planned differently this year altogether, and I do think the combination of the two is better than 1 trained MAL. Whether or not Taaramäe can cover the lost ground of van Stayen and Blythe is a bit of a questions mark to me. Last season he couldn't, and he was a better rider there. A bad Giro outing obviously, but will he win a GT this year?

If I play along and say you'll need to score a similar amount of points to last season you have cut/lost:
Michael van Stayen - 1130 pts
Adam Blythe - 781 pts
Toms Skujins - 654 pts
Oscar Riesebeek - 353 pts
Nur Amirul Marzuki - 159 pts
Patrick Naud - 135 pts
Enric Mas - 131 pts
Andrei Sakalou - 71 pts

Add to that Serghei Tvetcov has declined. He scored 345. This season he may as well score half of that, or 200-250 pts. Also, can William Chiarello be expected to score 751 points again, or is a normal benchmark rather 600 points?

So a total of something like 3700 pts need to be covered. MAL already scored 1360 pts - Even if he is now the dominant puncheur, will he beat 2000 pts? It doesn't happen that often, when it isn't a rider that can win GT's (or Bewley). Rein Taaramäe scored 1482 points which isn't likely to become significantly better (if better at all). So from those you have covered maybe 2000 points of the 3700 lost. Ingus Eislers will probably move from 191 to 500-550 (Benchmark Groenewegen, Howard). So roughly another 350 points. So from here you need to find 1350. I expect your riders (except those already mentioned) to score similar to last season, even if Neilands may be worse this season without a leader to follow (Karatzios scored ~200 points, and he had a very good season).

Can Polanc, Hofstetter, Williams, Crncevic, Waersted, Xandri and Navardauskas score 1300-1400 points? It's an average of 185-200 points pr. rider.

So based on some general math, and the fact that you already having the ability to plan smarter with your 2020 setup in a 2021 season, I think your overall chances for a PT win is significantly reduced compared to last season - Not that it's impossible by any means, but I see atleast 2 teams as bigger favorites for the title - and another 2-3 teams could also pose a threat.

My point was that i see myself as a clear candidate for the third podium spot at least while i understood your "top 5 contender" as a slightly lower prediction (top 5 expected but podium rather unlikely).

You bring up a lot of fair points particularly that Chiarello and Tvetcov might not be able to repeat their season. Budenieks probably has to be mentioned as well.

i dont think i could have planned skujins and lopez much better. I tried to send them to all reasonable other races (GT for Skujins, stuff like Tasmania or Slovenia for Lopez) but many of these seperation races worked out even worse than the shared RDs.

Again thanks for sharing your view! Im genuinely curious where other managers see my team because after these changes im rather unsure what to expect. seeing the contrasting opinions (e.g. croatias and your take) helps seeing the range of possible outcomes.
Training Camp Results

Our sales during the transfer window also helped one of our leaders to improve his skills further. Miguel Angel Lopez has continued working hard on himself during a pre-season training camp and thus we think his chances to win in the Ardennes have further improved. His development is a key reason for our excitement for the upcoming season.

Not enough DH imo
Impressive stuff. But not too many RD anymore unfortunately. Still enough to be a pain in the ass for everyone else obviously, but I suppose not so much a rider to battle a GT, which would have been interesting!

SotD wrote:
Impressive stuff. But not too many RD anymore unfortunately. Still enough to be a pain in the ass for everyone else obviously, but I suppose not so much a rider to battle a GT, which would have been interesting!

I'm sure that will come soon too Pfft

Must be so much fun to have such a rider to play with!
This season, the loss of race days doesnt hurt so much as i can fit my preferred schedule in despite the training. Longterm it will of course annoy me to have less days and also i'm not anticipating the next renewals Pfft

Should be plenty of fun right now though Grin

Regarding a GT? Maybe i have to relegate at some point to go there... Pfft
Goals 2021

Top 10 PT Ranking
After finishing 2nd last season, we knew that we would try to do some major changes in our squad. Since there were plans for both a full rebuild year to build a foundation for a strong longterm future with a focus on getting younger leaders and some ideas for another year of aiming for the title, we decided to play it a bit safer and go for a top 10 rankings goal.

Win Tour de France
After finishing all three Grand Tours in the Top 11 last season, we obviously pick a top 10 goal in one of them this year, right? Sorry, just kidding. It has been the biggest goal for our team for years so obviously we would pick the Win TDF goal again. Do we have a stage racer who can achieve this goal on our roster this season? We'll see after the Grand Depart ...

Win Balkans International
For the first time ever, we decided on a PTHC goal for our team. Balkans is a tough stage race that is usually described as a hilly race. Last season, Miguel Angel Lopez finished third behind Kwiatkowski and Sagan. This season, we aim to win the race.

Top 10 Liege - Bastogne - Liege
Liege - Bastogne - Liege was one of our bigger disappointments in 2020 with our leader duo Toms Skujins and Miguel Angel Lopez finishing 11th and 17th. This season, we aim to improve on this result.

Top 10 Giro di Lombardia
After winning the season closer last season, all eyes will be on Miguel Angel Lopez once again. As much as we'd like to repeat that success, our official goal is a bit less ambitious.
2021 Jerseys Presentation

We will be back in a familiar design in yellow / white / carmine red for the umpteenth season. The original design by aidanvn13 only saw some minor updates including the addition of our new colombian sponsor Riopaila Castilla.

Credits to the jersey update goes to the_hoyle who also supplied us with a bunch of beautiful NC jersey. Especially the Estonian ITT jersey could get a lot of air time this season.

Main Jersey

Estonian ITT - Rein Taaramae

Bosnian ITT - Aleksa Crncevic

Lithuanian ITT - Ramunas Navardauskas

Andorran RR & ITT - Jan Xandri

I know it's not your thing but those are some sexy NC jerseys and I'm glad that we get some Evonik NCs - even a RR one! Looking forward to watching you as always this year (and racing against you which I keep forgetting Pfft) and will be cheering for you in the rankings fight of course. And since I've not got much hope of Areruya, Higuita, Pidcock or Stannard ever catching up to MAL I am happy to support his development into an absolute monster!
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Oh i absolutely agree - the shirts are beautiful! And its absolutely no coincidence that the RR one looks the most similar to the main jersey Wink

I like the last sentence. Hope that means you wont even try to catch up Pfft
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