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ICL20 - Race Discussion
Wow Komisarek on a roll. Grin

Seeing Yates in the front group at RVV tells me that it was a good idea to send Lutsenko here but he was probably badly placed as always. Smile

For the team classifications bonus seconds don't count, but PCM still calculates it wrong often for teams on s.t.. I usually fix that before making the rankings update in sprinter races.
Sam Bewley looking good for Shell!


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3th in Roubaix is awesome Banana
23rd is more what I expect from Lavery. I'd say it was a fair ride, though it could have been better if he had any sense of positioning. He was at the back with 70 riders left in the group, and dropped with 40 riders left, despite clearly being not out of energy.

But in the end, I have a very weak team, so I can only really blame myself for bad positioning in that sense.

Thanks for the video!
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
In a few years we will look back at this day and say, that's where it was born, the legend of Pulido!!! BananaBanana

Now let's see how he can survive with MT76 going forward against our old U23 arch rival :lol:

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Highlight of the race, Bryon 18th Pfft


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Wrong results on stage 2 i think as that's not Formolo
Thanks, fixed incl video of stage 2 as well as 3
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
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what's wrong with Engeldinger in south Africa? struggling on both mountain stages where he was supposed to gain time?
on the other hand we have him with good shape in Trentino...let's hope he won't throw away also this.

Phinney doing everything right until the velodrome...very bad positioned and missed the sprint train...I think he had more energy in the tank than a 7th place, which in a monument is still good.
Uuuuurg what was that sprint? Not to mention we managed to drop our leader twice in the first half of the video. It's a good thing we have San Remo in the bag, because cobble AI seems to be worse than ever this year.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Very disappointed by Auer's South Africa efforts in the decisive stages.

Got dropped in the last K on stage 7 from a very manageable group to lose an extra 40 seconds, and then whatever the fuck that was on stage 9.

Looks like Kudus had too good of an acceleration and it put him in the wind trying to catch up on a 4% gradient.
Now I get how that's a stupid move in and of itself, but I didn't expect that to use up ALL of his energy and watch him drop like a stone after and finish three minutes down?!?
I hope he had a bad day anyway and wouldn't have been able to keep up no matter what, because if he ruined 20% of his race days just by not being one rider further back there...

If he finishes 8th overall now, that's a massive waste of 11 race days, particularly with Runge's crash&injury.
I mean, there are two 75mo riders on the podium at the moment.
Edited by cio93 on 31-03-2021 21:29
Second place is redemption for Vanmarcke. Last year he won the race which was IIRC his only major highlight of the spring classics, so this year turns out rather the same for him.
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Ouch, Uran and Yamamoto all not doing anything in Trentino, thats really unfortunate, Uran especially looks pretty bad. Atleast mannion is doing alright in South Africa.

Edit: wow just realized Trentino was a focus race for me. Thats gonna be really bad then, which is frustrating, as probably our first really bad Mountain stage race of the year.
Edited by valverde321 on 31-03-2021 22:56
Holy moly! A monument! Amazing! Vanmarcke definitely the strongest rider today, nearly won riding from the front, and with that long earlier attack in his legs. It looked like Sagan was going to sprint past him early and he could have latched on and won, but at the last second Sagan kept behind Vanmarcke, perfection.

Also, great camera work, Shonak! I love your new fixed camera positions and seeing the peloton ride past.

As expected nothing from us in Roubaix, but congrats Ripley, Sagan is a beast. Smile

I must say, I'm a bit disappointed with our efforts in the CT tour so far, probably should not have planned as extremely as I did. If we relegate - which is quite likely I guess - I'll probably pay for that, as I imagine our Prestige Points will be a bit lower than 'normal'. Anyway, I'm here to learn. Pfft
Credits to the_hoyle for my avatar.
Great start by the team in Trentino with a win in the TTT, but I guess the game then considered Kreuziger to be our leader for a while as Nerz never should have lost that much time to those inferior riders under any normal circumstances...

Nice to see youngster Welter attacking in South Africa, he's doing well in the KoM-battle so that's always nice.

Van Avermaet with one of his first decent results of the year. Tenth in Paris - Roubaix, cobbled race that should have suited him way less than other races where he finished around 40th Pfft Also unbelievable to see Senechal not even in the top-10 there
wow! Phinney wins our first focus classic, Declercq 4th and other 2 riders inside top20. Great choice.
I'm gonna need to hire a consultant next year to help me plan my races because my team is much better on paper than they are on the course and that probably has a lot to do with my inexperience in scheduling/planning.


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Roubaix was bad. We seem to doing badly in all Focus Races. Looks like it's backwards and downwards next season Pfft

Ok result in ZLM Tour but a good result in Rheden from Honigh and the team. 7th by the former in field is commendable.
If TT is one major weakness in my team we are crippled beyond measure when it comes to cobbles. Hardly any surprises at Rheden for us. I just hope these race days come in handy when it's time for riders development.
Edited by DarkWolf on 01-04-2021 15:13
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