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Giro del Trentino Discussion
Good showing from Aasvold and Rochas. Congrats to aidanvn13 for Pinot's win and to Gustavovskiy for the report.

Also, 3 Carlsberg riders in Top 5 of the U25 classification (Kämna is loned from Carlsberg after all)
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That's what I'm talking about! Fingers crossed we can keep it together on the final stage.

Phew, was nervous seeing Marquez get such an extended lead but what a strong showing. Strong, clever ride by Warbasse too.
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Measured ride from Kiserlovski puts him in 4th on GC, the good TTT ride being the difference between 4th and 8th. He just has to hang on tomorrow.

Congrats to aidanvn13 and thanks for another great report Gustavovskiy.
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Ouch, that was a heavy breakdown by Saggiorato... Never seen that by him before, shame it happens in a goal race Sad
On one hand, can't really be mad, as an early attempt probably was our sole chance for a GC Top 5. But on the other side, he finished 6th last year on the same stage - ahead of Kiserlovski, for example. So it's still a big letdown.

On the bright side, Mäder did a great job. Unfortunately, the break couldn't make it (as expected), but getting the KoM lead was really nice. Moscon got a surprisingly good result, too - a 73 Mo guy shouldn't really finish inside the Top 20, so he must have had an exceptional day. High RES surely helps as well.

For today, a lot is still possible. Manfredi has already won a big mountain stage ending after a descent, Mäder will hopefully try to defend the KoM jersey - and if both of them attack, we might even have a shot at the team standings, and maybe at the white jersey with Mäder. But well, it wasn't our best race so far, let's see if we can at least do a decent job on the last day.

Thanks for a great report, Gustav! Obviously enjoyed it only until Saggiorato completely cracked, but it was still high quality Smile
And congrats on an already great race to P:A, hard to see Tibopino losing that one now!
I really can't believe we didn't even try to get into that huge breakaway. In some races, the KoM leader always attacks, in others he never tries - bad luck here I guess. All in all, that stage was just horrible by the AI, as last year as far as I remember. Time to get it changed...

Not a single notable stage result, not even a GC Top 10 - it's a race to forget. Except for Gino, I guess. I'll take that KoM jersey and forget about the rest - hoping the sponsors don't find out we horribly failed here...

Thanks for the reports nonetheless, Gustav. It isn't really motivating to report such a dull stage, but you did well.

And congrats to aidan for a dominant race, and to all others who feel like winners after these three days. I definitely don't...
Seboka you absolute madman! When I first bid on him I was hoping he could do stuff like this in C2, with his terrible back up stats but great climbing and downhill, but so far I always believed it was the most stupid thing I did during transfers. Aidan actually overbid me on him and I always "blamed" myself for going to 60k, but this definitely makes up for it! Very proud of him and using his skillset as how I hoped he would, also sweeping some decent points with the shared green jersey Smile

He'll still be an FA next season probably, but still, noice Pfft Marquez in fifth is also decent after our worthless (but expected) TTT. We leave this short race with more than we hoped for, which is great for us of course. Congratz on the dominant win, aidan, and conmiserations to you, Fabianski. You've had a terrific season so far so this won't hurt you too much in terms of the promotion/title battle I think, it's just a pity that it has to be like this in a sponsor race.

Thank you for the great reports, Gustav, feel free to report on more Seboka races Grin
Ulrich Ulriksen
McNulty showing some life and a nice 8th on the last stage, his best result to date. One decent breakaway appearance was probably as much as we could expect from this race.

Might be nice to find a new stage 3 to up the excitement a little.

Thanks for the reports and sympathies to Gustav for having to recreate the results. What a pain.
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Boring final day, but of course that probably was very good for us. Congrats to Nemo.

Great final results for us here. 2nd in GC, plus the white jersey. That's a result I'll take very day. Warbasse continues to really impress me.

Congrats to Aidan, and thanks for 3 great reports!
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What a tour for African cycling! And relieved to secure at least 1 goal for the season. Taking the points class should help with our overall standings too. Next up, Tour of Vancouver.

Great job by Seboka - definitely worth the pain of signing him hahah. Exactly the type of payoff you’d expect from a rider with his stay combo.
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Well, that was the best case scenario I guess. If my counting is correct, that's whole 11 points for us, big time
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DK Žalgiris
Thanks for the reports!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
10th is fine here. Not great, not terrible. Thanks for the reports!
Chhetri's 6th GC finish is a massive result for us, nice to get good points out of a mountain race without Ranaweera or Frankiny present
Kiserlovski's 4th in GC is a great result for the returning Kraftwerk fan favourite justifying his place on the team.

Congrats to Nemo and aidan, and thanks to Gustav for great reporting and results recovery!
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Chhetri Cool
Great to see him do well in CT. This is his best result ever!
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