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New Riders Suggestions [2021]
Theres barely any info on Henok Tesfaye Heyi other than him being a former runner who apparently quit running in 2010. Born in the mountains of Ethiopia, he can survive high altitudes better than most, and has a high power and speed resistance (flat/res stats) from his running days.
-Tesfaye HeyiHenok75707367747665556873786672ETHAF410023619934

Campbell Stewart is yet another top-level NZ track cyclist who has been dabbling more and more with the road and if his potential there is fulfilled and his track skillset translates to the road then he's a great sprinter and prologueist (and even not a bad longer TT) who has shown in his road racing appearances he's no slouch on the hills either.
IDSurnameFirstFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
24/2/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don’t drink famous people.”
8/12/13 - welker3257 said [when asked for a cyclist beginning with K] "Tom Boonen."

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [Doomed] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing
[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
Georgios Boutopoulos | 27.04.1996

The newly crowned greek champion (RR), need to be in the game for sure. Much like other greek riders it's difficult to know exactly what they can and cannot do. Given the race, he seems to be a pretty versatile rider, that can also finish in a small group, beating the likes of Drakakis (70SPR/ACC before decrease) and P. Tzortzakis (75/74 SPR/ACC) who are already in the DB.

He was able to finish in this group well before the strongest riders like Bouglas, Kastrantas, Gkazonis and Kortsidakis in a race that was pretty bumpy and on sometimes horrible road quality.

As he is already 25 years old, and actually won the race, I have opted to go for a very versatile rider-type that can be trained in different paths with semihigh stats, already at level 3, pot 4.

This will ensure, that he can infact be developped in almost any possible path, except for TT-heavy. He isn't a bad TT'er (or wasn't in the past atleast), but it seems OP to give him a high TT/PRL aswell as Rec, so I decided to make those in the lower end of mediocracy.

No matter the path, he will be a domestique, but you can decide whether he should be a cobbled domestique, an early lead-out sprinter, a strong roulleur or a general breakaway allround kind of rider.

As no other greek riders follow this form (Except for maybe Kortsidakis), I thought it would be interesting to have such a rider in the DB - and with him born i 1996 with two years of development, he will never be more than a domestique - regardless of division.

Stage Race74707268727469706976767270

Edited by SotD on 21-06-2021 15:33

Victor Alejandro Ocampo - https://firstcycl...hp?r=78585

Speaking about national champions, let me introduce to you the new U23 Colombian time trial champion. He won the 33 km time trial, while also winning the time trial against 180+ other riders in the U23 Vuelta a Colombia earlier this year. Last year, he managed to win the Trofeo Guerrita in Spain with two seconds over the peloton. The race saw quite some elevation, but the end was flat.

OcampoVictor Alejandro66576169676468545863536568COLSA1.0019619997
OcampoVictor Alejandro74606579747375545863606678COLSA4.10019619997

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Updated suggestions. Trimmed down to better suit our ideal DoB range, and expanded with more riders. Stats are loosly based on results where available, all boosted to be MG useful.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
Vera HernandezHidalgo74686865736973677579606570CUBNA410021119963
Guzman PerezWilliam74607074656870627476707077PURNA410019219963
Molina PaganLuis73696977657065737375637377PURNA410015919994
Morales OrtegaJacob66777661717274556376767861PURNA41002219996

Had a good ew more '99 riders, and those from '00 & '01. But i'll keep an eye on them for next season that could be quite good riders angling for irl contracts at UCI CT level, maybe even PCT!
A bit late, but time to suggest the next crop of Balkan riders Pfft

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Hocevar is a diminutive punchy climber that can also compete for sprints in small groups. He recently showed his talent at the Course de la Paix where he finished the race as 2nd. He won the best young rider's jersey at the Tour of Slovenia and has a 2nd place from a one day race back in 2019 at Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny. His strong climbing ability and acceleration is here offset, by rather low back up stats like Stamina, Resistance and Recovery.

Stat gains: Climber v1

PCS profile: https://www.procy...an-hocevar

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

The other Slovenian climber is pretty much the opposite. Cemazar is more of a diesel climber with low acceleration and sprint, but he can also time-trial a bit and is known to like getting in breakaways every now and then. He can be a wonderful domestique for the more talented GC riders.

Stat gains: Stage race

PCS profile: https://www.procy...ik-cemazar

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Jarc is your typical flat powerful rider. At 190 cm tall he won't be much of a climber, but he could also be turned into a classics domestique with some ability on the cobbles.

Stat gains: Fighter, Cobbles

PCS profile: https://www.procy...jarc-aljaz

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

The last Slovenian is Luka Sagadin. He doesn't excel at anything particulary and his potential is not great. But he can be a nice domestique on either hilly, mountainous or flat terrain.

Stat gains: Hills, Climber v1, Fighter

PCS profile: https://www.procy...ka-sagadin

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Next we have a Serbian who is in 2nd season riding for Vini Zabu. Stojnic is another flat beast who loves going into breakaway and has been close to grabbing wins from there. He has a touch of sprinting ability and is a two-time NC on the TT bike.

Stat gains: Time Trial, Track-TT, Fighter

PCS profile: https://www.procy...ko-stojnic

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Lastly we have the enigma that is Viktor Potocki. The Croat is now in his 4th season at the CT level, but his true talents still seem to be undetermined. He became the senior NC with a solo attack back at the age of 18 and has won it again this year and has always finished at least on the podium. Perhaps his best result came this year at the Giro del Belvedere where he finished 2nd only to the more well know Juan Ayuso. He is also a two-time U23 TT NC. A vast array of ability means he can be developed in many different ways, but none of them without risk or weak points.

Stat gains: Hills, Time Trial, Stage Race Climber v1, Track-Sprint

PCS profile: https://www.procy...or-potocki


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
A couple of Swedish suggestions:

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Stat gains: Climberv1, Hills
First cycling: https://firstcycl...amp;y=2021

Kvist finished 4th in the Swedish RR NC both in 2020 and 2021. Good puncheur with several top 5 results at national level races in Scandinavia. I think he would be interesting as a rendition of a Mosca/Seibeb/Smit type of rider that can hunt KoM's, which the Scandinavian countries maybe lack.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Stat gains: Sprinter, Track-Sprint, Track-TT, Time Trial
First cycling: https://firstcycl...hp?r=69490

Forssell has fairly good results in various terrains. Fast finisher with 4/4 wins in Xamera Cup this year, but also very good on the TT bike. He was just three seconds behind Ludvgisson in the Swedish ITT NC last year, and leads the Swedish cup this year, partly thanks to good TT results. Also seems to have some punch with alright results in Tour of Estonia and minor Scandinavian races. Could be an appropriate successor for Ahlstrand and Bertilsson who are getting up there in age.
Essentially my Niklas Larsen recommendation from a couple of years ago:


Nickolas Zukowsky is a rider from Canada who has performed well across a multitude of terrains but seems to be a punchy sprinter with a fair TT to his name netting himself a few good TT results in NA races. He also tends to do really well in crits with is the reasoning for the good sprint. Furhtermore he has GC win in GP Saugenay which from what I can gather is a punchy terrain stage race
Thanks to Nemolito, I noticed Davur Magnussen’s age is off in the DB (1992 in the DB, but is actually born in 1995). There aren’t a lot of Faroese riders, so it would be great if his age was corrected and career prolonged!

Given that Magnussen couldn’t secure a contract last year, I would also like to suggest a stat update. Faroe Islands lacks a front figure, and he seems to me to be the best Faroese cyclist next to Veyhe IRL. I would suggest that he maxes as a fairly good puncher that can compete for results at CT/PCT level. I think that also would reflect his IRL abilities better than the current prologue specialist set-up.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LvlXP PtsDMYearPot

Stat gains: Climberv1
First cycling: https://firstcycl...hp?r=75035

His palmares include winning the Faroese NC in ITT, RR and crit in 2020, multiple wins in local Faroese races, and multiple top 10’s in Danish national level races. He also finished 7th in category 1.2 race Scandinavian Race Uppsala in 2019.
73 Mountain with 78 Hill? A bit too much no?
hillis91 wrote:
73 Mountain with 78 Hill? A bit too much no?

I’m sure Roturn/jph will adjust it down a few clicks if it’s too much and doesn’t fit the matrix. I’ll admit to having a pretty strong bias here Pfft Keep in mind he will only be training eligible for two seasons though, due to his age.
Cubans are starting to leave the DB as they are declining heavily or worthless like Bru. Only one okay Cuban left with Martinez, so time to suggest a new Cuban Smile

Cristian Perez - https://firstcycl...;k=1#rider

He has been decently active as of 2017, getting wins on Cuban soil both in a time trial and in flat stages. Was supposed to make the move to Spain in 2020, but corona ruined that. He's started again on a lower level in the 2021 season, getting regular top 10-s as well as another win on a flat stage. I made two possible routes for him. The first one is the Fabian one, the second one simply the TT. I like the versatility of the Fabian route, as he would be a decent domestique on three terrains. You could specialize him a bit more as a tt'ist as well, but in general I don't think he'd be that impressive as a pure time trialist. You could even lower his mtn a couple of points more to make it clear he would not 'be worth it' only as a time trialist.


Gage Hecht is one of the beest U23CX riders in NA and is current PanAM champ among other things. His road accomplishments aren't as strong but he has performed well across multiple terrains with a decent TT, I have also taken some liberties with this year's cobble pool being fairly small that there is potential to take him down the cobbles route.

SurnameFirstFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Here I have chosen the Fabian route for the flat and TT, which would turn him into a decent roleur. MT is prolly too high and could be a lever to twist if he's added to the matrix DB. High ftr stat is primarily due to how his Colorado Classic stage was won by keeping the pack behind him for a solid chunk.

Wilber Rodriguez - https://firstcycl...=1&k=1

Haven't suggested a Bolivian yet, so might as well just finish my South American suggestion tour Pfft Only one Bolivian active atm, who will start to decline this season iirc, and who isn't too amazing. This guy is the latest Bolivian U23 time trial champion and has been active in the Vuelta a Colombia this year as well, so could be a nice addition for the country in the MG. Don't want to make him anything close to a leader, but also don't know what kind of skills to give him tbf.

Maybe giving him 69 in everything is an idea? The manager, if he gets taken, could then choose what to do with him. With pot 1 he can't exceed 74 in any stat iirc. Only thing possible would to bring him to 76 mtn with climberv2, so maybe lowering his mtn to 68 could be an idea. If you don't like this idea, no problem at all of course, you can make of him what you want Smile

Rodriguez Wilber69696969696969696969696969BOLSA1.0010219991

Ulrich Ulriksen
A couple more US riders to add some depth. For both the best results were in 2019 and they haven't raced much since for obvious reasons.

Conor Schunk https://firstcycl...amp;y=2021

Some strong TT results at 20, holding his own in the Tour of the Gila and doing well in the U23 TT. Also solid in the GC at Gila and Herald Sun. Some top finishes in lower end races. Could go TT or Stage race, I showed stage racer.


Cole Davis https://firstcycl...amp;y=2021

Best result was 10th in a punchy stage of the Tour of Utah in as a 20 YO. But had another strong result on a punchy stage. Also got some solid results in Europe at the Tour de Wallonia and Dorpenomloop Rucphenin last year. Just won a US NE criterium 10 days ago. Shown hills development but could also go cobbles, classics or sprints and be a 2nd tier domestique.


Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Martin Papanov https://www.procy...in-papanov

There aren't any young Bulgarian riders, so I've decided to add one in Martin Papanov - the heir apparent to Pana in the MGUCI universe.

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotSpecialty
xPapanovMartin68767376737376546567686677BULEU4100221019994Stage Race
xPapanovMartin68767569697274546573746770BULEU4100221019994Climber v1
xPapanovMartin68777169747573546570727470BULEU4100221019994Climber v2

Aleks Bechkov https://www.procy...ks-bechkov

And I'll propose (more like re-proposing from last year) Aleks Bechkov as a TT specialist

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotSpecialty
xBechkovAleks72666576717370556360736675BULEU410014219993Time Trail

I've decided to propose 2 riders from North Macedonia as well (the East Balkan region could benefit from new young riders here and there)

Kristijan Vanchevski https://www.procy...vanchevski

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotSpecialty
xVanchevskiKristijan70626973727474536366716974MCDEU410020919993Time Trail
xVanchevskiKristijan66697171727276536367686972MCDEU410020919993Stage Race

Mario Petrovski https://www.procy...-petrovski

IDSurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPotSpecialty

Long post incoming Grin Did a little scouting tour through some African countries and here's what I came back with. These are my first rider suggestions, so bear with me Wink

First, I wanted to suggest a talent upgrade to Henok Mulubrhan. He's currently listed as potential 5 and I'd like to make the case for 6. He finished 6th at the Giro dell'Appenino last month, ahead of guys like Ulissi and Trentin, and 6th in a baby Giro stage. He also finished 5th at the Tropicale Amissa Bongo and 9th at the Tour du Rwanda last year, including 3 Top 5 stage results respectively at both races. And lastly, he got signed to a two year deal with Qhubeka NextHash starting next year, meaning he'll race at WT level.

He also finished 6th in the baby Giro TT, so I think he could use an upgrade from his currently suggested 59 TT to maybe 64. With an increase in his prologue stat, that could also open up a way for him to become a bit of a prologue specialist, but that's more of a gimmick. With potential 6, this is what he'd look like (with the TT/PRL upgrade):

SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

I don't think that's too much, if anything I think a small boost in mountain and sta/res might be justified.

As an additional point, there's currently not a single potential 6 talent below the age of 24 from Africa, the only continent for which this is the case. With that in mind, a similar, if not stronger case could be made for Natnael Tesfatsion. He scored a Top 10 and multiple Top 20 stage results at the Giro as well as two stage Top 10s at the Settimana Coppi e Bartali. With potential 6, he would look like this:

SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Pretty strong, but still reasonable I think. Maybe it's too much to ask for both to be upgraded, but one of them would be fair in terms of "continental balance", I think, with the outlook of maybe adding another 6er in Biniam Ghirmay next year.

That being said, some new riders that haven't been suggested so far:

Eric Manizabayo https://www.procy...abayo/2021
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Some solid results at the Tour du Rwanda and the Tour du Senegal (Top 10 GC, multiple stage Top 10s and a 3rd). Best results on hilly stages and finishes, always in groups very close to the front but consistently one of the last riders in the respective group. Could develop into a decent CT domestique. If I understand it correctly, since he's '97 and has two CT seasons under his belt (with Benediction Ignite), he starts at 3.00, yes?

Shemu Nsengiyumva https://firstcycl...amp;y=2021
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

CT rider for Skol Adrien Cycling Academy. Tough to decipher what type of rider he is, since he doesn't have any standout results. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit with this one, the 1999 year isn't stacked for Rwanda Grin But there aren't many good rouleurs in Africa, maybe he could be one.

Paul Daumont https://firstcycl...362#search
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

He has 11 wins in Africa in the past 3 years including the current Burkina Faso NC. The competition is hard to gauge, but among others he beat Issiaka Cisse, who's currently a 77/78 sprinter in our DB. Also seems to get over hills decently well, he was second in the KoM classification of the Tropicale Ammisa Bongo last year. He's close to the max SP among the previous suggestions, but considering his backup stats aren't all that great, I think it fits. Wouldn't be opposed to giving him 5 potential either for all those wins, but maybe that's overdoing it.

Jason Oosthuizen https://firstcycl...hp?r=62326
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Spent one year with TEG Procycling in 2019 and had some really solid results. He seems at his best when sprinting from a small group, so I envision him as sort of a punchy sprinter. He also came in 2nd at the South African U23 TT NC, so maybe that's a route for him, too. In general, kind of a gadget guy who might pick up some points in CT when deployed well. Maybe he needs one or two points more in some of the stats to be useable, I'm not sure.

Marc Pritzen https://firstcycl...amp;y=2021
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
Stage Racer67737373717372626568676473RSAAF410011819934

Current South African national champion, which alone probably warrants the inclusion. He's also in his second year with Qhubeka CT and accumulated a couple of good results including several stage wins and the GC at the Tour of Good Hope (2.2) and a number of national races. He also showed he can compete on a higher level with a 47th place at the Giro dell'Appenino. Seems generally most successful on hilly terrain, but also had some strong results in NC ITTs (7th in the Elite, 2nd in the U23 last year). Could be a very versatile rider with different pathways.

Achraf Ed-Doghmy https://firstcycl...amp;y=2019
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Only rode on national level this and last year (though with very solid results), but had some good performances in .2 races as well in 2019, earning a few UCI points. Seems to have some speed but rarely the most, but often makes it to the final selection. He could work as either a mediocre sprinter with a big motor or a decent rouleur or puncheur.

Aziz Melki https://firstcycl...amp;y=2019
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Not gonna lie, there's not too much here, but I wanted to include a Tunisian rider since most of the better guys right now are 31+ years old. At least Aziz rode consistently at .2 level in Africa for two years. Sometimes handles hills okay, sometimes doesn't. Would end up as an okay domestique.

Charles Kagimu https://firstcycl...amp;y=2021
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot
Stage Race65747272707174606269676168UGAAF410015919984

Rides for BikeAid. Has 2 Top 15 finishes in the Tour du Rwanda ahead of some established pros this year, plus some middle-of-the-pack results in the Sibiu Tour, which had decent competition. Seems like a decent climber/puncheur with good acceleration, some okay TT results as well, including 6th at the African continental championships and 25th at the Tour du Rwanda, but doesn't seem great in prologues.

Alan Boileau https://www.procy...ileau/2021
SurnameFirst nameFlMoHlTTStRsRcCbSpAcFtDhPlNat.Cont.XP LevelXP PointsDMYearPot

Last one isn't an African, but jumped out dominating the Tour du Rwanda, winning three stages against guys like Umba, Vuillermoz and Eyob. Rides for B&B Hotels, had a pretty strong Route d'Occitanie as well, at times finishing around guys like Champoussin or Ciccone. Not a great climber, but a really promising puncheur with high speed. Definetely the strongest of the bunch. Not sure if I overdid it, but I think it's at least in the range of reasonable.
Edited by cunego59 on 17-07-2021 22:07
Since Red Bull partnershiphas been confirmed, I'll suggest the best 1999 Austrian (probably)

Bayer rides for Alpecin, and has been decent this year, definitely could become a great sprinter in the future. He also comfortably won this year's U23 Austrian ITT, but he it's definitely not his strongest discipline. And he also rode as teammate in some cobbled classics.

BayerTobias6864646468696667707368616419995AUTLvl 1
BayerTobias7564657373757767798068617319995AUTTT Track

Probably need some alteration but...

Andreas Leknessund
Undoubtedly the biggest Scandinavian talent of his class, and one of the hottest Norwegian prospects out there, Leknessund has the potential to be great. The most prominent skill comes on the TT bike, but he has also seen success in classics and mountain stages. He provides an opportunity for Scandinavia to gain an elite-class GC rider.

Stage Race72787378757674676569716874

The three options above present three different styles of elite rider. The first creates a more balanced initial rider who will need a year of training before he can really achieve anything; his TTing is always likely to lag behind slightly. The next option (a mix of SR & TT) presents a rider who can compete in ITTs from the get go, but will take longer (and more investment) to come online as a true GC rider; all 5 years of training will need to be devoted to climbing if he is to max out MT. Alternatively, a focus on TTs can be pursued. This keeps Leknessund slightly below the level of absolute superstars like Bernal and Pogacar (or MGs Herkoltz) while keeping him competitive.

Jonas Iversby Hvideberg
A man whose pedigree is a wee bit less than his compatriot, but you don't win the U23 European RR by being a slouch. So far he has seemed like something of a puncheur, but in his interview with U23 Cycling Zone talked about dreaming of winning Paris-Roubaix. Seeing as cobblers outside of Flanders are always difficult to identify, in addition to a Top 20 in KBK, it seemed suitable to give him a potential pathway in this area.

XXXHvidebergJonas Iversby65646661706863686364706763NOREU10921999227

I'm not entirely familiar with what the ideal entry levels for cobble talents are, but where WVA, MVDP and Pidcock are 5★ he could believably become a 4★ cobbler. The obvious alternative is a life as a puncheur, although entering the top tier should be restricted by a somewhat lacking acceleration. In either stream he ought to be a good, but not elite, rider.

Johan Price-Pejtersen
Certainly a world class timetriallist, see his U23 European ITT victory, but definitely not to the level of Leknessund.


Tobias & Anders Halland Johannessen
Recently arrived from cyclocross into a pandemic-effected u23 cycling scene there are only limited results coming from this pair. Almost purely on the basis of the baby Giro, Tobias appears the stronger of the two, with some good results on parcours that are more hilly than mountainous. I would like to push their stats one or two points higher, but in acknowledgement of the need for deflation I've restricted myself, especially in regard to Anders.

XXXHalland JohannessenAnders66686559657066636570677363NOREU102381999224
XXXHalland JohannessenTobias64696760676865606467647161NOREU102381999225

Asbjorn Hellemose
The only thing even approaching a Danish climbing talent this year. He's shown some promise since moving to Italy, on both longer and shorter climbs.

Stage Race7475727275717261596370657025

As with everybody above, I'd love if their stats were slightly higher (who wouldn't want the talents they plan to target to be stronger!). That obviously depends on what kind of matrix we are aiming for, and how it is applied to other areas of the database.

XXXIrgens JensenFrederik72645868676870606566686468DENEU10911999223
I noticed an interesting Belgian recently: Louis Blouwe

He has a contract at Bingoal WB an won both the polka-dots and the green jersey in the Etoile d'Or against other nice talents yesterday. He has had some decent time trials/prologues in the past as well. Could be a nice polka-dot hunting rider/puncheur domestique. I suggested his mountain and stamina relatively low so choosing the climberv1 and getting him to like 77/77 and being a physical beast is impossible. His time trial and flat are both decent but nothing too special, whereas his cobbles are low so it's clear he has several weaknesses. I think he could become a nice rider irl though, and as this time a suggested rider by me is from a 'real' cycling nation I gave him a pot 6 Smile


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