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ICL20 - Race Discussion
June rankings posted, new team leading in WT. Seems like Grupo Argos is getting some competition! Smile
Cool, we made some great progress over the past 2 months thanks to the stage races especially Giro but also the triple header. Don't expect us to win it but would be nice to give a bit of a fight. for that to happen we need to score big in both Tour and Vuelta.

Asmara posted too. Some of the lower ranked teams striking back immediately. Smile

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
I'm always a bit worried in months where my team lack of depth makes it hard to score points. Except race in Germany there was absolutely nothing my team could do in June. Luckily Ulissi had good race and Komisarek scored few points too. Still 2 GT to go with hard investment from my team (I always loved GTs). I think WT spot for next year might be secured unless really bad things happen on Tour/Vuelta.

Tour de France starts tomorrow with first 6 stages and first video Grin
We're not very good. I'll just leave it at that as far as rankings are concerned.
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Kwiato is starting to win Banana
I don't want to hear any more complaints about Kwiato! Smile

Sagan 6th, he's extremely reliable. Thanks Lutsenko for closing the gap!

Wow, Liberty Seguros takes the lead! And Trans Cycling has overtaken Brugse Zot!

We need to find our way up on the rankings. Third place in Asmara is a good start Smile

Dev team (especially Dufour) doing quite well lately, not used to that :lol:
Manager of Minions
Ripley wrote:
I don't want to hear any more complaints about Kwiato! Smile
Haha will try not to do. Hopefully he doesn't give me reasons
it will be a very hard fight for promotion spots
Tour de France 2020 is officially under way! You might realise video of first 6 stages is a bit lagging. That's due of testing different setup with higher bitrate of 1080p60fps ratio. Decided to scrap that idea and from now onwards max ratio is going to be 720p60.

Kittel with surprise winning gap in stage 2, my good'ol Komisarek had crash on stage 3... what a 3 week waste... (that's technically why sprint was that chaotic). TVG with very good time trial taking lead just before real mountains. I don't expect him to hold that position, but who knows.
Suntory U23 back on top! Salif Mane on great form.
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I really should give up on le Tour as a goal race, Pizarro with a crash + injury and Van Poppel with 1/4 good sprints so far. Every year my leader crashes here, every year!

And whoever trained Kittel like that has a very sick sense of humour.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
I'm happy. Even though stage 3 was a heartbreak and once again Majka - the whole team actually - had a subpar TT. But it was great to actually see a leadout train for Cav with everybody chipping in.

Fantastic win by Kittel on stage 2, very good TT by TVG.

It's ok. Our ttt performance was below what I expected, on paper we should be 3rd a at least, with a good chance for the win. I am not sure how PCM can make Alitalia make the race win with 7 out of 8 riders, but that is PCM again. Herrada losing a minute to TVG on a bad day is ok, losing half a minute to Aru is comical at this point. TT78 lol

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
To be fair, that's not comical, by PCM standard at least. Look at Quintana and Majka, a minute behind Herrada. I dare say Herrada had good TTs all season, ok, not winning any of them (if I remember correctly), but never losing much time.

? That is comical as well, but: herrada separted by one tt to tvg loses 1:20 to him and quintana +40 sec and majka +50 sec, each one tt below herrada. So at least there is some logic in those gaps, of course ignoring all of the better performers in between them that may should be behind them.

Anyway its a time trial so that is to be expected

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
The sprinting field is strong and Bouhanni is unable to leave his mark as of yet. Hopefully his fortune will change. Rolland is not a GC contender imo so hopefully he'll go for the breakaways and KoM.
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Quite a lot to comment on. Smile

First of all - as expected - the rankings update doesn't look that great for us, as our gap to the relegation zone has basically halved with about 300 points left. I mean, before the season I was certain we would go down, so I still can't be too unhappy I guess.

Villella had another very good performance at the Asmara Cup with 2nd but the race was probably just a few meters too short, as it looked liked he was just about to overtake Kwiatkowski, but a podium is stilll a very good result. Smile Unfortunately no backup points again though.

The start to the Tour is a bit two-sided so far. Silvestre is actually performing pretty well in the sprints, but just about going a bit too early in a few of the stages there. Other than that it was a disappointing start for us. Like in the June races, the crashes don't want to leave us seemingly and so Cambianca is already on his way home. Caruso also with a very mediocre start and losing 4 min in the TT. I can only hope that he will go on the attack in the mountains and not ride for some 10-15th place now.

Thanks for the results guys! Smile
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Ulrich Ulriksen
What is it with Nairo and stage 6 - the Giro it was his bad day and that TT was a disaster. Clearly our pro team needs to learn TT preparation from our u23's, as they are actually capable of performing close to expectation. Nairo losing 1'30 to Aru is ugly and to add insult to injury, Mullen, with the same TT value as a dominant Van Garderen, finishes 10th, 1'35 behind.

But things turned out ok after stage 6 at the Giro. So that is it for the rant.

Also similar to the Giro the first 5 stages were pretty darn good. A very solid TTT (maybe that was a our good TT result, not sure if 23 seconds was fair). Then Kittel goes into monster mode in Stage 2, for a memorable first victory of the season. Stage 3 is a success because while Kittel falls, as one of our leaders does in pretty much every one of our goals races, he is unhurt. Stage 4 results in a very creditable 2nd for Kittel to an on fire NIzzolo (sympathies to Bol). Then Sanz with a devastating lead out as Kittel take stage 5.

So going with a glass is half-full attitude: all our riders are still in the race, we are second in green, our team doesn't have to control the race and there are plenty of stages to get that time back.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
For some context on the TT performance, I compiled the results of all riders with TTR 75+, sorted by their TT skill:

3Adriano Malori+ 3980
1Tejay Van Garderen1h12'5879
10Ryan Mullen+ 1'3579
4Lawson Craddock+ 4678
6Jesús Herrada+ 1'2178
11Stefan Küng+ 1'4278
12Wilco Kelderman+ 1'4278
17Miguel Martínez+ 2'0278
21Dylan van Baarle+ 2'0978
28Victor Campenaerts+ 2'2878
54Tobias Ludvigsson+ 3'1678
5Jonathan Castroviejo+ 1'0977
13Nathan Brown+ 1'5177
19Nairo Quintana+ 2'0477
22Rafal Majka+ 2'1177
25Riccardo Zoidl+ 2'1877
36Jasper Hamelink+ 2'4077
37Jesse Sergent+ 2'4177
56Mathias Krigbaum+ 3'1677
2Fabio Aru+ 2876
7Benito Garcia+ 1'2976
15Anthony Roux+ 1'5876
18Oskar Svendsen+ 2'0376
24Endi Širol+ 2'1676
30Manuele Boaro+ 2'3376
44Tony Martin+ 2'5376
47David Boily+ 3'0376
49Silvan Dillier+ 3'0976
9Rémi Pelletier-Roy+ 1'3375
16Ilnur Zakarin+ 1'5875
29Marc Goos+ 2'3175
33Jérôme Coppel+ 2'3975
35Kamil Gradek+ 2'4075
39Ramunas Navardauskas+ 2'4275
48Kenny Elissonde+ 3'0575
64Szabolcs Kiss+ 3'3275

Clearly, Aru had a great TT and we can all complain about that. Smile But the biggest "joke" wasn't Herrada, nor Quintana, I'd say it was Ludvigsson, 3'16'' behind with his TTR 78.

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