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Liège - Bastogne - Liège Discussion
That was a very exciting race to follow. Koretzky both on the attack, then on the backfoot, then catching the lead, be in a good position, but struggling in the end.

So so close to 7th obviously hurts a bit, especially because of the 24 points gap. But I am really happy with 9th in the end. Koretzky isn't past his prime by any means, and keep on landing strong results. Aidan van Niekerk finally pushed for a top 50 to claim a little bit extra aswell.

With his 79 points from this race, Koretzky has now exceeded his points total of last season. And he still have 30 racedays left. 1000 points would be amazing from him, but a new career best breaking 800 would also be great. 127 points to go should be very possible.

Good to be finished with the Ardennes. Happy to see De Bie in 2nd place for roturn!
If compared to the rest of the tryptique, this was a legitimately passable performance. 23th and 25th when I've seen what the alternative looks like, yeah I think I'm gonna take that.

Thanks cunego! Great reporting. And congrats Roman Smile
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Congrats Roman! And cool report cunego. I like the occasional profile to keep track of where the riders are.
Good to see De Bie finally perform. And to a lesser degree also Bakelants.

The problem with Formolo in hilly races this season seems to be that due to his relatively low HI stat, the AI doesn't place him with the favorites near the front of the peloton.

Once again he drops due to bad positioning and then shows that he's actually a strong rider by clawing his way back during the finale. It's getting a bit frustrating tbh. Luckily our scoring here is improved a bit by Vysna, Vervaeke, Karnulin, Konrad and Furdi all finishing in the top 50.
Ahh heartbreak final for Lutsenko. Very impressive that he still managed to sprint to 3rd regardless of spending energy on the attack. I wonder whether he would have one had he attacked later or remained with the other favorites until the end. But I don't only want my riders to get results I want them to provide exciting racing as well (especially when I can't complain about the points I scored recently at all Pfft ) and that's what Lutsenko did. Also some strong work from my team being very present at the front of the peloton for most of the time.
It's great to see that Lutsenko this time is the most successful rider in the Ardennes. I'm not sure what exactly changed to last year where he was at least 4 places worse in each of the three races.

roturn wrote:
King Power obviously the big winner of the Ardennes and also the other events lately and might have rescued themselves this way.

At the very least I can be a little bit more relaxed now when checking race results for the next races. But I feel like Reis will enrage me again at the Vuelta.

Great to see De Bie and Bakelants living more up to their expectations and congrats Roman on the victory!

Finally, thanks for the great report, cunego, and the table at the end highlighting how well Lutsenko did this year! Smile
Nice race from McCarthy even if he only secured a 12th place finish in the end. I originally hoped for a top 10 but knew that 10-15th was more likely so I'm glad he managed to do as expected. Smile

Also he seemed to be on a good day with him frequently joining the early attacks which I loved as it was really one of the only ways we could have secured something better from the race. It didn't work out and it seemed to tire him out too much in the finale but I'd rather he have races like this than fade into irrelevance every race.

Still won't help us massively in our fight against relegation but we fight on!

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Solid 53rd place. Obviously as expected, thanks for mentioning it and of course for the report!
Ouch, must admit that was a disappointing finish from Kwiatkowski. It was still a very tense and exciting race to follow. From my view, it started bad with Kwiatkowski being at the back foot from the very start seeing his poor positioning. That quickly turned when Taaramäe put out his power to close down the favourites and their early attack. Then I really thought Kwiatkowski would have a great finish, maybe even fighting for the top spots. Though, that made the disappointment bigger when he continued with his poor positioning. Well done to fight his way back a couple of times, but 13th was less than I both expected and hoped for pre-race here. Good thing he'll have his chances to bounce back later this season, but I can't hide the disappointment in missing a top 10 goal.

As said, a very nice and exciting report. Thank you for that, cunego! Also congratulations to Roman on such a monumental win, now from a different rider than Bewley.
Congratulations to Roman and thank you cunego for the excellent report. It was nice to see Ponzi as one of the stronger riders in the race, but unfortunately he wasted a lot of his strength and ended up paying for it in the end Sad
That was pretty bad for Kinoshita's standards. Im guessing a bad day, and honestly he was never going to win from a sprint in a group that large, but was hoping for something closer to 5th, as I need the points. I thought Sagan was probably the favourite, so not surprised to see him win. Lutsenko was so close, if it wasn't going to be Kinoshita, I was cheering for him, since that would have been a great way to win the race. Evonik had a disappointing race as well, but I think sending two leaders here never seems to work unfortunately for the AI, whereas when you control the riders, having two that strong is kind of an auto win because the weaker one on the day can lead out the stronger rider.

I agree seeing the profile every 25km or so helps remind me where the race is actually at. Thanks for the report Cunego!

Actually looking at the results again, you can make an argument all 9 riders ahead of Kinoshita are better in one way or another, so its not like someone that doesn't belong beat him out. Guess it just goes this way sometimes.
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Thanks for following our embarresment so closely Grin
Can't say I am unhappy, really. Thank you guys! And also thanks for that really nice report, cunego!

Previous results in this season were not good enough - but - winning a monument always helps a lot. Had quite a lot of monument wins lately, literally at least one every season back that I can remember, but this year it was all on Sagan to save this streak for my team. Pfft But honestly was a lot surprised to see him being the strongest on that final climb after all that work in previous kms. PCM is a lot weird sometimes. Grin
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No breakaway means no extra points beyond the minimum. Disappointing that we don't join breaks when we have good riders in the race (Giro) and don't join breaks when we don't have good riders in the race (Flèche&LBL).

Congrats Roman, Moser can't stop winning monuments! Smile

Loved the report cunego, exactly the kind of quality I was hoping to get from you when you announced your return.
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