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Rund um Koln Discussion
I want to be happy about 4th because it is a good result for an 82 sprinter, and the way we rode this race was perfect (Madouas in particular has been incredibly impressive this season).

But in that shot when van Stayen took up the chase, it looks like it was a 50-50 fight for Degenkolb's wheel between Demare and Kennaugh at that moment.

Demare lost that duel, somehow had Coquard and Ahlstrand slot into the line in front of him as well, and got fourth.
Kennaugh won that duel and won the race from that position with the exact same sp/acc.

I know it's super annoying to hear this from me for the tenth time this season, it's probably my generally depressed mood in this mess of a world.
But I can't be satisfied getting the shorter end of a such accurately measurable stick yet again. Lost opportunities.

Anyway, congrats CT for another great result, and thanks redordead for a really good report that I didn't mind being this detailed at all, especially with the German touch to it. Smile
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Higuita being our best place rider in a sprinters race - that's surprising. Congrats to CT for another race win. And thanks to redordead for the report.
Well, we for what we asked for. A 9th place is still a lame result though Wink

Thanks for the report and congrats to the podium finishers.
That was nothing from my team. In every screenshot my two riders I could notice were further from the front. Congrats to the winner and thanks for a very detailed report, redordead!
Great effort from Kastrantas to destroy the peloton. With Coquard being in a good position that might well have been the key moment for Coquard to join a more mano y mano heads-up sprint. Whenever that happens he just have big quality!

Coming in 2nd you’d always be bummed not to win, but 2nd is a great result, and we also landed a decent amount of depth result. After a bad last month, this have been much much better. If Vuelta Can be everything that the Giro wasn’t we could pull back into the top 3 battle.

Grosu should have been more patient there.
Huge through by the break, a bummer especially as Peters seemed to go really well. Congrats though!
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12th is a good result for Kragh, but with the gap being so big going into the last few kilometres, it feels like a chance wasted. Hard to say what happened there, but all in all a good result from him. Pedersen on the wrong side again, at least he's getting cheaper and cheaper... Congrats to CT on the win! Kennaugh impressive again, as so many times before.
Not sure why we chased that down in the middle of the stage, but Arashiro did alright for not really being a sprinter to get 23rd.
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I have to say I had a little hope going into this but it all fell apart as we missed the split. Enger disappointing me is not anything new, but Bellis not making the split and getting a better result was more of a surprise....

Oh well, this race was not a high priority for us but we had room to do so much better....

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With the amount of top sprinters, 10th here stat wise is not even underperforming as sometimes you are higher and sometimes you are lower and usually with the stats of Groenewegen I am already on the better side.

But still had hoped for a lot more towards the podium but in the end he went pretty much backwards.

Thanks for the report and congrats CT for this win.
Close call with the break! 20th for Senyenov is way above my expectations.
Yeah, a ticket for the break really is all I could have hoped for so I'm glad Masnada did our race justice! Great little fun rider I got me for loan. 19th a nice bonus too. Thanks redordead for the nice report! Smile
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Fun to have Pruus try an attack/try to set up the decisive move from Kragh later Pfft

Would have been fun to see us in the breakaway too, but this was a race with zero expectations, and sneaking Yzeiraj just inside the top 25 is nice then Smile
Why do i even bother thinking about how to set up a leadout when someone like Eislers who is pretty much the toughest mf of a strongman leadout drops at the very first instance? Desaster race thats further amplified by teams like Festina and Puma who did much better.

Thanks for the report, was a great read until Van Stayen decided to throw away his own chances to present Coquard and Demare a much better scoring opportunity...
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Another good result by Samolenkov and having a rider (Zakarin) in the break is always fun. Thanks for the report redordead!
Nice one-two punch right there! Worked out perfectly... although I did get a little worried there in the end Wink

Thanks for a great report ... and result Grin
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